GH Update Friday 10/15/04

General Hospital Update Friday 10/15/04

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Emily and Nicolas are in a foggy wooded area Greece, trying to find the garden, where they can go to remove the curse. She says they need to keep trying to find it. She says she will not let this “thing” control her, especially when they are this close to finding what can end it.

Luke sneaks into the attic where, unknown to him, Heather is keeping Laura. Right when he thinks he’s alone, Heather enters and acknowledges that she knows he’s there.

Sonny is with Michael who is recovering in the hospital. Michael notices that Alexis’ daughter, Christina is in a hospital room nearby and asks his father why her father is not there for her. Sonny says he cannot speak for Ned but knows if she were his daughter, he’d be there for her, no matter what.

Dr. Steven Webber informs Alexis and Rick Lansing that Christina has a rare disease. Alexis demands that Steven tells her what is wrong with her daughter and sounds like she does not trust him. But Rick tells her that Steven is a good doctor and she must trust him. She apologizes. When Rick is alone with Steven, he sounds like he wants to have a private conversation with him about Christina.

Jason corners John Durant, grabs him by the collar and tells him that if he does anything to hurt Courtney, he will kill him. Durant tells Jason his threat is duly noted and Jason better get his hands off of him or he will charge Jason with assault. He informs Jason he will leave Courtney alone as long as Jason stays out of his business with Carly. Jason tells him that Carly may be blinded to what Durant really is, but he is not. Durant informs Jason that he’s done some research into Courtney’s foundation and if Jason is concerned about her, then maybe he should realize that due to his and Sonny’s “business”, Courtney could be in jeopardy and go to prison because of them.

In Kelly’s, Lorenzo Alcazar tells his “hit woman” that he needs her to “silence” Durant and make certain that Sonny Corinthos goes down for it. Diego is acting like a busboy, and eavesdropping on their conversation, assuming they have no clue what he’s doing. But Lorenzo grabs him and demands to know who he is. At that moment, Courtney enters and firmly tells Lorenzo he must take his hands off Diego. She informs him for the first time that Diego is a teenage boy in her foster care and not a spy. Lorenzo looks at her, surprised.

Dillon talks to Skye about some murder mystery he knows of where a woman is falsely accused of murder and goes crazy. She asks if this is some “attempt” to encourage her to feel good. He tells her that whoever this “mysterious woman” is who is following her and Luke sounds like the one he’s envisioning. She inquires just who this woman could be or what she could want.

In the attic, Luke tells Heather that he knows about her “con job” with Edward Quartermaine, marrying a rich widower to take his money. He sounds like he may have no clue that she is the “culprit” of so many things. But he tells her that he’s on to her games. She tells him at least she is not a murderer like Skye is. She agrees to keep quiet and tells him she has no reason to want to see him locked up but wonders where Skye is. He tells her he has not seen Skye. She says it’s obvious that he and Skye are getting it on. But he denies it. Noticing that he’s looking all around and ready to take some objects of value, she asks him if he’s looking for anything in particular in the attic. He informs her that he’s a little low on cash and needs to “borrow” some things in the attic. She tells him she will promise to keep it a secret that she ran into him and departs. When he leaves, she goes over to the silent woman sitting in the chair whom she calls Laura, and tells her: “that was close but it’s good that Luke did not see her because if he did, he’d send her to that terrible place”. Heather also tells the woman that Skye is a terrible threat and they will have to eliminate her once and for all.

In Greece, Emily is weak and unable to stand up but tells Nicolas that she can and will muster up all the strength she needs. He tells her she needs to focus all her strength and energy on marrying him. And he goes off. She tells him he must be careful.

Jason comes to the hospital and talks to Sonny. He informs Sonny that Durant believes he is the reason Carly decided to cut off her connection to him. Sonny also expresses his concerns about Durant harassing Courtney

Luke returns to the abandoned club with the “material goods” he got from the attic to give to Dillon. Dillon goes off and promises to turn them into enough cash for what they need. When Luke is alone with Skye, he informs her that he ran into Heather Webber when he was in the attic. They still reveal that they are looking for some unidentified woman who killed Det. Ross Duncan, framed Skye for it, and made it look like Luke betrayed her, yet neither of them yet suspect Heather for that. Skye asks Luke, if it would not be Laura, does he know of anybody whom he might have cheated on Laura with or who would have reason to be possessive toward him or spiteful toward other women in his life. She says she needs to find out some personal details in his life, so that she can get inside this woman’s mind and know what she’s thinking. He confides in her that he and Laura had periods of separation and various problems, but there was never another woman in his life when he was with Laura.

Diego explains to Courtney and Jason that he was just attempting to spy on Lorenzo Alcazar so that he could help Sonny and Jason in their effort. He protests to Jason that he wants a job working with him and Sonny so that he can experience the “good life”. Hearing that, Mike tells Jason that this is his “cue” to tell Diego all about the “good life” so that Diego will realize that he does not want to do what they do. And he informs Jason that he believes his daughter is much better off without him.

Rick informs Steven of the history of children in his family seeming like they are ok, then suddenly dying. He tells him that he believes it’s entirely possible that Christina could have leukemia. Having absolutely no clue that Rick is concerned because he’s Christina’s uncle, Steven firmly tells Rick that he needs to stay out of what a doctor does and not make any speculations. Rick returns to a worried Alexis and puts his arms around her. Sonny enters and notices them together. Rick informs Sonny that he is worried about Christina. And he tells Sonny that Alexis is devastated about her daughter so maybe Sonny should take his ego out of the equation for once and try to have some empathy.

Durant goes and finds Lorenzo’s hit woman. He kisses her and tells her he does not like spies, had the mistaken identity that she was a prostitute and not working for the enemy, and warns her not to mess with him. He tells her all about the romantic encounter they can have after the press conference. He sarcastically tells her that she looks a little tense, that she must not worry, her little lie will not get her into any trouble as long as she plays her cards right. She seems worried.

Nicolas walks in the dark with a flashlight and suddenly uncovers what looks like a mysterious gravestone by a tree. He rushes back exclaiming that he’s found it. But right when he returns to Emily, she is unconscious. He tells her they are almost there and keeps telling her they can beat the curse but she needs to be there with him. She finally moves her head and wakes up

Heather goes and finds Dillon asking if he’s seen or heard from Luke Spencer or Skye Quartermaine. He tells her he cannot help her.

When Sonny returns to his son’s hospital room, Michael asks his father, almost as if he knows that Christina is a family member of there’s, if Sonny saw her and if she’s ok. He also asks his father why children get sick. Sonny says he does not know but they all have something to be very grateful for; knowing that they are a family, they are all together and that they all love each other. He puts his arms around his son.

In the other room, Alexis is holding Christina in her arms.

Before he’s ready to do a press conference, Durant goes and finds Lorenzo Alcazar. He tells Lorenzo he might want to “reconsider” his offer. Lorenzo informs him he might seriously consider it were it not for the fact that he refuses to do anything that would hurt Carly. Durant tells him he should get out of his self-righteous act because he realizes Lorenzo wants to go after Sonny Corinthos as much as he does. Rick Lansing calls upon all the people standing by the press conference and introduces John Durant as Port Charles’ new federal prosecutor. John gets up and talks, rattling his big speech about fighting crime and upholding the law, to protect our communities and our children. He says the concept of family has never meant more to him than it does now, right when he notices Carly in the audience. He announces that recently he was given the most precious gift he could be given; his daughter. And nothing would make him more grateful and honored than if she could come up and stand by her dad. And he says; “Carly could you come up and stand by me now?”

From the hospital room television, Sonny and Michael are stunned to view Durant publicly asking Carly to “indulge her old man”. She reluctantly goes up and he asks all the people at the press conference if she is not beautiful. Jason, Lorenzo and the hit woman all look at him suspiciously. The hit woman goes up with a concealed gun in her purse, and Carly gets shot and falls to the ground.

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