GH Update Thursday 10/14/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/14/04

By Katie
Pictures by Juanita

(sorry this is so short today)

Nikolas and Emily are in Greece and find a map to the garden of Aphrodite. They go to check it out and its a cliff, not the garden.

Luke and Skye chat with Heather but they sign off when they hear someone coming into the Haunted Star. Heather continues talking to Laura. Dillon is the person entering the room and he brings Skye clothes. Dillon and Luke go to the Quartermaine mansion to find stuff to pawn. Tracy finds Heather in the attic and brings her to the family. Alan and Tracy leave and Heater and Edward go to his bedroom. Dillon leaves with some of the valuables but Luke stays to raid the attic. Meanwhile, Georgie brings Skye the Ross Duncan file from Mac's desk, to impress Dillon. Dillon and Skye have a talk about Georgie and Luke.

Ric goes to John Durant's to question him about the press conference. Lana shows up in a towel. She gets dressed and leaves. She meets up with Alcazar and he decides that she is going to take out John during the press conference. Alcazar gives her passes and the weapon of choice.

Sonny is at the hospital with Michael who hurt his arm while playing soccer. Alexis shows up with Kristina who is really sick. Michael brings Alexis tea to calm her. Sonny calls Ric and tells him to come to the hospital. Steven is running test on Kristina when he suggests to look in to her family history. Carly and Jason talk at Kelly's about John. Carly sneeks into John's dressed as a maid and John finds her. She tells him she made a mistake and shouldn't be around him. Carly goes to the hospital and talks with Alexis, who said she would look into Sonny's medical history. Steven thinks there is something really wrong with Kristina.

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