GH Update Wednesday 10/13/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/13/04

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THE HAUNTED STAR: Dillon and Georgie's date is interrupted by Luke and Skye, who need the teens to lie to Mac on their behalf. Mac is outside the door, telling them to open up. Georgie and Dillon look ready to panic.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax and Courtney are in the middle of a date of their own. Jax is worried about falling in love with Courtney. While he is talking, Courtney interrupts, telling him to stop.

THE CELLAR: Lorenzo is drinking at the bar when the beautiful blonde hitwoman comes over to him. He wants her to make sure that John is dead and that Sonny looks responsible for the killing.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly and the boys are downstairs...Sonny enters the room and asks Michael how he would like to be baby-sat by Leticia, as he wants to take Carly out on a date. Carly smiles.

THE PARK: Durant is in the park when Steven comes over to him -- Durant tells Steven that he's fired.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Georgie has an idea -- she gets Luke and Skye to hide behind the bar, and then she sets it up so that she and Dillon are kissing on a table...with a box of condoms lying near by. Mac comes in and "catches" Georgie and Dillon, who look like they are about to have sex. He is not amused.

THE CELLAR: Lorenzo and the hitwoman are discussing the plan to take down John. Suddenly Lois comes in. She asks for an introduction to his new employee.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Carly are all dressed up for their date out on the town. They are downstairs kissing...Michael watches from the stairs, and Sonny catches him. Michael tells them that he's worried that John Durant will come to take Carly away. Carly is forced to assure Michael that no one will hurt them.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney admits to Jax that she's terrified of taking the next step with him, of being more than just friends. She's worried that about a possible relationship with him failing. Jax asks her if she's still got feelings for Jason. Courtney doesn't answer right away.

THE PARK: John and Steven are talking about Carly, and whether or not she has gotten under Steven's skin. (Jason is watching nearby.) Steven assures John that he supports him, and John replies that in that case, Steven still has a job. John leaves and Jason comes over to Steven and asks him what's going on.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Mac is furious -- he breaks up Dillon and Georgie, and forces Georgie to leave with him. Dillon is left alone...Luke and Skye come up from behind the bar...Skye apologizes to Dillon for what happened. Luke, however, pipes up happily that Dillon did wonderfully in distracted Mac from looking for them. Dillon snaps that his life is over.

KELLY'S: Brooke Lynn, Diego and Lucas have just returned from the carnival. Apparently Diego won Brooke a stuffed animal, and Lucas is a little jealous. Lucas and Diego get into a shoving match, which is interrupted by Sonny (who has just arrived with Carly). Sonny gets Diego to leave and then takes Brooke down to the Cellar to find Lois. Carly stays behind to talk to her brother, Lucas. Lucas mentions that Diego is Courtney's foster kid. Carly is surprised.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney tells Jax that Jason will always factor into her feelings but that she has to be honest with herself in terms of future relationships. Jax resolves not to give up on Courtney just because she's scared. He thinks that if Courtney looks forward to seeing him, that might mean she's falling for him. They are about to start kissing again when the phone rings -- it's Carly, telling Courtney that she has just run into Diego. Courtney asks what Diego has done now.

THE CELLAR: Lois is talking to the hitwoman (who's name is Lana) and Lorenzo. Lois is very obviously bothered. Lana leaves and Lois asks Lorenzo why he was talking to the blondie? John comes in and sits at the bar -- Lois points it out and reminds Lorenzo that John is out to get him and isn't afraid to show it. Lorenzo and John glare at each other.

THE PARK: Jason is talking to Steven. He is suspicious of Steven and John's connection -- but he also thinks that maybe Steven was trying to stop John from using Carly, and that that was the reason for their argument. Steven doesn't answer right away.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Dillon is reluctant to help Luke and Skye any further because he's worried about how he'll look to Mac. Luke suggests that if Dillon helps clear Skye, he'll look like a good citizen in Mac's eyes.

GEORGIE'S ROOM: Georgie and Mac are back in her room at their house. They are having a horrible argument. Mac can't believe that she's changed so much from the little girl he raised. Georgie snaps that Mac will have to deal with the fact that she's growing up. He grounds her and tells her that if she breaks the rules (as she suggests she might) she'll go to boarding school. He storms out of the room...Georgie looks pleased with herself.

THE CELLAR: Lois and Lorenzo are sitting at a table talking about John. Lorenzo thinks that John is only at the Cellar to seek out Carly. Lois isn't so sure about that. Suddenly Brooke and Sonny come in. Brooke rushes over to her mom and says that she doesn't want Lois anywhere near Lorenzo.

Meanwhile, Sonny goes over to John, who is still at the bar (the hitwoman is also sitting at the bar now, a few feet away). Sonny tells John that, since Carly doesn't want him in her life, it might be best if he just leaves.

KELLY'S: Lucas and Carly are sitting at a table outside of Kelly's having a brother-sister bonding conversation. Carly is worried about what Bobbie thinks about her decision to stay away from John. Lucas assures her that Bobbie doesn't seem that upset. Suddenly Courtney comes over to them and asks where Diego is. Lucas takes this as his cue to exit, and he does so after he and Carly exchange "good night"'s. Courtney and Carly decide to let Diego cool off on his own...Carly also takes this time to tell Courtney that she's not going to have a realtionship with John, despite the fact that she likes him.

THE PARK: Steven and Jason are still talking (while Diego watches them from the bushes). Jason asks Steven if he's working with John, and Steven tells him that he will follow assignments, but that he thinks that he and Jason should both watch out to make sure that Carly doesn't get hurt. Steven leaves and suddenly Diego comes up behind Jason (armed with a stick) and attempts to scare Jason into giving up his gun. Jason turns around, grabs Diego and throws him on the ground.

GEORGIE'S ROOM: Georgie is still in her room when suddenly Dillon comes in through the window. She is very happy to see him. Georgie is also thrilled about the evenings events, and about helping Luke and Skye. Dillon is more worried about her father's reaction. They start to make out.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke is brushing the black stuff off of his teeth at the bar when Skye comes in -- she has showered and changed into some of Luke's clothes. She is happy to feel so clean. Now they are ready to figure out what their next plan is.

THE PARK: Steven comes rushing over to Jason and Diego in order to see if he can help, as he's a doctor. Jason lets Diego up and Diego tells Jason not to bother pressing charges, as he's a friend of Sonny Corinthos. Jason notes that that's a dangerous thing to lie about, but Diego says that he was just talking to Sonny a few minutes ago. Diego tries instead to get them to call his foster mom, Courtney, who he says is really cool and will come pick him up. Jason looks very surprised to hear that Courtney is Diego's foster parent.

KELLY'S: Carly and Courtney are still sitting outside of the diner, talking about Carly's issue where her father is concerned. She's worried that she doesn't know what to do anymore in regard to John -- she still wants a relationship with him, because he is her father, after all.

THE CELLAR: Brooke and Lois get into an argument. Lois is upset that Diego's not with Brooke, and that Brooke is trying to control her life. Lois grounds Brooke from everything except for school.

Over at the bar, John and Sonny are still talking. John is refusing to stay away from Carly, which pisses Sonny off. Carly comes over to them hesitantly.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke and Skye have hooked up a lap top computer and they are now trying to contact Lucky7, the person who set-up Skye to get arrested by pretending to be Luke earlier. But Lucky7 doesn't answer, much to Luke's distress. Skye points out that just becausae Lucky7 is online doesn't mean "she" is at the computer. Skye is worried that they are wrong in assuming that the person behind the scenes is even a woman at all. Luke is sure that he heard the people at the institution talking about a "she." Luke asks her if she's turning soft, and she tells him that it doesn't matter if she is. He agrees that they all have the right to be soft once in awhile.

COURNTEY'S LOFT: Courtney has returned to the loft, where Diego -- and Jason -- are waiting. Diego tells Courtney what happened earlier, and how he tried to steal Jason's gun. Courtney is quite upset. She doesn't know why Diego would need a gun. He says that sometimes he just does stuff for no reason. He wants to go to work for Sonny and Jason. Courtney snaps that there's no way that will happen, ever.

KELLY'S: Brooke and Lucas have reunited outside of Kelly's. Brooke is pissed off at Lois for dating a gangster -- but she has a plan to get back at her. She wants to pretend to be dating Diego...she thinks that that will teach Lois a lesson. Lucas appears to be against the idea.

THE CELLAR: Lois tells Lorenzo that she plans to continue seeing him just to teach Brooke who sets the rules in their family. This, she tells Lorenzo, means that he is going to be stuck in the middle between them.

Over at the bar, Carly asks Sonny what he was talking to John about. Sonny tells her that her father needs to be out of their lives for good.

John sits down at a table and Lana, the hitwoman, comes over to him. She says that she is a reporter looking for the story of the man behind the image. He smiles that he has heard that one before (from Carly weeks ago). Carly sees John talking to Lana and she is not very happy.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye tells Luke that she is glad that she always knew that he would come back for her, to clear her name. Luke reminds her that she can always count on him. They kiss. Dillon comes in, and Skye leaves after telling them goodnight. Dillon tells Luke that he sold some stuff in order to get some quick cash for him and Skye. Luke is pleased.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney is furious that Diego would consider getting a job with the mob. Diego doesn't see the point of staying in school like she wants when he can be rich and powerful like Sonny and Jason. Jason tells him that there's no job for him, and that he should be good to Courtney. Jason starts to leave, but Courtney stops him and thanks him first. Jason tells Courtney that he wishes her good luck with Diego, as she'll need it. He exits. Diego observes that obviously Courtney doesn't want to go any further with Jax because she's still hung up on Jason. Courtney sighs.

THE CELLAR: Carly is watching John talk to the hitwoman, Lana. Sonny thinks it's obvious what they are doing -- that Lana is interested in him despite the fact that he's young enough to be her daughter. John and Lana leave to go somewhere private, all while Carly watches them. She is quite distressed.

KELLY'S: Lorenzo and Lois have picked up coffee following their date. They see John and Lana walking out. Lois notes that John has found someone, and Lorenzo (with a small smile on his face) agrees.

THE CELLAR: Carly and Sonny are talking about John again. Sonny tells her that she shouldn't go anywhere near John, but Carly points out that John is still her father.

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