GH Update Tuesday 10/12/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/12/04

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Nicolas and Emily go to Greece, determined to break Helena’s curse. They go to a restaurant and Nicolas asks a waiter where they would find the garden, which Helena talked about, where they could go to in order to reverse the curse. At first, the waiter tells them he knows of nothing like that. But he later informs them that he knows of only one garden on this island. It used to have a temple and be dedicated to a goddess. Nicolas asks if that would be Aphrodite, the Goddess of love. The waiter says he does not know the name of the said Goddess.

Georgie finally tells Dillon that she is ready to sleep with him. He tells her he wants this night to be special and make certain that’s what she really wants. She tells him that is what she wants. He informs her, however, that he has memories of the two of them enjoying being together and having fun without sex. He tells her that he wants them to enjoy being together tonight in that same way and it’s ok if they don’t end up having sex.

Luke and Skye are hiding out, dressed like homeless people. She is getting tired of living in a cardboard box and having no acceptable amenities. He tells her they must keep a low profile and he goes to find a newspaper in order to find out how much longer they must stay in hiding. At that moment, Monica Quartermaine enters and can see them although she does not recognize them. Skye screams when a cockroach appears and crawls on her. Noticing what happened, Monica informs them that she is a doctor and could help Skye if she is hurt by the cockroach. But Luke informs her they can handle it without her help. Monica leaves.

Jax is ready to take Courtney to dinner. But she informs him that she cannot leave Diego alone. Diego makes some comment about: “us throw-away kids being very sensitive when they are abandoned”, implying that he’d like nothing more than for them to leave him alone so he can get into more trouble. But right away, Courtney knows that “boredom” could lead to his getting into trouble. Jax says he knows the perfect person to stay with Diego. When Courtney is getting ready for her evening with Jax, Diego remarks why she is not “dressed for a date”. She informs him that she and Jax like to keep it casual. He suggests that maybe she is trying to “discourage the guy”. And he inquires if the only reason she has him in her home is so that she can push Jax away. She assures him that she is choosing to keep him in her home because she wants to give him a chance. And she also tells him she does care for Jax. He asks why then she does not admit that.

Jax goes to talk to Lois at the recording studio. He tells her he’d like a “quick return on his investment, tonight”.

Skye angrily tells Luke that since she’s known him, she almost died in a burning building, she got kidnapped, stalked and falsely accused of killing a man, sent to prison and now forced to live like a bum. But she tells him she will not tolerate cockroaches near her. He tells her she must calm down, be patient and let him handle things for her.

Georgie informs Brook Lynn that she is planning on seeing Dillon tonight, and have something that is more than just a “date”. Brook Lynn encourages Georgie to go for it. Georgie happily tells Brook Lynn that she loves Dillon and wants to make love to him tonight.

Dillon goes to the Club which Skye and Luke used to own and takes things out of a bag to prepare for his big night. Right when condoms are viewable, Georgie’s father enters, informs Dillon he knows what he’s planning and that he will not let it happen. Dillon obviously assumes Max is about to tell him what he suspects is something different than what Max actually tells him. Max informs Dillon that he knows Dillon’s presence in this closed down club must be due to the fact that Dillon knows where Skye is. He asks why, if that’s not the case, is he opening up the club? Dillon says it’s for a course. Max asks him if his “course” is black jack no. 1. Dillon says no, it’s for a filming project. Max tells Dillon that if he is saying he does not know the whereabouts of Luke and Skye, he’d better be telling the truth. He leaves and Dillon is very relieved that his girl friend’s father does not know what he is actually planning.

Courtney decides to dress into a glamorous evening dress. Diego is surprised and tells her this indicates she likes Jax more than she previously let on. Jax enters her home with Lois who reveals that she will be “babysitting” Diego while they go on their date. When Courtney and Jax are outside the door, she expresses being surprised at his selection of Lois to do the job and asks where they are going to dinner.

Luke and Skye appear outside of Kelly’s. He tells her he knows she is hungry and he will get her some food by “raiding” the kitchen. She says she’s afraid somebody will catch him and call the cops on him if he steals food again. Right at that moment, Mike enters and looks like he’s ready to catch Luke red-handed. But Luckily, Luke remains unseen.

Steven and Elizabeth Webber discuss how they have an excuse for their failed relationships that not all people have; their mother. He reveals to his sister that there is one “lady” he’s interested. She tells him she wants to know who that is. But he tells her he has to get back to work

Nicolas and Emily arrive at the garden. There is fog on the ground. She asks if he’s certain that this is the right garden. He says he believes it must be. But at that moment, Emily suddenly falls over and passes out. He carries her to a bench to sit down. She comes to and asks what happened. He tells her she fainted and that everything will be ok. Suddenly, a strange woman dressed like a gypsy enters. He asks the woman if she knows where to find a doctor. The woman says she does not know but can tell that Emily is cursed. He asks who the woman is and why she’d say that Emily is cursed. The woman says it’s obvious to see in how Emily is drained and tired. He tells her he knows she’s working for his grandmother and asks how much Helena is paying her. She says she knows the Cassadines but is not working for Helena. Emily seems to believe her and tells her she must be a fortuneteller. Emily introduces herself to the woman and asks her to look at her and tell her what she sees. The woman says she knows about how Emily’s life force is being drained. Nicolas silences her, tells her he’s heard enough and only wants to know how to cancel the curse. She tells him she cannot tell them that. She tells them that whoever is cursing them wants to destroy their love. He identifies that as the primary goal of his grandmother. And she tells them that there is a garden they can go to where they can break the curse and their love can blossom. He asks where they can find the garden. But she informs them that a volcano and an earthquake eroded the garden. Emily says there must be some remains somewhere of the garden. But the woman informs them that she is sorry, but there is not.

While Courtney and Jax are enjoying their romantic dinner, Lois takes Diego with her to the recording studio. Right before they get inside the room, she informs him that she left her cell phone in her car and must go and get it. Alone waiting by the door, Diego is able to hear Brook Lynn’s lovely singing voice. Noticing him by the door, she asks what he’s doing there. He looks and talks to her sexually. She informs him about how she is being “marketed” as something sexy and says she can tell that a guy like him would be able to relate to something like that. Lois enters, rejoins them and remarks that she can see that they have already met.

When Luke returns to Skye with some food, he informs her that he is considering many possibilities of who might have framed her for the murder of Detective Ross Duncan. He considers Faith Roscoe and Helena Cassadine as possible suspects. But she says she believes it’s more likely Laura. She says possibly due to jealousy, Laura drugged him, made him write the letter that incriminated her with the murder charge and did what was necessary in order to drive her out of his life, since that would be Laura’s number one goal. Yet neither of them suggests the possibility of the true culprit being Heather Webber.

Dillon has a fantasy of himself and Georgie dressed and playing the part of characters from an old classic Bogart film. In his dream, they experience how their love is pure and wholesome and not based on sex.

Max goes and finds Monica Quartermaine right outside Luke and Skye’s new cardboard “home”. She informs him that she saw two homeless people. He inquires if they might have been Luke and Skye. Luke and Skye return and notice Monica and Max and know they’d better not make themselves noticeable again.

Right when Lois is “entertaining” Diego at the recording studio, Brook Lynn expresses to her mother that she is uncomfortable with him there. At that moment, Lucas enters and is ready to take Brook Lynn out. She is very relieved to get out of being with her mother and Diego and to not have to rehearse. But Lois informs them that she is planning on going to a carnival with somebody. And if Brookie does not stay there and rehearse like she is supposed to, she will make all three of them tag along with her to the carnival.

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