GH Update Monday 10/11/04

General Hospital Update Monday 10/11/04

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THE POLICE STATION: Nikolas is threatening Helena in the interrogation room (he has barricaded the door shut in order to keep Alexis and Ric out). He demands to know how to break the curse that she has put over him and Emily.

WYNDEMERE: As Nikolas and Helena talk at the police station, Emily is sleeping on the living room couch, having a nightmare. She struggles and cries out in her sleep.

THE POLICE STATION: Nikolas threatens to strangle Helena. Alexis and Ric beat on the door. Helena tells Nikolas that he must leave Emily to save her life. Nikolas continues holding her neck.

WYNDEMERE: Elizabeth comes into the living room and finds Emily. Emily suddenly wakes up and screams in fright.

THE POLICE STATION: Nikolas, squeezing Helena's neck tighter, tells her that she has one more chance. Helena says the word "Aphrodite" followed by the words, "her garden." He demands to know what that means. Suddenly she collapses onto the table, her strength almost gone.

THE PARK: Luke (still dressed in grungy old clothes as part of a disguise) comes across a homeless lady rooting through a trash can. Luke compliments her on her outfit and offers her ten dollars for it. Skye is watching from the bushes.

THE DOCKS: Sonny says he believes Lorenzo didn't set the explosion. Suddenly cops come over to them...they want to bring Lorenzo in for questioning. Lorenzo glares at Sonny and leaves with the cops. As soon as he's gone, Sam comes rushing over to Sonny -- she says that Jason is in trouble.

JOHN'S HOTEL ROOM: As it turns out, Jason is still hiding in John's room, watching John and Carly talking. Carly tells John that she cannot be in his life, no matter how much she wants to. She says that she can't see him anymore.

THE PARK: The homeless lady is now trying to haggle with Luke over her clothing. In the end he gives her 73 dollars and tells her that he'll give her a replacement outfit.

WYNDEMERE: Emily tells Liz that she was asleep but that it felt like she was being choked to death. Liz believes that there's a strong chance that Helena really has cursed Emily. Emily notes that she's afraid of Nikolas going after Helena...she wonders if they should drop the wedding idea. Liz tells her that she needs to fight Helena.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric and Alexis burst into the room and stop Nikolas from strangling Helena. Helena tells them that she doesn't want to press charges...she just wants to have a word alone with Nikolas. They leave the room and Helena tells Nik that if he continues to try to marry Emily, she'll die.

Out in the main part of the station, Lorenzo has just been brought in for questioning. Ric, who is holding a bag of white powder, tells Lorenzo that he's been brought in for questioning on the matter of drug trafficking.

THE DOCKS: Sam is worried that Jason hasn't come home yet. She goes off on Sonny regarding Carly continue to want a relationship with John, a federal prosecutor. Sonny says that Carly has given up on that idea, but Sam notes that he's underestimating the bond between father and daughter. She says that if something happens to his family or to Jason because of John and Carly, it will be on Sonny.

JOHN'S HOTEL ROOM: John tries to convince Carly that she's more than just a "win" against the mob for him. Carly, now crying openly, says that she hopes that he believes that, but that she has to try to avoid the day he is forced to go back on his word -- the day she is forced between him and Sonny. She gives him a tearful, "Goodbye" and then rushes out the door. John starts after her but gives up in frustration and goes back into his hotel room.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric finds out that the stuff in the bag is merely baking powder. Apparently someone was trying to set Lorenzo up. He tells Lorenzo that he can leave, and Lorenzo does so.

In the interrogation room, Nikolas is still demanding answers from Helena. She tells him to remember what happened to Alexis' mother, when Mikkos broke the curse (Alexis' mother was killed by Helena). Nikolas asks if that's a threat and Helena replies that those who forget about history are doomed to repeat it.

Out in the main part of the station, Ric gets word that Skye has escaped from police custody.

THE PARK: Luke is dressing Skye in the homeless lady's clothes, trying to make her look dirty and gross. Skye is resisting his attempts, as she hates dirt. He tries to leave to go find them food and shelter, but she stops him and starts to yell at him about how much she has gone through since he disappeared -- that she was arrested and taken to jail and forced to escape and then arrested again, etc. She demands to know if Luke wrote the letter asserting her guilt. Luke softly replies that yes, he did.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Jason has returned from John Durant's and he and Sonny are discussing the situation. Jason says that there was nothing in the room that proved that John is trying to incriminate Sonny. He also notes that Carly showed up -- despite telling Sonny she would stay away from John. Sonny is angry until Jason continues and says that Carly was there only to end things with her father. Sonny replies that they'll see whether or not Carly tells him about the meeting. At that moment, Carly enters the penthouse.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas has returned from the police station -- he and Emily start reading Helena's book of curses to try to find some reference to what Helena was talking about "Aphrodite" and the "garden." While reading they discover that The Garden of Aphrodite is a place on the Greek island of Kronosa.

THE PARK: Luke tells Skye that he has been drugged out of his mind all this time, before escaping the mental institution. All he remembers is that the orderlies always talked about a "she." He and Skye both believe it must be Helena. Luke admits that they drugged him into writing the letter that sent her to prison. Skye tells him that she was set up into meeting who she thought was Luke at the docks. Luke notes that whoever did this to them is probably still in Port Charles.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric tells Edward and Heather (who have arrived at the station) that Skye escaped. Edward asks Ric to tell his men not to hurt Skye when they find her. Suddenly an officer brings in the homeless lady that Luke had been talking to in the park -- she's now dressed in Skye's orange prison jumpsuit. The homeless lady describes the man who sold her the jumpsuit as tall, cute and a smooth-talker. Heather says, stunned, "Luke."

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly tells Sonny and Jason that she was at John's hotel room to tell him that she couldn't have a relationship with him. They tell her that they believe her, because Jason heard the whole thing from his hiding place. Jason tells Carly that he knows how hard giving up her father is for her, but that it was the right thing to do. He leaves and Sonny and Carly hug.

THE POLICE STATION: Heather tells Ric and Edward that Skye must be with Luke, who probably returned to town and saw her plea for his help on the news channels. Edward is worried because Luke is trouble. He and Heather leave, and Ric tells an officer to put out an APB on Luke Spencer.

THE PARK: Luke has just gotten some burgers for him and Skye. They hide next to a dumpster so that they can eat them without being discovered. Luke assures her that they didn't come from the trash -- that he snuck them out of Kelly's. They both start to dig in, but Skye is repulsed to taste just what kind of burgers they are...tofu!

WYNDEMERE: Alexis shows up, and Nikolas asks her if she remembers where her father, Mikkos, took her mother to break the curse that Helena put on them, decades ago. Alexis admits that the name of Kronosa, an island in Greece, rings a bell. Nikolas immediately resolves to go there...Alexis doesn't want him to try to break the curse, reminding him that when Mikkos broke the curse on her mother, Helena turned around and killed her instead. Emily notes that they are going to have to fight Helena with everything they've got, which is why she is going to accompany Nikolas to Greece.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Carly are cuddling next to the fire. Carly thanks him for being understanding and supportive regarding her father. Sonny notes that he knows how she thinks because that's what happens when someone becomes a part of you. They start to make out.

THE PARK: Luke and Skye are eating the burgers behind the dumpster (Skye now has a cheeseburger instead of tofu). Luke compliments Skye by telling her that she looks like a delicate woman, but that she's can be a "man's woman" as well. They are about to kiss when Skye points out the blackened stuff that Luke has on his teeth. They decide not to kiss after all.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason comes into the penthouse and Sam rushes downstairs to see him. She tells him that she was worried, but that she won't ask him any business related questions. She also says that she was tailed when she left the building earlier. Jason tells her that they've got people watching them, and that it's only going to get worse because now that Carly has broken things off with her father, John will want to take it out on Jason and Sonny.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny is downstairs in his robe when Carly comes downstairs (she's in a robe as well). She's holding a small black box that she found on the dresser -- she thinks it's a present for her. He says no, it's a present for him, but he wants her to open it. She does and finds a gold wedding band...Sonny says that he has now gotten around to getting a new one, and he wants her to put it on his finger. Carly smiles.

JOHN'S HOTEL ROOM: John is telling Steven about Carly's decision not to have him in her life. John notes that now he'll be able to make a move against Sonny without factoring Carly into it. Steven asks him if he's begun to develop feelings for his daughter. John doesn't answer right away.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas is ready to leave, but he wants Emily to stay there. Emily disagrees, she wants to go with him. She says that they are in it together. They kiss and hug.

THE PARK: Skye and Luke are curled up together on newspapers, about to get some sleep. Skye thanks Luke for being the man she always knew he was -- for not having betrayed her after all, the way everyone else thought he did. They kiss.

JOHN'S HOTEL ROOM: John and Steven talk about Carly -- Steven admits to John that he might have feelings for Carly as well.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Carly that back when he thought they were over, he threw his old wedding ring into the water down by the docks. He realizes now that he never stopped being married to her. Carly notes that she was hurt over him and Sam, but that she still wants to be with him no matter how hard it is. She puts the wedding band on his finger, and they say the wedding vows while she does so. Then they kiss and exchange "I love you's."

THE DOCKS: Lorenzo is meeting with a mysterious blonde woman. He tells her that he wants her to kill John Durant, but to make it look like Sonny is the one responsible.

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