GH Update Friday 10/8/04

General Hospital Update Friday 10/8/04

By Katie
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Alcazar and John are standing on the pier when they see an explosion. It was Sonny and Jason's warehouse. John tells Alcazar that Alcazar will be the one who sent the bomb.

Nikolas and Emily are at Wyndemere when Emily is feeling faint and Steven comes by to check on her. He tells Nikolas that if Emily doesn't try to fight the curse in her head and stop believing in it she could kill herself with it. Emily decides that she is going to conquer the curse and live her life when suddenly she feels dizzy. Tracy arrives at the house with Helena's book of curses and willing to help Emily because she says she made a mistake in teaming up with Helena.

When Sonny and Jason find out about the explosion they automatically assume that it was Durant. Carly overhears and defends him. She gets in a spat with Jason and leaves. Sonny tells Jason to take it easy on her and that he is going to talk to Alcazar. That he may be the front man for Durant. Sonny talks to Alcazar and he says he had nothing to do with it. Sonny says that he believes him and then 2 police officers show up to question him.

Before Skye is transported back to prison Edward and Heather come to visit her. They announce that they are getting married. Skye tells him off and he leaves. She claims that Luke will rescue her. Heather tells Skye that Luke and Laura are off together and that she believes in true love. Heather then tells Skye that she is sorry that she will be in prison while they are getting married.

Sonny talks to Carly and tells her to stay away from Durant. Meanwhile Jason has broken into Durant apartment and is looking around. Durant comes in and Jason hides. Then Carly shows up and tells John that Sonny doesn't want her talking to him any more and not to contact her.

Skye is in the prison car when the driver accidentally hits a homeless man. The man then hits the driver and knocks him out. The man comes and opens the car and says hey Blaze and you see that its Luke. Tracy tells Nikolas that Helena went to the PCPD and he leaves and go there. He blocks the door to the investigation room where he is threatening his grandmother. He then grabs her by the throat and demands that she tell him how to reverse the curse. Helena laughs and he says tell me or you won't leave here alive. Ric and Alexis are trying to get into the investigation room.

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