GH Update Thursday 10/7/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/7/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Heather goes to the attic of the Quartermaine house where she brushes a woman’s hair that she addresses as Laura. The woman neither faces nor speaks back to her. She tells Laura that she was able to convince the police that Skye killed Detective Ross Duncan and although it was difficult, she was able to forge a letter, which the judge believed was written by Luke where he said Skye was guilty.

Courtney reconsiders her decision to get Diego out of her home when the social worker comes. Jax tells her that he realizes she can make her own decision, but he believes she is in over her head. Diego asks her when dinner will be ready, uncaring, as if nothing had happened. She says nothing and looks like she is not entirely certain she’s made the right decision to keep him.

Jason tells Sonny that he’s afraid the only way to stop Durant from going after them both is to kill him but he knows he could not go through with murdering Carly’s father. Sonny tells Jason there might be another way to stop Durant. Sonny says he’s going to find out whether Durant might be “working” with Alcazar. Right when Jason leaves, Lois enters. Sonny asks her just how “tight” she is with Lorenzo Alcazar. She asks why. She tells him, in a friendly manner that she does not have to answer to him about her boyfriends nor get his approval on whom she’s seeing. She tells him that she refuses to “help” him spy on Lorenzo for her. He asks her, instead, to help his wife. She tells him he’s asking the wrong person. She asks Sonny just what he wants to know about Lorenzo Alcazar. She says she believes Sonny knows more about Lorenzo than she does. She reminds him that the main thing going on with Lorenzo is his grieving the loss of his niece and how he blames himself for her death, just like he did when Alexis killed his brother. Sonny keeps protesting to her that Lorenzo cannot be trusted and may be working with Durant to get him out of the way so that Lorenzo can have his wife. Lois gets angry at Sonny’s suspicion, tells him he’s being irrationally paranoid and tells him she refuses to betray, hurt or spy upon Lorenzo for him. And she walks out the door.

After Durant believes Carly has left and cannot see what he’s doing, he picks up Michael’s drawing, which reveals that he’s lying about having sincere intent to bond with his daughter.

Right when Carly is spying through the window on her father who believes she’s left, Lorenzo Alcazar appears behind her. She tells him that she knows her father did not ask him to help him go after Sonny. Durant comes out and notices them together and tells Carly he thought she was long gone and acts as though he’s never met Lorenzo. Carly introduces them. Lorenzo tells Durant that he knows he is very ambitious and will stop at nothing to scheme and lie in order to get people like Sonny Corinthos in trouble. Durant leaves and Carly asks Lorenzo why he’s just lied. He tells her he’s doing that to protect her and again urges her not to trust Durant.

Rick Lansing gives Dr. Steven Webber the letter, which Heather forged with Luke’s signature and asks him to analyze and prove that it was forged. Jax comes to talk to Skye and tells her that she should not trust Luke because she has good reason to believe he wrote the letter and set her up for Rick to find her and get her charged with murder. She asks why he’s so suspicious. He asks why she’s so trusting. But she says she believes that Luke will come and get her out of there.

Heather tells the silent Laura that she will wait until Edward has a “tragic accident”, and Skye gets framed for murder and then she and Laura and Luke will have everything they want and need and they will live happily ever after. But right at that moment, the Quartermaine’s maid enters, startles Heather and asks what she’s doing there. Lila says she’s there because Edward has asked her to be his nurse. The maid does not trust her and says she believes Heather tried to kill Edward. She demands that Heather gets out. Heather says the servants don’t get to make decisions like that. But Heather leaves, goes downstairs and hears Tracy urging her father not to trust Heather. Tracy leaves and Heather admits to Edward that she has no future there and must leave, knowing he will urge her to stay. And sure enough he does. She asks if he wants or needs her as a nurse, or someone to annoy his kids. She asks just what he wants from her. And he feels obligated to come up with some answer.

Jason talks to Carly alone, remembering their history together and of the pattern she has always had of trying to convince herself that people love her and can be trusted although it’s clear, even to herself, that they cannot be trusted. He tells her that he knows she wants Durant to care about her, but he believes she is, once again, telling herself a story. She responds by crying and telling him that Durant is her father. She presents a scenario about what would happen if he had gone away and not seen Michael until he was her age and was asked to stay away from him because someone assumed he could not be trusted. He answers by informing her that he’d understand the wishes of anybody who was afraid he’d hurt Michael and he’d leave Michael alone if necessary. He tells her how Durant has manipulated her by showing her the photo album, how she’s completely disregarded the reality that both he and Sonny have tried to get her to see. And he tells her Durant has gotten her emotionally vulnerable and is playing her. She protests that she can see that he will stop at nothing to make him hate her father.

Alan Quartermaine asks Rick just how he can be trusted to not frame Skye for murder, remembering Rick once did everything he could to get her charged with murder. Rick tells him that he believes that Luke did not write the letter and is checking that out right now, and that although he once wanted Skye to go to prison, he has now had a change of heart.

Courtney tells Diego that he has done too many bad behaviors and she can no longer deal with him. He protests his “good faith” to her, by telling her that his obvious feelings are that he thinks she’s hot. At that point, she decides it’s time for him to get out of her home. She tells him he needs to hurry up, collect his things and go to another shelter or foster home or whatever is available. He protests that he wants to stay. But she says it won’t happen. She sounds as though she could break down and reconsiders, later, but she tells him the conditions are no come-ons, no sexual jokes, and no questionable behaviors. He says he agrees to her terms and he will even apologize to Jax. She says she could care less what he says to Jax or what Jax thinks of him. He inquires if the reason she’s not listening to Jax is because of him. She says the reason she’s not listening to Jax is because she does what she wants and will not be controlled by Jax. And she tells him, by the way, Jax is a great guy.

Right when Skye is in the courthouse interrogation room with Jax, she tells him that it’s odd that Courtney would adopt this teenage boy. He tells her Courtney will stop at nothing to avoid him, and the teenage boy is her most recent distraction.

Steven Webber finds Durant and reminds him that he’s gone after so many criminals who were untouchable. Durant responds by telling him that that sounds just like Sonny Corinthos. But Steven reminds Durant that none of his other “quests” were married to his daughter. Steven urges Durant to see that if he goes through with his plans to send Sonny to prison, he will break Carly’s heart and she will never forgive him or trust him again. Hearing that, Durant says he will wait and give Carly time before going after Sonny.

Right when Heather is in the middle of manipulating Edward, Alan enters and informs them that he’s very happy to learn that Rick is going to prove that Skye is innocent and most likely she will be exonerated and cleared of all charges.

Carly and Jason return home to Sonny and she informs him that she is going to “test” Durant’s credibility and trustibility by seeing what he does with the drawing Michael did of the non-existent coffee ship. Sonny asks if she will realize he cannot be trusted if it is proven that he’s using her to get him in trouble. She replies of course but asks him if Durant “passes the test”, will he agree to stop suspecting him and let her see her father?

Steven goes to the hospital. Heather sees him and calls out to him, asking him if he will have dinner with his long lost mother. He tells her he’s busy and has things to do. She knows he is in the middle of analyzing the letter that she has forged to frame Skye. She snatches it out of his hands and crumbles it. He tells her that she has just destroyed vital police evidence. She runs off, crying and demanding to know why her son is always so angry with her.

Carly is very disappointed and hurt to learn that Sonny and Jason cannot find it in their hearts to trust her father or respect her wishes and she runs out the door.

Right when Durant is having another conversation with Lorenzo about going after Sonny, Lois interrupts them. She introduces herself to Durant. Lorenzo sounds like he’s happy to see her, has no important business or secret with Durant that she is interrupting nor cannot know about, and that her presence might motivate Durant to go away and leave them alone. Durant leaves but arrogantly informs Lois that she should “enjoy” Mr. Alcazar while she still can, because he is living on borrowed time. She asks Lorenzo just what he meant by that.

Diego is helping Courtney prepare dinner when Jax appears. He tells her that he respects her decision. He asks if she can have dinner with him the following night. She says possibly if she can find a way to keep Diego supervised. Jax says he can help her with that.

Right when Alan and Tracy are ready to get Heather out of their homes and out of their lives, Edward shocks them by telling them he wants to marry Heather.

In the interrogation room, Rick assures Skye that he will help her get exonerated and believes she’s innocent. But right at that moment, Steven informs them that his mother destroyed the letter and tainted the evidence. Rick tells Skye he has no choice but to send her back to prison.

Lorenzo tells Lois that it wouldn’t surprise him if Durant is using Carly to get to Sonny, or him or whoever else he wants to prosecute. He says he’s been through it so many times and sees Durant as no different than any other ambitious prosecutor. At that moment, he gets a call on his cell phone. Durant demands that Lorenzo helps him go after Sonny tonight. He tells Durant, knowing Lois hears him, that he will work on his own timetable. Durant tells him that he’s made a big mistake not doing what he’s asked to do.

Sonny tells Jason that although Carly’s heart will be broken to know that her father is got what he deserved, in the long run it will be for the best if she knows he cannot be trusted. He tells Jason he will stop at nothing to prevent Durant from going after his family. He will not hesitate to kill Durant.


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