GH Update Wednesday 10/6/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/6/04

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COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney assures Diego that she'll be there for him. He attempts to show his appreciation by kissing her. Diego and Jax get into a scuffle and Courtney yells at them to stop it.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Heather gets a call from someone from the mental hospital where Luke was imprisoned. Apparently he has escaped. Edward comes in and hears the tail end of the conversation -- he asks Heather why she is looking for Luke.

THE DOCKS: Skye is at the docks to meet Luke -- but Ric is there instead. He tells her that Luke will not be meeting her after all.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Carly that he knows a way for her to be able to find out whether or not John Durant is out to get him.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney and Jax tell Diego that he was out of line -- Jax is very, very angry. Diego gets upset and leaves. Jax tells Courtney that she needs to call social services.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Heather lies and tells Edward that she hired an investigator to try to find Luke for Lulu. Edward thinks that that was very kind of her despite the fact that he believes Lulu's better off without Luke in her life. Heather says she knows Edward doesn't want her around anymore -- she goes to pack her things, but he tells her to wait.

THE DOCKS: Ric thinks that Jax was hiding Skye, but Skye says that he knew nothing about it. She thinks that Luke will be here soon to exonerate her from the charges. Ric wants to take her to the police station. Someone is lurking nearby, watching them.

THE HOSPITAL: John and Bobbie are talking. John wants Bobbie to help him get to know Carly. Bobbie agrees to let John meet up with her and Carly at Kelly's later. She leaves. Steven comes over to John and asks him if he's planning to use Carly's mother now as well. John says that he'll do whatever it takes to take down Sonny -- he'll even use Carly (who he loves) if he has to.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Jason comes in while Sonny and Carly are talking about their plan to find out if John's genuine. Carly will take one of Michael's drawings to show John -- on the drawing is information Sonny has written about a shipment down at the docks that doesn't even exist. Sonny wants her to make sure that her father sees the memo on the drawing...if John tries to make the bust later, they'll know he was out to get Sonny all along. Jason's against the idea but Carly says that it's the only way to know if her father is worth getting to know.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric brings Skye to the station where Alexis (as Skye's lawyer) is already waiting. There's also a small group of reporters wanting to ask Skye questions. Alexis tries to get rid of the reporters, but Skye turns to them and says a message for Luke into their cameras -- she asks Luke to come to the station so that the police will find out that she's innocent.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Edward tells Heather that he doesn't really want her to go, that he wants her to stay. They start to kiss when a reporter on t.v. starts to talk about Skye. Heather watches the report with interest and Edward asks her why she cares about Skye.

KELLY'S: Jax and Courtney get a table and they immediately begin to talk about Diego. Jax is against her taking Diego in because of his age (he's just a few years younger than Courtney herself) and his behavior. Courtney wants it to work, though. Jax tries to convince her that she might do Diego more harm than good. Suddenly his phone rings -- it's Alexis telling him that Skye has been arrested. Jax hangs up and tells Courtney what has happened. She wants to go with him but he tells her to stay. Then he leaves.

THE DOCKS: Diego is hanging around on the docks, abusing a trash can. Brooke Lynn comes over to him and asks him if he needs her to help with something.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly and Jason are now arguing about her father. Carly tries to explain to Jason that her father is more than just a fed -- but Jason isn't interested in hearing about it. Jason leaves and Sonny asks Carly to understand that all Jason can see is that she could end up hurting her family over a man they don't even know that they can trust.

THE POLICE STATION: Jax has arrived to see Skye, who is waiting in the interrogation room. Jax tries to convince Skye that Luke has obviously been working all along to set her up -- but Skye doesn't believe it. She thinks that there's some other reason for all of this.

Outside, in the main part of the station, Alexis asks Ric to get her more time before Skye is taken back to the prison. Ric is hesitant, but she asks him to do it for her.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Heather and Edward discuss Skye's situation. Edward is worried about Skye -- he refuses to believe that she murdered Detective Duncan, and thinks that Luke is responsible. Heather tries to defend Luke, saying that if Luke did turn Skye in, she must have deserved it. Edward asks Heather why she's defending Luke -- how well does she know him, anyway?

THE DOCKS: Diego is in a very pissy mood...and he's insulting to Brooke. He tells her that he's got major problems -- he's a foster child and he doesn't know where he'll be spending the night tonight. Brooke advises him to change his attitude or else he'll end up alone for real. Then she leaves.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly is upset that Jason can't understand her need to get to know her father. Sonny points out that all Jason can see are the facts -- that John is a fed and a threat. He also adds that only Carly can decide whether or not she wants a relationship with her father or not.

KELLY'S: Outside of Kelly's John runs into Jason. Jason offers him information on one of Sonny's rival competitors if John will do one thing -- stay away from Carly.

THE POLICE STATION: Skye is in the interrogation room while Ric and Alexis talk outside. Ric "hides" some papers so that there will be a delay in taking Skye to the prison. Alexis thanks him. Jax comes over to them and offers to pay for Skye's bail -- Ric advises him to leave, or else he'll only end up making Skye look more guilty. Suddenly Edward and Heather enter the station. Edward immediately tells Ric that he'll bankroll Ric's re-election if Ric does his family justice where Skye is concerned.

In the interrogation room, Skye tells Alexis that Luke must have been forced to write the letter that incriminated her. Alexis says that she'll have the letter checked for DNA.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney has come back to the loft -- she looks at the toys that litter the floor and furniture, sighs heavily and calls the social worker. She tells the social worker that she cannot keep Diego after all. Just as she has made arrangements for Diego to be picked up, Diego returns and tells her that he has decided that he doesn't want to leave after all.

KELLY'S: John and Jason are still outside Kelly's. John thinks it's interesting that Jason cares so much about Carly. Jason tells John that he believes John's just using Carly -- he wants to protect her from being hurt. He advises John to walk away. John refuses and Jason says that he's just been proven right -- that John cannot be trusted.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny basically gives Carly his blessing in meeting Durant and setting up their plan, but urges her to be careful. She agrees, they kiss, and she leaves -- Michael's pictures (including the fake memo of Sonny's) in her hand.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Diego apologizes to Courtney for kissing her -- he says that sometimes he messes things up on purpose so he won't get used to having it good. But he promises that if he can stay, he'll be on his best behavior. Suddenly the social worker shows up. Diego becomes angry, believing that Courtney let him apologize knowing that she would soon have him out of her life for good anyway. But Courtney turns to the social worker and tells her that Diego can stay. Diego is very happy and he promises again that he'll behave.

THE POLICE STATION: Edward insinuates that he wants to bribe Ric in order to have Skye released. Ric refuses. Edward goes into the interrogation room to speak to Skye alone. They share an emotional reunion. He tells her that he is proud to call her a Quartermaine and he knows Lila would want her to be free as well. Skye says that she misses Lila so much and Edward agrees. They start to talk about Luke and Edward begs her to realize that Luke is the reason she's in jail right now.

Out in the main part of the station, Alexis tells Ric that she wants Luke's letter to be checked over in case there's any DNA on it. Ric gets Steven to work on the case.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Jason has returned from meeting with Durant, and Sonny tells him that Carly is going ahead with the plan by meeting John and Bobbie at Kelly's. Jason is upset because John didn't take the deal, which means that he is definitely after Sonny, not the smaller operations elsewhere. Sonny is also angry that Jason would even attempt to cut a deal with the feds -- he demands to know what Jason is scared of.

KELLY'S: John, Carly and Bobbie are having their meeting. John and Carly both end up ordering the same drink, an Arnold Palmer. They also realize that they both love junk food. Carly, somewhat intrigued that she shares something in common with her father, shows him and Bobbie the drawings from Michael. They talk about Michael for a bit...the fake memo of Sonny's is in the pile of drawings, but John doesn't seem to see it. Carly watches him going over the drawings with great interest.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: The social worker leaves just about as soon as Jax arrives. Jax is not happy to hear that Diego is staying -- but he asks Courtney if it's what she wants. She says yes, and he notes that he won't try to change her mind. Then he leaves. Diego starts making himself at home in the loft. Courtney still looks somewhat unsettled by Jax's parting words.

THE POLICE STATION: Steven comes in and agrees to check the letter for traces of DNA...Alexis wants proof that Luke was forced to write the letter by someone else.

Meanwhile, in the interrogation room, Skye and Edward are also talking about Luke. Edward tries to convince her that Luke has no use for her anymore and that he is reunited somewhere with the love of his life, Laura. Skye looks hurt by those words.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Heather goes up to the attice, where a blonde woman is sitting in a chair. Apparently it's LAURA (all we can see is the back of her though, since it's just a body double and not the real actress, Genie Francis). Heather begins to brush Laura's hair while talking to her -- she's been hiding Laura there for quite some time. During the one-sided conversation with Laura (who is not speaking) Heather notes that she is the one who drugged Luke and forced him to write the letter that incriminated Skye. And now she says they are waiting for Luke to come find them.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Jason tells Sonny that he's worried that John will betray Carly, which means that he'll have to be murdered -- and Jason doesn't want to be the one to murder Carly's father. He tells Sonny that if John has to be taken out eventually, Sonny will have to be the one who does it.

KELLY'S: John, Carly and Bobbie are all talking about Michael when Bobbie's beeper goes off -- it's a call from the hospital...she has to leave. John gives her a parting kiss on the cheek, which seems to surprise both Carly and Bobbie. Bobbie leaves. Carly gets ready to go as well. John embraces her, and reminds her that he only wants her trust. She agrees to give him a chance...then she leaves. John notices something on the floor...Carly has "accidentally" left the paper with the memo from Sonny on it, outlining a time and place at the docks where a "shipment" will be coming in. John studies the paper while Carly watches him from outside.

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