GH Update Tuesday 10/5/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/5/04

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Courtney notices that Jax is stiff; he has been camping out in a lawn chair outside her apartment due to his concern about the teenage boy that she has unexpectedly been given as a temporary foster child. She tries to assure Jax that there’s nothing to worry about. The young man appears and gives Courtney flowers. Jax is very suspicious, but the teenager says they are because Courtney has been so nice to him. Jax privately tells Courtney that the kid couldn’t see her as a mother figure, since he's almost her age; what he wants is to sleep with her. When Jax leaves, the kid says it’s good that Jax is gone because now they can talk. She says no, she will talk and he will listen.

Skye Quartermaine once again finds Luke Spencer in a chat room on the computer. She informs him she is hiding in Jax' apartment. He tells her that he will come by and visit her there. Unknown to both of them, Heather Webber is witnessing their conversation and so has also learned where to find Skye.

Dillon, Georgie, Brooklyn and another friend are returning from school and wondering about their grades. Dillon wonders if Georgie got an "A." She announces to him that she’s flunked. She sounds like she is not worried about it, informing the others that Maxie has flunked many times and that she’s tired of being pressured by her family to get good grades so she can go to Yale. Her father appears and tells her they need to talk alone. She informs him that she is with her friends, and they can hear whatever he has to tell her. He asks what has come over her for her to be flunking history. She asks what the punishment will be for her failing grades and if her parents will ground her. Her father tells her that that will not motivate her to understand the error of her ways. She reveals to him that she’s tired of being so knowable and predictable, and she runs off.

Heather, in the middle of hacking the connection between Skye and Luke, is interrupted by Edward, Tracy, Alan and Justus, who enter and wonder why she is always there. Felicia enters and informs them that she’s called them to a meeting, and she is about to announce the person who will inherit the estate of Lila.

Dr. Steven Webber informs Emily and Nicolas that he’s run many tests and found no medical evidence to substantiate what happened to Emily. Nicolas informs him of their respective families' curses.

Outside Emily’s hospital room, the doctors are puzzled about how a spider has bitten her and how the bite has affected her. Steven tells them that, as a doctor, he does not believe in curses, but personally he knows about how spirits can have power over people; he reveals his own experiences with such phenomena. Nicolas inquires whether Steven believes it's curses or something medical that hurt Emily. He says what he’s trying to explain to them is that there may be good news, and the patient could heal herself if she would just not give power to spirits of other people.

Courtney’s new "son" makes it obvious that he has a crush on her. Not knowing how to deal with that, she goes inside Kelly’s and asks her father to give him whatever he needs to keep him busy and distracted all day.

Tracy tells Heather that this is a family matter and does not concern her. Everybody seems to agree with her except Edward, who tells them all that he welcomes Heather in his home. Alan asks Felicia just who she’s discovered will inherit. She informs him it’s not him because he failed his mother’s expectations, as did Tracy, Dillon and Brook Lynne. Ned is also out, and so is Edward. She points out faults and dishonorable behaviors in all of them when announcing their disqualification. Tracy then notes that the only person who has not been named as disqualified is St. Emily. Felicia informs them that she is disqualified also. Tracy says she believes there is nobody left, but at that moment they all look at Justus, realizing he has not been named. Felicia announces that he has inherited the entire fortune. Alan protests that Justus is not even a full Quartermaine. They all argue amongst themselves until Justus silences them by breaking a glass. He looks unhappily at them and tells them all that he intends to take this responsibility very seriously. He does not plan to use Lila’s money to hurt or manipulate anybody in the family. What he wants is to do his best to make his family cohesive and harmonious. Tracy says he must save his breath, because there is no way that she will let him have her mother’s money.

Jax tells Skye that she can not assume that Luke is on the other end, nor that he will really come to visit her as he’s promised. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. Jax asks her if she is really so in love with this guy that she’d be willing to risk her freedom and everything else. She runs to answer the door and is disappointed to see that it’s Courtney.

When Emily is comes home from the hospital, Alexis and Ric greet her and tell her that she needs to rest and get better, and they plan to help her in her trial. Ric does, however, warn Nicolas and Emily that they can not use the alleged curse as a defense in her trial. If they do, he will have to hold them in contempt of court. Alexis tells Ric that a Cassadine knows that the curse is very real. She informs them that her mother and father got married when Helena was still seeing Alexis’ father, and Helena was able to put a curse on them, but her mother went away and healed herself until Helena got to them again. She also informs them that, since Helena’s curse did not produce the results she wanted, Helena took matters into her own hands and slit Alexis’ mother’s throat.

When Courtney leaves her foster boy alone at Kelly’s, he attempts to steal from the cash register and start a brawl with Dillon and his friends. Mike eventually restrains him and asks him to contact his parents. He reveals that he has a “foster mom”, Courtney Matthews.

Meanwhile, Courtney is at Jax' apartment. When she gets the call on her cell phone, she tells Jax and Skye she has to go and departs. When Skye returns to her computer connection to Luke, she believes that Luke is asking to meet her on the Elm Street pier. Little does she know that it is Heather who is asking her to go there.

Courtney and Jax go to Kelly’s and intervene in the problem that the new boy caused. Mike asks Courtney what her connection to this teenager is. She informs him that this individual is the “bundle of joy” that social services promised her. Mike concludes that there is no way he’s going to hire this boy because he is a thief and a troublemaker, and he tells his daughter that she must get in touch with social services about the serious mistake they made.

Alone in their room, Emily looks at books to research what happened to Alexis’ mother. Nicolas tells her she must not worry, and instead they must have faith that their love will conquer all. He reminds her that that is also what Dr. Webber recommended.

Right at that moment, Helena informs Tracy that neither Nicolas nor Emily can ever know what really happened to Alexis’ mother.

Alexis contacts her daughter Christina on her cell phone, telling her that mommy will be home soon and she loves her. All at once she can tell she is being spied upon by somebody. Skye Quartermaine notices her and makes herself scared, hiding and waiting for Luke Spencer. It looks like Heather is ready to find Skye, but before leaving she is able to eavesdrop upon a conversation where Justus sincerely promises Edward that he will honor Lila’s wishes. Edward seems gracious and admits that Justus has the right to enjoy what Lila has given him. He tells Justus he cannot fail any worse than any of the rest of them have done. When Justus leaves, Edward notices Heather and tells her he’s glad she’s there. He says they need to have a conversation about something. She looks worried about what he might tell her.

Dillon approaches Georgie and asks her what it will take to get a smile out of her. She admits that she’s thinking about Sage. She wonders what Sage would have done if she’d known that this was her last year on earth. She admits that, since she has no guarantee that she will not die in another year, she needs to think about what is really important in her life. She questions whether getting straight "As" should really be her primary goal if she only has a short time to live.

Heather is alone and gets a call from a mysterious Dr. Morse. She tells him she trusts that their “patient” is resting comfortably, but he tells her he has some bad news.

Courtney tells Jax that she does not plan to abandon the boy. She says that he’s gotten in trouble throughout his life and nobody’s wanted to help him, and she does not want to continue the cycle. He enters and tells her he appreciates that she is the only person who’s tried to help him. Again he expresses his appreciation by trying to kiss her, until Jax violently pulls him away from Courtney.

Helena admits to Tracy that although it may appear she loves Nicolas, since he is her family, she vows that anybody who gets in her way will be very, very sorry indeed.

Right at the moment when it looks like Emily and Nicolas are happily in love and no longer worrying about a curse, she suddenly passes out, and he cannot revive her.

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