GH Update Friday 10/1/04

General Hospital Update Friday 10/1/04

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Courtney is visiting with her father at Kelly’s. Mike tells his daughter he has some ginger snaps in the oven for her. She happily informs him that she is taking in a foster child. She says that the whole point behind the foundation is to help children in need. Her father reminds her about her decision for the future, regarding the fact that she won the bet with Jax. She admits that it was a tough decision but she is starting over with a new life. While, outside her apartment, Jax is knocking on her door while she’s not there.

Emily is attempting to remove the stain from the wedding dress. But Nicolas tells her that maybe she should throw a pinch of salt over her shoulder for good luck. He reminds her of all that has coincidentally happened since Helena has put the curse on them. But she is confidence that that will not happen. He tells her that he has a plan where they can get married in secret where neither Helena nor Tracy will know about it. She inquires what about their families and friends? He says they can always have a reception and invite everybody. She says that she agrees that this is their way of taking charge of their lives. Unknown to them, however, they are being spied upon.

Alexis and Rick are having coffee and a private conversation about the investigation of the murder of Mary Bishop. She reveals to him that she is kind of overloaded with work and with Christina. He suggests a specialist she could see about her child. And it’s none other than his new colleague, Steven Webber. Together they take Christina to the hospital to meet Steven. He seems to greet them courteously. Although Alexis wants to be with her daughter when he examines her, he tells her it will go much faster and easier if she just waits. When he leaves with Christina, Rick assures Alexis that if there’s anything wrong with Christina, he’s certain Steven will find it.

John Durant informs Steven that he believes that Lorenzo Alcazar will have no choice but to cooperate with their plan or else he can charge Lorenzo with the murder of Mary Bishop. Steven asks John if he believes that Alcazar can be trusted. John says he believes he can because he knows Alcazar is in love with his newfound daughter. . Right at that moment, Carly enters and John tells her that he is simply talking with Steven about the only reason why he’s in Port Charles being to get to know his daughter. Steven leaves them alone and John shows Carly the picture in the family photo album

Lorenzo Alcazar suddenly shows up outside the hallway of Sonny and Carly’s apartment. Sonny steps out and asks him what he’s doing there. Lorenzo warns Sonny that he needs to beware of John Durant.

Edward talks to Helena privately about their mutual goal of preventing Emily and Nicolas from getting married. But he makes it clear to her that he will not let anything happen that would hurt his granddaughter. He knows she is not guilty of killing Mary Bishop. Helena doesn’t seem to argue with him.

John Durant introduces and gives a story to Carly about all the people in the photo album. He shows her his mother, aunts and uncles. She asks him to tell him about his mother who would be her grandmother.

Sonny informs Jason that he’s not certain whether to believe what Lorenzo Alcazar has just told him about John Durant or not. But it sounds like he’s leaning more toward believing Alcazar is trying to double-cross him than believing he must distrust John Durant.

Emily and Nicolas go to the chapel and meet the justice of the peace. He’s ready to marry them. But right at that moment, Edward, Tracy and Helena appear and demand that the wedding is cancelled. Emily protests to her grandfather, her aunt and her fiancé’s grandmother that she realizes they are against their engagement but they need to accept it. Nicolas demands they either stay there and support their marriage or leave. Edward agrees to respect their wishes. But Tracy protests that he cannot do that. At that point, the justice of the peace continues the wedding ceremony. But right before he’s ready to pronounce them husband and wife, he falls over on the floor. Tracy tells them that she and Edward knew nothing about it. But Nicolas says he knows the three of them planned to be there right when the justice of the peace passes out. Helena tells them about some superstition about having a tear shed for every wrong doing someone does and tells Emily that perhaps she will be shedding a tear whiles she’s in prison for Mary’s murder. The soon-to-be-married couple ignores their threats and go off to have a romantic bubble bath together

Courtney is carrying supplies for her foster child when she runs into Sam and informs her about the child who’s going to be staying with her. She tells Sam it’s a 5-year-old boy. Sam tells her it’s very generous of her to be helping children. They seem gracious to each other. Sam tells Courtney that she does not want there to be any tension between them, given Sam’s new relationship with Jason and other issues. Courtney tells her everything is ok, walks away, looking courteous, but Sam’s expression reveals she’s a little uncertain.

John Durant gives Carly all the details in family history while looking through the photo album, about how his mother demanded he become a prosecutor. He admits that he started out as a public defender just to defy her, but realizes she got her wish when he decided to become a prosecutor after she passed away. He tells her how he made the decision to change career directions and won his first case. At that moment, Sonny enters. Carly tells him she will be ready to go with him in a minute. But he tells her he’s not there for her. He’s there to talk to Mr. Durant in private. She leaves the two of them alone. Sonny tells John that he realizes John claims that he is there to get to know his daughter but he knows that John has a plan to get to him. John says they’ve already been over it, where he’s told Sonny he has no intention of putting his daughter’s husband behind bars. But Sonny tells he’s heard differently, due to information he just got from Lorenzo Alcazar.

Jax is with Courtney. They kiss and he tells her that from now on there will be no more bets and no more games. But he knows she’s there to tell him about something. He guesses that she is adopting a kitten and will have no more time for him. She informs him he’s in the right ballpark with his guess. She tells him she will have a new foster child. He reminds her that she will have a big responsibility. She tells him she is very excited and happy about having a temporary foster child. They kiss again.

Jason overhears Sam in a conversation with a strange woman who observes that she is pregnant, first assuming she has a husband, then later realizing she is probably raising the baby alone when she sees no wedding ring on Sam’s finger. The woman expresses her very strong opinion about how if someone cannot give their baby a father, they should not get pregnant. Jason goes over acting like her husband, asking her what she did with her wedding ring, knowing the nosey woman is eavesdropping upon their conversation. Sam replies she left it at home. Hearing that, the woman offers Sam her apologies. Sam thanks Jason for stepping in for her.

While Sonny and John are outside Kelly’s talking, Carly goes into Kelly’s to inform Mike what’s going on. He warns her that although John may be her long-lost father, he is also a federal prosecutor who probably wants to get Sonny into trouble. She reveals to Mike that she has a big dilemma on her hands.

John concludes his conversation with Sonny by telling him that while he is in town, he believes they would both be well advised to avoid one another. Unless of course Sonny shoots somebody, in which case all bets are off in John’s promise not to prosecute him. And John says as for Sonny’s “friend”, Lorenzo Alcazar; that’s Sonny’s dirty laundry and nothing John is really concerned about.

When John leaves his daughter alone with her husband, Sonny informs Carly that this morning, Lorenzo warned him about John’s intent to get him thrown in jail. She inquires why Lorenzo would warn him and what John said when he asked him about it. He informs her that John denied asking Lorenzo to help him get him in trouble, and that John told him his sole intent for being in Port Charles is to get to know his daughter. And Sonny reveals that he is not certain whether he should heed Lorenzo’s warning about John or not.

John finds Lorenzo and warns him that he made a big mistake going to Sonny Corinthos behind his back. He informs Lorenzo that if he does not cooperate with his plan to take Sonny down, he has enough evidence to charge Lorenzo with the murder of Mary Bishop.

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