GH Update Thursday 9/30/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/30/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Jax appears at Courtney's door, disappointed that Jason is there and afraid she might have forgotten him already. She tries to explain that it's not what it looks like. Jason is only there to talk to Michael who is in a "family crises". But Michael confronts Jax, telling him to go away because Courtney and Jason have been kissing. Outside the door, Jax tells Courtney that he's very disappointed in her to discover she's back with Jason. She protests that she is not back with Jason and even if she was, he need not judge her when she discovered him ready to sleep with another woman only minutes after their "bet" was over. Jax leaves and Michael tells Courtney and Jason now that the "intruder" is gone, why don't the two of them get married again?

John Durant talks to Lorenzo Alcazar outside Lorenzo's home, with a deal to cover for Lorenzo if he helps him take down Sonny Corinthos. Lorenzo questions just what John's "interest" in Sonny is all about beyond being a prosecutor who wants to get him in trouble. And he also questions why John doesn't want to prosecute him as well. John tells Lorenzo that he can help him have Carly if Sonny is in jail. And he reveals to Lorenzo for the first time that he is Carly's father.

Alone at Jax's apartment, Skye gets on the computer in a desperate attempt to find Luke Spencer. She has a flashback of her encounter with Luke during the hotel fire when he found for her a lucky number to save both of their lives. She remembers the numbers 7 and 19 and believes that she has discovered him in a chat room. The person on the other end reveals that he is Luke when he calls her Blaze. But right at that moment, the chat room gets cancelled and she loses her connection with Luke.

Edward Quartermaine has returned to his home. Alan wonders what he is doing there, why he's refused to talk to his family and what's up with him. Edward informs Alan that from now on there is only one person he trusts and communicates with. And that is Justus.

Courtney and Jason tell Michael that he cannot keep blackmailing his mother by running away in protest so that she will stop having contact with John Durant. He protests to them that he loves his mommy and doesn't want her to trust a bad man who will hurt his father. But they tell him that his mommy is an adult and can make her own decisions and all he can do is support her in her decision.

When Carly and Sonny are ready to take Morgan out of the hospital, Steven Webber is there to see him off. Carly expresses her gratitude to Steven for saving her son's life. Sonny is not as trusting of him however and tells Steven he must stay away from his family.

John Durant informs Lorenzo Alcazar that he loves his daughter and believes she cannot have a life with Sonny and his life of crime. But Lorenzo does not trust him nor believe he is sincere. He tells John that he is a good businessman and knows that there's no "good business" about this. But John tells Lorenzo that he's making him an offer he cannot refuse; to put Sonny in prison and enable Lorenzo to have the woman he loves.

Justus protests to Alan that Edward has had two heart attacks and needs his rest. But Alan says he should have home care with his family. Edward informs them both that he has selected his "homecare" person who is Heather. They both have a problem with that. But he tells them it's his decision and they must live with it.

Georgie and Dillon are at the hospital visiting Brook Lynn. Georgie wants to leave and wishes Dillon would be there for her instead of giving so much attention to his niece.

Sam appears at the hospital and asks Steven Webber what he knows about Morgan, when the real reason she’s there is to find Jason. Steven informs her that Morgan has been discharged. She asks if he's seen her friend, Jason Morgan. He replies not for a while. Jax suddenly shows up and greets her. He informs her that Jason is with Courtney and was informed by Michael that they were kissing, knowing he and Sam have a common goal to keep those two apart. But she sounds to him as though she's more trusting of Jason than he is of Courtney.

Jason informs Michael that if he keeps urging his mother not to have contact with Durant, she's just going to want to see him more, so he must "play this out" by acting like he's ok with it. When Carly returns home with Sonny and the baby, Michael does what Jason has just instructed by apologizing to his mom for telling her she cannot develop a relationship with her father. She says it's ok and she will not push him nor ask him to see John as his grandfather if he's not comfortable with it.

Courtney goes to look for Jax and discovers he's out. She writes him a note while being unknowingly seen and spied upon by Skye.

Jason informs Sonny that he's very worried about Michael beginning to trust John Durant. He says he knows Michael could inadvertently listen to Carly or be careless watching her carelessness. Sonny is in complete agreement with Jason but he remembers Carly telling him that she knows he could love Sam's baby, unplanned for or not, even if he didn’t find out she was his child until she was Carly's age. And so she believes the same could be possible for Durant in regard to her. But Jason protests that he knows Sonny would always love his child, yet he believes no such thing about Durant. He reminds Sonny that Carly is only an "opportunity" for Durant and nothing more. Before Jason goes out the door, Carly tells him that she understands and appreciates his suspicion of Durant, but she wishes he'd appreciate that he's her father and that he'd stop telling Michael all these bad things about his grandfather.

Jason returns home and sees Sam sitting alone in the dark. He asks why. She tells him she's trying to figure out where to go next. She asks him when he wants her to move out. He asks why she would assume he wants her to move out. She informs him that she ran into Jax at the hospital who informed her that he saw Jason with Courtney and thought they were rekindling and getting back together. He tells her she should not believe what Jax says. She tells him that she does not want to simply be an "obligation" to him. He inquires why she is having all these doubts about their relationship. She divulges to him that Jax informed her that Michael told him he saw Jason and Courtney kissing.

Heather informs Alan and Justus that she will take good care of Edward and is trained to administer CPR or whatever he needs. Justus expresses that he and Felicia did not know that Edward would make the decision to have her there. But they leave him alone with Heather knowing his mind is made up.

When Jax returns home, Skye informs him that she may have found Luke on the computer. But he informs her that it might not be any benefit for her because Luke is probably motivated primarily to protect Laura. She informs him that Courtney stopped by and left him a note and sounds like she might be a bit jealous of her ex-husband's interest in Courtney. She tells him that the note reveals, without actually saying it, that Courtney is in love with him.

Jason assures Sam that Michael lied when he told Jax that Jason and Courtney were kissing. She reminds him that it's clear to see that Michael wants Jason and Courtney back together. But he tells her that Michael's main goal is to keep his mother away from John Durant at any cost and that was the reason why he was with them. Hearing that, she informs him that she's just as worried as he and Sonny are about what Durant could do to both of them and she believes that Carly should not trust him.

John Durant appears at the hospital to find Steven Webber. Steven informs John that if he's there to play the "concerned grandfather", Morgan has been discharged. John makes it clear that he just wants information about Carly and her criminal husband.

When Carly and Sonny are in their home, she discovers a note from her father and an old photo album of his family. She stares at it in awe tells her husband that this reveals her family’s history.

Courtney gets a call from Child and Family Services. A woman tells her that she has a foster child, which Courtney could adopt.

Skye comments to Jax that she notices that he keeps reading Courtney's note over and over again and maybe he should just call her. It's obvious she has Luke on the brain while he has Courtney on the brain. She's still attempting to connect with Luke on the computer, but unknown to her, Heather Webber is in the same chat room on her computer, aware of their conversation, while she is supposed to be taking care of Edward. Alan comes by and asks her what part of taking care of his father involves her use of a laptop in his home.

Steven Webber informs John Durant that he found Lorenzo Alcazar's DNA sample on the bottle of medication that killed Mary Bishop, which could enable them to charge Lorenzo with murder. But John tells Steven that he wants Lorenzo Alcazar to remain free because he has "bigger fish" to prosecute. He explains how he plans to "cut a deal" with Lorenzo and tells Steven about his plan to spy upon Carly and asks for his help. But Steven tells John that he refuses to spy on Carly.

Carly looks through her father's photo album, appearing very emotional. She asks Sonny to look through the pictures with her. He tries to act like the supportive husband but he is very worried about his wife's vulnerability toward her father.

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