GH Update Wednesday 9/29/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/29/04

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JAX'S APARTMENT: Skye and Jax are talking about her situation. Skye wants to find Luke as soon as possible -- Jax thinks it's a bad idea and that they should focus on something other than tracking down Spencer. He adds that he wants to fix this before he loses Courtney for good.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Lois comes by Court's loft to talk about Jax. No sooner than she has arrived than a delivery guy shows up with flowers for Courtney...her favorite kind. They're from Jax. Lois accepts the flowers on Court's behalf and brings them inside. Courtney looks less than thrilled.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas and Emily are talking about Helena's curse. Suddenly Lorenzo comes in and asks if he can help their situation.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly, Michael, Jason and John are having a little confrontation. Carly asks Jason to explain to Michael that he dislikes John's job, not John himself. Sonny comes over to them and Michael asks Sonny if it's true that John's trying to put Sonny in prison. Jason affirms that that is correct.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Lois is admiring the flowers and talking to Courtney about Jax -- Courtney doesn't want to see him again. Suddenly the delivery guy shows up a second time, this time with a box of cookies from the best bakery in town -- gingersnaps, Courtney's favorite. Lois brings them in and tips the delivery guy. Courtney snaps that this is not a game she is playing with Jax. Lois points out that they are attracted to one another, and Courtney replies that she won't sleep with Jax for fun like the mystery woman in his apartment probably did.

JAX'S APARTMENT: Skye warns Jax that no one -- not even Courtney -- can know that she is there. Skye hooks up Jax's laptop...they are going to try to figure out what to do next. She wants to track Luke down...Jax is wary of the idea, but he agrees to help if that's what she wants. He thinks that now they need to find out where Luke went after he last saw her.

WYNDEMERE: Lorenzo has a proposal -- he wants to buy into Cassadine Industries. Nikolas says that he needs time to consider it. Lorenzo leaves after saying he'll be in touch. Emily begs Nik not to consider Lorenzo's offer at all...she thinks Lorenzo is dangerous.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny tells Michael that there's no way he'll be sent to prison. Then he sends Michael and Jason off to check on Morgan. Carly apologizes to John for what Jason told Michael, but Sonny points out that it is true, after all...John wants to put him away. John replies that his job is to prosecute criminals -- he asks Sonny if Sonny's admitting that he is one himself? Sonny turns to Carly and says that this is never going to work.

In another part of the hospital, Ric introduces Steven to Lucky, then leaves them alone to talk about the Mary Bishop case. Steven thinks that there could be some evidence in the pill cup that was delivered to Mary's bedside. He leaves to go check it out.

THE DOCKS: Lois runs into Lorenzo returning from Wyndemere. Lois tries to get him to talk about his illegal business dealings. Lorenzo asks her what she wants from him.

MORGAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason has brought Michael to say good night to Morgan. He tells Michael not to forget that he told him the truth about Durant. Jason leaves and Michael talks to Morgan (while Jason watches from the hallway) ...he tells Morgan that their mom has found their grandfather, who is a "bad man." He adds that Carly won't stay away from John, but then tells Morgan not to worry..."I know how to make Mommy do it."

Jason is about to leave when he runs into Bobbie. They talk about how Bobbie always had a suspicion that John Durant was Carly's father. Bobbie says that John came and talked to her about wanting a relationship with Carly. Jason thinks that the whole thing is suspicious.

In another part of the hospital, Sonny and Carly are talking to Durant. Sonny is grilling John about his intentions. John admits that while he thinks Sonny's a criminal, he doesn't plan to investigate him in particular. After John leaves, Sonny asks Carly if she believes John's story. Carly replies that she wants to believe it.

WYNDEMERE: Emily is trying to turn Nikolas against the idea of working with Lorenzo -- she does not trust him, and she would rather Nikolas ask someone like Jax for help. Nikolas points out that she only wants him away from Lorenzo because he's an enemy of Jason's. The argument continues until Nikolas backs down and apologizes. They speak of their love for one another and how they can't wait to get married...then they start kissing. They are interrupted by a knock at the door, from a minister. He tells them that the church where they want to be married has burned to the ground.

JAX'S APARTMENT: Skye and Jax are all set to do research about where Luke might be. Jax does a seach on the computer for Laura's mental hospital, St. Gabriel's. Suddenly there's a knock on the door -- Jax runs to answer it while Skye hides. It's Ric. He informs Jax that Skye has escaped from prison and that they have reason to believe that she's hiding with Jax.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney is woken up by a knock on the door -- she thinks it's another delivery from Jax, when in reality it is Michael and his nanny, Leticia. Leticia says that Michael forced her to bring him by Courtney's to tell her that Morgan was fine after getting a fever. Leticia then tries to get him to leave, but Michael says that he is never going home and that he plans to move in with Aunt Courtney.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason asks Bobbie exactly what she and John talked about -- she tells him that they spoke about Carly and why Bobbie never told him she was pregnant...he also asked her to talk to Carly and convince her that his intentions toward wanting to get to know her are genuine. Jason asks her the the time of their conversation, and when she tells him, he says that it changes everything.

In another part of the hospital, Sonny and Carly are arguing about John Durant. Carly wants a relationship with John. Sonny ends up admitting that if he had a daughter somewhere out there he would want to know about her, even years later.

JAX'S APARTMENT: Jax allows Ric inside, and Ric starts looking around (Skye is hiding behind the couch). While Ric is preoccupied with another part of the apartment, Jax hands Skye her coffee mug so that it will be out of sight. Skye looks like she can't believe Jax let Ric in. Jax admits to Ric that he would probably consider hiding Skye if he wasn't so sure it would ruin his relationship with Courtney. Ric looks intrigued.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly tells Sonny that she wants a relationship with John regardless of his job, and regardless of Sonny's job. Suddenly her phone rings -- it's Courtney. She tells him that Michael is at her loft and he's refusing to leave, because he says he's on strike.

In another part of the hospital, Steven is talking to John, who wants him to go and check on Morgan. Steven asks him if he's really the concerned grandfather or if he's just trying to score points with Carly. He admits that it's both. Steven says that he'll see about Morgan after he finishes up with something for the PCPD -- he says that he checked out Mary Bishop but found only the DNA trace of a dead girl, Sage Alcazar.

THE DOCKS: Lorenzo and Lois have gone to get coffee. Now they are back on the docks. Lorenzo reads Lois: he says that he knows that him being dangerous makes her want to both stay and walk away at the same time. Lois asks him if he ever considered giving up the business, and he admits that he did consider it for Sage's sake. Lois tells him that someday maybe someone else will come along who will make him want to leave the mob. Then she leaves.

MORGAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly comes to get Jason...they go out into the hallway, where Sonny is waiting. They inform Jason that Michael is refusing to leave Courtney's loft until Carly refuses to stop seeing John for good. Jason's response: "Good." Carly and Jason get into an argument over Jason's refusal to tell Michael that he shouldn't think badly of John -- just of John's job. Jason doesn't think that Carly should bond with her father -- she snaps that maybe Jason can't understand the father/child bond because that part of his brain was killed in the accident that made him brain damaged. Sonny jumps in and tells Carly that she's crossed a line. She apologizes to Jason, but he just says that he'll go pick up Michael from Courtney's -- then he walks away. Sonny notes that this is the kind of thing that illustrates why she should not have a relationship with her dad.

JAX'S APARTMENT: Ric finally leaves and Skye jumps out of her hiding place. She cannot believe that Jax let him in in the first place. Jax explains that he took a "calculated risk" on his belief that Ric would only go through the motions, as he doesn't think that Ric really cares about catching Skye anyway. Now, he says, they have more time on their hands without Ric being suspicious of anything. Skye admits that now they do have more time to find Luke.

WYNDEMERE: The minister sits down and explains the situation to Nikolas and Emily -- he says that an arson investigation team will inspect the church, though he can't think why anyone would want to burn it down to the ground...though he says that the only other explanation is that they are cursed. Nikolas and Emily exchange a "look."

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy is shocked: "You burned down a church!?" She's talking to Helena, who has come by the mansion. Helena doesn't see the big deal, as it was only a wooden building. Tracy cannot believe that Helena is going so far to thwart a wedding. Helena points out that she was only trying to make Nikolas believe in the curse enough to give Emily up for her own protection.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Michael is about to dig into the gingersnaps that Jax sent, but Courtney stops him and says that she is planning to send those back. Michael asks her if that means that she doesn't like the person who sent them -- Courtney admits that she likes him sometimes, whereas other times she really really hates him so much she could scream. Michael thinks her friend should apologize and Courtney tells him that he's pretty smart. Just then there's a knock on the door -- Courtney goes to answer it, expecting Carly and Sonny here to pick up Michael. Instead it's Jason.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas and Emily discuss their situation. They both agree that nothing -- not even a curse -- will stop them from getting married. They kiss.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Helena and Tracy are trying to figure out another way of stopping Nikolas and Emily's wedding -- Tracy doesn't think they need another one of Helena's "hare-brained schemes." Suddenly Edward comes walking into the room. Tracy asks him how much he heard and he admits that he heard them conspiring. He also tells them that he wants to help.

THE HOSPITAL: Steven tells Lucky that the DNA results from the Mary Bishop case came back inconclusive.

THE DOCKS: John comes to see Lorenzo on the docks. He tells him that the DNA evidence from the one pill left in Mary Bishop's pill cup seems to link up to Sage. He thinks that if they were to test Lorenzo's DNA it would come back a match as well -- in short, he thinks Lorenzo murdered Mary. Lorenzo says that he can't prove it, but John counters that he will keep it from ever even going to trial if Lorenzo helps him put Sonny in jail for life.

MORGAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny and Carly are watching Morgan sleep. Carly starts to talk about John again and how she wants a relationship with her father. Sonny says that she can do whatever she wants with John, but that John can't ever be allowed anywhere near the kids.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jason explains to Michael that he can't blackmail Carly into never seeing John -- that she's an adult and she has to make her own choices. Michael agrees and goes to get ready to leave. Courtney asks Jason if it was really nessecary to warn Michael about his own grandfather -- she also tries to explain about the kiss. Suddenly there's a knock on the door. Courtney, thinking it's another delivery person, asks Jason to tell them to go away. Jason goes to the door and finds Jax waiting there.

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