GH Update Tuesday 9/28/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/28/04

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It begins with Jax and Courtney enjoying a steamy kiss, Jax in nothing but a towel. When a woman calls out, Courtney kicks Jax to the curb, sort of.

Elsewhere, at the Quartermaine mansion, Ned walks in on Lois trying on a veil? Ned comments on how he felt on their wedding day and how beautiful she still is now.

On the docks, Helena taunts her grandson and his future bride that the curse is what killed Nurse Harris and it will continue to wreak havoc on their lives and everyone that they love as long as they remain together. Nicholas counters that she just confessed to killing Mary and Nurse Harris using a curse. Emily corners Tracey into being a witness.

At the hospital, Jason warns Durant not to mess with Carly and Sonny. Durant lets leah that unlike Sonny, Jason means nothing to him and he won't hesitate in taking him down if Jason tried to keep him from knowing his daughter. Carly overhears and warns her father that Jason is her most loyal friend and she would never betray him for anyone.

Back at the Q's, an embarrassed Lois tries to laugh off her foolish trip down memory lane, but Ned leads her further down as they recall the events of their wedding day so long ago. Lois and Ned beam as they relish the moments they had and realise they had it good despite losing it. Ned reminds her of his promise forever and Lois counters that while they were together, it was forever and now she cherishes the memories but has moved on.

Back on the docks, Nicholas berates his grandmother for all her treachery. When confronted about her role, Tracey spins a tale of concern for Emily and her decision to marry into the crazy family and that she was just as disturbed as anyone of Helenas antics with the curse and uses it as another point in why Emily should not marry Nicholas. Tracey and Helena hide their partnership well as Tracey berates the woman for being so silly.

Jax recovers and tries to explain to an irrational Court. But she won't listen to anything he has to say and storms off. Jax returns into his place and calls out to the mysterious woman and Skye appears in his robe.

Carly tries to explain her connection with Jason to Durant, but Jason urges her not to. Michael interrupts and wants to go home. Jason obliges the boy as Calry and Durant finish their conversation. Carly tells him that no one can ever make her go against Jason and that he has done far too much for her than John could ever do. Durant can see her devotion but states he won't allow Jason to get into his face for any reason. Carly lets him know that Jason's instincts are always good and she trusts him and that Jason has warned her from getting involved with her new found father. Durant challenges Jasons power in him being able to see his daughter and Carly counters with his career as a federal prosecutor. John doesn't think its fair that his choices from long ago be used against him when he had no idea she existed. And having her now changes everything. Carly is skeptical and John points out that he would no sooner hurt his own child then Carly would hurt hers, finished, Durant leaves as Steven appears with reports that Morgan is on the mend. Carly thanks him again for all his goodness then asks him for another favor. She wants to know if she can trust her father or if he will destroy her family.

At the penthouse, Jason tries to ease Micheals concern for his brother, but cause him more concern when he reveals that his new grandpa is a man like Ric Lansing who wants to put Jason and Sonny into jail. Fearing for his parents, he demands jason save his mommy from the bad man. Jason advises its Carly choice, but it doesn't mean anything since biology isn't all its cracked up to be He points out how AJ is his biological father but Sonny is his true daddy. He also points out that Michael doesn't ever have to like Grandpa John.

Over at Windemere, Lois arrives with Lila's wedding dress. Lois apologises for not making their engagement party but Em explains how it all went and the curse. Lois recalls another curse Helena bestowed some time ago. Lois then shows Em the dress and says that the way to get rid of a curse is to offer a blessing and that Lila gave her the dress to wear for her won wedding and now it was Emily's turn. The two reminisce over Lois's wedding and Emilys upcoming. Lois encourages Emily to visit them more often as the gothic castle gave her the creeps.

Court and Mike return to her loft and she recounts the end of her bet with Jax and how she knew he would turn out to be a jerk. Mike prepares to get angry that Jax used his little girl when COurt reveals she won the bet and would never have let Jax get her down. Mike questions further and COurtney rants that she never cared for Jax and she got what she wanted, the money for her charity. BUt she did learn a lesson. "Sometimes things are too good to be true."

Jason and Michael continue to discuss Carly's need to know her father and that unlike Michael she never had a dad so its important to her. Michael wants John out of their lives and begs Jason to protect them. Jason tells Michael, proudly, that as he grows older Michael will be more involved in his fathers and Jason's business and that he will have to be careful when dealing with John Durant and that he is to never trust him under any circumstance.

Back at the hospital, Carly expresses her concerns to Steven about Daddy Durant and that his career is why she can never know him. Steven suggests it is Sonny's lifestyle that is the problem. When Carly blows, Steven calms her and 'opens' up about his past with her father. She wants to know if her father is honourable or if he will hurt her family.

Nic and Emily bask in their future as Emily gushes about her grandmothers gown. Nic, preoccupied with the curse, pours two glasses of wine as Emily declares the dress a love letter from Lila that this wedding is meant to be. She carefully folds the dress back into its bag as Nicholas offers her wine, and drops it!

Not one to let anything get her down, Emily insists its not big deal to a distraught Nicholas. He feels he started this when he shot MAry and now the curse will hurt them even more. Emily appeases him with love and assurrances that they will live happily ever after.

Courtney and Lois bump into each other on the docks and Court reveals the details of the bet, she won and Jax is a jerk. Lois tries to offer some scenarios as to the voice but COurt remained scorned. The head strong Brooklynnite advises that COurt hear our Jax before assuming the worst.

At the penthouse, Michael rushes to Leticia and insists she take him back to the hospital to give Morgan his favored Tigger bear.

Carly and Steven continue their discussion on the rewards Durant would reap if he ever got Sonny behind bars. But despite knowing that, Carly still resists cutting ties with her father. She talks of her friend Charlotte Roberts and how as a teen, her father would shower her with love and lavish her with gifts. Carly wanted the gifts that the father picked out himself. She wanted a father and it went deeper than she ever imagined.But she won't damage the life she has for a father she never knew. She asks again if she can trust Durant as Jason enters. He needs to talk with her but Stevens not ready to let her go.

Jason confronts Steven about his relationship with Durant. Dr. Webber denounces his role and advises he won't stop being Carly's friend for anyone. Carly and Jason tangle over her attachment s to Webber and Durant. Carly wonders when Jason took control of Carly's life? And why he can't see her feelings for Durant for what it is. Jason blasts Calry that she could help Durant send Sonny and Jason to prison and he vows to never let that happen. Leticia then burst into the Er and announces Michael was missing. Carly demands to know why they were here. The nanny explains as Jason asks if Durant is still in the building.

In another wing Durant and Steven discuss his conversation with Carly. Steven lies of the nature and promises to keep him informed of anything and leaves. John sees Michael and goes to him. Michael demands that he stay away from Carly and himself. John tries to calm Michael but the boy just dolls out more orders as Carly interupts and scolds her child. When Michael demands that Carly never talk to him, Carly advises the boy to show respect to his elder and grandfather John. Michael declares that he doesn't have to like John. Shocked, Carly wants to know who would tell Michael that? Jason admits to it. Carly orders him to tell Michael he was wrong!

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