GH Update Tuesday 9/28/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/28/04

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Carly is beginning to have her suspicions about both John Durant and Dr. Steven Weber with how they both suddenly blow into town and play the hero which looks like they are only working on her, together, which could be solely for the purpose of getting to Sonny. Jason confronts John. John defiantly tells Jason that he obligates himself to be civil to Sonny in spite of the fact that Sonny should be in prison, solely because Sonny is married to his daughter. But he tells Jason he owes him nothing and wants him to leave him alone. Hearing this, Carly angrily tells John that he may be her biological father, but he will never mean to her what Jason means to her so he'd better not talk to him like that. But she still expresses a need to bond with her father.

Nicolas and Emily are ready for their wedding, although Helena has threatened to put the curse on them if they marry. Lois stops by and gives them Lila's wedding gown for Emily to wear. Emily seems positive and unafraid of Helena's threats, although Nicolas is not as confident. Right when they are happily talking and drinking wine, Emily spills the wine on the dress. Right away, Nicolas is afraid that Helena's threats will come to fruition. He tells his fiancÚ that too many things have just coincidentally happened. First Helena worked with Mary bishop to break them up. Then they both almost get framed for murdering Mary. Then something suddenly happens to that nurse, Donna, which gets them both implicated. Then she says they'd better not go through with their wedding, they ignore her, then the beautiful sacred wedding dress gets stained. But Emily assures Nicolas that they have so many good things working for them that they need not be afraid of anything. But while sleeping, Emily has a nightmare of Helena and Tracy Quartermaine as old witches, stirring up a magic brew and inflicting suffering upon everybody in both the Quartermaine and Cassidine families.

Right after Courtney breaks down and decides that hooking up with Jax is more important than the $10 million he promises her and actually gave her for winning the bet by not sleeping with him, she hears a woman's voice and instantly assumes he's sleeping with somebody else. Unknown to her however, Skye Quartermaine has suddenly snuck out of prison and is making an unexpected visit to Jax and asking him to protect her from getting into trouble. Courtney acts like she is happy to finally be rid of Jax and have the money for her foundation so that she can help needy children. But right when she's ready to go out jogging in order to exhaust herself so she can sleep, she runs into Lois who is able to shed some light on what Jax is really about and how Courtney is really feeling. Lois tells Courtney that she does not look happy to be rid of Jax and maybe she should realize that although Jax has his problems, he is not stupid nor is he heartless enough to have any desire to use or hurt her. Courtney protests that she discovered that Jax already had another woman lined up right at the moment she won the bet and was ready to depart. Lois asks if Courtney actually saw the woman nor knew anything about what she suspected. Courtney admits she did not. And at that point, Courtney realizes that she may have misjudged Jax.

Jason takes Michael home from the hospital where Morgan is and tells Michael that he must not trust John Durant. He explains to Michael that Carly, may be very vulnerable right now, never having had a father, then finally discovering that John Durant is her father and so she'd want to trust him and believe he can love her. But he tells Michael that John cannot love Carly as a daughter because he does not know her. And he also informs Michael that John's job is to put people like himself and Sonny in trouble. Hearing that, Michael urges Jason not to let John hurt him or his father. Jason assures Michael that nothing will happen to either of them. But he also urges Michael not to trust John, not to listen to whatever his mother says about trusting his grandfather, and to possibly try to enlighten her to the reality that John Durant, father and grandfather to them or not, is not to be trusted. He tells Michael that it's only biology that makes him Carly' s father and Michael's grandfather. Hearing that, Michael gets Leticia to take him to the hospital to deliver Morgan's favorite stuffed animal. Michael, however, has another plan.

Carly takes Steven Webber aside and asks him what he knows about John Durant. She informs Steven that she does not trust anybody who is a prosecutor and who may have intent to hurt Sonny or Jason. She confides in Steven that throughout her life, growing up, she has had so many visions and fantasies about having a father to give her pearls and be a real daddy to her. She reveals to him all of her vulnerability in wanting to trust John, knowing that he is her father, even if it's against her better judgment. Steven seems to respect what she is saying. John later confronts him and asks if he believes that Carly is on to him. John says he has no indication of that. John still reveals that he has neither sensitivity nor fatherly bonding instincts toward Carly. All he wants is to do anything and everything necessary to get Sonny Corinthos in trouble.

Noticing Carly's very comfortable conversation with Steven, Jason asks her just what she told him, warning her that she cannot trust Steven nor John Durant. Carly is very defiant telling Jason that she wishes he would not take her for an idiot distrusting her judgment as to what to tell either of them. And she reminds him that whether he and Sonny like John or not, John is still her father and it is none of their business if she wants to bond with her father.

Leticia appears at the hospital and announces to Sonny, Carly and Jason that Michael has suddenly disappeared on her. They later find him, where he is confronting his grandfather, telling him he does not trust him, he knows he just wants to hurt Sonny, that he is only using Carly and he needs to go away and leave all of them alone. Hearing this, Carly instantly scolds her son, apologizes to her father for Michael's rudeness and tells Michael he's way out of line talking that way to his grandfather. Michael protests to his mother that John is not a real grandfather to him and that it's only biology. Right away, Carly knows her son is only repeating what he has heard from somebody. She asks just where he's heard that. And Jason confesses that Michael heard it from him. She looks at Jason very angrily

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