GH Update Monday 9/27/04

General Hospital Update Monday 9/27/04

By Ali
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COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney and Jax are making out as the clock chimes. They go over to the couch and start to undress one another when Courtney suddenly pulls away and exclaims that it's midnight, meaning that she's won.

WYNDEMERE: Helena curses Nikolas and Emily in front of a room full of people still at the engagement party. She tells them that their joy will bring nothing but sorrow for as long as they both live. Suddenly there's a clap of thunder and lightning -- the lights go out momentarily, and when they come back on, Helena is gone. Tracy tries to leave but Justus stops her. Ric gives Lucky congrats for talking to Nurse Harris and tells him to find her and bring her to the station for a statement. Emily tells Nikolas that she doesn't believe in curses, anyway...but suddenly, the sketch of her wedding dress catches on fire from one of the candles on a nearby table. Nik and Em put the fire out and stare at one another in concern.

THE HOSPITAL: Bobbie is near the nurse's station when suddenly the elevator door opens and the body of Nurse Harris falls out. She's near death -- and holding a bottle full of pills. Bobbie calls for help, and Nurse Harris' last word before blacking out is, "Lucky."

THE HOSPITAL CHAPEL: Carly introduces Michael to his grandfather, John. Michael takes the introduction in stride and asks John if he wants to pray for Morgan, too. John and Michael both pray together while Carly watches.

MORGAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Outside of the room, Sonny stops Steven from giving Morgan a shot of antibiotics -- he says he wants a second opinion. Steven snaps that every second Sonny wastes is a second that Morgan loses. Jason advises Sonny to let Steven go ahead, and Sonny says that it's fine -- but if Morgan dies, Steven will as well. Steven goes in to give Morgan the shot.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney is watching gleefully as Jax writes her out a check for 10 million dollars. She is giddy with excitement -- Jax, however, looks very let down. He admits that Court did win -- that she beat him at his own game and that she's a worthy opponent. He is on his way out the door when Courtney rushes to stop him from leaving.

WYNDEMERE: The Quartermaines and other guests are trying to sort out what has just happened. Everyone accuses Tracy of working with Helena to bribe Nurse Harris in order to incriminate Emily and possibly send her to prison. Tracy turns it around on them and asks her family members which one of them bribed Nurse Harris to say that she didn't see Emily go into Mary's room. While everyone argues, Ric gets a call on his cell -- he tells Lucky that Nurse Harris is now in the hospital after overdosing on pills.

NURSE HARRIS' HOSPITAL ROOM: Bobbie and another doctor are monitoring Nurse Harris (Donna). Bobbie says that she's worked with Donna for years -- and that it doesn't make any sense that she would suddenly overdose on purpose. She doesn't believe that it's a suicide attempt.

THE HOSPITAL CHAPEL: John and Michael finish up their prayers, and Michael turns to Carly and asks her if John's really his grandfather. Carly says that he is but that it's very complicated. John explains to Michael that, long ago, he made a mistake -- but now he's found Carly and Carly's family as well.

MORGAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny and Jason are watching Steven give Morgan the shot. Sonny is paranoid and suspicious that Steven is working for the cops. Carly, Michael and John show up. Sonny is now suspicious of John being there as well. Steven comes out of the room and says that it's too soon to tell whether or not the shot will work. He reassures Michael that the medicine will make Morgan feel better. Carly and Michael go into the room to visit with Morgan, which leaves the boys club out in the hallway, alone. The atmosphere is tense. Sonny accuses John and Steven of trying to worm into Carly's life.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney has stopped Jax from leaving. He asks her if there's a reason for him to stay, and she replies that she was right all along -- now that the challenge is over, he'll be out of her life. They accuse one another of treating the bet like a game and ignoring the other's true feelings. A heated argument ensues. Jax says that Courtney is afraid of her feelings and was hiding behind the bet -- Courtney in turn fires back that Jax is hiding behind his big blue eyes and his charm so that he won't get hurt. She adds that all he wanted was the satisfaction of taking her to bed. He asks if she really believes that and she says yes. He says, "Then I guess we both lost." She replies that no, she won, and he responds sadly that they could have had it all. Then he leaves.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Dillon and Georgie are back in Dillon's room on The Haunted Star. Georgie compares Helena trying to control Nikolas' life to Tracy trying to control Dillon's life -- the difference being that Tracy doesn't know any curses. Dillon says that no matter how mad he gets at his mom, he can never turn his back on her. Georgie points out that deep down inside, Tracy does love Dillon -- and that it was Tracy who, in a weird way, taught Dillon that he mattered. Dillon asks Georgie if she honestly believes that he's a good person even after all of the ways he's screwed up their relationship.

THE HOSPITAL: Most of the guests at the engagement party have followed Ric, Lucky and Monica to the hospital to check on Nurse Harris. Nikolas and Emily want to go into Nurse Harris' room in order to question her -- Ric stops them, saying that they need to let him handle it. Nikolas, annoyed, asks Alexis to intervene on his behalf, but Alexis agrees with Ric -- Em and Nik need to just step off. Ric and Lucky go to Nurse Harris' room while Emily, Elizabeth, Nikolas and Justus wait with Alexis. Alexis assures them that they'll be fine if Nurse Harris lives long enough to back up Lucky's story.

NURSE HARRIS' HOSPITAL ROOM: Bobbie is in with Nurse Harris when Monica, Ric and Lucky enter. Ric and Lucky ask Nurse Harris to repeat what she said to Lucky earlier that evening. After Lucky tells her that she's safe, Donna admits that she lied.

MORGAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Out in the hallway, John and Sonny are arguing. Sonny tells John that he will never let anyone use his family -- John asks him to just accept that he wants to get to know Carly. Suddenly Michael and Carly come rushing out of Morgan's room in inform everyone that Morgan's fever has broken. John says, "Thank God" and Jason corrects him, saying that he should be thanking Steven, the doctor John brought to Port Charles.

COURTNEY'S LOFT & JAX'S APARTMENT: There's a montage of Courtney and Jax, with a love song playing in the background. Courtney is bumming around her apartment, looking downtrodden. She has her check, but she can't stop staring at the phone. Meanwhile, Jax is at his apartment looking equally sad. He looks at a picture he took with Courtney. Obviously they are both thinking about one another.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Georgie and Dillon are discussing their relationship. Dillon remembers their first meeting -- where Georgie came into Kelly's and kissed him before they even knew one another. He says that he always wanted to believe that Georgie, even though she was only trying to trick Maxie at the time, saw somehow that he was a decent person even back then. Georgie says that she's always known that he was special. They exchange "I love you's" and Dillon adds that he thinks that that might be part of their problem.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily is worrying that Nurse Harris won't live long enough to tell Lucky and Ric that she never saw Em going into Mary's hospital room. Monica comes over and gives them an update -- that right now, Nurse Harris is trying to talk to Ric and Lucky. Nikolas says that he's going to go listen in.

NURSE HARRIS' HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric and Lucky ask Nurse Harris to tell them the truth about what happened. Lucky adds that Emily is innocent and that she alone can prove it, if she'll only tell Ric what she told him earlier. At that moment, Nikolas comes over to the room and stands in the doorway. Nurse Harris sees Nikolas and suddenly, the monitor alarm next to her bed begins to beep as she starts to slip away from consciousness. Ric and Lucky call for Bobbie and Monica.

MORGAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Steven assures Carly and Michael that Morgan is going to be okay. Carly tells Steven that she will never forget that he saved Morgan's life. Steven admits that he's only here to help.

Outside of the room, Sonny confronts John again. John thinks that maybe since Steven saved Morgan's life, he's not such a bad guy to Sonny after all. Sonny thinks that this whole incident gives John yet another reason to work Carly. John points out that Sonny's problem is his own paranoia, and that all he wants is to get to know Carly and her sons.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Dillon begins to compare his relationship to Georgie to Romeo and Juliet's relationship. He thinks that Romeo and Juliet were too young to be experiencing the kind of love that they felt, and that that's the reason that things keep going wrong between him and Georgie. Dillon bemoans the fact that didn't do enough when Georgie was hurting over the Sage thing, and that he's nostalgic for the days back before they had ever hurt one another. Georgie muses that maybe they needed to make those mistakes to realize that they still want to be together. She says that she's glad that she kissed Dillon in Kelly's that day they first met. They share a kiss.

THE HOSPITAL: Elizabeth, Emily, Alexis and Justus are still in the waiting room. Emily thinks that Helena's curse was ridiculous, but Alexis and Elizabeth are a little more wary of the subject. Elizabeth draws a comparison between Nikolas/Emily and Luke/Laura -- in that Helena cursed Luke and Laura on their wedding day...and a few months later, Laura was kidnapped by the Cassadines. Even after their reunion, they had to go on the run with Lucky -- they never got the perfect happiness that Laura had always dreamed of -- and now both Luke and Laura have disappeared entirely. Alexis warns Emily not to underestimate Helena...or her curse. Justus can't believe that Alexis believes in the curse too, but Alexis points out that she believes that Helena will do anything to keep Nikolas and Emily apart. Just then, Lucky and Ric come over to them. Lucky says that Nurse Harris admitted, "I lied" but Ric points out that she didn't say what she lied about. Now, the only person who could clear Emily is dead.

WYNDEMERE: Tracy is the only one left at Wyndemere. She starts to pour herself a drink -- suddenly there's a clap of thunder, and then Helena is standing a few feet away. When Tracy notices her, she is so startled that she drops the stopper to the bottle of liquor.

MORGAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Steven tells Sonny that he doesn't expect Sonny's gratitude, appreciation or respect for how he helped Morgan -- he just wants him to realize that one day, Sonny's DNA from a crime scene will come under his microscope, and he'll do his job then, just like he did it to help Morgan. Meanwhile, Jason advises Carly to be wary of both Steven and John. Carly says that she will. Just then, John comes over to see Morgan, his grandson.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric and Lucky tell the others that Nurse Harris' statement to Lucky won't stand up in court. Ric thinks that they need to find out how she really died. Nikolas and Emily are certain that they are dealing with a murder.

WYNDEMERE: Tracy snaps at Helena for startling her, but then applauds the curse as a "nice touch." Helena shows Tracy a book of curses and admits that the curse she cast earlier in the evening was a fire curse. The book she has now, she says, has a number of "bloody" curses which are both dramatic and effective.

JAX'S APARTMENT: Jax is in his apartment clad only in a towel when there's a knock on the door -- it's Courtney. He doesn't open the door right away -- first he lets Courtney talk. She tells him that she knows that she got carried away with the bet, and that she was hiding behind their game. She admits that the money is nice to have, but that what she really wanted all along was him. He opens the door and she hands him the check. He starts to take it from her, but doesn't -- they both hold on to opposite ends of the check while they look at one another in silence.

MORGAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: John takes Steven aside and tells him that he's glad that Steven got Carly's gratitude, which works well from all angles. Jason comes over to them and announces that he knows that the two of them are working together, but that they won't be able to take Sonny down. Meanwhile, Carly tells Sonny that she thinks that she really does need to get to know her own father. Sonny says that he understands.

THE HOSPITAL: Nikolas and Emily are gone, and the others are discussing Nurse Harris' death. Alexis thinks that Helena killed Nurse Harris and that it will be impossible to prove. Lucky thinks that Helena also killed Mary, but Alexis balks at that suggestion, pointing out that Helena would not have put Nikolas at risk to face charges for manslaughter instead of assault (which is now the case, since Mary has died). Justus thinks that Helena and Tracy simply took advantage of the situation in order to frame Emily. Monica comes over to them with the autopsy report -- someone forced the pills down Nurse Harris' throat, causing bruises and scratches inside her mouth. Ric says that now, they are looking at murder.

THE DOCKS: Tracy and Helena are back from Wyndemere. No sooner than they have stepped onto the docks than Nikolas and Emily appear and accuse Helena of murdering Nurse Harris. Helena says that she didn't murder the nurse -- the curse did...and that if Nikolas continues to try to marry Emily, others will suffer and others will die.

JAX'S APARTMENT: Courtney and Jax are both still holding onto the check and watching one another. Suddenly Jax lets the check go, and they start to kiss. They make their way into Jax's apartment, when a woman's voice from inside one of his rooms calls out, "Jax?" Courtney pulls away, and looks very upset.

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