GH Update Friday 9/24/04

General Hospital Update Friday 9/24/04

By Suzanne
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Emily looks at a sketch of her proposed wedding dress. Nikolas comes in and they talk about the wedding. They wonder if they should elope to keep Helena and Tracy from trying to run things. Elizabeth and Lucky come in, all dressed up, and wonder why Emily and Nikolas are not dressed up for their engagement party. Em and Nik don't know anything about it, so they figure Helena and Tracy must have done it. They rehash what happened the night of Mary's murder, to see if they can think of anything else that will get Emily off. When Emily mentions that she thought about switching Mary's meds for something lethal, Elizabeth points out that Emily shouldn't blame herself because she couldn't have switched the meds in such a short time. They figure that someone put the lethal dose in Mary's medicine ahead of time. Nikolas talks to the caterer as other servants set things up for the party. Elizabeth tells them that Lucky took off; she's worried about what he's up to. Monica and Ned arrive, wondering why Emily didn't tell them personally about the party. Monica mentions that Alan is still out of town. Emily and Nikolas explain that Helena and Tracy did the party. Alexis arrives, with Ric as her guest. Nikolas is livid when he confronts them. He tells Ric to stay away from him or Emily. Emily and Ned discuss Tracy. She decides she doesn't want to have their party, but Nikolas stops her. He says it's best to play along and lull them into a false sense of security while Lucky investigates. Alexis tells Nikolas that there is a reason for Ric being there and she's not just being insensitive. Ric notices that Elizabeth has been cold to him and calls her on it. She admits that what he said the other day about their marriage being over was true. She asks if he would still be Alexis if she hadn't slept with Sonny before.

The nurse tells Helena and Tracy that she is having a hard time keeping her lies straight (about Mary's murder). They pay her a large sum of cash to stick to her story. The nurse feels guilty and is very nervous. She says she wouldn't do this if her sister weren't in such great need. Helena threatens the nurse that she'd better do what she's told. After the nurse leaves, Tracy wonders whether she will stick to her story. They agree that their goals are almost achieved: Emily will be in jail, so she won't inherit Lila's money, and Nikolas will be free to marry someone else. Tracy wonders if Helena is the one who really killed Mary. Helena says she had no use for Mary, but she didn't kill her. She tells Tracy they need to get to their party now.

Lucky stops the nurse from mailing the large package of money to her sister. They argue and she denies it's money. He keeps on with his interrogation, ignoring her protests. He says that she couldn't leave a paper trail. He wants to bring her in for questioning, he says. She asks what she will be in trouble for, so he tells her it will be obstruction of justice and possible co-conspiracy with Mary's murderer. The nurse says she didn't do anything. Lucky mentions that Helena and Tracy will frame her. He gives her the choice of working with him instead. Helena watches from nearby.

Back at the party, Nikolas and Emily toast everyone and toast their hostesses, Helena and Tracy. Nikolas says the party was a wonderful surprise. Emily shows Elizabeth the sketch of her wedding gown and wonders if she should hide it. Elizabeth suggests she show it off instead. Ric tells Alexis how uncomfortable he is being there. She tells him to look at Nikolas and Emily together, and she asks him if he thinks Emily could kill someone. He doesn't, but he doesn't have any other evidence to point toward anyone else. Ned and Tracy chat, but as usual it's not very kind.

Lucky arrives and tells everyone that he has proof that the nurse was paid off by the real killers: Tracy and Helena. He says that the nurse admitted everything. The Quartermaines believe that Tracy would do that, but she denies it. Ric asks where the nurse is, so Lucky says he has her stashed somewhere safe. Helena objects. Nikolas wants to throw Helena out, but she tells him that she's not finished. She puts a curse on Nikolas and Emily, and then the lights go out. When they come back on, Helena is gone. Justus stops Tracy from sneaking off, too.

Inside Kelly's diner, Jax looks at his calendar, which has a smiley face on today's date. His bet with Courtney is almost over. Mike observes Jax is tired, but Jax says he's going to watch the sun come up tonight. At home, Courtney looks at the calendar, too, and at the clock. There is only an hour until her bet with Jax is over. She wedges a chair against the door. Jax knocks, but she won't let him in. He says he will wait her out. He is all set with a dinner Mike made. He keeps saying that she will lose the bet. She eats ice cream from a huge bucket as she watches the clock nervously. He talks to Courtney through the door, taunting her. He says she is afraid to come face to face with him, but it's inevitable. He guesses that she has piled furniture against the door. He dares her to open it, and she almost does. As the clock strikes midnight, she has flashbacks to all of the times they've kissed. She moves the furniture and lets Jax in. They kiss.

Steven is surprised to find John outside of Kelly's, since Carly told him she didn't want to have any kind of relationship with him. John is not giving up. He vows not to leave until Sonny is behind bars. He tells Steven that there are other ways to make inroads to Carly.

Sonny and Jason argue about Durant. Jason doesn't think it was wise for Sonny to give Carly the choice about whether to see him or not. Michael comes in and says that something's wrong with Morgan. They can tell he has a fever, so they decide to rush him to the ER.

At GH, Carly talks to Bobbie about John. Bobbie admits that she knew John was Carly's father, or at least suspected. She tells Carly that John was just one of her customers. Carly knows that she hoped it was more, from her diary. Bobbie tells how she wanted to believe that he could care for her. She knew even then that he was going on to bigger and better things. She tells Carly how she put her heart on the line. He was already in love with another girl named Suzy Brandis that he went to high school with. Bobbie says she acted without thinking, something she is always counseling Carly against. She told Suzy that she and John were lovers, so Suzy broke his heart by breaking up with him. He was very angry and they had a big fight. He told her that he didn't care for her, then his family moved away. Bobbie says that she later tracked him down, with Luke's help, even though Luke disapproved. She decided to let it go since he was already on his way to becoming successful and Carly was in her foster home. She admits she kept track of him all these years. Carly cries. Bobbie says she is sorry for causing Carly any pain. Carly says she gets it, that Bobbie was trying to protect her, the same way she is trying to protect her family now from him. She admits to Bobbie that is still curious about John, but she says she can't live in a dream world. Bobbie asks about how Sonny feels, so Carly tells her that Sonny gave her the choice of whether to have her father in her life or not. They discuss John some more. Carly gets a phone call and gets very upset, then she drags Bobbie away.

Carly and Bobbie go to the ER, where Sonny and Jason have just brought in Morgan, who is having trouble breathing. The doctors tells them that he will have to run tests to see what's wrong. Before he can finish what he's saying, Carly calls him in the room because Morgan is having convulsions. The doctor says he has an acute infection and has developed a rash. They don't know what it is, but he tells them that GH has just hired an expert in this area. Steven Weber comes in, having just been paged on the case. He talks about bacteria and asks Carly and Sonny about what Morgan did today. Steven also wants to talk to the nanny to find out what Morgan might have put in his mouth. Michael, looking sad, admits he might be the cause of Morgan's getting sick. He tells them that his ball rolled into a puddle of water, and Morgan then put it in his mouth. Steven is very kind to Michael as he tells him it's not his fault and that Morgan will be fine. Sonny tells Jason that something is off about this doctor Steven Weber. Jason reasons that he is the expert they need. Later, Steven tells them that Morgan has a rare bacterial infection but he will be fine after Steven gives him an injection. Sonny tells him he isn't going near Morgan.

John asks Bobbie if she's talked to Carly yet about him. She says she has and that Carly is unsure of him or his intentions. She advises him to go slow, but he says that he is impatient. He thanks her for her advice, though. Bobbie warns him not to hurt Carly, and he swears that he never would. She tells him that Carly is going through a crisis right now.

Meanwhile, Carly and Jason pray in the chapel. John arrives and he can tell that Carly hasn't told Michael who he is. Carly haltingly tells Michael that John is his grandfather.

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