GH Update Thursday 9/23/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/23/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

This was a show with a lot of dialogue, so you should definitely read today's transcript!

Dillon argues with Simon about Brook's makeover.  He tells Simon that he won't give permission for them to use Sage's poem, if Simon won't go along with what he is saying.  He and Simon argue, with Georgie trying to smooth things over.  Dillon argues that Brook is unique and just fine the way she is; she shouldn't be molded into a pop diva.  Simon keeps trying to tell him that he knows best because of his years of experience in the music business.  Ned comes in and sees they are arguing.  He asks Dillon to keep it cool while he goes to get an expert on the subject.  Brook shows up in her red dress with Lucas in tow.  She tells them that she is keeping an open mind about the makeover and she likes how she feels in the red dress.  Dillon is appalled that she seems to have turned her back on her old way of thinking and sold out.  He gets angry and stomps out after a huge argument where Brook tells him off, saying he doesn't have the right to tell her how to feel.  Georgie tells Brook that he just cares about her.  Brook and Lucas are left alone; she plays the slow version of her song.  He chats with her and asks her to dance, but she is reluctant to look foolish.  He points out that she has probably looked foolish, like he has, dancing alone and singing, pretending to be a star.  She admits she has, so she gives in and they slow-dance.  They end up kissing.

Dillon goes to Kelly's; Georgie follows.  He is keyed up and still yelling about Brook selling out.  Georgie points out that this is about Brook, not him.  She says that Brook is his niece, not his girlfriend, and she is just trying to make a successful CD, not cheat on him.  He looks stunned.

Lois agrees to have dinner with Lorenzo; they are dressed up at a fancy restaurant.  She thinks he has a tender side but just treated her badly to deliberately push her away.  She wants to know why.  Ned comes in, interrupting them.  He demands that Lois leave with him.  She goes outside into the outer area with him and they argue.  He wants her help with Brooke, but it's clear to her that it's not important.  She reminds him that they are not married or even dating.  He says that she is being self-destructive to date Lorenzo.  He leaves in a huff.  She goes back to her table with Lorenzo.  She talks for a while about Ned and how they didn't work out.  He wonders if she was using him to keep away from Ned, but she tells him that wasn't the case.  She asks him again about why he treated her like used garbage.  He says that he tried to warn her away because he is not good for her.  He admits she was right: he is a gangster.

Ric and Alexis have dinner at the same restaurant as Lorenzo and Lois.  He tries to make it romantic, but she wants to talk about how Skye's escape from jail will affect her case.  He is more interested in the comments she made to Sonny about how he rocked her world.  She doesn't want to talk about that and does everything she can to avoid it.  Steven and Liz Weber come in, so Ric introduces Steven to Alexis.  They walk away; Alexis wonders whether Ric hired Steven in order to get close to Elizabeth again.  Ric says that's not the case; in fact, he says he doesn't like Steven and only hired him because he was forced to. 

Steven and Elizabeth sit down for dinner.  He questions her about Ric and she tells him all about their marriage.  Steven is paged away back to GH.

Alexis keeps asking about Elizabeth.  She acts jealous because she thinks Ric still wants Elizabeth.  Ric denies it, but Alexis sees too many parallels to the way Sonny treated her.  She gets up to leave, and Ric follows her out.  They argue about Elizabeth and the comparison to Sonny.  Ric tells her that his relationship with Elizabeth is long over.  Elizabeth is passing by on her way out as he says this, so there is an awkward moment.  Alexis urges him to go after Elizabeth, but he doesn't want to.  He tells her that he and Elizabeth are now honest with each other.  He assures Alexis that he would never hurt her the way Sonny did.  He won't seduce her and then leave her.  She says he won't seduce her at all, but he grabs her and kisses her roughly.  At first she resists, but then she gives in and they kiss passionately.

Jason meets with Carly at her home.  He warns her to stay away from John and that he is not the father she needs.  Carly is not so sure that's the case.  Jason thinks that she is going to bring doom to them all.

On the docks, Sonny warns John to stay away from Carly.  John claims he just wants to get to know his daughter, but Sonny doesn't believe it.  They don't trust each other.  Sonny takes him home and asks Carly what she wants to do.  Faced with the decision between her new father and Sonny, she chooses Sonny.  She tells John that she wants him out of her life.  Sonny smiles crookedly at John.  Sonny leaves them alone to talk but listens nearby.  John pleads with Carly to give them a chance.  She is suspicious as to why he's coming on so strong.  He tells her that she just wants to get to know her and his grandchildren.  He promises not to hurt her.  He is pretty relentless in his pleading.  She is clearly torn but has to choose her family over the risk of him destroying them.  He says he understands, and he tells her that he's proud of her.  Sonny comforts her afterwards.  He tells her that if she changes her mind about seeing John, it's okay with him, as long as she is honest with him.

Jason goes home; Sam wonders where he's been and why he isn't hassling her about signing the papers for Sonny.  He tells her about the situation with Carly's father.  She sort of sticks up for Carly, saying that a person has a right to get to know their father, just like her baby will with Sonny.  Jason only sees that John is a threat to them all.  Sam asks Jason why he puts up with Sonny treating him like a dog and taking him for granted.  He tells her about their history and how Sonny treats him like a son.  He lists all of Sonny's good qualities.  She says that sounds like the perfect father, but she thinks it describes him, not Sonny.

John meets with Steven on the docks and fills him in on what happened.  He plans to find another way to get to Carly.  He goes to the hospital and greets Bobbie, who is a little surprised but pleased to see him.

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