GH Update Wednesday 9/22/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/22/04

By Ali
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(Temporary new format. Scenes are grouped by storyline -- instead of going in order. I'll go back to the old format on Monday.)

Courtney kisses Jason outside of Kelly's -- in full view of Jax. Immediately afterward she tries to explain that she kissed him as part of a bet -- Jason, disgusted, leaves. Later at his penthouse, Sam tries to get Jason to open up for once about his feelings. She believes that Jason was hurt by Courtney's using him to get Jax jealous...Jason, however, insists that he and Courtney were over long ago and that it doesn't bother him in the slightest.

Meanwhile, Jax and Courtney are having to deal with the aftermath of the kiss. Courtney is fed up with the bet -- and she blames Jax for "pushing" her into kissing Jason. She's angry that she ended up hurting her ex-husband, and she also admits that there's a part of her that still loves him. Jax outlines the differences between him and Jason -- unlike with Jason, Courtney knows how he makes his money, and she knows where he is during the day. She knows about his job. Courtney points out that she and Jason loved one another despite his dangerous lifestyle. She adds that she believes that Jax is only flirting with her to win the bet. She leaves, but Jax follows after her. He admits to her that while the bet started off as something fun, he knows that it's about much more than that now -- it's about how they've both learned to love again, even though they were burned in the past. He also tells her that he's not going to give up on her.

At Sonny's penthouse, John Durant has arrived -- to see Carly. He informs both Sonny and Carly that he is aware that Carly is in fact his daughter. He tells them all about the DNA test that he had done, but Sonny is still skeptical -- he believes that John is only trying to use Carly to get to him. John insists that he's on the up-and-up and that he never would have known that he had a daughter had Carly not approached him. Now he wants the chance to get to know her; for them to forge a connection. Carly tries to tell him that this was all just one big mistake, but he urges her to reconsider, by meeting him later at the Cellar. After he leaves, Sonny turns to Carly and tells her that she is better off never seeing John again. He is convinced that John will only end up using her to get to him. While all Carly wants is a conversation with her father, she doesn't want to go meet him without Sonny's blessing. Sonny gives it, and she leaves.

After Carly's gone, Sonny goes over to Jason's penthouse to talk to him about the situation. He outlines what has happened so far: that John Durant, the famous mob-busting prosecutor, is Carly's father -- and he says he has a DNA test to back it up. Jason thinks they should have another DNA test done to be certain, but Sonny thinks it's futile: John wouldn't bother unless he could prove that he's Carly's dad. Sonny tells Jason that he wants John out of their lives for good. Later, Sonny goes to Kelly's to have a talk with his father, Mike. He fills Mike in on John being Carly's father, and muses on the subject: while at first he used to push Mike away, now he's grateful that he has Mike in his life. So he thinks that maybe he should give Carly's father a chance too. But Mike warningly points out that if John is a threat to Sonny, then by extension he's a threat to Carly's happiness as well.

Carly goes to meet with John at the Cellar. John again assures Carly that all he wants is to learn more about her, and about being a father (and that he doesn't care about whatever she could tell him about Sonny's mobster dealings). Carly agrees and starts to fill him in on her life -- how she was adopted and how she came to Port Charles. John tells her that they can take it slowly if she wants...and they agree to meet another time so she can tell him more about herself. Carly gets up to leave and they share an awkward first hug before she goes.

Afterward, Jason tracks down Carly. She is excited about hugging her father for the first time, but Jason cautions her -- that her relationship with John needs to end, right away.

In another part of town, Lois and Lorenzo run into one another -- a fact that Lois is none too happy about. Lorenzo admits that he realizes that she would be better off if he wasn't in her life, and Lois agrees that she is not willing to give him another chance. Lorenzo, a bit put off, remarks that he was planning to ask her for a drink at the Cellar regardless, but now he's changed his mind. He adds that they would probably be better off as strangers...and with that, they both say goodnight and part ways.

Over at L&B, Simon (the recording executive) is attempting to transform Brooke into a sexy singing sensation (much to the dismay of Georgie and Dillon, who are watching the whole thing). He brings over a lot of dresses for her to try on -- unfortunately she hates all of them. Simon and Dillon argue over whether or not image really is everything: Simon thinks that Brooke needs to marketed and sold to a teenage audience, whereas Dillon thinks that it shouldn't matter what Brooke dresses like, so long as she's singing songs that matter to her. Things only worsen when Lois shows up...she, too, tries to get Brooke to dress up in a way that flaunts her sexuality. In the end, Brooke ends up running out of the studio (still wearing the dress that Lois made her wear). When Simon returns, Dillon threatens to refuse to let him use Sage's poem unless he stops trying to market Brooke like some kind of product.

Later, Brooke runs into Lucas. At first she's embarrassed to be seen wearing such a tight red dress, but Lucas assures her that, while he already knew that he liked her because of her talent and her mind, now he can see that she looks totally hot.

And at the hospital, the Quartermaines are still involved in the Edward/Heather drama. Tracy tries to persuade Alan to go and check on Edward (who she believes is only hours away from being manipulated into marrying Heather). Monica accuses Tracy of trying to get Alan disqualified by getting him to go in and see Edward (which is against the "no Quartermaines allowed" rule that Felicia setup once Edward was admitted to the hospital). Felicia and Heather come on the scene a few moments later and the bickering begins anew. Alan, Monica and Tracy team up against Heather. They all tell Heather that she has no place in their family and that her past mistakes make her a threat to Edward. Felicia is on Heather's side -- she believes that Heather is helping him to recover. She also warns the Quartermaines that if they go near Edward, they'll lose their chance to inherit Lila's estate. Later, she has Edward moved to an undisclosed location -- away from both the Quartermaines AND Heather. Alan and Monica blow up at Felicia for making the decision without consulting them, and Monica warns her that if something happens to Edward, it will be on her head.

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