GH Update Tuesday 9/21/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/21/04

By Suzanne
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As we saw yesterday, Courtney suckered Jax into kissing the wrong nun. Jax apologizes to the nun. She stammers, not sure what to say. She tells him that she should have him go before a disciplinary hearing. He says he's not really a priest, so she guesses that he's a predator. Courtney keeps laughing behind the nearby bushes. Jax strips off his priest outfit as the nun hides her eyes. He says he's not a pervert. He explains that Courtney has driven him to distraction. He tells the nun all about his relationship with Courtney. He asks her to look the other way while he finds Courtney. She lets him go. He kisses her hand and blesses her. As Jax leaves, he sees a discarded nun's outfit nearby.

Courtney goes home and collapses on her couch. She keeps thinking about Jax kissing her, Jax wearing only a towel, Jax in her bed, etc. She phones Jason's apartment but gets Sam. Sam tells Courtney he's not there but asks if everything is all right. Courtney replies no and asks her to have Jason call her because it's important. Courtney doesn't get a call back from Jason, so she decides to go out. When she opens the door, Jax is there, ready to knock. She tells him that he's back sooner than she thought. He says it was a nice try, but he's not going to let her win their bet on a steal. Jax goes inside. They bicker in a joking fashion about their nun-priest masquerade. He says that she cheated and this proves that she is having trouble resisting him. She tries to push him out the door. He reminds her that they agreed that he would have reasonable access to her for kissing, dancing, etc. She argues the point but he kisses her anyway. She pushes him away, saying he is groping her. She claims that she just spent so much time with him and needs a break. He knows she is just trying to hide from him so she doesn't lose. She admits that she does want him and all of the things she said in the confessional were true, but it doesn't matter because she is not going to sleep with him. He can't believe how competitive she is. She says that's him, not her. He wants to win at any cost and then when the competition is over, he's on to the next new thing. He just smiles at her. She lists all of his good qualities that would make any woman want him. She says sleeping with him would probably be a transcendent experience, but she is worried about the morning after. She thinks he won't be so fascinated by her once he's had her. He tells her that she underestimates herself. He tells her in sweet words how he feels about her. He takes her hands and promises that if they make love, it won't be the end, but a new beginning for both of them. He kisses her, and then she flips him onto the couch. She says she doesn't trust him and right now she doesn't trust herself, either. She runs out the door, leaving Jax looking stunned. On the docks, Courtney phones Jason again to ask him for help because she is desperate to get away from Jax. Jax comes up to her and says that if all this time hasn't proven to her that she can trust him, he'll make sure the next 24 hours will. He says he will make love to her and then stay the night, to prove to her what he already knows: he and she are for real.

Carly tells Bobbie that what she found out doesn't matter. She says Bobbie was right all along and that she doesn't need a father. Bobbie still wants to know what she found out about the man who fathered her. Carly chats in a vague way about her father but doesn't tell Bobbie the specifics. Carly says that because of Sonny's business, they can't risk letting strangers in. She asks what would happen if her father turned out not to be a nice guy or he tried to blackmail or exploit Sonny. Bobbie agrees that Carly is right. Carly says she has all the family she needs, and they hug.

John is shocked when Steven tells him that Carly is not his daughter. He asks Steven to explain why he told him that she was back in New York. Steven reminds him that those results were preliminary. He says she could be a distant relative, but she's not his daughter, so he can't use her to go after Sonny. John says it doesn't make sense as to why Carly would approach him if she's not his daughter. Steven says that maybe Sonny sent her to get information on him. John doesn't buy it. John tells Steven to stay close to Carly so he can find out why she tracked him down.

John goes to GH and asks about Carly. She is lurking nearby and spies on him. Elizabeth tells John when he asks that Bobbie is Carly's mother. Carly gets on the elevator and leaves, looking scared.

Jason interrupts loudly when he gets home and sees Sonny and Sam screaming at each other. Sonny yells at him to get her to sign the damn papers. Jason says that Sam doesn't have to sign anything she doesn't want to. Sonny keeps arguing with Jason and Sam. Jason asks Sam to let him talk to Sonny alone, so she leaves. Jason points out to Sonny that if he keeps pushing Sam, she will run. He thinks she could hurt herself or the baby, just trying to get away from him. They keep arguing. Sonny maintains he will be a good father. Jason points out that a good father puts his child first. He asks Sonny when he is going to start doing that.

Jason returns home to find a note from Sam. She thanks him for his help but she doesn't want to be the one to come between him and Sonny, or the family he fought so hard to save. She urges him to start over, and she will be doing the same. She also tells him that Courtney called.

Skye and Faith gripe at each other in their cell. Skye keeps cleaning herself off because they both have dirt all over themselves from digging the tunnel. Faith wants Skye to act nice to her, but Skye doesn't trust her. All of a sudden, Faith says that Skye should be her "bitch". She gets very close to Skye and touches her hair, saying they have a lot of long nights ahead of them and she has always been attracted to her. Skye flinches and says Faith really is insane. She walks to the other side of the room. Faith keeps hitting on Skye and finally grabs her and kisses her. Skye pushes her off and wipes her mouth, asking her what the hell is wrong with her. Skye tells Faith that she likes men. Faith tries to kiss her again, so Skye punches Faith. Faith calls the guard. Skye realizes this was her plan all along, to get her thrown in solitary so Faith can steal her tunnel. Skye grabs her and puts her hand over Faith's mouth. The guard comes in and both women yell, "She assaulted me!" Faith shows the guard the bruise on her chin. Skye says she was defending herself again Faith's unwanted sexual advances. Faith counters that Skye came on to her. Faith puts on a big show for the guard. The guard says this living arrangement won't work. She grabs Faith to put her in solitary. Faith objects as the guard drags her away. Skye watches, smiling. Later, the guard returns to find that Skye has escaped. Faith hears the alarm and knows what happened. She plans to make Skye pay one day.

Sam runs into Bobbie at Kelly's. She has her bag with her. Sam wants to rent a room there. Bobbie doesn't want to rent to her because of Carly. Sam thinks Carly will be happy to get her out of the penthouse, but Bobbie thinks Carly will be happier if Sam went much farther. Sam apologizes for putting Bobbie in the middle. She sits down. Jason comes in, saying he thought she might come there. She says apparently being pregnant with Sonny's child disqualified her as a tenant. He asks where she'll go, and she replies that she hadn't thought about it. He sits down and appreciates what she's trying to do. He urges her not to leave or stay because of him. He says she has a tough decision to make and she needs to base it on what is good for her and the baby only. Jason counsels her that he will support her in whatever she wants to do. She worries that if she doesn't sign the papers, Sonny will blame Jason. She says that Sonny is being arbitrary and paranoid right now. Jason says he is loyal to Sonny, but he can tell when Sonny is wrong. He says Sonny is being unfair to Sam and he would like to help her out. He wants to give Sam peace. He asks if she needs him to keep his distance. They keep discussing it. Sam admits she does want Jason to protect her and be there for her. She says she's starving and asks him to buy her something to eat. She laughs and he smiles. He says to order while he takes her bags outside. Courtney comes along, looking over her shoulder. Jax is there. Courtney grabs Jason and kisses him as Sam watches from the door.

Outside, John Durant watches them. Steven is there at his request; he asks John why he called him back. John tells Steven that he made an interesting discovery. He points to Bobbie and says he slept with her 28 years ago when she was a hooker and he was her best customer. He also says that her daughter Carly is 28. John yells at him for lying to him. Steven admits he lied and that Carly is his daughter. John yells at him some more; he can't believe how long he has worked with him and trusted him, and now he's lying to him because of Carly. Steven says he lied for John, to protect him from violating his own principles. John says that's not his call to make. Steven asks, "What about Carly?" He says she has a right to decide whether or not to tell John, if she wants him to know (that he's her father). Steven doesn't think it's ethical for him to use his own child this way. Steven knows from personal experience what it is like for a parent to use their child or manipulate them for money. He talks about Heather and how much he hates her. He says it's a terrible feeling to hate your parent. He wants better for John and Carly. Steven advises John that if he disrespects the connection with Carly, he will lose her forever.

Carly goes home and tells Sonny they have a problem. She says she hasn't been honest with him and that John Durant might be her father. Sonny, surprisingly calm, wonders how long she's known. She says she doesn't know for sure. She also tells him that he is in town and asked about Bobbie. Sonny sighs and asks her to tell him everything from the beginning. She spills what happened. She doesn't know how John could have figured out that he was her father. Sonny knows how because he asks her if he bought her a drink. He tells her that John probably had her glass analyzed for DNA as well as doing a background check on her. Carly feels violated. She sits down, disgusted. Sonny says that she shouldn't lose sight of the fact that this guy is cold and calculating, even if he is her father. Sonny says that everything they hold sacred could be wrecked. Carly is dismayed that she opened the door to a man that means him nothing but harm. Sonny knows it wasn't intentional. He asks her gently to help him understand why she lied to him. She said she wanted to prevent this: Sonny and her father being mortal enemies. Carly shares that while she knows she couldn't have a real relationship with John, she just wanted to meet him, look into his face, and hear his voice. Sonny knows it must be difficult for her. She says she won't risk her family with Sonny for some fantasy connection with a man she didn't even know existed. Sonny says she should have told him. She can't believe he's not mad at her. He can see why she chose not to tell her the truth, and he's glad she is coming clean now. She worries about Sonny anyway. Max knocks on the door and says that John Durant is asking to see them. John walks in, staring intensely at them. Sonny asks him if he is there on federal business or whether he came to see his daughter. John smiles, and it's not a pleasant smile.

Elizabeth introduces Steven to Bobbie. She welcomes him to GH. Elizabeth leaves them to get acquainted. Steven says he's heard she is a great OR nurse. Bobbie wonders why he wrapped Carly's arm, rather than letting an intern to do it. He says that she had met Carly and her sons before so he wanted to take special care of her. Bobbie tells him that Carly is very married and she leads a complicated life.


Simon asks Brook, with Dillon, if she's ready for her extreme makeover.
Lorenzo tells Lois that he's glad they ran into each other; he missed her.
Jason says in an exasperated way to Courtney, "It's a bet?"
Jax asks Courtney why he's to blame for her kissing Jason. Courtney yells at Jax that he pushed her to do it.
John tells Sonny and Carly that he came to see his daughter.

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