GH Update Monday 9/20/04

General Hospital Update Monday 9/20/04

By Ali
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WYNDEMERE: Nikolas, Emily, Elizabeth and Lucky are in the living room at Wyndemere. They are all worrying about what to do now that all of them are under suspicion in regard to Mary Bishop's death.

SKYE AND FAITH'S JAIL CELL: Faith is led to a jail cell where her cell mate is -- surprise -- Skye. Neither of them are very happy to see the other.

THE CONVENT: Jax has arrived at the convent...he asks the Mother Superior if Courtney could be there. The Mother Superior says that they only allow women of their own order to stay at the convent. Behind them, Courtney can be seen -- dressed as a nun -- trying to keep a low-profile.

THE HOSPITAL: Steven, Carly (with her hurt hand) and Sonny are all in the hospital room. Sonny wants to know why Steven is asking his wife questions.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas wants to get married to Emily right away -- Liz and Lucky are wary of the idea, as it might send a signal that they are in fact guilty and are attempting to find a way to get out of testifying against one another in a trial. But Nik is stubborn on this issue...he wants to marry Emily, to show the world they have nothing to hide. Liz and Lucky agree and leave. Nikolas and Emily resolve not to let anything stand in the way of the wedding.

SKYE AND FAITH'S JAIL CELL: Skye and Faith are taunting one another about their situations, as well as their respective relationships with Luke and Justus. This living arrangement is not going to be turning out well, evidently.

KELLY'S: Sam and Jason are still outside of Kelly's -- Sam is angry that Sonny is trying to take her daughter from her. She thinks that she should have seen the signs, since she's a grifter herself, used to running cons. Jason points out that Lila is Sonny's daughter too...but he also says that he will not let anyone take Lila away from Sam.

THE HOSPITAL: Steven defends himself from Sonny, saying that he was only there was a doctor. He tells Carly to rest her hand and to take over-the-counter pain medication. Then he tells Sonny that the bill is on the house in thanks for an "interesting evening" with Carly. After he leaves, Sonny turns to Carly and asks her what she was doing hanging out with a cop.

SKYE AND FAITH'S JAIL CELL: Faith tells Skye she is planning to escape. She goes to a vent on the wall and pulls off the grating...she sees that Skye has already been digging a tunnel out of the prison. She asks Skye if Skye was planning to leave without her.

THE CONVENT: Courtney explains to the Mother Superior that she has a decision to make about the bet she has made with Jax. The Mother Superior advises her to talk to a priest during their regular confession time. Courtney agrees. She doesn't see that Jax is hiding in the bushes -- he's heard every word they've said.

KELLY'S: Sam and Jason are still outside Kelly's -- and Sam is still angry that Sonny wants her to sign the papers. Jason tells her that the child is not a piece of property...that she and Sonny have to work this out for baby Lila's sake. Sam doesn't want to sign the papers if it's only to make Sonny feel better about himself.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny and Carly are still in the hospital room arguing. Sonny tells Carly that he doesn't need her to make the cops' jobs easier.

WYNDEMERE: Emily is trying to plan the details of their wedding -- but Nik says he doesn't care, just as long as the ceremony gets under way. Emily wants to try to abstain from sex while they are engaged, but Nik has problems with that, too. They start making out.

THE CONVENT: Courtney goes into the confession booth -- Jax is on the other side of the screen, pretending to the be the priest. Courtney confesses that she has been having "carnal" thoughts about a man...that she's been dreaming about sleeping with him. Jax looks thrilled.

KELLY'S: Steven and John meet up outside of Kelly's. John gives Steve a postcard from Bobbie to Carly that he intercepted. He wants Steve to check the DNA on the stamp to see if it's a match.

THE HOSPITAL: Bobbie is checking on Carly's arm -- she mentions that she sent a postcard to Carly two weeks ago from Hawaii, but Carly says she never got it. Bobbie notes that Steve did a good job wrapping her arm -- she leaves, and suddenly Sam comes in. Sam tells Carly about the papers Sonny wants her to sign...Carly, disgusted, tells Sam to sign them and quit whining about it. Sam asks her if that's what she would do?

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny arrives and Jason is there waiting for him. Jason tells him that Sam panicked about the papers -- she thinks Sonny's trying to take the baby away.

SKYE AND FAITH'S JAIL CELL: Faith and Skye start to argue, because Faith wants to escape with Skye and Skye is balking at the suggestion. Faith calls for a guard and tells the guard that Skye tried to come on to her. The guard snaps that they should work it out for themselves...then she leaves. Faith says that that's just a taste of what will happen if Skye doesn't agree to take her with her. Skye agrees that Faith can escape, too.

THE CONVENT: Courtney confesses to the "priest" (Jax) about one of her fantasies. Jax is very into it. Courtney gets embarrassed and says that she'll continue to rest another time. She quickly leaves...and once she's out of the booth she starts smiling -- she knows it was Jax she was talking to.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Jason are arguing about how Sam would not sign the papers. Jason is worried about what a custody fight would do to the child.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly tells Sam to do what she wants but warns her not to take sides in an issue between Sonny and Jason.

THE FORENSICS LAB: Steven is in the lab...he has just run a DNA test on the stamp -- he finds out that Carly is in fact the daughter of both Bobbie and John.

KELLY'S: Lucky and Liz are sitting at a table -- Liz wants to make wedding plans, but Lucky wants to investigate Mary's death. Liz is worried that he will end up costing himself his career, but Lucky believes that there is more at stake -- Emily's innocence. He will not see her go to jail.

THE DOCKS: Nikolas and Emily are out walking, still planning the wedding. Emily wants to get married in the little church where they made their vows and Nikolas agrees. They celebrate by even more kissing.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly is getting ready to leave her hospital room when Steven shows up -- he is returning her earring. She thanks him and apologizes for Sonny grilling him. Steven says it's fine, but that she can make it up to him by giving him a rematch at pool. They joke about that for a bit, and then he leaves. Carly stares at the door after he is gone, with a thoughtful look on her face.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sam has arrived. She and Sonny (Jason is gone) get into it about the papers. Sonny points out that he wants legal custody -- that he gets a say in her schooling, in the medical attention she receives -- that he wants his daughter to have her name. Sam snaps that Sonny has proven that he is only becoming more possessive with time...if he won't trust her, how can she trust him?

THE CONVENT: Courtney is out walking...Jax is hiding in the bushes. While he's not looking, she switches places with another nun, who is sitting on a bench, just like in the daydream that Courtney described to Jax in "confession." Jax, unaware that the nun is not Courtney, sneaks up on her, whips her veil off, turns her around and kisses her. Of course, it's not Courtney (who is watching from the bushes, laughing). Jax is very surprised -- and so is the nun he kissed.

SKYE AND FAITH'S JAIL CELL: Skye and Faith come up from the tunnel -- Faith is impressed that Skye dug all of that with just a spoon. Skye admits that she just wants to get out of jail anyway possible. Faith asks Skye, in a strangely seductive voice, if Skye ever gets lonely at night. Skye looks freaked out.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Carly is telling Bobbie good-bye. On her way out, she mentions that she now agrees with Bobbie, that finding her dad was a stupid idea. Bobbie, taken aback, asks her if this means that she has found out who her father is after all. Carly doesn't answer.

KELLY'S: Steven shows up at Kelly's, where John is waiting for him. Steven says he ran the DNA test twice to make absolutely sure. He hands the paper over to John, who immediately says that he knows that Carly is his daughter -- he will use her to put Sonny away. Steven, put off by the way John is talking, takes the paper away from John and offers to read him the bottom line. John agrees, as he's not good at reading medical stuff. Steven lies, with a straight face, that Carly is not John's daughter after all.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Sam are still arguing up a storm. Sam accuses him of manipulating her all this time. They start yelling at each other. Suddenly Jason shows up and tells them to stop -- Sonny tells him to end it himself, but getting Sam to sign the papers.

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