GH Update Thursday 9/16/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/16/04

By Boo
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Emily sleeps on the couch and dreams. Her and Nik are planning for their wedding. She starts to kiss him, and then suddenly she turns into Mary and stabs him. This scares her enough to wake her up. Nikolas rushes in to assure her that it was only a dream. Nik asks her to tell him about the dream. She tells him what she remembers and Nik surmises that she is feeling guilty. When Emily asks if he isn’t feeling guilty too, he tells her that Cassadines don’t feel guilt. She tells him that she is being serious. He is being serious too. She didn’t kill anyone, so she shouldn’t be feeling guilty at all. Emily feels like she is reaching out from the grave to punish them still. Nik comments that no one should waste their time feeling anything for Mary Bishop any longer. She is gone and won’t be coming back Nik tells her. Later, Emily and Nikolas show Monica and Alan into the front room. Monica comments that they need to move into town. Wyndemere is just to big for just the two of them. Emily and Nik tell them both that maybe they will after they are married. Monica and Alan are both shocked and think that it is too early for them to be talking about getting married. Emily thinks it has been too long. Nikolas informs them that he and Emily will be married as soon as possible. Alan and Monica both think it isn’t a good idea. It will make them look guilty. Emily and Nikolas both understand and know how it will make them look, but they are determined to get married. Emily knows that Lila would be happy for them, she is hoping her parents will be too. Alan and Monica both look skeptical.

At L & B, Simon has brought contracts for Brook Lynn to sign. Lois is ready for Brook Lynn to just sign, but when Dillon suggests that she should have an attorney look it over, Simon threatens to pull the deal. Lois takes offense to this and the two of them start to argue. Lois is sure that she knows what she is doing and wouldn’t have her daughter sign something that she wasn’t sure of. Dillon continues to urge Brook Lynn to have an attorney look at it. Simon starts to get a bit impatient also. Ned joins the group and wonders what is going on. When Dillon explains, Ned takes Dillon’s side and agrees that they should have an attorney go over it. This prompts Lois to comment on his being a Quartermaine, of course he would want an attorney look at it. The two of them start to go at it, with Simon and Dillon putting their two cents in now and then. Finally Brook Lynn, close to tears, yells at all of them to just stop! She knows that Lois would never let her sign anything that would hurt her. Lois realizes that they have upset Brook Lynn and agrees that Dillon and Ned are right, it never hurts to have an attorney look things over. Brook Lynn is fed up with all of it and grabs the paper and signs it. Ned does a quick look over of the contract and after he is satisfied that all is good, he hands it to Simon. After Simon leaves, Brook Lynn asks her mother if she has seen Alcazar, if that is why Lois is all flipping out. Ned doesn’t want to talk about Alcazar at all. Dillon reminds them that Lorenzo did sign over the rights to Sage’s song. Brook Lynn wonders why Dillon is standing up for Lorenzo. Lois reminds them that Lorenzo is grieving right now. Ned yells at her that she is losing her mind if she is standing up for the man. Lois asks if her and Ned can have a few moments alone. Brook Lynn tells them okay, as long as they don’t argue. Her and Dillon go outside. Lois tells Ned that she is done with Lorenzo, but her personal life is not his business, because Ned and Lois are over! Ned informs her that they are NOT over.

Outside, Brook Lynn is very upset. She hates seeing her parents argue. She tells Dillon that maybe the arguing means that they do still care about each other. Dillon hugs her and tells her that all will be okay. Georgie walks up and observes the hug. Dillon understands what Brook Lynn is feeling and sympathizes with her. Georgie joins the conversation and claims that she understands too. Brook Lynn doesn’t think Georgie does. Her parents are back together. Georgie reminds Brook Lynn and Dillon that her father took off and never came back. Dillon says that Mac is really her father, and even though her parents are divorced, they get along great. Georgie says they are still divorced. Brook Lynn and Dillon both point out that it is not the same, there is not yelling and screaming. It is obvious that Georgie is feeling a little left out of Dillon and Brook Lynn bonding over their ‘divorced parents’.

Back inside L & B, the argument between Ned and Lois heats up. Ned doesn’t want his daughter dragged through Lois’ affair with Lorenzo. Lois counters that she is done with Lorenzo, but even if she weren’t it is none of Ned’s business. He chose the Quartermaines over her and Brook Lynn years ago and if he is now having second thoughts or feeling jealousy that is just too bad. Brook Lynn, Dillon and Georgie come back in to hear this argument. Ned yells for Lois to get over herself, he did years ago and storms out. Brook Lynn is now in full cry mode and begs her mother to go after Ned and apologize for hurting his feelings. Lois tells her daughter that she is sorry she heard the argument, but she is through apologizing. She tells her daughter to never apologize for who she is and she storms out too. Leaving a devastated Brook Lynn behind with her friends.

Carly is at Jakes and sees Steven playing pool. She tells him that her tire is flat and she is wasting time while her driver fixes the flat. She asks what he is doing there drinking alone. He jokes that he will tell her all about it if she plays a game of pool with him. When he asks if she plays, she tells him occasionally. Steven wants to play a drinking game with the pool. Whoever loses the game will take a shot of tequila. Coleman is amused with what is about to happen and tries to warn Steven that he doesn’t know who he is playing with. Steven doesn’t take the warning. Carly pretends to know nothing of the game of pool as she asks him questions about his family. Steven doesn’t want to talk about his family and asks Carly if she wants to ‘break’. She pretends not to know what that means and lets him go first. She asks if it is her turn yet, and Steven patiently tells her it isn’t her turn until he misses. As Steven lines up his next shot, Carly brings up family again and notices that it upset Steven enough to make him pull away from the game. She innocently asks if she messed him up. When he says no, she asks why he put the shooter down. Steven’s patience runs out and he picks up a shot glass and informs her ‘that’ is a shooter, the stick in his hand is a ‘cue stick’. Carly comments that he is pretty tense. He finally tells her that he ran into his mother today, and wasn’t even aware that she was in town. He tells Carly that Heather Webber is his mother. They were not close before, and he wants to keep it that way. After a few games, that Carly has clearly won, she continues to quiz an obviously drunk Steven. Steven still has enough wits about himself to also quiz Carly. They both participate in a game of ‘trade the questions’ reminiscent of ‘Silence of the Lambs”. Both learn a bit about each other’s family history. Carly learns that Heather tried to sell Steven at birth and then continued to blackmail his father when that didn’t work. Steven learns that Carly came to town looking for revenge from her biological mother, Bobbie. Steven asks if she has ever found her biological father. At that, Carly decides they are done and need to get out of there. Steven comments that maybe her biological father is a pool hustler, because she gets it from somewhere. He wants to play one more game, but Carly is determined to get out of there. Coleman comes back to tell her that her tire is fixed. Carly gathers Steven’s stuff and despite his objections, drags him towards the door. Coleman tries to tell Steven that he is making a big mistake by letting Carly take him home. Steven doesn’t listen and Carly promises that it will all be alright. Carly drags Steven outside telling him that she is going to get him some coffee. To himself, Coleman thinks what a fool Steven is.

In Ric’s office, he and Alexis start to go at it pretty hot and heavy. They eagerly start to undress each other. Ric clears the desk off and throws Alexis down on the desk. Right then John just bursts through the door asking if now is a bad time. Ric and Alexis quickly try to straighten up. John apologizes, but says he has a federal matter to discuss with Ric. Ric is a bit put out, and tells John that he told him on the phone that he doesn’t need anyone new on his team. John tells him that he thinks he is a bit over confident, from what he has seen so far, it is no wonder that Port Charles is a hotbed for organized crime. When John says this, Ric realizes that this is John Durant standing in his office and is very honored to meet him. Ric starts to introduce a very embarrassed Alexis, but Alexis quickly says hello and bolts out the door. John realizes that was Alexis Davis. Ric assumes that John is there to talk about Steven, and again assures him that he doesn’t need a new forensic specialist. John knows that Ric is an ambitious man and is sure they can find a way to work together. John lets Ric know that he has done his homework and knows a bit about Ric. He knows he went to Harvard and has devoted his life to bringing Sonny down. He thinks it is a worthwhile life long goal. John tells Ric that he won’t take away Ric’s glory. He will give Ric all the credit for bringing Sonny down. Ric is intrigued now and asks exactly what John wants. John tells him simply to hire Steven Webber. Ric doesn’t just jump on it, and demands to know first who Steven Webber is, and what he is to John.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Sonny tells Faith to take the plea bargain and go to jail. If she does that, he won’t have her killed. Faith tells him that she plans on living a long and healthy life. Not in prison though. She will go down fighting him and Jason all the way. Faith realizes that this might be her best choice and asks for Sonny’s word that if she takes the plea bargain, he won’t have her killed in prison. Sonny assures her that if she takes the plea bargain and doesn’t implicate him or Jason in court, he will leave her be no matter where she ends up. Justus comes in and Sonny informs Justus that Faith is going to take the plea bargain. Justus promises her that she won’t be sorry. Justus and Sonny leave the room. Alexis appears with her clothing still messed up from her encounter with Ric earlier, and comments that she thinks it is dangerous to allow Sonny in the room with Faith. Sonny notices the state of her clothing and with the little devil smile that he has, tells her she needs to maybe button up her shirt. A flustered Alexis straightens up her clothing and goes into the interrogation room with Faith. Sonny promises Justus that he will keep his end of the bargain with Faith. Justus tells him that he won’t be sorry, to which Sonny replies that he already is. Inside the room, Alexis advices Faith that she really is better off to take the plea bargain. Faith doesn’t understand why a jury wouldn’t think nicely of her because she only shot Jax in the leg and not to kill him. Faith agrees to take the plea bargain. Her understanding of the plea is that she will plead guilty to aggravated assault and gets a sentence of 7 to 10, with her actually only doing 2 years. Alexis noncommittally promises to do her best. Alexis comes out and announces to Sonny and Justus that they have come to an agreement. She only needs to go over it with the D.A. When Sonny suggests that Justus go with her and act as chaperone, Alexis is not amused. Sonny comments that it wasn’t a joke, her and Ric don’t seem to be able to keep their hands off of each other. Sonny continues to tease Alexis about her clothing and her hair. Alexis is embarrassed at first, but when Sonny just keeps going on and on and tells her that an earring is missing also she gets annoyed. She starts telling him that the earring could be anywhere, on the sofa in his apartment or in any number of elevators all over town. She informs him that Ric rocks her body and soul like no other man ever has. Ric has walked in and heard what Alexis says and picks up on it. Sonny tells him that they have a few minutes before Alexis meets with the judge, they should take advantage of it. Ric informs Sonny that Alexis doesn’t like ‘quickies’. Alexis is not embarrassed again and tells Ric that he needs to stop talking now. She tells him of the plea bargain that Faith has agreed to. Ric is disappointed they won’t be going to court, and tells Alexis that he will be waiting in his office if she wants to finish what they started. After Ric leaves, Alexis tells a very amused Sonny that he and his brother do have one thing in common. They are both egotistical pigs!

Later, Justus joins Faith again in the interrogation room. He tells her that the judge did accept the plea bargain, but he doesn’t know how long the sentence was. He just wanted to hurry back and be with her as long as he could. They know that the van will be there soon to pick her up and take her to Pentonville. Justus tries to tell her that he will be waiting on her no matter how long, and they will be together when she gets out. Faith tells him no, he must say good bye now because she is going to shut down all her feelings when she walks out of this room. She has to do that to survive. She will no longer be the woman that he loves, or the woman that loves him when she leaves this room. They share a warm kiss. Alexis and Ric return from seeing the judge and Ric tells Justus that Faith needs a few minutes alone with Alexis. After Ric and Justus leave the room, Alexis breaks the bad news to Faith. The judge sentenced her to 10 years straight, no parole. Faith goes ballistic and starts yelling at Alexis. Alexis is frightened by her a bit and starts backing her way to the door. She knocks on the door to signal the guard that she needs out of there. When the guard opens the door, Alexis hurries to stand between Ric and Sonny. Justus goes to Faith who is yelling and threatening Ric, Alexis, and Sonny. She knows that they set her up. She will not forget. She will hunt all of them and their loved ones down when she gets out and she will show them no mercy. Justus tries to get her to be quiet and not say anymore, but she continues to rant at them as the guard drags her off.

At the nurses station in the hospital, Elizabeth frantically tries to explain to Felicia why she should keep Heather away from Edward. She tells Felicia to talk to her brother Steven Webber, he is in town now. She tells Felicia what kind of mother Heather was to Steven. Heather tried to sell Steven for $10,000.00 one time and when that didn’t work, she milked Elizabeth’s father for more money. Heather keeps making excuses for all that Elizabeth says. She tells Felicia that Elizabeth has just been told stories against her. Elizabeth remembers a time when Heather slapped and threatened Steven, and says that as a little boy Steven would have migraine headaches and stomach problems whenever he had to see his mother. Heather again makes excuses saying that Elizabeth has been told these stories so many times that she believes them. Liz then recounts how Heather tried to poison someone and ended up taking the L.S.D. herself and lost what little mind she had to begin with. When Heather continues to make excuses, a frustrated Liz gives up and just warns Felicia to keep Heather away from all the Quartermaines, especially Edward and storms off. Heather admits to a wary Felicia that she did used to have major mental problems. She has now gone through years of extensive therapy and she is better now. She is no threat to Edward or anyone else, she claims. Later after Felicia and Heather have both gone, Bobbie walks up on Elizabeth slamming charts around the station. She asks if Bobbie has heard that Steven is back in town. Bobbie tells her that Audrey has mentioned it several times. Bobbie wonders if Elizabeth has a problem with Steven. Elizabeth tells her no, she loves her older half brother. The problem is Steven’s mother. She knows that Heather is just pure evil. When Bobbie comments that Heather seems to have changed, Elizabeth knows she is wrong. Heather is just pure evil and doesn’t know what it is like to love anyone. She knows Heather is after Edward right now, but she also knows that she will go after Steven before long. Elizabeth is frustrated because Felicia didn’t seem to believe all that she told her about Heather. Elizabeth just knows that Heather is nothing but trouble.

Mac is studying the Mary Bishop file at a table at Kelly’s when Felicia comes in and joins him. She asks him if he is taking over the case. He tells her he is and is obviously concerned about a few things. Felicia tells him that she is investigating Heather Webber and asks for permission to go through the P.C.P.D. microfilm. Mac gives his permission and says he will fill out the forms tonight. She then asks what his concerns are with the Mary Bishop case. Mac tells her that Lucky was one of the investigating officers and his report is very vague. Felicia asks if he has any idea what Lucky is covering up. Mac tells her that his gut tells him that he doesn’t want to know.

Outside of Kelly’s, Carly has poured a couple of cups of coffee down Steven and he is starting to sober up a bit. She tells him next time he should stop after the second tequila. He doesn’t think she should be gloating. She tells him she isn’t, she was just lucky. He was lucky too, she tells him, they weren’t playing for money. Ric joins them and Carly immediately tries to brush him off. Ric informs her that he is there to talk to Steven. As a stunned Carly looks on, Ric congratulates Steven on being approved for the job. After welcoming Steven to the P.C.P.D. he walks away. A livid Carly demands to know if Steven is a cop. Steven tries to explain that he is a doctor, and dabbles in forensics. Carly doesn’t hear any of this, all she knows is that he is working for P.C.P.D. with Ric, who is after her husband. Steven tries to calm her down, but she continues to yell at him to stay away from her and her children. If he sees her on the street, he is to cross to the opposite side of the street from her. She storms off telling him that she has no use for cops.

Mac interrupts Emily and Nikolas at Wyndemere planning their wedding. He tells them he is there to question Emily in person about the Mary Bishop case. Her statement is full of holes, and he wants to hear her story first hand from her.

Steven returns to Jakes and asks for something with a bit of fizz in it. Coleman tries to explain to Steven that he shouldn’t have been getting drunk with Carly. Coleman tells him that Carly learned to play pool from hanging out with Jason Morgan, Sonny’s henchman. He also warns that things would not have been pretty if Sonny had walked in and saw Steven getting drunk with his wife. Steven isn’t worried at all about Sonny, he just wants Coleman to tell him everything he knows about Carly.

Carly goes storming through the dock area when she runs into someone. She starts to tell the annoying person to watch where they are going when she realizes it is John. ‘Hello Carly.’

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