GH Update Wednesday 9/15/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/15/04

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Note: The local broadcast of General Hospital was interrupted a couple of times for updates on Hurricane Ivan -- so this update will have a couple of gaps. I'll note where the gaps are for reference.


HURRICANE IVAN UPDATE: Missed first segment of show and a little of the second segment.


THE DOCKS: Lois tells Lorenzo that she feels led on by him, that he was never who he appeared to be. She's angry that he made her like him back, "Be sorry for making me care." She storms off and suddenly Dillon shows up. He tells Lorenzo that Lois is pretty into him.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis is talking to Jason and Sam about the fact that Faith is prepared to get on the stand and testify about all of the times that Jason tried to kill her. Sam pipes up that Alexis is only coming after Jason to get Sonny's attention.

THE POLICE STATION: Steven Lars is trying to persuade Ric to hire him to work for the PCPD forensics team. Ric seems annoyed by Steven -- suddenly he realizes that Steven's last name is "Webber" -- as in, related to Elizabeth. Steven tells Ric that he knows all about Ric's past (the panic room, his grudge against Sonny). Ric snaps that Steven should go back to Manhattan if he wants to work.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly is explaining to Sonny why she doesn't want to get her father involved in her life. She mentions that she doesn't want her dad to hurt her family -- Sonny asks her how that could possibly happen?

L&B RECORDS: Lois walks in and sees Brooke listening to her cut of the song based on the poem that Sage wrote. Lois has been crying, but she tries to hide this from her daughter. Brooke sees her mom and realizes that Lois is upset because of Lorenzo. Lois tells Brooke that she had a moment of bad judgment and now it's over.

THE DOCKS: Dillon is attempting to give Lorenzo advice on Lois' behavior -- he compares it to the way Georgie would get sometimes around him. He thinks that Lorenzo should try to be happy with Lois. Lorenzo says that his world is too violent for Lois, like it was too violent for Sage, like it was too violent for the woman who was his first love, and too violent for his brother Luis. He says that he admires Lois for being a woman who wants her dreams, but he can't be with her because he can't afford to care.

THE POLICE STATION: Steven Lars is standing outside of the PCPD talking on his cell phone to John Durant. He tells John that Ric doesn't want him, an outsider, nosing around at the PCPD. John tells Steven that now that Ric has seen the "good cop" it's time to show him the "bad cop" instead.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly assures Sonny that she doesn't want any kind of relationship with her father -- that there is no bond there with him and that there's no way she will change her mind.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis and Sam spar, with Sam continuing to insist that Alexis is only trying to get Sonny's attention. Alexis leaves and Sam turns to Jason, prepared to hear him tell her that she shouldn't pick fights. He suggests that she wait until after the baby is born. She admits that she does like to defend him.

Alexis goes to pick up Kristina from her doctor's visit in another area of the hospital. The doctor tells Alexis that it's good that he got to see Kristina before Kristina's "condition" worsens.

In another area of the hospital, Heather is talking to Felicia. Heather tells Felicia that her "no Quartermaines rule" has done a world of good for Edward. Felicia is happy that Edward is doing better. She leaves. Just then, Alice (the Quartermaine's maid) shows up holding a fist full of yellow roses from Lila's garden. She is furious -- she thrusts the roses into Heather's hands and accuses her of killing them, just like she's trying to kill Edward.

THE POLICE STATION: Justus and Faith are meeting in the interrogation room. Justus tells her that Ric has offered her a deal -- 5 to 10 years in jail. Faith doesn't want to take it...she is worried that Sonny and Jason will get someone to kill her in prison.

THE HOSPITAL: Heather explains that she has been neglecting Lila's garden because her attention has all been turned on Edward. Alice threatens to tell Felicia that Heather drugged Edward to give him the heart attack, but Heather reminds her of her own involvement in allowing Edward to believe that she was possessed by Lila's spirit. Alice, stuck, notes that maybe someone else will have Heather turned in. But Heather replies that the drug she gave Edward is virtually untraceable -- only a forensics genius would be able to find it. Suddenly Steven approaches them -- he says hello to Heather, who looks shocked to see him.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric is in his office when he receives a phone call from John Durant. John wants Ric to hire Steven Lars, because Steven would be an asset to the PCPD. Ric explains that he already has a good forensics team in place. John says that that's fine -- it will be Ric's loss. He hangs up the phone.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny admits that he's sort of glad that Carly isn't going to try to find her father, because he doesn't want to see her hurt. They start to kiss when Jason walks in -- he tells Sonny that they have a problem.


HURRICANE IVAN UPDATE: Missed a few minutes right after the halfway point of the show.


THE HOSPITAL: Liz is watching Steven argue with his mother, Heather. Steven thinks that Heather is only ever motivated by greed, which he thinks is the reason why she's in Port Charles. Heather looks very upset -- she wants to reconnect with Steven but he tells her to stay away from him.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric is in his office when Alexis comes in. They begin bickering immediately. Ric realizes that Alexis is upset about something else, and he tells her to just let it out. She admits that her crisis is that Kristina needs glasses.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Jason are talking in the living room about the Faith situation. Sonny figures that Jason could find a way to kill Faith before she testifies against them at the courthouse. Jason, noting that it would be dangerous, asks Sonny if this is a direct order. Sonny doesn't answer right away.

L&B RECORDS: Brooke and Lois are arguing over the song -- Lois wants it to be fast and upbeat, but Brooke wants it to be slower, so the meaning is still there. Brooke, fed up, starts to mock Lois' idea by singing the song while dancing with over-the-top, seductive moves. At that moment Simon, the record producer, comes in and applauds Brooke's efforts. Brooke is taken aback. He also has Brooke's contract ready to sign. Lois is all aboard, but Dillon interrupts and asks if they are even going to have a lawyer look at it first.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason is back in his own penthouse and Sam is asking him if he's all right. He says he's fine. She notes that her birthing class went fine and that she sort of told them that he would be her coach. He reluctantly agrees. She asks him to be honest with her -- is she as clingy as Alexis is?

THE POLICE STATION: Alexis admits to Ric that Kristina is myopic. She's worried that the kids will tease Kristina in preschool for having to wear glasses. Ric notes that he has always found intelligent women to be very sexy. He starts to flirt with Alexis, getting up into her face. They start kissing.

JAKE'S: Steven Lars sits down at the bar and the bartender, Coleman, introduces himself. He tells Steven that he can get him the best of anything in town -- women, cigars, etc. Steven asks for information on the Port Charles residents instead -- for example, he wants to know who the most powerful man in the city is.

THE POLICE STATION: Sonny shows up at the PCPD...he wants to talk to Faith. But Justus stops him. He doesn't want Faith to die. Sonny notes that he and Jason have to protect themselves from Faith's testimony. Justus pleads with Sonny, saying that there's a way out where everyone wins. But Sonny says that he'll only win when Faith is dead.

THE HOSPITAL: Heather and Liz are getting into it now that Steven is gone. Elizabeth brings up Heather's past in Port Charles -- that Heather blackmailed her father. She thinks that Heather is just hanging around waiting for the Quartermaines to pay her to leave. She also proposes to tell Felicia what kind of person Heather is. At that moment Felicia shows up and asks Elizabeth just what she means.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam tells Jason that she doesn't want to come off like Alexis, always trying to get Sonny's attention. Jason says that Alexis is hard to figure out. Sam asks Jason if he'll be available right away for the birthing class but he says he won't be able to. She asks him if that means that Sonny has asked him to do something dangerous. She reminds him that she and the baby need him. Jason doesn't answer.

THE POLICE STATION: Sonny comes into the interrogation room where Faith is waiting. She is not happy to see him. She says that if she is going to jail she will take him and Jason down with her in her testimony. But Sonny offers her a way out -- if she takes Ric's deal and goes to jail, he won't have her killed. He says he gives his word.

JAKE'S: Coleman tells Steven Lars that Sonny Corinthos is the most powerful man in town, a real heavy-hitter. Steven thanks him and walks over toward the pool table. He's about to start playing when Carly comes in. He looks at her and comments that he knew they would run into one another again. Carly smiles.

THE POLICE STATION: Alexis and Ric are making out -- they end up laying on Ric's desk. That's where they are, in fact, when John Durant himself enters. Ric and Alexis jump up and straighten their clothes. John notes that he is so sorry to interrupt Ric on such a busy work day, but they need to talk.

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