GH Update Tuesday 9/14/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/14/04

By Suzanne
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Tracy goes to Edward's room in General Hospital but finds the door locks.  She knocks and calls his name, but no one answers.  She asks Elizabeth, who is at the desk, to unlock the door.  Elizabeth tells her patiently that while Edward's heart rate is a little elevated, he's otherwise doing fine, according to the monitor.  Tracy is rude to her and demands to see someone with a medical degree.  Monica comes in, wondering why Tracy paged her.  Tracy fills her in and demands to see Edward; Monica reminds her that she can't, per Felicia's orders.  Monica tells Elizabeth to ignore Tracy.  Elizabeth tells them that Heather is visiting Edward.  They wonder if Heather is having sex with Edward.  Felicia arrives, having been called by Tracy.  She demands that Felicia get Heather out of Edward's room and stop them from having sex, as well as cut him out of the running for Lila's will.  Heather comes out, fixing her hair and adjusting her clothes.  She feigns surprise that Tracy is the one who was knocking on the door.  Tracy tells her that Felicia is going to take Edward out of the contest.  Heather apologizes if she did anything to keep Edward out.  Felicia tells them both that she has not taken Edward out.  She thinks that Heather makes Edward happy and the rest is none of her business.  Tracy accuses her of getting a kickback from Heather.

Ric and Alexis meet to discuss the case against Nikolas for shooting Mary.  They do their usual sparring; he mentions that she is opposing counsel on almost every case he's prosecuting.  As usual, he tries to imply that she's interested in him romantically.  She tries to make the case that Lorenzo would be a more likely suspect and that he probably hired a hit-man to kill Mary.  Ric agrees but later says that he thinks Alexis has a personal vendetta against Lorenzo.

Sonny, having found out that Jason took Sam to the hospital, yells at her for not phoning him to let him know.  She tells him that she is fine; she was just having Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are normal.  They argue about it.  She didn't think he wanted a call from his pregnant ex-mistress while was on a getaway with his wife.  She tells him to stop trying to guilt-trip her and pay attention to his kids.  Jason comes home, so Sam tells him what they are arguing about.  She storms out in a huff.  Jason tells Sonny that he needs to back off from Sam a little.  Sonny is annoyed, but Jason points out that it's not good for Sam or her baby to fight with him like this.  Sonny points out that for all Jason knew, Sam was going into labor.  He thinks they are pushing him out.  Jason tells him they are not doing that.  Jason says Sam still loves him and it hurts her every day; he has to see that.  Sonny looks dark, like he has been dealt a crushing blow.  Later, Sonny apologizes to Sam.  He says that he's not proud of the way he treated her before and so that's why he acts like a jerk sometimes.  He's just trying to take responsibility for his child and he doesn't want her hurt any more than she already is.  He asks what she needs from him.  She says she needs a little space, and time to get over him, which she will because it's the best thing for her baby.  He nods.  She promises not to ever shut him out of his daughter's life and asks him to trust her.

Carly, Michael, and Morgan are on the docks.  The guy who works for John Durant, "Doc", phones John to tell him that he is watching Carly right now.  Carly and the kids are on there way to the park, but Michael is insisting they stop so he can watch Sonny's ships arrive.  Michael chats to Carly about how one day he is taking over the business from his dad.  She corrects him, "The coffee business".  He wonders when he will be old enough to drink coffee.  "Doc" arrives and asks them if they know whose ships those are.  Michael introduces himself and says they are his father's ships.  He introduces Carly and Morgan, too.  The doctor introduces himself as Dr. Steven Weber.  Carly wonders why he is asking about the ships.  He tells her that he hasn't been in town since he last visited his grandparents when he was 14.  Now it is very different and he keeps seeing the name "Corinthos-Morgan" all over town.  She finds out that he's Elizabeth's brother and Audrey's grandson.  She tells him that she and Elizabeth are not each other's favorite people, but he says he will make up his own mind.  He leaves, and Carly has a befuddled expression on her face. 

Lois tries to ply Brook with donuts at L&B, but Brook doesn't want any.  They talk about what happened yesterday, when Brook was trying to get her parents together.  She claims she is over that and that it was lame of her to try.  Lois apologizes to her for giving her the wrong impression and also for unburdening herself on her daughter about her love life.  Brook is glad she opened up to her because it made her feel closer to her mom.  Lois says she's learned from her mom not to repeat her mistakes.  She plans to focus now on Brook's career.  They chat for a moment about some changes that Simon suggested.  Brook still doesn't want to get all glammed up.

Dillon and Georgie arrive; they show Lois a piece of paper and say that one of the neighbors has filed a legal complaint against them for late-night noise.  Lois rambles on about how it's probably the old bitty next door and she will take care of it.  She rushes out, leaving them looking puzzled.  Dillon and Brook lament how their parents act when they are hurt, leaving Georgie to feel left out.  She points out that her mother left for a long time and she has never really known her father, but they say she is lucky because she has Felicia and Mac there for her.

Lorenzo speaks with Alan at GH to ask for all information about who saw Mary before she died.  Alan says that the police are investigating.  Lorenzo says that Ric is in charge and he has his own agendas, which rarely coincide with his.

Audrey and Steven greet each other warmly.  He would like to work at GH.  She introduces him to Alan, who is glad to meet him.  Alan says he is honored to be chief of staff after Steven's grandfather and also compliments his father, Jeff, on being a great surgeon.  Steven floats the possibility of working there.  Elizabeth meets up with Steven and they reconnect.  She is pleased to learn he is staying in town for a while.  She warns him that Heather is in town, but he says it doesn't matter.  He is there to see Elizabeth and Audrey, so nothing will deter him.  Later, Elizabeth informs Heather that Steven is in town.  Heather looks shocked.

Felicia and Mac meet at Kelly's to make plans.  Georgie comes up and tells them that they are ruining her life because she can't have any "edge" since they are both such responsible parents.  They look amused.  Meanwhile, Dillon and Brook share their secret dreams and wishes about their parents.  Dillon wishes his father would find him and act like he cares.  Brook wishes her parents gave her a dress to wear for their wedding.

Jason chats with Carly when she takes her kids to Kelly's.  She tells him about her father, but he can tell she's lying.  He is alarmed and wants to know why she's upset.  She tells him she just realized that she doesn't really need to know her father, a stranger.  Jason tells her that he's sorry it didn't work out the way she wanted.

Jason goes home to find that Sam has finished the paperwork he had there for their shipping business.  He is clearly impressed and she jokes with him about her being better at it than he is.

Lorenzo goes to the police station so Ric can question him about Mary's murder.  Lois comes in around the same time and tells Mac she will pay the fine for the loud noise, but she objects because the old lady next door clearly is just looking for attention.  She sees Lorenzo in Ric's office and marches in there.  She yells at Ric and Alexis for having a grudge against Lorenzo, who was out of town at the time of Mary's death burying his nice.  She doesn't let them get a word in edgewise as she rattles on, try as they might.  At the end, she tells Lorenzo that he is a fool if he answers any questions without a lawyer.  Then she leaves, and they are standing there with their mouths open.  Lorenzo tells them he has nothing to say to them because Lois just said it for him.  Later, he finds her on the docks.  She doesn't want to talk to him.  He apologizes again for the way he treated her (after they had sex).  She stops him from saying too much and tells him to just go back to being the selfish bastard that he is, rather than trying to act nice.  He wonders why she stood up for him to Ric and Alexis if she feels that way.

Steven phones John from the police station to fill him in on what's been going on.  Ric finds him standing there, looking through some files and threatens to have him arrested.  Steven introduces himself and says he is forensic consultant with the justice department.  He tells Ric they will be working together.

Sonny finds the check he gave Carly to give to her father, sticking out of her purse.  He and Carly chat with Michael, who is putting his toys away.  Michael babbles about meeting Steven, so Carly fills Sonny in on the rest.  Later, Sonny shows Carly what he found and asks why she didn't give it to her father as they had discussed.

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