GH Update Monday 9/13/04

General Hospital Update Monday 9/13/04

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KELLY'S: Outside Kelly's, Jason and Liz are talking...she's telling him how her life has been going. They sit down at a table just as Sam comes out of Kelly's. Sam sees them together and tries to go back inside, but Jason calls her over to them.

Meanwhile, inside Kelly's, Nikolas and Emily are sitting at a table together -- Nikolas asks Emily to marry him, but she tells him that she can't.

L&B RECORDS: Brooke is talking to Ned about how Ned saw Lois and Lorenzo together. She thinks that Lois still loves Ned. Ned, while telling Brooke that he doesn't want to have this conversation with his daughter, also admits that he cares about Lois. Just then Dillon comes in...Ned leaves, but not before giving Brooke a kiss on the cheek. After he's gone, Brooke tells Dillon that she thinks her parents are getting back together.

THE DOCKS: Lois accidentally runs into Lorenzo on the docks...she tries to leave immediately, but he stops her. She is emotional, and her eyes are full of tears. She accuses him of using her for sex. Lorenzo apologizes to her, and says that he made a mistake -- the first time he met her, he should have walked away immediately.

THE POLICE STATION: Alexis and Ric are talking about Kristina having been a little sick earlier. Alexis admits to Ric that she is kind of worried about Kristina's health.

CARLY'S HOTEL ROOM: There's a knock on the door...Carly opens it and is surprised to see John. He admits that he had one of his men follow her to the hotel from the bar...he wants another chance to talk to her. Carly is antsy, not wanting Sonny (who is in the bathroom showering) to come out and see John. She agrees to meet him at the bar later. Just as soon as he's gone, a towel-clad Sonny comes out and asks who was at the front door.

THE DOCKS: Lorenzo tells Lois that she is a wonderful person, and that he couldn't offer her anything. Lois snaps that she would never be desperate enough to fall for someone as shady as Lorenzo. She adds that she has no desire to see him ever again. Lorenzo apologizes for causing her pain, and leaves.

THE POLICE STATION: Alexis and Ric are still discussing Kristina when Helena comes in. She demands that they find Nikolas to take him back to the mental hospital. Alexis insists that Nikolas is sane and Helena snaps that if Alexis continues to maintain that Nik was sane when he shot Mary, he'll end up in prison.

KELLY'S: Emily says that if she and Nik were to get married, it would look like they are only marrying so they won't have to testify against one another in the case of Mary's death. Nikolas doesn't care what people think...he loves Emily and wants everyone to know it.

Outside of Kelly's, Liz tells Sam that she was just having one of those days where she needed a friend to talk to. She makes a quick exit. Sam immediately tells Jason that this arrangement is not fair to them, and she doesn't want to do it anymore.

A BAR IN NEW YORK: John sits down at a table with his young doctor friend. The doctor gives him the results of the DNA test that was done on Carly -- it shows that Carly is a blood relative of John's, but not want kind of relative. John explains that he plans to use Carly to bring down Sonny.

CARLY'S HOTEL ROOM: Carly tells Sonny that the person at the door was just a hotel attendant asking if they needed the mini-bar refilled. She also tells him that she wants to go to a new dress shop. Sonny starts to write her a check -- Carly protests that she has credit cards, but then he tells her that the check is $50,000 for her father...since he assumes that that's where she's going.

THE POLICE STATION: Alexis tells Helena that Nikolas was only defending Emily. Ric chimes in that Nikolas was free to leave Shadybrooke even before he did so. Helena says that she will not be denied...then she leaves. Ric asks Alexis if she realizes that she just handed him Nikolas' head on a silver platter.

KELLY'S: Emily is worried that something will go wrong if she and Nikolas try to marry, but Nikolas assures her that everything will be fine. He tells her that he wants to make it official -- then he asks all of the customers in Kelly's to gather around, much to Emily's surprise. He gets down on bended knee and asks Emily to marry him. She accepts and they kiss.

Outside, Sam explains that keeping Jason saddled to her keeps him from having a life of his own. He says that he wants to put her baby first. She asks him if he's given up on the idea of falling in love and he admits that he has.

L&B RECORDS: Brooke Lynn thinks that her parents are going to get back together soon. Dillon wonders if that's not just wishful thinking. Brooke admits that ever since she was little she's wanted her parents to get remarried. Dillon thinks she could be forcing them into something, but Brooke thinks that it's all going to end happily.

THE DOCKS: Ned has found Lois, and they sit on a bench together. He tells her that Brooke thinks that they could get back together. Lois wonders if Brooke is onto something.

CARLY'S HOTEL ROOM: Sonny tells Carly that he knows she has to deal with her father on her own...but that he wants the money for Carly's dad to give Carly some peace. Carly agrees, takes the check and leaves.

A BAR IN NEW YORK: Carly meets up with John Durant at the bar. He is pleasant to her, and eager to talk with her about any questions she has. Carly looks suspicious and says that he must be acting nice to her for a reason.

CARLY'S HOTEL ROOM: Sonny is dressing when a maid knocks on the door. Sonny lets her in so she can fix the bed. While she works, she secretly plants a bug on the side of the nightstand. Just before she leaves, though, Sonny stops her and says, "Not so fast."

THE DOCKS: Ned and Lois are having a heart to heart about their daughter. They discuss the problems they had during their marriage and agree not to let Brooke pressure them into reuniting. Lois admits that there's no chance of them getting back together and Ned agrees softly (and somewhat sadly), "None."

THE POLICE STATION: Ric asks Alexis if he's just supposed to forget the conversation she just had with Helena. He asks her to let Nikolas go into a couple of years of outpatient observation, but Alexis doesn't like that idea. She wants Ric to cooperate with her when the case goes to trial -- she wants him to go easy on Nikolas.

KELLY'S: Nikolas and Emily are telling Liz that they are engaged. Emily asks Liz to be her maid of honor and Liz happily accepts. Liz mentions that they all know who Nik's best man will be...Emily and Nikolas get uneasy looks on their faces and Emily agrees softly, "Lucky."

Outside Kelly's, Jason and Sam are still talking. Sam admits that Jason would be a great catch for any girl. Suddenly she doubles over in pain -- Jason asks what's wrong and Sam winces: she says she feels like she's going into labor.

CARLY'S HOTEL ROOM: Sonny grabs the "maid's" wallet and finds her badge -- she is a member of the FBI. He realizes that she is working for John Durant. He finds the bug that she planted on the nightstand and tells her that her boss will have to work harder to get him. He yells at her to leave and she does so.

A BAR IN NEW YORK: John tells Carly that he needs a little humanity in his life and that he wants to make sure that the character she is basing on him is a real winner. Carly, satisfied, starts to ask him questions about how he feels about the criminals he puts away. She wonders if he ever considers the fact that they have lives and families of their own. He says that he doesn't, and while he admits that the children of mobsters are victims, that doesn't make the mobster a good guy. Carly has heard all she needs to hear -- she sadly tells John goodbye and then leaves the bar.

KELLY'S: Nikolas, Emily and Lucky are all sitting at a table together. Nikolas and Em are having a hard time telling Lucky their news, but finally they admit that they are getting married. Lucky They have a hard time telling him, but they do, he hugs Em, shakes hand of Nik, agrees to be best man.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric asks Alexis if she really wants him to throw the case and she corrects him, asking him to have a little compassion for the great suffering that Nikolas and Emily have so obviously already endured at the hands of Mary Bishop. Ric tells her that there's no way he'll throw the case -- then he leaves the room.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason and Sam have arrived at the hospital. Sam is wheeled off while Monica talks to Jason -- she tells him that Edward has had a heart-attack, and that while most of the family is off-limits to see him, she thinks that Felicia would make an exception in his case. She leaves to go check on Sam, and Tracy (who has overheard the conversation) immediately comes over to Jason. She accuses Jason of trying to get at Lila's money.

CARLY'S HOTEL ROOM: Carly has returned from the bar to see Sonny packing their bags. He tells her that they have to leave immediately because John Durant is after him. Carly looks shocked.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas carries Emily over the living room thresh-hold. They are giddy with excitement. Suddenly Helena comes in. Nikolas wastes no time in kicking her out, telling her that he has no place in Wyndemere or in his life. He closes the door to the living room after her. Helena looks pissed.

L&B RECORDS: Ned and Lois have come to see Brooke. She is excited because she believes they are here to tell her that they are going to get back together. But instead they tell her the opposite, that their marriage was over long ago. Brooke gets upset...her eyes well up with tears and she accuses them of being so busy running from each other that they won't see what they are throwing away. She runs out of the room.

THE HOSPITAL: Tracy believes that Jason was always nice to Lila because he wanted her to leave him all of her money. Jason asks Tracy not to talk about Lila that way -- she tells him that his selfless savage act is wearing thin, and that he has only ever cared about himself and the people he goes after on Sonny's orders. Sam, who has been listening to the argument, gets out of her wheelchair, walks over to Jason and tries to defend him to Tracy. Jason snaps at her to stay out of it and then yells at Tracy to leave. Tracy does so and Jason helps Sam back into her wheelchair. She tells him that the contractions were only Braxton-Hicks, so she is fine. He tells her that he doesn't want her to upset herself not just for the baby, but for her sake. He is worried about her.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas is worried that Helena won't give up trying to stop them from getting married. Emily says that they shouldn't concern themselves with Helena, when tonight belongs only to them. They start making out.

THE DOCKS: Helena finds Tracy on the docks and suggests that they could be of use to one another. She thinks they should work together to stop Nikolas and Emily's wedding.

CARLY'S HOTEL ROOM: Carly is freaked out at the thought of John coming after Sonny but Sonny says that he's sure that if they just go back to Port Charles, John won't try to get them there. Carly doesn't look so sure about that.

A BAR IN NEW YORK: John and his young doctor friend are at the bar. John says that Sonny found the bug the agent tried to, he wants the doctor to go to Port Charles, to try to dig up everything possible on Sonny. John wants to go after him with everything he's got.

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