GH Update Friday 9/10/04

General Hospital Update Friday 9/10/04

By Suzanne
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On the docks, Justus tells Jason that he will defend Emily if he and Sonny promise not to come after Faith. Jason sighs heavily and tells Justus not to go down because of Faith. He says Sonny won't let him go again. Justus asks again, so Jason tells him no deal. Jason chews him out for putting him in this position with Sonny. He calls Justus a fool for risking his life for Faith. Justus says he can't take Emily's case, and then he starts walking away. Jason shouts his name, so Justus turns. Jason reminds him that Emily is not in his line of work and has never treated him with more than kindness and respect. He mentions that family is important to her, so Justus wonders why Jason is using that word. Jason says he chose to keep his distance from the Quartermaines, but Justus always wanted to be closer. Jason says this is Justus' chance to be in with the Quartermaines, if he defends Emily. He says they will be loyal to him, more than Faith, if he defends Emily, whom he calls the family's "heart and soul". Justus looks taken aback. Jason begs Justus again to help Emily.

Inside Kelly's, Lucky and Nikolas discuss Mary's death and Emily. Lucky wants to know if Nikolas could see Emily killing to protect someone she loved. Nikolas agrees but makes sure Lucky will protect her. Lucky confirms that he will. Elizabeth comes in and tells them that Emily left to go confess to the PCPD. They run down to the police station to look for her. Nikolas wonders what they should do. Lucky says they can't do anything; it's in Emily's hands now. Ric questions Emily in an interrogation room. She tells him that she is prepared to tell him what she knows, then she spills about her visit to see Mary that night. She sees Nikolas' face in the window of the door. Jason's faces also appears. Ric pulls down a shade. Emily's friends argue outside about Emily. Jason worries that Emily is playing into Ric's agenda. She comes out of the room with Ric. Nikolas questions her. Ric tells him that Emily told the truth. After a moment, Ric tells them that Emily is free to go. Emily tells her friends to relax after Ric walks away. She tells them that she lied; she told the cover story they all decided upon. They are relieved. Justus walks in and tells Emily that he can help her. They take him up on it. Justus pledges his support but asks for the truth. They decide to go somewhere else for that. Lucky wants to come along, but Justus doesn't want him there. Lucky says he's Emily's friend, not just a cop. He won't say or do anything that makes things worse for her. Justus seems to agree and they leave, not allowing Jason or Elizabeth to go. Jason makes sure Justus knows before he leaves that there's no deal. Justus understands but says Jason was right: Emily is family. Elizabeth wonders to Jason why Justus is excluding her. Before Jason can say anything, Ric comes back and tells Elizabeth that he has to ask her some questions about the night Mary died. Ric questions her, with Jason in the room. Jason objects, saying he doesn't want Ric to accuse Elizabeth of a crime she didn't commit. Elizabeth is shocked that Ric is doing that. Ric calls to get Jason escorted out. Elizabeth and Ric argue. Ric wonders if her friends are covering for her again, like they did when they thought she killed Zander. Whomever killed Mary, he wants to get to the bottom of it. Elizabeth looks at him guiltily. They go out and Jason starts in on Ric again. He tells Elizabeth that she shouldn't say anything without a lawyer (which is GOOD ADVICE for everyone, not just mobsters, innocent or guilty...). Ric assures him that he doesn't want Elizabeth to be guilty of Mary's death, either. Jason leaves to get Justus for her. Ric tells Elizabeth that maybe she does need an attorney. She assures him that she has nothing to hide. He reminds her that she has a little boy at home that needs her protection more than Emily does.

Emily chats with Justus, Nikolas, and Lucky at Kelly's. She tells Justus the truth about what happened with Mary. Justus questions her and worries about Emily looking guilty. They all agree that it doesn't make sense for Mary to die when no one saw anyone go to her room. Justus wonders if Elizabeth did it, but the others say no way. Justus wants a copy of Mary's autopsy, so Lucky agrees to get that. Justus warns Emily not to meet with Ric any more without him being present. Justus and Rick leave. Nikolas and Emily talk over the situation; she blames herself for Mary's death. She still worries that she could have killed her somehow. She wonders if she gave Mary the wrong medication. Nikolas doesn't think it's any big deal if she did, since Mary was so psycho. He rants that Mary is still right there between them. He wants to focus on them again. He tells her he loves her and doesn't want to put it off any more. He asks her to marry him.

In New York City, Sonny catches Coleman as he sneaks into the hotel room. He grabs Coleman by the collar and demands to know the truth about Carly's father. Coleman tells him to chill and claims he doesn't know what he means. Sonny keeps working on him. Coleman admits he's right that he is capable of scamming Carly, but he insists he didn't do that. Sonny reminds him of his sleazy past. He lays out a scenario wherein Coleman makes up a fake father for Carly in order to get her money. Sonny accuses him of working with Jack Desoto to steal Carly's money. Coleman keeps denying it and suggests that Sonny take it up with his wife.

At the Irish pub in NYC, Carly continues to question John about his past love life. Nearby, a younger guy watches them surreptitiously. Carly suggests that maybe John does have a child out there somewhere. John wonders why she is so intent on talking about family. Carly claims it is because of the novel she's writing. John says family is not important to him; work is his main goal. She says his job is more than just a job, it's an undertaking. She's trying to figure out how his "character" meets his emotional needs. He asks about her family and she tells him the truth (most of it, superficially). He points out that she is being vague. She looks offended. He asks her what she's trying so hard to hide. He stares at her and wonders why she's lying to a stranger. She tells him that this was a mistake; she didn't think he'd grill her. He apologizes for offending her. She leaves in a huff.

The young guy from the pub sneaks into Carly and Sonny's room. He starts looking around but hears water running from the bathroom, so he runs out again. Sonny walks out of the bathroom and picks up something (Keys? jewelry?) and sighs. Then he sits down and reads the paper with Durant's picture on it.

Right after Carly leaves the pub, the young man sits down at John's table. John asks if he got into her room. The man replies that she's registered as Carolyn Richards, but she's definitely not alone. John ponders this. He knows that Carly is not a novelist. They discuss what she might be after. John gives the man, whom he calls "Doc", Carly's beer bottle. He tells him to work his magic and let him know everything he can from it about Carolyn. Later, Doc tells John that Carolyn is definitely a close relative of John's, but they can't tell yet what the connection is. John is surprised but realizes that explains why she kept mentioning family. Doc tells John the biggest news, that Carolyn is not her real name and she's married to Michael "Sonny" Corinthos. John is shocked, but mostly annoyed, that he is related to "public enemy number one".

Carly goes back to the room. Sonny tells her that Coleman returned and he spilled his guts. She looks worried. Sonny tells her that Coleman admitted he could have made up the Desoto guy. She tells him nervously, as she looks down at the newspaper, that she can handle her father. He is surprised that she met him and starts to question her. She gives him vague answers but does tell him that she didn't tell him that he was her father. He asks why, so she replies that he seemed happy and she didn't want to wreck that. She admits he and Jason might have been right that she shouldn't have looked for her father at this stage in her life. She says this will be enough. He tells her that he's sorry it didn't turn out the way she wanted. She thanks him for being so wonderful. They kiss and end up in bed. Afterwards, Sonny asks how she is doing, with regard to her father. She keeps wondering what her life would have been like if she had grown up with her mother and father instead of being adopted. She assures him that her search is over, though. He suggests they stay another day, for a night on the town and a shopping spree, but she says she would rather go home and see her children. He doesn't understand it but agrees. He goes to take a shower and tells her to think about it. She throws the paper in the trash. There is a knock on the door; it's John. Her mouth drops open as he tells her that they have some unfinished business.

Lois and Alcazar are sitting on his couch after making love (sheets cover them). He is very quiet and she wonders why. He says she is "very flexible and proficient". She is shocked at his attitude. He tells her to leave, so she is hurt and more shocked. She gets dressed but yells at him, wondering what she was thinking. He accuses her of feeling guilty for asking him to sign over the rights to Sage's poem. She calls him a "heartless bastard" but wonders why he's doing this. He insults her some more and then she pushes him before she storms out. When she opens the door, Ned is there, looking curious. Lois rushes out. Ned asks Lorenzo who the heck he thinks he is, then he punches him and starts yelling at him. Lorenzo bounces off the couch and falls on the floor. Ned demands to know what he did to Lois as he kicks Lorenzo repeatedly. Lorenzo gets up, laughing. He tells Ned that everything he and Lois did was by mutual consent and asks Ned why he cares. Ned says Lois used to be his wife. Lorenzo reminds him that's past tense. He says they only share a record company and a talented daughter. Ned tells him it's none of his business, but he won't stand by and watch Lorenzo trash her life. Lorenzo gets a drink and asks Ned what he can help him with. Lorenzo tells him to get out and let him alone to mourn his niece. Ned says he's genuinely sorry about Sage but warns him again away from Lois. Alcazar replies, "You lay a hand on me again and you'll wake up with it under your pillow". Whoa, good line! Ned glares at him and then leaves, slamming the door. Lorenzo takes another drink and throws his glass against the wall.

Lois goes to L&B and finds Brook there, working on her song. Brook can tell something is wrong. Lois tells her nothing is wrong, but Brooke knows better. Lois is upset that Lorenzo is not the man she thought he was. She calls him a "raging jerk". Brook notices that her hands are shaking, and Lois buttons her top button after realizing it's open. Brook says that Ned was there and she told him where Lois went. Lois admits that Ned showed up at Lorenzo's but won't say any more. Brook keeps questioning her. Brook realizes that her mother slept with Lorenzo. Lois tells her that her personal life is not an appropriate topic of conversation between them. Brook says that normally Lois is flaunting her boyfriends to her. Lois still won't talk about it. Brook keeps grilling her, reminding her that they are friends as well as mother and daughter. Lois tells her that she thought they had a connection, but she was wrong. Lorenzo used her and treated her like garbage. Brooke hugs her as Lois cries. Later, Lois laughs because she promised herself she would never cry over a man again. Brook wonders why she was attracted to Lorenzo. Lois confesses that the danger attracted her. His attention was also flattering, given that she's not 21 anymore. She talks about her destructive pattern with men. She fears her chances for love are all behind her. Brook wonders if Lois never fell out of love with Ned.

Later, Ned shows up at L&B. Brook greets him. He asks after Lois. Brook fills Ned in on what happened and says that they had a talk. He says disgustedly that Lois shouldn't be dragging her into this stuff. Brook is used to being involved with Lois' love life. They sit down to have a talk. Brook tells him that she thinks Lois still loves Ned and is acting out of those feelings.

Lois is on the docks when Lorenzo comes up. She goes to leave, but he stops her. He tells her he owes her a profound apology. She says sarcastically that she wonders why and chews him out for how he treated her.

Elizabeth runs into Jason outside Kelly's. She thanks him for standing up to Ric for her. She can't believe this is happening to her now that her life is on track. They sit down. Sam comes out of Kelly's just then and sees them.


Emily tells Nikolas she can't.
Lorenzo and Lois both say they made a mistake. She never wants to see him again.
John says they got off to a bad start and he'd like to make it up to her.
Sonny, wearing a towel, asks Carly who was at the front door.
John tells Doc that he's going to use Carly to put Sonny behind bars.

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