GH Update Thursday 9/9/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/9/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

On the docks, Lois asks Lorenzo about whether Brook Lynn can use Sage's poem in a song. Lorenzo is insulted that she asks him such a thing right after Sage died. He says he thought she had a heart under that tough veneer, but he couldn't have been more wrong. He chews Lois out for being insincere and accuses her of using Sage in order to promote Brook. She keeps trying to explain, but he keeps cutting her off with insults. He says she is as ruthless as anyone he's ever worked with. He walks away angrily. She looks upset.

Lois goes back to L&B. She finds Simon and Ned there. Ned asks about the new song. Simon asks what Lorenzo had to say. Ned is concerned about them dealing with him. Lois says she pushed too hard and she thinks Lorenzo just needs to cool off. Brook comes up just as Ned is saying he doesn't want any more ties to Alcazar. Lois asks if he wants to hear the song. He says that's up to Brook. Brook says she has to run through it anyway. Lucas plays the music as Brook sings (Georgie and Dillon are also there). The adults are all affected by the song, the same way the teens were yesterday. Lorenzo walks in while she is singing. Lois hugs Brook, who is also affected. Lorenzo cries in that manly way he does. He tells Brook in a husky voice that she has a beautiful voice. Brook says the words are Sage's and she can really relate to them. He believes she has the best intentions. Brook promises that if he thinks she invaded Sage's privacy, she will promise never to sing it again. Lorenzo says that Sage wrote the poem to Dillon, not him, so it belongs to Dillon. He will sign a release saying that. Brook thanks him; then Lorenzo leaves. Dillon laughs, surprised, saying they got the song. He takes Georgie aside to talk about the video and other details. Ned and Lois ask Brook if she wants to sing it, and she does. Simon says they need to figure out the details of their deal, then. Lois tells Ned to go make the deal. Brook hugs Ned and they say, "I love you" to each other and then kiss. Ned leaves with Lorenzo. Lois thanks Brook for what she said to Lorenzo; that's what made him agree. Brook smiles wryly and says she never knew Sage's uncle had a heart...until she saw it breaking. Lois says that even tough guys have a heart.

Brook asks Dillon if he ever hears voices arguing in his head. He quips that he hears multiple voices--the Quartermaines. She says that one voice tells her to sing to the world, while the other tells her to hide out in her room with a pillow over her head. He laughs but then tells her to do both: First sing and get the CD out, then hide afterwards. She says she might have to tour, and part of her wants to hear the applause. Ned returns and tells them that the meeting went well. He asks where Lois is and they tell her that she went to thank Lorenzo.

Lois goes to Lorenzo's place; he yells at her to go away through the door. She tells him to open it or she will call the police. He comes out, drunk, and yells to her to call the police and tell them that he killed Mary or Sage. He yells. She goes in and sees that his place is a mess. He slams the door and yells some more. He cries, complaining about how everyone is dead but him. He throws a bottle across the room and smashes it. She apologizes to him for what she said before, saying it was crass and insensitive. He tells her that she shouldn't be there. She thanks him for giving Brook the song. He says he's very angry and has nothing left to care about, and therefore nothing left to lose. He keeps drinking more out of another bottle. He smiles at her and tells her she should get out. She steps up to him and tells him that she's not going anywhere. They are very close and he kisses her. They kiss passionately and start taking their clothes off.

Jason asks Justus for a meeting. Justus thinks it's about Faith, but Jason tells him it's about Emily. Jason explains the situation to Justus. Justus can't believe Jason is asking for his help now. Jason reminds him that he's still alive because he didn't go after him. Justus asks if Jason wants him to take the case out of gratitude, and Jason replies that he does, to help Emily, who is part of his family. Justus points out that Emily has a whole bunch of family lawyers, whereas Faith has no one. Alexis comes up just then and tells Justus he shouldn't be talking to Jason about Faith, since he probably has orders to kill her. Justus agrees as he glares at Jason. He walks away with Alexis, but Jason grabs his arm and tells him to remember what really matters. Justus says he has and continues to walk. Jason is perturbed but it gets worse when he sees Ric. Ric tells him to listen if he cares about his sister. He has found out that Emily won't give up any information, so he knows that Jason has advised her against cooperating. He threatens that he will have to deal with Emily in a different way if she doesn't. Jason gets in Ric's face and tells him to leave her alone. Jason says he has left Ric alone because of Sonny, but this is between him and Ric if he goes after Emily. Ric calls him a moron and says he's not going after Emily. He's trying to help her. Ric tells Jason that once he questions Emily, he can cross her off the suspect list. Alexis comes up and says the best advice he can give Emily is to cooperate (sorry, but no lawyer would ever say should always keep your mouth shut without a lawyer around! Whether you are guilty or not). Ric says that questioning Emily is a "procedural formality". He says Jason is making Emily look more guilty. Jason tells them that Emily has nothing to say to him, then he walks away. Justus starts to go after him. Alexis tells him that he's wasting his breath; he doesn't see that he's doing Emily more harm than good. Justus says he'll take that into consideration as he walks away. Alexis compares Jason to Ric, saying he's as single-minded in his hatred for Ric as Ric is of Sonny. Ric makes sarcastic comments. They bicker, as usual. She admits that she doesn't see him as narcissistic, so he is surprised.

Justus follows Jason, telling him it wasn't smart to antagonize Ric. Jason asks him again to represent Emily, so Justus agrees. He pledges to defend her to the best of his ability. Jason thanks him. Justus says there is one condition: he wants Jason and Sonny to give their words that they won't come after Faith.

Elizabeth calls Lucky to GH so she can clarify some things about her earlier statement. She says that Emily was never left alone with the medication; she only turned her back for a moment. Lucky knows she is lying to try to protect Emily. He says he loves Em, too. He just wants the facts. Elizabeth sticks to her new story. He knows that Jason is responsible.

Emily tells Nikolas that she killed Mary. Emily tells him about her last confrontation with Mary and what happened afterwards. There is a flashback. Emily picks up Mary's medicine and marches into her room. She yells some more at Mary, with the medicine in her hand. Emily tells Nikolas that she didn't see her take the pills. She took them in so she would have an excuse to be in there in case someone came in. Nikolas assures her that she didn't kill Mary. Emily says that in her heart, she wanted her dead. She blames herself. Outside Kelly's, Nikolas tells her that she has to figure out what she's going to say to the police. He questions her about who was around and who might have seen her. He says that since no on saw her pick up the medication, she shouldn't tell anyone about it. She worries about what might happen if she's asked a direct question. He says that being Jason there helped her in a way because the police will think it was his idea for her not to talk to the police and not because she has anything to hide. Lucky walks up so Nikolas tells him that he was just assuring Emily that she has nothing to worry about. Lucky wants to know everything, so Nikolas asks if he's asking as a copy or as her friend and his brother. Lucky says he's trying to help and they can trust him. Emily declares that she has nothing to hide. He reviews what he knows so far. Emily tells what happened but leaves out the part about seeing Elizabeth and the medication. Lucky questions her and she sticks to her story. He says that he went to Mary's room to question her. The medcart was by itself and he saw her running out of Mary's room. Nikolas rubs his eyes tiredly. Emily tells Lucky that Mary threatened her. Nikolas adds that she strangled and stabbed Em. Elizabeth comes up and tells Lucky that he is wrong about the facts. He and Elizabeth argue about her changing her story. Lucky is frustrated about their lies. He tells what he thinks happened: Emily left the room and never saw the medcart or Mary again. They all look relieved. Lucky says Emily will be fine if they all stick to the same story. They are all glad to be friends again. Nikolas and Lucky go to get brownies to toast with, just like old times. Nikolas thanks Lucky for his support. Lucky talks about how Mary was psycho. He could see Emily killing someone to protect Nikolas, and he asks Nikolas to be honest. Emily worries about them all lying for her and whether Lucky could lose his job. Elizabeth tells her not to worry and reminds her that she's innocent. Em worries about them risking so much to protect her. Emily says she should confess.

Sonny offers Carly some brunch; they are in the hotel in NYC still and have room service. It's all healthy stuff like fruit, and she wants a sweet roll. He suggests they go somewhere out to eat so she can get what she wants. The newspaper is on the cart, with John Durant on the front page. Sonny mentions that hotel food is usually bad anyway, so she says that he is a food snob. She kisses him to distract him. They hear a voice that says it's housekeeping, but they don't want to be interrupted. She goes to the door and it's Coleman. He has information for her about her dad. She tries to get rid of him, but Sonny insists that he come in and tell them now. Coleman lies about finding this guy that he made up. Sonny tells him that he's done some pretty nice work. Coleman thanks him and Sonny gives him a big wad of cash. Carly takes an envelope from Coleman with the information and he leaves. She is very quiet and doesn't rush to open it, so Sonny asks if she's going to open it. She wonders if maybe she should just toss it; she might be better off not knowing. He thinks she will always wonder what was in it. Carly braces herself and says she has to tell him something. He wonders what she is so afraid of and how bad it could be. She lists all of the terrible things that could be true about her father. He offers to read it for her first. She says she's scared. He keeps asking her to let him look, so she finally does. The file says that her father's name is Jack DeSoto who lives in Queens. Sonny says he sounds like a decent guy. Carly smiles, saying she probably has nothing to worry about. Sonny picks up the phone to order a car so they can go to Queens and meet him. Carly says she's not sure. He says he wants to be there when she sees her father. Carly makes him hang up and says it may not be such a good idea. Carly makes a bunch of excuses about why she shouldn't go see him. He tells her that she doesn't have to decide right now. She should take her time. She says she has so many questions for her father. She worries about what will happen if her father doesn't remember Bobbie or if he hates her. Her voice cracks as she sobs that doesn't know what she wants. Sonny suggests they go home and offers to buy her an éclair to cheer her up. They hug. He says she should pack while he goes to make some business calls. The phone rings. It's John Durant. He apologizes for being a jerk and asks her to drop by Paddy Mac's to answer her questions. Sonny returns, so Carly says that she wants to see her father from a distance, but she wants to do it alone. He doesn't want her walking around Queens at night alone. She promises she won't but tells him that she has a lot of things to consider, such as what impact this will have on her family. He advises her to trust herself.

Carly goes to the Irish bar and meets John Durant. She apologizes to him and says she should have told him right up front that she is writing a book. He gets her a beer at her request and they take a seat. He tells her to ask him anything. She asks him what he does in his spare time. He says it's all work-related, even if he's eating lunch or playing handball. She asks about his wife and he says he's divorced. He is married to his job and so was his wife, and that's why they got divorced. He says he's in love with his career, always has been and always will be. She asks him, stammering, if he was ever in love. He admits that he might have been once, She asks when that was and he replies it was 20 lifetimes ago, when he was a kid. She asks him about the woman he loved, so he gets suspicious. She apologizes, saying that she is a sucker for a good love story. He says he has never seen one. She observes that he still carries a torch, but he says the torch he carries is for ambition and it has carried him places he would never have dreamed of going. She asks him if there are any regrets. He says the only regret is that he never had any children. She says maybe he has a child out there somewhere.

Sonny reads the paper about Durant in Carly's room. He hears a noise so he hides behind the door. Coleman sneaks in so Sonny grabs him and throws him against the door. Sonny says the investigation is bull and demands that Coleman tell him the truth about Carly's father.

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