GH Update Wednesday 9/8/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/8/04

By Suzanne
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Heather and Edward walk into the mansion's main room, surprised to find Alan and Monica there with Ned and Tracy, instead of at GH. Edward taunts them all about being tossed out of the running for Lila's will. Ned laughs about the lengths the family will go to in order to get richer. Tracy doesn't buy it. Ned mentions that Felicia asked to meet them all there. Heather suggests that Edward have juice instead of coffee. Tracy makes sarcastic comments as usual while Heather starts to put something in Edward's juice. She is interrupted by Felicia's entrance, so she can't put it in. Tracy demands to know right away who gets the money. Felicia gives a speech about it instead. Heather puts something in Edward's juice and gives it to him. The Quartermaines argue about the contest with Felicia and each other. Edward once again defends Heather. Felicia observes that Edward seems happy and she thinks Lila would be pleased. Tracy thinks that means Edward's the winner. The rest object. Alice sticks up for Edward. Edward looks like he's in distress. He mops his forehead as they all argue. Felicia says that she realized that Edward had crossed the line just as much as the rest of them had. She considered the other candidates: Skye, Justus, Michael, Kristina, Dillon, Brook, Emily, and Jason. Tracy objects to Skye, Michael and Jason and the others argue with her. Edward stands up to object and then grabs his chest in pain. The other Q's laugh because they figure Edward is faking. Felicia, Alice, and Heather are concerned and they take it seriously. Felicia phones for the ambulance as Heather loosens his collar. The paramedics take Edward away; the Quartermaines finally figure out he's not faking. Tracy yells at Felicia for causing Edward's heart stress. Alan tells Tracy they should get to the hospital. Heather yells at them for not caring about Edward and thinking he was faking. They argue with Heather. Felicia says that because of the tragedy, she is going to wipe the slate clean. They are all in the running again for Lila's money. She warns them that they have one last chance to love each other. The person who is the most selfless gets the money. Heather looks annoyed.

Edward awakens in the hospital; Tracy is by his side. He groans and asks why it's always her. She tells him about his heart attack. Tracy talks to him sweetly, like she did after Lila died, about how it is not his time yet to join Lila. She tells him about Felicia's decision, too. Edward angrily yells for Felicia. She comes in and escorts Tracy out. Monica goes in as Felicia explains that Edward's blood pressure rose quickly. Heather yells at them again. Monica says he's fine. Felicia declares that everyone has to stay away from Edward or be disqualified. They object. Heather says the rules don't apply to her because she's not a Quartermaine, so she goes in to check on him. They all tell Felicia that this is a mistake because now Edward will be vulnerable to Heather. They argue about it but Felicia stands firm.

Heather visits Edward in his room. She vows not to leave his side. He is confident that he is in safe hands.

Brook Lynn has called the other teens to meet her at L&B for something important. She tells them that it's about Sage and the secret she carried. She was up all night and couldn't get the poem out of her head. They discuss the poem and how Sage felt. Brook says she has a melody that she can't get out of her head; she put the music to Sage's poem. Lucas plays the piano as Brook sings. It makes them all cry and look sad, but they tell Brooke how it matches perfectly. Simon walks in toward the end and is clearly impressed. He says that song will make Brook a star. Brook points out that it's a personal piece. He says the best songs are. He wants to make some changes, like making it faster. He also wants to remake her image a little. The others object, saying Brook is fine the way she is. Simon brings up his knowledge and experience in making hits. Brook isn't sure. Lois comes in and greets Simon. He tells her about how great Brook's song is and how he'd like to launch her. Lois wonders what happened to the girl band. He waves that idea off. Lois is thrilled that he wants Brook to sing solo. Brook looks at Lois, scared and starting to get angry. Lois is happy and shakes his hand, saying Brook is all his. Brook looks like she can't believe Lois sold her out so easily. Lois bids goodbye to Simon. When she returns, Brooke informs her that she didn't write the song, Sage provided the words with her poem. Lois doesn't understand, so they explain where the poem came from. Lois looks upset. She tells them that they don't own the lyrics; Lorenzo does. Brook tells the others that she feels bad about them being locked out of the competition. They tell her not to worry about it. This is her big chance.

Lois asks Lorenzo to meet her on the docks. He tells her that Sage is buried next to her father, so he thinks she's finally at peace. Lois is sympathetic but uncomfortable. She asks bluntly if he killed Mary. He is annoyed, pointing out that he was down in South America burying his niece. She informs him that Mary died from medication, not from her gunshot wounds. She continues to wonder if he did it. He wonders why he would tell her and asks if she shared her suspicions with Mac. She said she doesn't want him punished, she just wants to know if he is capable of having someone killed. He replies, "Absolutely". She looks shocked and disappointed. He tells her that he's glad Mary is dead. He tells her how Sage must have suffered at Mary's hands. She presses him for the truth and he replies that he didn't have time to kill Mary because he was busy burying his brother's daughter--the one he had entrusted him to care for. He whispers that he put the beautiful picture Lois gave him on top of her casket. She says she is so sorry, both about her death and that she accused him. He repeats that he's glad Mary is dead. He just wishes she had suffered the way Sage did. He walks away, leaving her on the docks feeling sad and sorry.

At the police station, Nikolas assures Emily that she will be fine as long as she tells the police the truth about Mary's death. Jason comes up behind and tells Emily not to say anything. Nikolas argues with them about this. He thinks she will look guilty if she clams up. Emily tells Nikolas that she asked Jason to come down there. They ask Nikolas to leave them alone for a moment, so he does. Jason tells Emily to stay quiet without an attorney no matter what because Ric is looking for some way to nail her.

Lucky questions Elizabeth about Mary and finds out that Emily was outside of Mary's room before her death and how she asked her to watch the cart with the medicine. Lucky chats with Nikolas at the police station about Emily. Nikolas thinks Ric is trying to railroad her. He and Lucky agree that she should cooperate with Ric. Lucky insists on speaking with Emily alone, so Jason leaves. Lucky tells her that he's a cop, but he's also her friend. He wants her to tell him everything that happened the night Mary died. Nikolas tells Jason that if he really wants to help Emily, he should leave. Jason states that she wanted him there. Nikolas says it's a reflex that she has to call Jason whenever she's in trouble. Jason points out that she doesn't, so that should give him an idea as to how scared she is. Jason says she only calls him when other things don't work out. They keep arguing about whether she should talk to the cops or not. Jason tells Nikolas quietly that Emily went to see Mary and threatened her multiple times, so it makes her look bad. She also has a motive because Mary took advantage of him for three months. Jason talks about how Mary was so crazy but didn't seem it. He thinks Nikolas might be too close to this and he should stop blaming himself because it's not helping Emily. Jason lets him know that the cops know better than to bring her in there without a lawyer; they are setting her up. He says that Nikolas is playing right into their hands. They keep arguing about Emily. Jason walks off; Nikolas goes back into the room. Lucky is annoyed because Emily refuses to answer any questions. He tells her she can go but warns her not to leave town.

Lorenzo visits the police station; he asks Lucky about Mary's death. Lucky asks where he was last night. Lorenzo says that he was in Caracas burying Sage. Lorenzo asks if he has a suspect in custody. Lucky asks, "Why, are you volunteering?" LOL!

Jason questions Elizabeth at the hospital about Emily being there the night Mary died. She tells him the same thing that she told Lucky; he is not happy to hear that she told Lucky about it. He asks her not to tell anyone else about it. He is worried that Emily might incriminate herself, especially if she thinks she has to protect Nikolas. They argue about it a little. Elizabeth thinks Emily will be okay. Jason still worries that she looks too guilty and will be charged. Meanwhile, Emily tells Nikolas that she's not innocent. Nikolas thinks she just feels guilty. Mary tells him that she thinks she killed Mary.

Lois and Lorenzo meet again on the docks. She apologizes again for what she said earlier, and he accepts it. She tells him that the timing is terrible but asks what she would have to do to persuade him to do something he's going to hate.

Alexis runs into Ric at the courthouse. After their usual banter, he explains that he's there to object to Justus representing Faith, since they're romantically involved. She smiles and says Ric is just using that as an excuse because Justus beat him in court last time. He denies it. She points out that if Justus were opposing counsel, he might have grounds, but in this case there is no conflict of interest. He brings up Justus and Faith sleeping together, but we know he is hinting to her, flirting really. He goes into the courtroom after some more banter. Justus and Ric argue their case in front of the judge in her chambers. Ric wins. The judge tells Justus that he has to find Faith another attorney because of his relationship with her. Justus tells Alexis what happened and asks her to be Faith's lawyer. Alexis refuses because she can't stand Faith and she shot her friend Jax. He pleads with her and Alexis wonders why he cares so much. He replies that he failed her once and this is his chance to make it up to her. He pleads some more and Alexis realizes that he's in love with Faith. She's stunned. Later, Alexis tells Ric that she is taking Faith's case; she asks for his witness list. He wonders why she would do that. He accuses her of doing it just to be close to him. She taunts him, saying he will lose and Faith will go free. He points out that if that happens, Sonny will kill her. Justus tells Faith that Alexis is going to be handling her case instead of him. She worries that Alexis will do a bad job because she hates her. Justus assures her that Alexis will win. She wonders what he had to do to get Alexis' help. He said all he had to do was point out that it was an opportunity to beat Ric. That was all the incentive she needed. She wonders if Alexis can win. Justus talks about why it might work and says that Faith will go free and then they can be together for the rest of their lives.

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