GH Update Tuesday 9/7/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/7/04

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MARY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Mary has gone "code blue" -- Nikolas, Lucky and Emily watch as a doctor tries to get Mary to start breathing again.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam and Jason are talking. Sam says that Jason is different from Sonny, because while Sonny thinks he owns people, Jason encourages them to be themselves. Sam also notes that she feels safe with him, and that she knows that he cares about her, if only as the baby's mother. She tries to get up, and nearly falls. Jason catches her and then says he has to go check up on a few things. Sam asks him why he keeps running from her.

THE CAVES BELOW WYNDEMERE: Faith and Justus are contemplating the fact that he's about to help her escape Port Charles forever. Suddenly they hear a noise -- Sonny steps out from behind some rocks, pointing a gun at them. Justus snaps that Sonny will kill them...getting away with murder yet again. Sonny replies that only one of them has to die tonight...he suggests that Justus save his own life by killing Faith.

A BAR IN NEW YORK: Carly is still "interviewing" John...asking him questions about whether or not he has a family, and when he fell in love for the first time. John calls her on her ridiculous questions, and she admits that she should have been more straightforward when approaching him. He cuts her off and says that he has figured out who she is.

MARY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: A nurse and doctor are trying to assist Mary's breathing (with Lucky, Emily and Nikolas watching). Mary reaches out to Nikolas -- she has a brief flash of Nik-as-Connor (dressed in a soldier's uniform, with dirt smeared on his face). But the doctor's efforts are in vain...Mary flatlines.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam berates herself for telling Jason that she's glad he's in her life. She says that Jason must think she's a slut. Jason notes that her life would be easier if she left town altogether, but instead she's staying for the baby's sake. He also notes that if she was only after money she would have stayed with Jax. He says that he'll never let anyone try to tell him who she is, because he already knows.

THE CAVES BELOW WYNDEMERE: Sonny clarifies Justus' options...he can die with Faith, or he can kill Faith and Sonny will forget Justus' betrayal. Justus is furious...he points out that Sonny would be in jail right now if it wasn't for him, and Sonny admits that that's true -- but now Justus is helping the "enemy." Justus suggests that he leave with Faith for good, but Sonny doesn't like that idea very much. He wants Faith dead. He aims the gun at Faith...but before he can shoot, Ric arrives on the scene. Faith is relieved, but Justus wants to know how Ric found them. Ric replies that Sonny tipped him off.

A BAR IN NEW YORK: John tells Carly that he knows she's never set foot instead of law school. Carly says that she's had a lot of experience with the law and John asks if that means she's been for it or against it? She admits that her questions have been personal because she wants to know the real man, not the man he is for the papers. John wonders if she staged saving his life moments earlier in order to get close to him. He wants to know who she is and what's she's after.

MARY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: The doctor calls Mary's time of death. Emily, Lucky and Nikolas are still in the room, staring at Mary's lifeless body.

A BAR IN NEW YORK: John asks Carly if she's in trouble, if she needs help from him. Carly replies that she's not a law student...she's a "novelist" basing a character in one of her books on him. John, skeptical, asks her to describe the character. Carly says that the character is a federal prosecutor, a big traveler, charming, smart...a guy who likes danger. John notes that he's also "clean, brave and reverent." Carly continues, saying that the character is also a family man who expects a lot from others. John says that if she prints a word of what she said, he'll sue her...and with that he leaves. Carly stands helplessly watching him go.

KELLY'S: Sam has arrived...she goes to the bar and asks for something to drink. Mike gives her her "usual" -- a glass of milk. He asks how the pregnancy is going and she says that besides the back pain and the mood swings she's doing great. At that moment Elizabeth comes in with her baby Cameron (Zander's son). She sits down at a table with Cam while Mike goes to get her something to eat. Sam, intrigued, asks Liz if she can look at Cameron. Liz says it's fine and Sam coos over Cam for a bit. Sam tells Liz that she is due in November...Liz tells her congrats and then asks what's going on between Sam and Jason.

THE POLICE STATION: At that moment, Jason is watching Faith and Justus being led in by Ric...Ric orders Faith booked on attempted murder and unlawful flight, while Justus is booked as an accessory to Faith. Sonny is there as well...Ric thanks him for the tip off.

Sonny is surprised to see Jason, who says that he was on his way to take care of Faith when he saw that the cops had already shown up. Sonny asks how Jason knew where to look for Faith and Jason said it was just a guess based on the fact that Spoon Island was really the only place Justus could take her. Sonny admits that he tipped off Ric because he wanted to test Justus, to see how deep his loyalty is to Faith. Unfortunately for Sonny and Jason, it appears that Justus is in love with Faith and is willing to give his life for her. Sonny notes that if Faith dies, Justus will want revenge on her killer.

Meanwhile, in the interrogation room, Faith is being questioned by Ric. She insists that she forced Justus to help her escape and that he was her hostage, not her accomplice. Ric doesn't seem to believe her, and Faith tells him that he might as well let Justus go.

Back in the main part of the station, Jason agrees with Sonny that Faith needs to be taken out...he also agrees that he'll be in charge of the arrangements. Sonny asks if Jason is willing to kill Justus too, and Jason says that he'll do what is necessary. Sonny notes that Ric might release Justus on the off-chance that Sonny will kill him (Justus). That means that Jason can't go near Justus for the time being. Sonny is upset that Justus is willing to die for Faith. Jason insists that Justus needs one more chance to walk away from all of this, and Sonny admits that while he doesn't want to see Justus dead...he wants Jason to understand that it might need to happen.

KELLY'S: Elizabeth and Sam are talking about Sam's relationship with Jason. Sam says that there's nothing romantic between her and Jason and there never will be. She insists that their living together is for the sake of the baby. Liz admits that when he was dating Jason, she might have been in love with him herself. She warns Sam that if Sam does fall for Jason, she should watch out...because the way Jason lives (taking dangerous jobs for Sonny) will break Sam's heart.

THE POLICE STATION: Justus is with a police officer when he and Sonny catch one another's eye. Sonny tells Justus that Ric will lock Justus up in prison for years...he notes that horrible things happen in prison, which means that Faith will likely meet her end there. Justus asks what's in store for him, then, in prison and Sonny replies darkly that Justus is no longer under his protection. At that moment Ric shows up and tells Justus that all charges against him are dropped. Jason, lurking behind a hallway, hears this.

CARLY'S HOTEL ROOM: Carly has returned to her hotel room only to find Coleman lounging on her bed, reading a newspaper (the headline, of course, being John's battle against the mobsters). She orders him out and Coleman complies, pointing out that her daddy has been a very busy man. Carly moans that she needs to think all of this over for a moment, and Coleman wonders aloud what Sonny will say when he finds out that John is his worst nightmare?

THE HOSPITAL: Nikolas and Emily are working through their feelings following Mary's death. Nik says that Mary died reaching out to him, but he doesn't feel anything, not even anger. Emily replies that she sure as heck feels anger toward Mary. Nikolas muses that Mary would have been all right mentally if Connor hadn't died...but he's finding no sympathy from Emily, who points out that nothing in Mary's past justifies what she did. Nikolas is still upset that he didn't feel anything when Mary reached out to him. He thinks it has to do with his Cassadine blood, sort of a "disconnect thing." Emily consoles him, telling him that he's not like the other Cassadines. Nik says that he's glad Mary can't hurt Emily anymore, and they both agree that it's over.

Just then, Lucky appears -- he tells them that it's NOT over, that Ric can charge Nikolas with murder now that Mary's dead. Emily, as usual, is full of all kinds of righteous indignation. Nikolas has a much calmer attitude...he says that he would understand Ric's point of view, because he *did* threaten to kill Mary and then shot her despite Mac saying that there was no reason to use force. He thinks that Ric will make an example out of him (considering that the Cassadines have always gotten away with murder in Port Charles). Lucky tells them that he'll put a rush on the autopsy and the paperwork, which will give Nik and Emily more time together. He leaves and Emily turns to Nikolas in excitement -- Lucky is giving them a chance to get away.

KELLY'S: Sam assures Elizabeth that Jason's dangerous job isn't a factor in their relationship, as it's not any worse than her childhood, which was spent running cons. Liz warns her that no one is ever really safe with Jason. Sam counters that she's not "with" Jason...she points out that he never even notices her and that he doesn't communicate his feelings or anything. Liz replies that Jason is just shy. Sam wonders what he could possibly be shy about, "Nothing is happening." Liz knowingly responds, "Nothing at all."

THE POLICE STATION: Jason approaches Ric at the police station. Jason calls him on dropping the charges against Justus in the hopes that Sonny will go after him. Ric replies that he dropped the charges because he believes Faith's statement that she merely took Justus hostage. He notes that Faith is in love with Justus, just like Justus is in love with her. He says that when people are in love, they make mistakes -- they become vulnerable.

CARLY'S HOTEL ROOM: Carly wants Coleman off of her bed and out of her room, but he's being difficult. Coleman wants money to keep quiet about John being her father. Carly tells him that she needs to come up with some kind of cover so Sonny won't find out about John. Coleman offers to come up with a "fake father" with the initials of "J.D." for 50 grand. At that moment, Sonny comes knocking on the door. Carly quickly hides Coleman and lets Sonny in. He says that he just wanted to make sure that she was okay. He asks her if she found J.D. yet and she lies and says she hasn't, though she refuses to give up. Sonny wants her to let him help her, so she won't have to depend on Coleman. Carly changes the subject by distracting him with sex. They lay down on the bed, and the scene ends.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric tells Justus that he is free to leave. Justus asks why he's doing this and Ric smoothly replies that he believes Faith's version of events -- that Justus was her hostage. Justus points out that Ric knows that Faith is lying and Ric replies that Faith obviously cares about Justus, just like he would do anything to protect her. Therefore, Ric is prepared to offer Justus help from the police: protection from Sonny, and a chance to help the woman who lied for him. Justus asks him to clarify and Ric says that he will go easy on Faith. Justus realizes that Ric wants all the details of Sonny's operation. Ric notes that Justus has already turned against Sonny...and now, he's got Faith (visible in Justus' line of sight from the interrogation room) counting on him as well.

THE HOSPITAL: Nikolas tells Emily that he will not run away from the cops. Emily wants him to reconsider, to go on the run with her for a few years (she believes that Jason would help them disappear). But Nikolas is tired of running. He says he can deal with whatever comes. Emily notes sadly that she doesn't think she'd be able to deal, though. They embrace.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason comes in to a darkened penthouse...Sam is asleep on the couch. He watches her until she wakes up. They look at one another.

CARLY'S HOTEL ROOM: Carly and Sonny are laying in the bed, post-sex. Sonny gets a phone call and afterward he turns to Carly and tells her how much he hates John Durant -- who he believes is nothing more than a corrupt fed. Carly has a very uneasy look on her face.

THE POLICE STATION: In the interrogtation room, Justus talks the circumstances of the situation over with Faith. Then he returns to Ric with his answer: he refuses to help Ric bring down Sonny.

Out in the main part of the police station, Nikolas and Emily have arrived. Lucky informs them that Mary went into cardiac arrest as a result of someone tampering with her medication -- and he thinks that the culprit might be Emily.

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