GH Update Friday 9/3/04

General Hospital Update Friday 9/3/04

By Suzanne
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On the docks, Justus tells Jason that he doesn't know where Faith is and didn't help her escape from the Quartermaines. Jason doesn't believe him and warns him that he will get himself killed. Jason points out the risks in his plan as Justus continues to swear he's not helping Faith. Jason says she will use him and then stab him in the back. Jason tells him that he is going to find Faith, and when he does, he doesn't want to have to take out Justus, too. Justus thanks him.

At the penthouse, Sonny argues with Sam that she shouldn't keep living with Jason. He thinks it makes their situation more complicated. She says Sonny can't be the kind of full-time father that Jason can be and wonders why he feels so threatened. She denies that there is anything going on with her and Jason other than friendship. Sonny points out that Jason is on call 24/7, so she accuses him of working Jason hard so he won't be there for her and the baby. Sonny denies it and says he loves Jason like a brother. Sam counters that Sonny is devoted and protective until the person gets in his way. He says he just can't stand betrayal, but Sam thinks he just can't stand to be disobeyed. They keep arguing about Jason. Sonny is worried that she will cut him out of her baby's life, but she assures him that she would never do that. Their argument is interrupted by Jason coming home. Sonny asks Sam to give them a minute. She is still annoyed at Sonny from their "discussion". Jason tells him about finding Justus. Sonny is really angry that Jason did not rough Justus up or follow him back to Faith. Jason says he will find Faith but he doesn't want to hurt Justus because he took him out of the monastery to come work for Sonny. Sonny gets very angry and yells at Jason that he wants him to kill Faith, and Justus too if gets in his way. We can tell the real problem is that Jason is not following his orders. Sonny wonders what Jason will do once he finds Justus. After some debate, Jason says he will do what Sonny needs to be done. Sonny leaves. Jason says out loud to Sam that she shouldn't have been listening to that. She walks downstairs and says she's glad she did. She has never seen Sonny so vicious. He tells her it's just work and has nothing to do with her. They argue about his working for Sonny. He is used to Courtney's arguing, so he tells her that if she can't handle his job, he can give her some money and she can get another place. She stops him and tells him that she would never judge him or tell him how to live. She will accept him exactly as he is. She notices that he and Sonny are very different. She says that she never felt so protected in her life. She tells Jason that she knows he cares about her. As she walks by Jason, she starts to faint or trip and he catches her.

In New York, Carly goes to the apartment where Mr. Durant lives (the man who might be her father). The doorman tells her that only family is allowed up. He wonders if she is into celebrities, but she doesn't know what he's talking about, so he shows her the newspaper headline that has Durant on it. She finds out that he is the most powerful federal prosecutor in the country. The doorman is clearly proud of him and says he's a good tipper as well as taking out all of the mob family heads one by one. Carly wonders if she can't bribe him with $100, but he refuses. She charms him into telling her that he is out right now but will be going to his favorite bar soon. He also tells her the name of the bar. Carly goes to the bar and talks to the bartender. There is only one other guy in the bar. She asks about John Durant. The bartender tells her that he should be in there soon. He points to the TV and tells her that she can see him there right now. She watches the TV, where the press catches him outside the courtroom. Durant talks about how mobsters are parasites and he won't rest until every single one of them is behind bars. Later, Durant and his people walk into the bar. Carly is standing near him, about to talk to him, when the other guy who was lurking in the bar pulls out a gun and goes to shoot Durant. Carly sees the gun and hits the guy's arm so he misfires. They get him and arrest him. Durant thanks her for saving his life. She introduces herself as Carly Richards. She claims she is a law student and wanted to interview him for a paper. He is used to getting asked that, so he gives her 15 minutes. She asks him a bunch of personal questions. He admits that he has tried everything twice and moved around a lot. He chooses Florida when asked what place he likes the best. She asks him about a wife and kids, so he says she must not have done her homework. She says you never ask a question if you don't know the answer. He wonders if they taught her that in law school, but she doesn't answer. She asks him about when he first fell in love. He asks her who she really is and what she wants.

On Sonny's island, Courtney and Jax continue to kiss on the chaise lounge outside her room. She tells him she wants to make love, but not there (where the snake was). She wants him to call the concierge for some champagne while she goes to get changed, but he stops her and keeps kissing her. They keep flirting. Courtney tells Jax it is the right time to make love but then tells him not to move because the snake is back. He laughs, not believing her, and then gets bitten. Later, Jax wakes up on the lounge and wonders why his head hurts. She tells him that he jumped up and bumped his head, so she called the doctor. She assures him that he was right, the snake wasn't poisonous. He will survive just fine, but he will be a little sore. He tries to get her back into the romantic mood, but she tells him that the doctor said he needs rest. She tells him that his window of opportunity (for making love with her) is closed. He pulls her down into a kiss and tries to convince her they can still make love. She tells him that hanging around with him has taught her to act instead of letting the situation control her. She declares that she will now keep her distance until she has won the bet. She walks away, with her packed suitcase. He tries to get up to follow her, but he is shackled to the chair.

Emily  and Nikolas  make out a lot at his house. They talk about what has happened lately. She worries about the charges against him and about Mary. Faith is in the room when they walk in, but they don't see her. Em suggests they take a walk in the garden, but he has to make some calls about his legal problems.

Ric and Lucky visit Mary in her hospital room to question her. She wants to know why they haven't brought her husband Connor to see her. Ric tells her gently that Connor died in the war. She gets hysterical, saying they are in on the lying. She goes to get up, saying she is going to find him. Ric stops her from getting out of bed and she gets more hysterical. The nurse comes running in and tells them that they must leave. Lucky tells Ric that he thinks it was all an act and he thinks it might work on a jury.

Emily visits Mary; Mary pretends to be glad to see her and asks if she brought Connor with her. Emily reminds her that she knows that Connor is dead. Mary talks about herself in the third person, so Emily guesses that she is pretending to have multiple personalities in order to get out of going to jail. Mary says that she will be released after treatment and then come back to cut Emily's heart out. They keep threatening each other until Emily runs out of the room, upset (isn't there a GUARD on the killer's door yet? Geez!). Elizabeth rounds the corner with a cart full of medicines just as Emily comes out. She asks Em if she's okay. Em says she is, claiming she was just thinking about some errands she has to run. Elizabeth is enthusiastic about working with the patients in her new nursing program. She remembers she forgot something and asks Emily to watch her cart for a minute. Emily agrees, so Elizabeth leaves. Emily looks closely at the medicine. Later, Lucky visits Mary again and tells her that he knows she is putting on an act. She keeps up with her act. Then, Mary collapses as her breathing sounds funny; her monitor alarm goes off and he starts yelling for the doctor. As the doctors work on her, outside, Emily and Nikolas catch up. She tells him that she went to see Emily. They notice the code blue being called for Mary's room and rush to go check it out.

Justus brings medicine and other supplies back to Faith; she tells him that Emily and Jason almost caught her. He tells her that he ran into Jason. She wonders why Jason is giving him another chance; he says that Jason and he are cousins and know what it's like to be on the fringes of the Quartermaines. She asks if he is going to use this opportunity that Jason gave him to get away from her, and he replies that he is. He knows Sonny's people will be following him, so he wants to use that. He tells Faith that he has some supplies waiting already in a boat. He wants to lead Sonny's men in the opposite direction while Faith makes her getaway to Miami. She doesn't want him to sacrifice himself for her. She say that 6 months ago she wouldn't have cared about dying, but now she would miss him. He tells her that he will get away and they will meet up.  After some more argument, Faith says they should make their last moments count (didn't she just have a life-threatening fever??). They make love. Afterwards, as he helps her get dressed, she wonders what it is that haunts him and whether she will ever get to know what that is now. Sonny steps through the door of their hiding place with his gun cocked and pointed at them.

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