GH Update Thursday 9/2/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/2/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Brook sits in the L&B Studios, listening to the recording that Sage did. She looks very sad. Georgie runs in, frantic. Brook is annoyed that she is interrupting her listening to Sage's only recording. Georgie needs her help because Dillon has gone to see Lorenzo about Sage's death. She's afraid of what he might do to him. Lois comes in, so they fill her in on what's happened. They talk it over. Georgie points out that Luis, Lorenzo's brother, was a vicious criminal that kidnapped her and Maxie. Lois says that Luis is not his brother, but she will pay him a visit.

Dillon goes to Lorenzo's place to tell him about Sage. He tells Lorenzo how he used Sage, even though he wasn't trying to, and didn't pay attention to her like he should have. He begs Lorenzo to blame him for Sage being locked up in the basement, no one else. He even lies that he is the one that locked her up. Lorenzo tells him he doesn't blame him, and neither does Sage. He gives him a letter that he found that Sage wrote but never mailed. Later, Lois drops by after Dillon has gone. Lorenzo tells her in a broken voice that he has to plan Sage's funeral. She gives him a gift: a framed photo of Sage. He cries when he gets it. She explains that they had some promotional shots done. He tells her that he plans to avenge Sage's death the way he didn't get to avenge his brother's. She tells him that it won't bring Sage back to do that He gets a phone call and says something about his jet. He tells her he has to leave. She offers further help and then leaves. He cries more after she leaves.

Dillon goes back to L&B. He sadly tells Brooke, Georgie, and Lucas about how upset Lorenzo was about Sage's death. He shows them the letter she wrote and then reads it to them. Sage reveals her true self to Dillon. She really wasn't a bad person, she just put on a tough exterior because she was so lonely and afraid to be hurt. She thanks him for remembering her birthday with pancakes. She has enclosed the candle. They are all in shock about how she was just like them after all. There is a lot of crying. Brook reads a poem that Sage wrote, too.

Ric tells Sonny at the police station that Justus has helped Faith escape and they are on the run. He wants to know if Sonny knows anything about their whereabouts, but Sonny says that he doesn't. Ric wants to monitor Sonny's bank accounts because he figures that Justus might try to tap into Sonny's funds. Sonny says no. They argue. Ric warns him that if they are found dead, he will come after Sonny. Sonny is used to the threats. He tells Ric that Ric needs him more than he needs Ric. He says if Ric ever did kill him, he would lose his reason for living. Then he leaves.

Jason returns home; Sam asks him what's wrong. At first he tries to put her off, but after she nags him, he confides that he's upset because he took Carly to the airport. She is flying off to find her father, and he fears that she will be hurt and disappointed. He talks to Sam about it. She is surprised to learn that Bobbie was a prostitute. As Jason goes on about how Carly will never have a dad, Sam talks about what a real dad is like, meaning Jason will be the real father to her baby because Sonny will never be around. Sonny comes in and can tell they have been talking about something serious. He chats for a minute about Carly. They ask Sam to leave so they can talk business, so she does (reluctantly). Sonny tells Jason to find Faith and Justus. Jason leaves. Sam wonders if Sonny purposely got rid of Jason.

Jax and Courtney are kissing on the lounge of her terrace, at Sonny's private island. She gets up and turns around, then grabs a gun and tells him not to move. He makes a joke about it, but she tells him to look down. There is a big snake coiled between his legs. He tells her not to shoot, upset that he might lose something important. He grabs the snake and throws it to the ground. She shoots at it but misses. The snake slithers off. They spar as usual. He spent the night on her lounge because she wouldn't let him in the bed. He keeps trying. He takes off his shirt and puts on lotion as she tries to convince him to leave. He starts kissing her shoulder and neck. She says she's going for a swim, so she does, leaving him there. Later, she tells him that she is going out to dinner alone at the casino. He shows her that he has made dinner: his special spicy prawns. She doesn't want any, but he insists that she try one. She does and says they are ok. He goes on and on about how they are so great, nobody can resists having more. She leaves but then sneaks back to grab more, and he catches her. He continues to feed her prawns. They also drink beer and end up dancing. They kiss some more and end up in the lounge again.

Faith takes Justus to her secret room. It's the underground room where Stefan took the red-headed woman (the one that was engaged to Nikolas, can't remember her name). Faith pushes open a piece of wall and there are supplies there. She is obviously in pain. He wants her to go to the hospital, but she refuses. Later, he can tell she's got a fever so he insists on getting some medication. She doesn't want him to leave, worried that he might not return. He promises he will. They kiss. He phones in a prescription (guess he's a doctor now!), but when he turns around, Jason is standing there.

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