GH Update Wednesday 9/1/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/1/04

By Suzanne
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Jason asks Sonny and Sam what's going on because he has just walked into his apartment and can tell there is tension. Sonny reminds him that he's not the baby's father. Jason points out that he's living there, so they are his responsibility. Sonny shakes his head, saying maybe Jason is getting a little too close to his head. He says it in a warning type of voice. They argue about it. Sam gets in on the argument, reminding Sonny that he can't be there for the kid as much as his own children. Sonny clearly feels threatened by Jason's being there. Sam says he has to deal with the situation at some point. Sonny doesn't say anything, he just leaves, slamming the door. Sam rants and raves to Jason about what happened and how she feels. She asks if the two of them together would be such a bad idea (romantically). She then quickly apologizes for suggesting such a thing. She talks about how they didn't like each other at first but now he's an amazing friend. She thinks he will be very good for the baby. She laughs at the idea of them being in love. He says that's not going to happen. She babbles on some more about how love and romance just gets in the way. He agrees but then looks thoughtful as she walks away.

Jax and Courtney meet in the cellar, dressed to the nines. She tells him that they have the whole place to themselves, all night. She walks toward him seductively and starts to undress him. They kiss. There is a romantic table set up. Courtney is awakened from her reverie by a knock at the door. It is Jax. He grabs her and kisses her. Courtney is taken off guard but gives Jax a little bit of a hard time for kissing her like that. He talks about how he has to focus on seducing her because their bet is almost over. They chat about her dreams again. She pushes him toward the door, trying to get him to leave. He teases her, talking seductively about how she is going to be so frustrated and give in. She laughs and pushes him out the door.

Coleman has been called to meet Carly in a bar. She says she needs his help. He wonders if she has an itch she needs scratching or something (meaning something sleazy). They both laugh. She tells him disgustedly that she would never be that desperate. She wants him to find someone for her. She tells him about finding her father and gives him the three names he's narrowed it down to. Then she has to tell him about Bobbie being an ex-hooker. He realizes Bobbie isn't happy about Carly looking into this. He asks some questions and she answers. She tells him she is looking for someone who was a teen back then. She doesn't want him to contact any of the people, just get information on them and then tell her about them. He asks what's in it for him, so she offers $10,000. He flirts with her and says a good-looking chick like her should be able to come up with something better than that. She smiles and whispers, "I think you're about to be a dead man". He wonders what she means and continues flirting. She tells him her husband is standing right behind him. He jumps up and sees Sonny staring at him. Sonny tells him that he knows better than to disrespect his wife. Coleman apologizes and says he means no disrespect. He does this funny little almost-handshake thing with Sonny and then leaves quickly. Carly tells Sonny why she hired Coleman. He wonders why she didn't hire Felicia instead of a sleaze like Coleman. She says she hasn't forgotten what he did to Courtney, but he's resourceful. Sonny points out that Coleman is only looking for a buck. Carly says greed is a great motivator. Sonny warns her that Coleman is not trustworthy so he could just make something up. He also tells her that even if he finds her father, there's no guarantee that he will be a good guy. Carly knows, but he thinks she's thinking with her heart, not her head. He worries that she will leave herself open to some guy who would misuse her because of her money and connections. She says that he's right, she's a user, so why wouldn't she be. Sonny backs off a little because he didn't mean to imply bad things about Carly. He hopes she finds what she wants, but he wants her to be more cautious. He worries that she will get hurt.

Lorenzo asks Nikolas why Mary killed Sage. He tells Lorenzo it was a case of mistaken identity. Mary thought Sage was Emily. Lorenzo says that she died in Emily's place. Nikolas tells him that Mary is crazy and it's not Emily's fault that she was the intended victim. He makes sure Lorenzo knows that Mary is to blame. Nikolas tells Lorenzo that he got his memory back. He points out that Lorenzo used him when he had amnesia to get to Jason. Lorenzo says in an annoyed way that they've been through all this already. Nikolas says now he has a new perspective on things. He says that both Sage and Emily were innocent victims and asks him to stay away from Emily. Alexis comes in and says she has to consult with her client. Lorenzo glowers at them and leaves the room. Ric warns him not to avenge his niece. Lorenzo says he wants justice. Ric says to stay away from Mary. Outside, Lorenzo pulls out a gun. Alexis harasses Ric about Nikolas shooting Mary. They argue. Ric accuses her of making this personal, but she denies it.

Mary grabs Emily arm from her hospital bed. Emily struggles. Mary grabs her throat and starts to squeeze. She says she lost her chance to kill her but won't fail now. Emily slugs Mary, so she lets go. Lucky runs in and holds a choking Emily. Mary yells that Emily attacked her and tells him to get her away. They argue. Mary tells Lucky that Emily wants her husband, Connor, who came back from the war to be with her. Lucky drags Emily out of there. He yells at Emily for not staying away from her. Emily tells him what happened. Lucky reminds him that she could be facing charges like Nikolas if she's not careful. They hug. Emily can't believe how strong Mary was. Lucky advises her again to stay away from Mary. He goes to let the staff know that Mary is not allowed visitors (what, no armed guard for the murderer??). Emily goes to get on the elevator. Lorenzo gets off just then. He tells her that she was just who he was looking for. They walk and chat about Sage's death. Emily expresses her sympathy. He asks her if Mary ever seemed deranged or dangerous to her. They rehash some of their history with Mary and Nikolas. Lorenzo is trying to figure out when Mary went over the edge and why Sage was killed but Emily is unharmed. He gets very upset and yells at her. Jason comes up and tells him to leave Emily alone. He and Emily tell Lorenzo that it was Mary's fault, not Emily's. Emily also tells him that Mary murdered a friend of Sage's named Trent the same night. Lorenzo can't handle it that he can't go after someone else for Sage's death. Jason and Emily tell him it was a terrible thing and nobody expects him to just forget about it, but going after an innocent person won't bring her back. Lorenzo doesn't say anything but just walks away. Jason asks Emily if she's okay. She is fine and says she's glad he showed up when he did. Jason questions whether Alcazar made any threats. She replies that he didn't, he is just looking for answers. They discuss what happened for a moment. She is just grateful they survived and that Nikolas remembers. Jason is surprised to hear it but very pleased for her. Emily thanks him for helping her bring Nikolas back.

Courtney tells Carly that she thinks in trouble because of Jax. Carly is not surprised, but Courtney tells her that it's not what she thinks. She can't get Jax out of her head. Carly is disgusted by the idea. Courtney explains how her feelings have changed and he is starting to get to her. She wants Carly's help. Carly gives her opinion of Jax and his many faults. It doesn't help Courtney. She is worried that Jax will seduce her and she will lose the bet. Carly suggests that she avoid him until the bet is over. Courtney talks about how much she likes Jax, and kissing him. Carly is more disgusted. Courtney blurts out that if Carly doesn't help her, she will be sleeping with Jax by nightfall. Sonny walks in and says that would be a mistake. He says in an embarrassed way that he thought her relationship with Jax was just something light, a rebound from Jason. She tells him about the bet and how she feels. He asks if Jax has been pressuring her, so she tells him to let her handle it. She asks him not to hurt Jax. He says he won't. He reminds her that he's interfered in her life before and won't make that mistake again. He says he might not like it, but it's her life and her choice. She is surprised by what he said and thanks him, amazed. He leaves. Courtney says to Carly that he took that well. Carly thinks there is something going on with him because he took it too well. Courtney keeps begging Carly to help her with her dilemma.

Sonny goes to Kelly's and finds Jax sitting outside, talking on his cell phone. Sonny leans over to Jax and warns him, "You touch my sister, I'll kill ya". They argue about Courtney. Sonny says she's getting over a divorce right now and Jax is taking advantage of her. Jax just shrugs. Sonny rants about how Jax just wants to use her and then move on to the next one. Sonny suggests that Jax find one of his other girlfriends and leave her alone. Jax tells Sonny that he actually cares for Courtney and likes her. Sonny doesn't care; he tells Jax to forget her. He accuses Jax of using her to insult him. Jax asks him if it ever occurred to him that it has nothing to do with him. Sonny doesn't buy it. Jax tells him he's not using her to get back at Sonny. He tells Sonny that her being Sonny's sister is the only downside. It won't stop them from together. He advises Sonny that if he can't make peace with it then just to leave them alone. Sonny doesn't look happy at all as Jax walks away.

Jax walks into the cellar as Carly and Courtney are chatting about him, so Courtney covers by telling Carly that she'd love to go to Atlantic City with her. Jax starts making charming comments. He and Courtney flirt some more about the bet as Carly makes gagging motions. Courtney and Carly keep pretending they are going to Atlantic City. Jax invites himself along on their trip. Carly starts to say no, but Courtney says they will see him there. He leaves. Carly asks Courtney what's going on. She thought Courtney wanted to stay away from Jax. Courtney says Jax is going to Atlantic City, but she will go as far away as possible (to avoid him during the remainder of the bet). Carly and Courtney toast; Carly is glad that Courtney came to her senses. Courtney talks about how "sweet" Jax is, so Carly decides she has to do something. She phones someone to get Sonny's private jet fueled so Courtney can go down to the island. Courtney smiles, liking the idea. She knows that Jax wouldn't follow her to Sonny's private island. Carly advises her to stay there as long as she needs. Coleman comes back and tells her that he got the info she needed. He says two of the guys are dead but were in their mid-late twenties when they knew her mom. The third guy would have been 17. She asks where he is now. Coleman tells her that he lives in an expensive neighborhood on the east side in Manhattan. He gives her a piece of paper and she looks at it, thanking him absently. She goes to get his money and hands it to him in an envelope. He flirts with her some more and then leaves. Sonny comes in and asks her what he came up with. Carly tells Sonny what she learned and that she has to go see if he is her father. Sonny warns her again to be prepared for the unexpected. She is trying not to have any expectations, but he knows she does anyway. He doesn't want her to be disappointed and says she should protect her heart.

Sam flips through a magazine. She starts to daydream about Jason and the baby being a happy romantic couple in the future. He kisses her and tells her how irresistible she is. He picks her up and carries her upstairs. In the present, Sam smirks at herself. Jason comes in to find her asleep on the sofa. He takes the book out of her hand and moves the hair out of her face. He sighs heavily.

Lorenzo goes to Mary's room (she's sleeping) and pulls out his gun. He puts a silencer on it. He aims at her but can't go through with shooting her.

Nikolas is released on bail. Emily is there to greet him but wonders how he got out. He tells her that Ric decided to charge him with only attempted manslaughter. He doesn't know what changed his mind. Meanwhile, Alexis praises Ric for being ethical in reducing the charges. He reminds her that Nikolas could still get 5-20 years if he wins his case. She agrees. He also says he won't go easy on him while prosecuting. Alexis thanks him humbly.

On Sonny's jet, Courtney phones the pilot to say she's having trouble fastening her seatbelt. He comes out and fixes it. She looks at him and it's Jax. He takes off his hat and welcomes her to Air Romance. She laughs, shaking her head.

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