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General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/7/04

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JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is worried that she won't be a good mother...she wants to get parenting books. Jason assures her that she'll be fine. Still, Sam wants Jason to start reading Shakespeare to the baby at night...Jason balks, but Sam wants everything to be perfect.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny is yelling at Max, because Max left his post and an intruder broke into the penthouse. He warns Max not to let it happen again. Max leaves and Carly comes downstairs -- she and Sonny talk about how today is the day she begins the search for her father.

THE DOCKS: Lorenzo has just met up with (a very solemn looking) Lois. He has just returned from a business trip. Lois sighs and tells him that there's no easy way to tell him what she has to tell him -- his niece Sage is dead.

THE POLICE STATION: Nikolas has been arrested for Mary's shooting. He and Emily are waiting in the interrogation room -- when Ric comes in, Emily accuses him of taking Nikolas into custody when Nik was only trying to defend himself.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly tells Sonny that she once found some papers at the Cellar that belonged to Ruby. She now intends to check out the papers to see if she can find out if there are records of her mother's clients...maybe then she can find out her father's identity.

THE HOSPITAL NURSES STATION: Bobbie is talking to the PI she hired to break into Sonny and Carly's penthouse. He tells her that he couldn't get the diary when he broke in. She offers to hire him triple to try again for the diary...Bobbie says it's very important that Carly never find out who her father is.

THE DOCKS: Lorenzo is in shock and his eyes are blurred with tears. Lois tries to explain what happened -- that she got a call from Brooke Lynn in the middle of the night telling her that, while the teens had been at the Quartermaines, both Sage and Sage's friend Trent were murdered by a woman named Mary Bishop. Lorenzo, hearing Mary's name, gets even more upset.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric informs Nikolas that he has contacted Nik's lawyer, Alexis, and they will wait for Alexis to arrive before he gets Nik's statement. Alexis comes in and tells Ric that it looks like a clear-cut case of self-defense. Ric asks, if that's the case, why did Nikolas pull the gun out of Mac's hand and fire at Mary while she was walking away? Nikolas agrees to give his version of events of the evening, with Emily's help. They go through the whole story of what happened with Mary. Nikolas admits that he did shoot Mary, and that given the chance he would do it again.

THE DOCKS: Lorenzo is still very upset...he is rambling about how he knows that he should bury Sage, but he doesn't know if she would want to be buried or cremated, as they never really talked about it before. He adds that she was just sixteen years old. Lois keeps apologizing because she doesn't know what else to say. Lorenzo wants to go to the police station to find out exactly what it was that killed Sage...Lois offers to go with him and he agrees.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam are talking about the baby. He doesn't want the baby to listen to classical music -- he chooses the blues instead. He also has a problem with Sam wanting him to read Shakespeare...he says he would rather read a travel book about Africa, like he used to read to Michael. Sam suggests fairy tales instead and Jason balks. They settle on reading the baby books about history (but, Sam reminds him, "no wars"). Just then the phone rings -- it's Dillon, and he needs Jason to meet him at Kelly's right away. Jason agrees.

THE CELLAR: Sonny watches while Carly busts open the side panel of one of the booths with a crowbar. Inside is a dusty old box full of papers. Carly opens it in wonderment and then whispers to Sonny that she can feel it...the key to her father's identity is in the box. They go through the papers and she discovers three men in the record book with the initials of "JD." One of these, Carly says, is her father.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily has come to see Mary. Lucky confronts her and tells her that Mary is in critical condition and might not make it through. Emily snaps that she hopes Mary does die and Lucky warns her to be careful what she wishes for...if Mary dies, Nikolas will be charged with murder.

THE POLICE STATION: Nikolas and Alexis are in the interrogation room. Alexis wants him to plead insanity, but Nikolas insists that the only thing he will plead is self-defense.

In the main area of the police station, Lorenzo and Lois have arrived and Lorenzo immediately confronts Ric. He asks if Mary's in custody and Ric says that she's at the hospital in critical condition after being shot by Nikolas (who was trying to protect Emily). Ric lets it slip that Sage was locked in the freezer when she died, and Lorenzo completely freaks out and pushes Ric up against the wall, demanding to know what charges will be filed against Mary.

KELLY'S: Jason meets up with Dillon and Brooke Lynn outside of Kelly's. Dillon wants to know if there's a "family discount" for Jason's services, because he's kind of broke. Jason asks him what he needs and Dillon tells him that they need protection from Lorenzo Alcazar. Jason asks what happened and Brooke replies that they all agreed to lock Sage in a freezer...and then someone murdered her.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric tells Lorenzo to calm down...Lorenzo backs off of him, but continues ranting. He says that he will not see Mary get off for Sage's death the way Alexis got off for the murder of Sage's father (Lorenzo's brother Luis). As he is talking, Alexis and Nikolas are watching from the doorway of the interrogation room. Ric says that if Mary had a psychotic break she could very well get off. Lorenzo snaps that whoever locked Sage in the freezer probably wasn't insane at the time...he wants Ric to find out who did it. Lois steps in and says that she has to tell Lorenzo something. They both leave.

Alexis and Nikolas head back into the interrogation room...Alexis tells Nikolas that if Lorenzo can't blame Mary, his next target will probably be Nikolas himself.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily is fuming mad...she is angry that Nikolas is being punished when Mary is the one who murdered two people. Lucky tells her that she has to leave, that no good can come out of her getting in Mary's face. Emily finally admits that he's right.

KELLY'S: Brooke and Dillon explain that they locked Sage in the freezer because she was being obnoxious. Jason tells them that it sounds like it was a horrible night, and Dillon asks if the "mob code" will go into effect. Jason asks what the mob code is and Dillon explains that he thought mobsters lived by the mantra "an eye for an eye" etc. Jason says that if Lorenzo goes after anyone, it'll be Mary for killing Sage. But he also tells Dillon that he'll keep his eyes open for any danger. Dillon thanks him and Jason leaves.

THE CELLAR: Carly is worried that her dad will be disappointed to learn that he had a child by a prostitute. Sonny asks her if she's sure she wants to go on with the search and she says that she can't stop until she knows. Sonny offers to have one of his men check out the names on he list but she turns down his offer, as this is her journey to take. She also says that she has an idea about how to get a short-cut to the truth.

THE POLICE STATION: Lois has just explained the teens' prank on Sage to Lorenzo. Lorenzo is silent while she explains the involvement of Georgie, Dillon and Brooke and then says that he can understand that they feel upset about it. He thanks her for being straight with him, and that he intends to handle things on his own. Lois tells him that she doesn't like the way he's acting, but Lorenzo says that he doesn't know of a better way to act. She says she'll pray for him and he advises her instead to pray that Sage rests in peace. They part ways and Lorenzo heads into the interrogation room -- he wants to speak to Nikolas alone.

MARY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Completely ignoring Lucky's advice, Emily walks into Mary's room anyway. The door closes behind her. She walks over to Mary's bed and starts in on a speech about how she has tried to find a way to have sympathy for Mary...until she realized that that was her mistake all along -- giving Mary the benefit of the doubt. She says that Mary is a horrible, loathsome woman and she wishes that Mary had died from the gunshot wound.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny shows up and Sam lets him in. He talks about how Carly is looking for her father...and that it has made him want to be closer to his own child. He asks what Sam has been up to and she says that she has been ordering books for Jason to read out loud to the baby. Sonny smiles and says that that's what he's talking about -- he should be the one to get to read to the baby so the baby can know HIS voice. Sam looks sad and she tells Sonny (much to his surprise) "No."

KELLY'S: Carly is sitting at a table outside Kelly's when Bobbie comes over to her. Carly tells her mother that she has been looking through Ruby's records, which show no less than three men with the initials JD. Bobbie once again begs Carly to leave the whole thing alone, but Carly says that she just wants to know who her father is, where she came from. She asks Bobbie pointblank which one of the men her father is, and Bobbie denies knowledge. Carly snaps that she doesn't believe Bobbie, and that she will not stop until she finds the truth.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny asks if this means that Sam is going to keep him from his child. She tries to explain that it would be hard for Sonny to be hands-on in their child's life right now because the child is still inside of her -- which means she would have to spend time with Sonny. She tells him that she is still in love with him, a fact that he knows very well, and that it would hurt her to have him with her sometimes and then over across the hall with his other family. Sonny says that they can try to make it work, but Sam asks him to remember what's best for the child -- would their daughter be happy with this arrangement? At that point Jason comes in and asks what's going on. Sonny tells him that the matter is between him and Sam. Jason stares at Sonny and then glances over at Sam without saying a word.

THE DOCKS: Lois, Dillon and Brooke Lynn are on the docks. She tells them that she talked to Lorenzo and that he didn't have much of a reaction when she said that Sage had been locked in the freezer by the teens. However, she warns them that Lorenzo is so upset right now...that she doesn't have a good feeling about what he might do.

THE POLICE STATION: Alexis warns Ric that Ric won't be able to get Mary the death penalty (what Lorenzo wants) since she was insane at the time...which means that Ric will be at the top of Lorenzo's hit list when all is said and done. Ric asks her if that would bother her. Alexis does not answer.

In the interrogation room, Nikolas and Lorenzo are discussing Mary. Nikolas tells him that Mary went insane and mistook Sage for Emily. Lorenzo realizes that Sage died in Emily's place.

MARY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Emily is still ranting away at the unconscious Mary. She suggests that Mary just do everyone a favor and die already, since the world would be a better place without her in it. At that moment, Mary's eyes open and she grips Emily's hand. Emily stares at her hatefully.

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