GH Update Monday 8/30/04

General Hospital Update Monday 8/30/04

By Ali
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Note: This update is going to be sparse, and in a different format. The usual format will return for Tuesday's update.

Nikolas and Mac and the Quartermaines discover Faith hiding in the boathouse. Nikolas demands to know if she's seen the killer. Faith denies it.

Meanwhile, Heather's body is taken over by Lila's spirit, who warns Edward that Emily is in danger. Lila's spirit then leaves -- Heather is honestly confused by what has happened, while Edward rushes off to save Emily.

Mary (the killer) is attacking Emily in Em's bedroom. Mary says that she is trying to save "Connor" from Emily's clutches.

At the boathouse, Faith denies that she has seen the killer. Everyone realizes that the killer is still inside the mansion -- with Emily. Nikolas races off to get Emily, but Mac stops the other Quartermaines from joining him, warning that there is safety in numbers. Justus arrives and Tracy points out that he must have come to see Faith.

Back in the mansion, Heather is telling Alice that Lila must have chosen to speak through her. Alice is skeptical and warns Heather that she only helped Heather trick Edward the first time because she wants Edward to get Lila's money. Heather says that they both agree in that they want what is best for Edward.

In another part of the mansion, Georgie is mulling over the part she played in Sage's death. She's very depressed and worried about the killer getting anyone else. Lucas and Brooke Lynn try to comfort her...and Brooke admits that she believes that Sage's death is HER (Brooke's) fault, not Georgie's.

In Emily's bedroom, the show-down between Mary and Emily continues. Apparently, Mary has gone crazy and now believes that Nikolas is her dead husband Connor. She is under the impression that she must save "Connor" from Emily at all costs. Mary admits that she killed Trent because he got in the way and that she killed Sage because she mistook the teenager for Emily. Mary and Emily struggle.

Back at the boathouse, Felicia, Mac and the Quartermaines are skeptical of Justus' involvement in the evening's events. They believe that Justus brought Faith to the mansion to hide from the police. Justus denies that he had any knowledge of Faith's whereabouts. Dillon reminds everyone that there is, after all, a killer on the loose in the house.

Speaking of the mansion, Lucas suggests asking the board if there is anymore danger ahead. Brooke agrees, but they are interrupted by Nikolas at the patio door, who tells them that they must all stay together while he goes to find Emily. Nikolas leaves and Lucas tells Georgie and Brooke to ask the board about Emily while he stands guard.

Nikolas rushes up to Emily's room where he finds her laying on the floor. He checks her and finds that she is still alive. She tells him that Mary is the killer.

The Quartermaines, Faith, Mac and Felicia have returned to the mansion. Edward tells them about Lila's warning. The Q's are worried but Mac tells them that they can't go running off. He decides to take Faith to the freezer, as it's a secure location to keep her until the police team has arrived. Faith asks Justus to speak up in her behalf but Justus tells her that he is resigning as her lawyer.

In the den, Georgie and Brooke are trying to contact a spirit through the board. The board spells out the word "widow." While this is a reference to Mary, the teens (who don't know that she's the killer) are confused. Dillon shows up, relieved to see Georgie. Georgie starts to talk again about how she blames herself for Sage's death -- when the other teens try to comfort her she points out that Lorenzo Alcazar will blame her for what happened.

Meanwhile, Mac and Felicia have brought Faith to the freezer. Faith is worried that she'll be targeted by the killer. Mac and Felicia believe that Justus will come to break Faith out -- Faith reminds them that Justus just resigned as her lawyer, but they don't buy it...they think it was just an act, and that Justus is still on Faith's side. If he shows up at the freezer, they'll be able to peg him as her accomplice.

In Emily's room, Emily is talking to Nikolas about Mary and how Mary believes that Nik is really "Connor." Nikolas believes that Mary has convinced herself that he is her dead husband, and he vows that he will kill Mary before he allows Mary to harm Emily.

Felicia and Mac tell the Quartermaines that Faith is now contained. Emily reunites with her family, and she and Nikolas tell them all that Mary is the killer. Mac and Felicia go upstairs to search through the scene of the crime and Nikolas and Emily go back up with them so they can fill Mac and Felicia in on Mary's background. After they have left, Alan, Monica and Tracy attack Edward for fooling around with Heather. Edward thinks that because Lila's spirit chose to contact them through Heather that it was a sort of vote of confidence in Heather. The other Q's look skeptical.

Upstairs, Nikolas and Emily fill Felicia and Mac in on Mary's story -- that she is a war widow who allowed Nikolas to take the place of her dead husband during the spring. Mac is worried that Mary is still armed and a threat.

Back downstairs in the den, Dillon and Georgie are working themselves up into a frenzy over the roles they played in Sage's death, and how her uncle Lorenzo will blame them both. Brooke suggests that she have her mother Lois break the news to Lorenzo, since Lorenzo likes Lois.

Suddenly, Mary shows up outside the patio door, holding a knife. The teens freak out when they see her, while she smiles at them eerily.

Mac and Felicia tell the Quartermaines that Mary should be considered extremely dangerous. The teens run into the room to inform the adults that Mary was just outside. Nikolas vows to kill Mary himself. Just then, the power comes back on. Mac decides to go out to the boathouse, where he believes Mary will try to escape via the lake. Nikolas and Emily go with him.

Downstairs in the freezer, Justus shows up to rescue Faith. He says that while Mac and Felicia are distracted with the killer, he is going to leave with Faith. But Faith says that she can't let him hep her. Justus asks if this means that she doesn't want to run away with him.

Back upstairs, Brooke and Lucas are alone in the den. Lucas says that she has made a believer out of him when it comes to the supernatural, but Brooke begins to cry that she was wrong all along...that if it wasn't for her, Georgie, Sage and Trent would all have been home that evening instead of at the mansion. As she cries, Lucas comforts her.

Meanwhile, Georgie and Dillon are talking about how they feel guilty for the way they treated Sage. Georgie says that she's scared of what will happen to them when Lorenzo finds out.

At that very moment, Tracy is on the phone, requesting to speak to Lorenzo. Just before she can, Dillon shows up and stops her.

Out at the boathouse, Mac, Nikolas and Emily are looking around for Mary. Nikolas calls out to Mary, who steps out of the boathouse immediately. She calls him "Connor" and says that she has come to rescue him. Nikolas looks at her warily.

Back inside the mansion, Dillon snaps that he won't let Tracy pin Sage's death on Georgie when she speaks to Lorenzo. He is sure that Tracy is only trying to break him and Georgie up. Tracy says that she was only trying to protect HIM from Lorenzo, but Dillon says that he doesn't want her protection.

Meanwhile, Edward is angry that the police haven't shown up yet. His anger is stemmed by the reappearance of Heather...and he urges her to spend the rest of the night at the mansion. Alan and Monica look on in disgust as Heather and Edward go upstairs. Felicia asks them what's wrong, and they both tell her that Lila would not approve of Heather and Edward's affair. Both of them request that Felicia put them back in the contest.

In the den, Brooke and Lucas are still talking. Lucas manages to calm her down somewhat. He tells her that he thinks she's awesome, and she seems flattered by the compliment.

Down in the freezer, Justus warns Faith that this is a bad time to have an attack of nobility. She asks him if he's positively sure about leaving with her, and he says that he is, that there's no coming back for either of them. They embrace, and then make ready to leave.

Out at the boathouse, Mary and Nikolas are having something of a showdown. He asks her to put down the knife but she refuses -- not until he is "free." Nik says that he's not Connor, and she flies into a rage, swearing to kill Emily for stealing "Connor" away from her. Mac (pointing a gun at Mary) warns her not to take another step, but Nikolas urges him to pull the trigger before she can get away. Mary begs "Connor" to wake up and says that they'll have their life back once Emily is dead. With that, she lunges toward Emily -- Nikolas calls out in warning, "Mac!" There's a gun-shot, then fade to black.


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