GH Update Friday 8/27/04

General Hospital Update Friday 8/27/04

By Suzanne
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The storm still rages outside as the Quartermaines and the others deal with a mysterious killer in the mansion.

Justus asks Faith if she saw who stabbed her. She doesn't know; someone came from behind. Dillon, Lucas, and Trent run upstairs to find Brook. Brook opens the door to Emily's room as the killer hides. The guys come up and tell her that the killer has stabbed a woman and is probably upstairs. She is still worried about Emily, so they tell her she is probably downstairs. They all go down, but Dillon sees something and reaches down to grab it (the killer's robe?). The killer, on the other side of the door, also reaches down. Dillon goes into the room; the killer comes up behind him with the sharp object and is about to stab him when he jumps back, mouth open, scared. He rolls over the bed to get out of the way. The killer chooses to leave rather than chase him around the room. Dillon is relieved.

Monica says that Faith's wounds are superficial. Mac questions her about what the killer looked like, but it was too dark. They help her into the living room. Tracy notices Dillon is missing; the guys say he was right behind them. Georgie can't believe they left him up there alone. Mac goes to get Dillon, but Dillon runs in just then and tells them what happened. He describes the killer and the weapon to Mac. Tracy gets on Mac's case for just questioning people rather than doing something. He leaves; Felicia follows. They argue about her going. She agrees to stay and watch the others but kisses him before he leaves. Nikolas asks Faith if she was the one who hit him earlier in the freezer. She says she was too busy running for her life to do that. Nikolas wonders to Emily why the killer didn't stab him like they did the others.

Upstairs, Mac has his gun drawn and is searching for the killer in Emily's room with a flashlight. He sees the torn picture but not much else. The killer hides in a corner, waiting to see if Mac finds him/her, raising the sharp gardening tool prongs. Nikolas creeps around and almost gets clobbered by Mac.

Nikolas wants to help Mac; Felicia and Emily argue with him, but he insists on going. Felicia and Emily talk about how their men are macho, arrogant, pig-headed idiots. Lucas comforts Brook, who is upset that she was up there alone with the killer. She wonders why the killer was waiting in Emily's room and if the spirit was right that she is in danger. Edward, Alan, Monica, and Tracy suggest to Felicia that they could use boats to ferry across the water to safety. Justus points out that it is a bad idea because of the lightening storm. They argue that it's better than risk getting stabbed. Felicia says they should listen to Mac, who said to stay there together in the room. They hear a gunshot from upstairs. Edward and Heather talk about what they should do. She says she feels safe that he's at her side. Georgie is worried because her parents are upstairs.

Nikolas almost got shot by Mac, who shows him the slug in the wall. Felicia comes running up, wondering what happened. Mac yells at them and tells them to go back downstairs. Nikolas argues that he could help Mac and keep the killer from sneaking up on him. Mac doesn't want his help and reminds him that he's technically a mental patient. Felicia tells Nikolas not to bother arguing, but he does anyway. Mac threatens to arrest him. Nikolas and Felicia come back and tell everyone what happened. The Quartermaines keep arguing that they should leave the house, but Felicia tells them again they have to stay there. Georgie questions Dillon about what the killer looked like. He confesses he was very scared. Georgie is upset that Sage saw the scary killer before she died because Georgie locked her in the freezer. Felicia and Tracy argue about their children's relationship, and Sage's death. Tracy again accuses Georgie for her death. Felicia sticks up for her. Tracy offers to convince Lorenzo that Georgie had nothing to do with Sage's death, in exchange for Felicia choosing her to inherit Lila's money. She threatens that Lorenzo will want to avenge his niece's death through Georgie or her parents. Felicia calls her a blackmailing witch. Monica and Alan wonders what's up, so Felicia tells everyone what she said. They are all appalled, saying that they all know that Georgie is not responsible for Sage's death. Emily says this has nothing to do with the truth, just politics and blackmail. Upstairs, Mac phones for some backup; he tells them the situation at the house. The killer overhears the call and sneaks out of the hiding place. Felicia tells Tracy that if she ever threatens her daughter again, she will rip her life apart. She gets in Tracy's face and says she will dig up something so horrible on her that she won't rest until she goes to prison. They all yell at Tracy about how horrible she is, and she argues back with them. Dillon takes Tracy aside and tells her to drop it.

Emily apologizes to Nikolas for her family's behavior. He theorizes that Helena or someone that works for her is the killer. Meanwhile, the killer watches them through the window. They hear a crash, so Felicia rushes to the door. They hear Alice's scream. She comes in and hands something to Felicia. They are horrified and recognize it as Mac's badge. It's covered in blood, Nikolas points out. Georgie cries on Dillon's shoulders as the Quartermaines argue about what to do. They all grab objects to defend themselves with. Monica has a gun and Heather has an ice pick. The rest have fireplace pokers, umbrellas, etc. Dillon stays with Georgie. Faith tells Justus that this could be their last chance to get out of there.

Nikolas and Emily search for the killer, talking about the badge and what the killer has planned. He wishes that she could have stayed where it's safe. She calls him a macho, pigheaded, arrogant idiot and says she wants to be with him, no matter what. They hug.

Trent, Lucas, and Brook search as well. Trent watches outside while the other two go into a room. The killer comes up behind him as he searches around with his flashlight. Brook tells Lucas how much she used to love this house when she was a kid. She talks about her childhood traveling around and how she was a loner. He says he is sure plenty of people wanted to get to know her. She jokes that it must because of her sunshine personality. He tells her that she's unique. Trent walks in the door and falls, with a sharp object sticking out of his back. Brook yells in terror. Felicia comes running in to find out why they screamed, so they tell her he's dead. Mac comes in; Felicia is glad to see him. They explain why they're up there. He says he must have lost his badge in the struggle with Nikolas. He explains that the character is trying to scare them. Felicia apologizes for letting everyone run around searching. Brook is upset that Trent is dead but wonders if the murderer has no weapon now that it's in Trent's back. Mac says he wouldn't count on it. They look worried. Meanwhile, the killer picks up the knife that Faith left near the boathouse.

Justus tells Faith that she shouldn't go anywhere except the hospital. Faith says she can walk; she doesn't want to be a target for the killer or the Quartermaines. Justus knows she's right; he talks about how the Q's are like a pack of wolves. He doesn't know why he wanted to be part of them. Faith says that everyone wants to belong somewhere. He wonders if she does. She tells him about how she met Rosco because he knew about her family's history with bootlegging back in prohibition. He says she constantly surprises him. She understands his wanting to connect with family. She wants something better now, with him. He agrees and they go running off.

Dillon searches for a weapon to use in case anyone attacks him or Georgie. He babbles on about needing hair spray. She says she doesn't think she could fight off the killer. He kneels down in front of her and says she won't have to. She worries about Mac and wonders why this is happening. She says they are teenagers and the worst problem they should be having is acne. Dillon says he tries not to think about anything besides being there with her. Felicia and Mac come in. Georgie runs to Mac and hugs him with relief. He explains that the killer used his badge to try to panic them. Tracy runs in and says they have to go with her; she says they have to get to Monica.

Nikolas and Emily creep around upstairs, still wondering if Helena is behind this. He doesn't think Helena would just knock him out and leave him, or use a disguise. Lucas and Dillon find them and tell them that Monica and Alan have the killer trapped in the boathouse. They add that Mac is fine, and he and Felicia are headed there with Tracy. They go back to stay with Georgie and Brook. Nikolas makes Emily go into her bedroom for safety. The killer is back in Emily's closet with the big knife.

Brook asks Georgie if she and Dillon are over their fight. Georgie says it seems pointless now. Brook says their teenage drama will seem almost cool after this. She offers to buy the first lattes. Georgie is very quiet. Brook asks her if she needs anything. Georgie is cold, so Brook put a throw over her and assures her that they'll be home soon. Brook and Lucas talk about Georgie being in shock over the murders. She sits close to him as says the girl band is pretty much gone now; he admires how she can joke in the face of adversity. She says she gets it from her mother and he says she must have lost it a little if she's comparing herself to her mom. He puts her hand on her forehead as he says that. She regrets bringing everyone there for the sťance and also wishes her mother hadn't had sole custody. He says having divorced parents can make you strong, and he lists a bunch of other good qualities that she has, complimenting her. He tells her that she's pretty, and then adds that she's pretty amazing. They look into each other's eyes.

Monica and Alan are kneeling down outside the boathouse. They wonder if it could be Edward and Heather inside instead of the killer. Monica jokes that it would be so terrible if she accidentally shot Heather. Alan can't believe she found the gun in Emily's room. She figures it must be Faith's. Mac, Felicia, and Nikolas come up and join them. They all catch up on what's happened. They rush the boathouse but only find Faith. Nikolas looks worried.

Edward, Heather, and Alice are still inside the mansion, looking for the killer. They send Alice ahead with her broomstick. Edward and Heather talk about how great they both are. He praises her, saying she used to have a lot of problems, but she has changed and he admires her deeply. She smiles. Alice comes back and tells them that Trent is inside, dead. They go inside and look. Edward is disgusted that there are two teens dead inside his house. Heather "channels" Lila again. She tells Edward that there is grave danger. He must warn Emily. "Lila" says that Emily is not alone. Edward questions her and then she faints for a second. Heather comes back to herself and says something odd happened. She completely lost track of time. She wonders what they were both staring at. Edward is surprised she doesn't remember. He tells her that Alice will fill her in. He goes to try to find Emily. He warns them not to leave the room. Alice comments that her performance was really good. Heather asks her to fill her in on what happened. Alice tells her what happened, but Heather insists she wasn't faking this time.

Emily sees the torn picture in her room. The killer comes out of the closet with the knife. Emily turns and confronts the killer. The killer makes an angry sound as she runs toward Emily with the knife. Emily avoids her and knocks the gun out of her hands. The killer starts to strangle Emily on the love seat next to her window. They struggle and the killer throws Emily on the floor. The killer picks up the knife again; Emily jumps up and they struggle with the knife. The killer screams some more and gets the upper hand above Emily. Emily grabs the mask and the killer is revealed to be Mary. Mary gets up, shocked. Emily stares at her, also shocked.

Brooke apologizes to George for insisting on the sťance. Georgie, who is very quiet still, says they all agreed. Lucas sits next to Georgie and consoles her. Lucas points out that a lot of other things happened and that it wasn't Brook's fault. Georgie says the Ouija board was right: there was danger and people did die. Brook, frustrated, says what good is it for it to be right if nobody listens.

Next time: Felicia suspects that Justus is there to meet Faith in the boathouse. Nikolas tells the teens to lock all the doors and not to leave because the killer is still in the house. Emily tells Mary that Nikolas is fine, but she says that his name is Connor. Mary says she is going to have to save him from Emily once and for all. She will have to die.

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