GH Update Thursday 8/26/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/26/04

By Suzanne
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Georgie freaks out when she and the others find Sage stabbed to death in the freezer. She keeps saying, "I killed her" and "it's my fault". She hugs Felicia and tells her how she locked her in, to teach her a lesson. Tracy comes in and says she believes that Georgie did kill Sage. She demands to know where the weapon is that Georgie used to stab her. Felicia yells at her and then Dillon also yells at her to leave. Trent is there and agrees with Tracy. Tracy says she was caught red-handed. Georgie's guilt wear very hard on her. Dillon talks to her calmly as she and Felicia try to find out what really happened. Felicia determines that Sage was alive when Georgie left. She tells Georgie that she's not to blame. Someone come in and murdered Sage after she left.

Alice and Heather are conspiring about their plan to help Edward win his inheritance. Edward comes in just as Heather is saying she'll take care of him. He wants to know what she means by that. She tells him that Alice was saying he was concerned for her safety. She assures him that she's fine. He wants to know why Alice told him that she hadn't seen Heather. Heather quickly answers for Alice that it was true. She was hiding. Alice makes a quick exit. Heather confides that she left because she was terrified of Lila. Edward wants to know why. She says that they all said she was possessed by her spirit. She can't imagine why Lila would choose her for that. She says that was overwhelming to her. Edward answers that Lila loved him and wanted to be close to him. She was trying to reach out, so she did it through Heather, whom he cares about. He is grateful that he helped Lila's spirit. They hug. Alan and Monica come in right then. Alan says in a disgusted voice that they might want to know that Sage has been murdered.

Nikolas and Emily are in the boat house. They wonder where Faith is. She's right outside but they don't know that. Justus comes up behind Faith, surprising her. He wonders if she was going to stab him with her knife. She claims it was just for protection. She tells him that she found Sage murdered in the freezer. There is a flashback to her doing that. He wonders if she's lying because he can tell there's something she's not telling him. Meanwhile, Nikolas asks if Emily is sure Monica won't turn him into the cops. She knows Monica won't. They hear footsteps outside. He wants to go outside and she insists on going with him. Outside, they see Faith's knife stuck into the railing. They hear the police choppers coming in from above. She is worried that Helena will track him down. They argue whether Monica will turn him in or not. He wants to go in and turn himself in. He rehashes what has happened over the past of their relationship, asking Emily to put herself in Monica's shoes about how she views him and his relationship with Emily. He figures that if Emily doesn't go back to see her family, they will worry that he kidnapped her. She agrees. They kiss. She says she hates Faith. She speculates that they would be up in her room right now, making love, if she hadn't barged into her room. He is just glad to know Emily again and to know her love. They kiss some more. He tries to be optimistic, although he says it is not the Cassadine nature. He points out how much better it is to be there rather than back in Shady Brook. She agrees that she'd rather be there than anywhere they've been recently.

Meanwhile, Justus stashes Faith in another spare room of the mansion. He tells her to stay put while he goes back to talk to the Quartermaines. She is worried about what will happen. She might panic again. He says he has to put in an appearance or they will be suspicious. She thinks they will forget about him if he doesn't show up. She worries that she is a sitting duck there for any of them. She whines that they will blame her for Sage's death. She accuses Justus of wanting to turn on her. He swears that he won't. They argue. He says she has to learn to trust him. They kiss and then he leaves. She looks unsure. Later, she gets nervous and leaves the room.

Alan and Monica meet up in the hallway. then they find the teens and Tracy, so they learn about Sage. Tracy says that Felicia is working on a covery story right now for Georgie. Brook yells at her, saying Georgie is in shock and doesn't know what she's saying. Lucas pipes up that Georgie wouldn't hurt anyone. They argue with Trent about it. Meanwhile, Felicia, Georgie and Dillon come in. Tracy says cheerily that probably Georgie can get manslaughter. Someone tells Tracy to shut up. She counters that they all heard Georgie's confession. Edward worries about whether Alcazar has learned yet about his niece's death. Mac arrives and his first thought is his concern for Georgie. He tells them that the chopper could barely land. He says that this is a crime scene, so no one is leaving. Edward adds dourly, "You mean, no one leaves alive". Mac examines Sage's body. He says sadly that she is just a kid. Felicia tells him that Georgie is taking it hard. She worries that Tracy thinks she heard a confession. They agree that they must find the real killer so they can clear Georgie. Mac says that between the weather and the road problems, the killer can't get far. Tracy accuses Mac of tampering with evidence. Mac questions the teens briefly and then says he has to question them all, one by one. He starts with Georgie. Tracy asks if there was any evidence found. Monica and Alan blast her for being so mean. Edward points out that Tracy is just punishing Felicia for cutting her out of Lila's estate, by picking on poor Georgie.

Meanwhile, the teens debate about whether Georgie killed Sage. Trent talks about how they don't care that Sage died. Dillon speaks up for Sage, mentioning her good qualities. He is clearly upset as he yells at Trent. Lucas puts in his two cents again that Georgie couldn't have killed her. Brook says they have to use the board to find the real killer. They sit down to the board again. Trent gripes a lot and they argue more about Georgie. He also blames Dillon for pitting the two girls against each other. Dillon denies it and even Lucas defends him. They blame Trent for not being more of a friend to Sage. Brook gets upset and yells at them, saying they have to concentrate so they can figure out who the killer is. Their hands move and the planchet points to the letters "EM". They wait but nothing more comes. Trent complains that they don't want to believe any of their friends or family could be murderers. The board moves again and spells out "ILY" and then "WARN". They realize it means to warn Emily. Brook jumps up, frantic to warn Emily. Dillon leaves with her. Trent says something sarcastic to them as they leave. Dillon comes back in and says that Brook is missing.

Mac questions Georgie about what happened. Tracy tries to eavesdrop on them. The Quartermaines bicker. Edward continues to worry about Alcazar. Emily and Nikolas arrive. They learn about Sage. Mac comes out. They tell him about Helena hounding Nikolas, etc. Edward chews out Nikolas and tells him he should go back to the loony bin. They all argue. They recount what happened with Sage going to Emily's room. Tracy bitches and then questions Georgie. Mac yells at Tracy in Georgie's defense. Emily and Nikolas tell them about Faith and how she threatened them. Mac questions various people, casting doubt on their innocence. Each time, we see a flashback to how they could have murdered Sage. He accuses Nikolas, saying he's a Cassadine so it's possible. Emily defends him. They tell what happened in the freezer. Then Mac says it could have been Emily. Monica and Alan object, saying it's outrageous that Mac should blame her. Alan says Mac is ignoring the prime suspect--Heather. They tell Mac about Heather's channeling Lila. He question her, but she claims she doesn't remember it. Edward objects to Mac's questions. Alan points the finger at Heather and there is another flashback. Heather points out that she didn't ever meet Sage. She does remember seeing a shadowy figure at the top of the stairs. They all deny being there. Justus arrives, so they tell him about Sage. He pretends to be shocked. Mac asks if he's seen Faith. Justus claims he hasn't seen her since he visited her in the hospital, before she escaped. Emily and Nikolas blame Faith for what happened to Sage, and there is another flashback. Just then, they hear a scream. Justus yells, "Faith!" and runs up the stairs. He brings Faith back down. She has been stabbed. There are three puncture wounds, Alan notes as he tends to them. She says the killer has a claw. Dillon runs in and says that Brook is all alone upstairs.

The killer goes back to Emily's room. The killer is wearing a black robe and hood, with a white face mask. It finds a picture of Nikolas and Emily and smashes the glass. It tears Emily out of the photo. It searches and then does something to Emily's things (I couldn't see what). It raises it's three-pronged weapon menacingly.

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