GH Update Wednesday 8/25/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/25/04

By Suzanne
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In the Quartermaine mansion, Faith hears someone coming as she hides in the freezer.  She takes out her gun and hides behind the door.  Alice comes up with her broom and uses her flashlight to peer into the freezer.  Seeing nothing, she leaves.  Faith leaves the freezer again and goes up the stairs.

In the Quartermaine living room, Felicia tells the Quartermaines that she has picked the new person who is to be off the list: Tracy.  Tracy objects, but no one is surprised.   At Tracy's insistence, Felicia lists her faults: being greedy, spying on her father, trying to blackmail him, etc.  Tracy still argues.  She and Felicia get into each other's faces.  Tracy accuses Felicia of being biased because she didn't want Dillon and Georgie together.  Felicia hasn't forgotten what Tracy did to Georgie, putting naked pictures of her on the hospital computers.  Tracy threatens that she will call her lawyers about overturning the will, since Felicia is clearly biased against her.  Felicia tells her to go ahead.

Outside of the living room, Justus phones someone to tell them that he needs a boat to meet him at the pier, for two passengers.

In her room, Emily and Nikolas go through the food they brought from the kitchen.  They have a bottle of wine but no corkscrew.  She goes to her closet to see if she can find one there.  The person who has been watching them hides behind Emily's clothes.  Emily comments that it is very cold in the closet, very drafty.  She comes out with the corkscrew.  Nikolas warms her up.   They make a toast and then kiss.  They are in bed when Faith rushes in, trying to hide.  She tells them that she is on the run from the law but can't afford to have them as witnesses (particularly Emily, who would tell Jason).  She pulls out her gun and points it at them.  They try to reason with her, to talk her out of it.  It doesn't work.  Emily pretends she sees Jason in the window, so Faith attention is diverted.  Emily runs to the window as Nikolas struggles with Faith over the gun.  The gun goes off but neither seems to be injured.  Faith runs out and they chase her.  She hides, but not in the freezer.  Nikolas and Emily do find the freezer and figure out that Faith has been hiding there.  Emily wants to go tell her family about Faith, but Nikolas thinks it's unwise for him to be seen.  They decide to separate.  Emily goes upstairs.  Someone comes up behind Nikolas and conks him on the head.  He falls to the ground.

The teens are shocked when they go into the boathouse and find Sage stabbed.  Then she laughs and gets up.  It was all a joke.  They are all angry at Sage.   She admits to most of the tricks, and Trent admits to helping her.  He mentions that he saw her dressed all in black and looking creepy, but she denies that it was her.  No one believes her, but she keeps claiming that it wasn't her.  Everyone yells at her and they all go back to the main house.  They debate whether there is a dangerous person running around.  Sage and Georgie argue a lot.  They suddenly notice that there is a big knife stuck in the middle of the Ouija board.  Sage denies doing that, either, but they don't believe her.  Sage and Georgie start arguing again.  Georgie gets very upset, hysterical.  She says they should lock Sage downstairs in the old freezer.  They all disagree, but no one wants to stop Georgie.  Trent gallantly offers to go down with Sage, but Georgie doesn't trust him not to help Sage escape.  George ties Sage's hands together.  Sage struggles and argues.  Dillon doesn't dare say anything because Georgie has said she's had it with him sticking up for Sage.  Georgie and Sage leave.  They go down to the freezer.  Sage taunts Georgie that the reason she is insecure about Dillon in bed is because she knows he still wants Sage.   Georgie throws Sage against the wall and dares her to fight back.

Felicia comes in and wonders what the teens are up to.  She is horrified when they tell her that Georgie is locking Sage up in the freezer.  When Georgie returns,  Felicia insists that they all go downstairs and let Sage out.  She wants George to apologize, too.  When they go down there, Sage is dead for real this time, with blood on the floor.

Alice chases Faith around some more.  Faith hides again.  Emily comes in and asks Alice if she's seen anyone unusual around.  Alice says she hasn't, but she's been looking.  She brandishes her broom as she says this.  Emily asks her to look up around her room, so Alice agrees and leaves.  Justus comes in right after Emily leaves and grabs Faith.  Faith is anxious to leave there.  She tells him about what happened with Emily and Nikolas but makes herself look like the victim.  He tells her not to worry because he is arranging their getting away after the storm.  She is impatient and says it's because now she has something to lose.  They kiss.  She confides that she doesn't like storms much.  Justus has to leave for some reason, so Faith is left alone again.

Heather starts speaking in a voice that sounds a lot like Lila's.  Tracy is not buying it.  Edward is convinced immediately that it is Lila.  The others are not too sure.  Heather speaks to them all in the Lila voice.  Felicia asks how they should know it's her.  Heather reminds her of the code words "scarlet ribbons".  Felicia is shocked.  Heather faints.  Edward tries to revive her.  Felicia remembers that when she and Lila were speaking about Felicia being the judge, she said she would watch over them.  She told Felicia she would identify herself with the words "scarlet ribbons".  She explains that Lila had a crush on a young man who was a caretaker.  She didn't want Felicia to tell Edward about it.  The first rose she ever planted, given to her by the young man, was named "scarlet ribbons".  They debate whether it's really Lila or not.  They wonder why she would possess Heather.  Alice comes in and gives her opinion that Lila would want to be near someone she was close to, like Edward.  She tells the story about how she called a psychic hotline once to find out where her late mother had hid her jewelry and was told to ask the cat.  She shows off her ring as proof that she found the jewelry near where the cat slept.  They wonder if the story is true but figure Alice would have no reason to lie.   Emily comes in and can't believe what is gong on.  Heather tells them that there is danger.  They want to know who is in danger, but then the lights go out again.  They all struggle to find their candles.  When they get light, they see that Heather has disappeared.

Emily takes Monica aside and tells her what happened with Faith and Nikolas.  Monica is surprised that Nikolas was with her.  Emily assures her that he has all of his memory back.  Monica calls the police but promises Em she will not tell them about Nikolas.  Meanwhile, someone, a woman, finds Faith's gun on Emily's bed.  The Quartermaines split up, even though Emily suggested they stay together, to look for Heather.  We find out that Alice and Heather are in cahoots.  Alice overheard Lila and Felicia talking, so that's how she knew the codeword.  Alice just wants to help Edward, whom she's fond of, get the money.  She doesn't realize that Heather has more diabolical plans.  Alicia had helped Heather escape during the blackout.

Emily finds Nikolas in the boathouse.  He has an icepack on his neck, due to being hit on the head.  He tells her about what happened.  Behind them, Faith is peering in the window with the big knife.

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