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General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/24/04

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Note: This entire episode takes place in and around the Quartermaine mansion.

THE LIVING ROOM: Sage and Trent come back into the living room where Dillon, Georgie, Lucas and Brooke Lynn are conducting another seance -- Sage whispers to Trent that she can't believe the other teens believe they can contact a spirit. Meanwhile, the Ouija board spells out the word "jealous." Dillon wonders what the board means and Sage pipes up that Georgie must still be jealous of the time she slept with Dillon. This sparks an argument, which Brooke ends when she snaps that she believes Lila's spirit spelled the word "jealous" to signify her disgust with Edward's attraction to Heather.

A RANDOM BEDROOM: Edward and Heather -- who are looking for a private place to spend the night together -- accidentally run into Alan and Monica, who had the same idea. Alan and Monica jump up from the bed, and all are shocked to see each other.

THE FREEZER: Justus returns to the freezer...he calls out Faith's name, but she doesn't answer -- she has vanished.

A RANDOM ROOM: Nikolas hides behind a couch while Alice searches for him -- the intruder. After she leaves Nikolas creeps out of the room and heads up the stairs.

EMILY'S ROOM: Emily is packing up supplies to take back to the boathouse (where she believes that Nikolas is still waiting). However she is unaware that someone is watching her from the closet doorway -- someone holding a metal gardening claw tool.

A RANDOM BEDROOM: Alan and Monica are shocked that Edward was about to have sex with Heather. An argument ensues -- Monica and Alan believe that Heather is after Edward for his money. At that moment Tracy comes in and snaps that now Edward won't receive any of Lila's estate.

THE LIVING ROOM: The teen argument continues -- Sage continues to harp on the subject of her one-night stand with Dillon, baiting Georgie (who she says is jealous to the point of "obsessed") until Georgie gets so upset that she runs out of the room through the patio doors, Dillon hot on her trail.

EMILY'S ROOM: Nikolas finds Emily -- she explains to him that the sirens he heard out in the boathouse are only coming to supervise the cleanup of the tanker truck that overturned on the road near the mansion. They begin kissing, while the mystery person watches them from Emily's closet.

THE LIVING ROOM: Brooke is upset that Georgie and Dillon got so caught up in their romantic angst that they broke the "circle" of the seance. Lucas tells her that he doesn't blame Dillon for running after Georgie, considering how hurt Georgie has been over Sage and Dillon's one-night stand. Brooke asks Lucas to help her with the seance.

Outside the living room, Sage complains to Trent about how Georgie expects everyone to grovel just because she slept with Dillon once. Trent tries to calm her down, but Sage says that by the time she's done with Dillon and Georgie, they'll be traumatized for life.

THE BOATHOUSE: Dillon finds Georgie crying in the boathouse. Georgie admits that she's insecure and she can't stop thinking about Sage and Dillon being together. Dillon, in turn, admits that sometimes he gets upset with Georgie's games, but he still loves her because she's the most important thing in his life. They kiss.

A RANDOM BEDROOM: Tracy says that Felicia will certainly disqualify Edward once she finds out that Edward and Heather were about to have sex in Lila's house. Edward disagrees -- he thinks there's a chance that one of the other heirs will get Lila's estate, like Jason or Emily or Skye or Justus. Heather, in a comic moment, asks who Justus even is.

THE FOYER: Justus is wandering through the house when suddenly, Alice (mistaking him for the intruder -- aka Nikolas) starts hitting him with her broom. When Alice realizes that it's only Justus, she apologizes and leaves to go check the attic. At that moment Faith rushes out of one of the rooms and over to Justus...she says she was hiding from Alice too. Justus tells her that she should be more careful if she wants to get out of the house alive.

EMILY'S ROOM: Emily admits to Nikolas that when she had a crush on him as a girl she used to fantasize that he would come to her bedroom and they would spend a passionate night together. They start making out on the bed...while the mysterious figure comes out of Emily's closet and moves toward the unsuspecting couple.

THE BOATHOUSE: Dillon and Georgie are still kissing and talking. Dillon tells her that he's sorry that he ever made her feel like she might not be beautiful, and that he knows he should have steered clear of Sage. Suddenly they hear a boat coming up to the boathouse -- it's Felicia. Georgie freaks out, but Dillon stops her and tells her that he will never regret anything more than when he slept with Sage. Unfortunately, Sage is near the window, eavesdropping when he says that. She starts to cry and walks over to Trent...she asks him to find a way to terrify Georgie and Dillon, and then says she is going to go haunt the house. Sobbing, she exits.

Back in the boathouse, Dillon tells Georgie that he hopes that he can get her to trust him again. They exchange "I love you's" and then kiss...but the kiss is interrupted by a strange noise outside.

THE FOYER: Faith can hardly believe that Justus really does care about her. He says that he was the one who helped turn her cold and bitter...and he wants to help her turn that around. She says she wants to get back to the way she used to be too. Suddenly, Edward, Alan, Monica, Heather and Tracy head down the stairs -- Justus hides Faith and then pretends to be looking for business papers. Tracy accuses him of spying on them.

Just then, there's a knock on the door -- it's Felicia...she explains that she hired a boat to get to the mansion, after getting a call that there was an emergency. Tracy says that she was the one who called Felicia...she and Edward argue over each other's behavior.

THE LIVING ROOM: Lucas and Brooke Lynn sit down next to the table with the Ouija board on it. Brooke wants to contact Lila's spirit...Lucas continues to be skeptical, and he explains away the strange events of the night with logical explanations. Brooke ignores him and he finally agrees to help her.

EMILY'S ROOM: Nikolas and Emily are laying in her bed, asleep (post-sex). The mysterious figure comes out of the closet and quickly strides toward the bed.

THE FOYER: Tracy, Alan and Monica all tell Felicia about finding Edward and Heather together. Felicia says she needs to hear everyone's arguments in an orderly fashion, and suggests that they go into another room. So that's what they do -- Edward asks Justus to defend him against the other members of the family, and Justus hesitantly agrees. They leave, and Faith comes out of hiding and dashes into another room of the house.

THE LIVING ROOM: Brooke and Lucas try to conduct another seance. Brooke asks the board questions that they already know the answers to -- like "Is it summer?" and "Are the lights on?" Brooke asks what the first initial of her dad's name is -- the board spells out "Ned not." Brooke thinks that this means that her dad is safe from harm...she then asks the board who is NOT safe.

THE BOATHOUSE: Someone starts making noises on the windows in order to scare Dillon and Georgie (who are still inside) -- it works. Dillon runs outside, holding a boat paddle as a weapon, but can't find anyone. He goes back inside and gets Georgie...then they both rush back to the mansion. Trent -- the one who was making the noises -- watches from his hiding place.

EMILY'S ROOM: The mysterious figure is about to strike Nikolas and Emily when suddenly Sage knocks on the door. The figure runs back into the closet and Sage, not having received an answer, comes in anyway. Nikolas and Emily awaken and suggest that Sage not tell anyone that she saw them, or else they'll have her arrested for trespassing. She agrees and quickly leaves. Nikolas and Emily are relieved that they are safe until morning...they start to kiss while the mysterious figure watches from the closet.

A RANDOM ROOM: Alan, Monica and Tracy have teamed up against Edward -- they tell Felicia that Edward intended to sleep with Heather. Justus objects and says that Edward merely tripped onto the bed (landing on Alan and Monica in the process). Heather asks if she can "take the stand" and Tracy snaps that that's not allowed, since Heather is merely "exhibit A."

THE LIVING ROOM: The seance is interrupted when Georgie and Dillon come running into the room through the patio doors. They explain that they heard noises out in the boathouse. Trent comes in and when Lucas (trying to find an explanation for the noises that Georgie and Dillon heard) asks where he was, he says he was checking to see if the road back into town was still blocked. Then Sage comes in holding what looks like a pillow of Lila's...she said that it fell at her feet while she was out in the hallway. Brooke is ready to believe the story but Georgie points out that there's mud on Sage's feet, proving that she was the boathouse...which Georgie thinks means that Sage was the one trying to scare her and Dillon. Sage denies it, but Brooke, Dillon and Georgie turn on her. Sage storms out, but not before tearfully saying that she thought that Dillon was her friend. Trent tells them all that they are "evil spirits" themselves for treating Sage badly.

EMILY'S ROOM: Nikolas and Emily are still in bed. Nikolas is hungry and Emily says that she'll go get some food for them. Nikolas wants to go with her but she objects, saying that it's too dangerous. He's persistent, they get dressed in preparation to leave (while the mysterious figure continues to watch them from Emily's closet).

A RANDOM ROOM: Tracy points out that Edward cheated on Lila several times while Lila was still alive and that Heather is an insult to Lila's memory. Justus begins his "closing arguments" and says that Lila loved Edward unconditionally -- despite his imperfections. He thinks that Lila would ask them to show him compassion since Edward has been responsible for keeping the family together. Justus leaves and Felicia announces that one of them has been eliminated as a potential heir.

THE FREEZER: Faith comes back to the freezer...suddenly she sees a flashlight in the hallway of the basement. She pulls out a gun and head to the doorway, where she peeps out the window.

THE LIVING ROOM: Trent thinks that they have all treated Sage very poorly -- that they have never tried to understand her. He says that they have all used Sage for their own purposes...a bunch of spoiled, selfish brats. He then leaves to go and find Sage. Dillon says that Trent is right and that they need to find Sage to apologize. They exit out the patio doors.

EMILY'S ROOM: Emily and Nikolas have brought a picnic basket up to her room. She goes to her closet to get a corkscrew (for the wine they've got) that she left in her beach bag.

THE BOATHOUSE: Dillon, Lucas, Georgie, Brooke Lynn and Trent have arrived at the boathouse...they assume that Sage is inside. They call out for Sage but there's no answer, so Dillon opens the door and they go in -- where they find Sage's body, lying on the floor lifelessly.

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