GH Update Monday 8/23/04

General Hospital Update Monday 8/23/04

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Note: This entire episode takes place in and around the Quartermaine mansion.

THE LIVING ROOM: Dillon, Georgie, Brooke Lynn, Sage, Lucas and Trent are sitting in the dark, asking the Ouija board what kind of danger they are in. The board claims that one of them is going to die. At that point a woman outside screams -- it was Heather, she was nearly struck by lightning. Edward comes into the room carrying a candle -- he says that Lila has returned.

THE BOATHOUSE: Nikolas and Emily are sitting in the boathouse...Emily is asking Nikolas question after question, to make sure he remembers everything. He passes all of her tests. He mentions that the first time they made love he knew he would love her forever. They kiss.

THE FREEZER: Justus and Faith are lying on the floor, covered in a blanket post-sex. Justus thinks that they are making a mistake by being together. Faith attempts to convince him that they belong together...she asks him to leave the country with her, and then she kisses him.

THE FOYER: Alan and Monica head downstairs...Monica wants to go outside to start the backup generator. They worry that Edward believes that the power outage is a sign from Lila. Alan suggests that he go turn on the generator in Monica's place, since the stairs will be dangerous in the dark. Just then, a door in the house slams shut.

THE LIVING ROOM: Heather cautions the teens against using the board to contact spirits. Edward worries that Lila has returned and mentions that she always hated his affairs. Trent and Sage head out into the hallway and discuss the situation...Trent thinks that Sage was behind the warning from the Ouija board, but Sage insists that she's innocent...though she admits that she intends to really scare Georgie before the night is over.

Back in the living room, Edward thinks that Lila is angry because of his involvement with Heather. The teens are skeptical, but Edward asks them to leave so he and Heather can talk. Heather tells him that she thinks he's feeling guilty because he's attracted to her -- and she also admits that she is attracted to him as well.

THE FREEZER: Justus and Faith are now dressed...Faith wants to take him with her to Europe -- she thinks they can have a chance to be happy, since they both have "nothing" to keep them in Port Charles. Suddenly they hear people approaching out in the main part of the basement...they blow out the candle and hide.

THE BASEMENT: Out in the hallway of the basement, Alan and Monica are trying to find the generator. Alan is worried because he thought he saw a light flickering in the freezer. He wants to go check it out.

THE FOYER: The teens are now arguing about whether or not they should continue the game. Brooke tells them that she thinks that the spirit they contacted is only pretending to be Lila -- as Lila was not a destructive, vengeful person. Georgie is officially freaked out.

THE BOATHOUSE: Emily and Nikolas are hiding when Alice comes in to get some more supplies (lanterns, candles) to light the house. After she leaves, they express their worry that it could have been someone else -- Nik is afraid of Helena and Emily is afraid of Mary.

(Outside, the shadow of a woman falls over the boathouse.)

Back inside, Nikolas and Emily discuss all that has happened during Nikolas' loss of memory. Emily says that she will never take his love for granted again, and Nikolas says that he wants to spend the rest of his life making up for the fact that he treated her badly when he didn't remember her. They begin making out as thunder and lightning crash in the distance.

THE BASEMENT: Alan is worried about the light he thinks he saw in the freezer, but Monica thinks that all he saw was the light from their flashlight reflecting off the freezer door. They check the generator and confirm that the breaker is broken...there's no way to get power back. They go upstairs.

THE FREEZER: Faith and Justus are relieved that they weren't caught by Alan. After a brief conversation, Justus agrees to leave the country with Faith -- she is very happy to hear it.

THE LIBRARY: Heather tries to convince Edward that there's nothing wrong with their mutual attraction. She says that Lila would want him to move on with his life.

THE FOYER: The teens are still arguing. Lucas is skeptical of the "warning" they got from the Ouija board. He argues with Brooke, who believes that they really did contact a spirit.

(Upstairs, Lila's old electric wheelchair turns on and starts wheeling down the hall.)

THE FOYER: Lucas and Dillon are now butting heads over the subject of the Ouija board...Dillon isn't sure there's an explanation for what has happened. Suddenly, Lila's wheelchair (now at the top of the stairs) falls over the edge. The teens panic and Sage screams in terror. Afterward, Lucas tries to calm everyone down, but they are too freaked out to listen. Alan and Monica come upstairs from the basement and when Alan sees the wheelchair he accuses the teens of pulling a prank and warns them to stay away from his mother's belongings. He and Monica go up the stairs -- Lucas, Georgie, Sage and Trent prepare to go home, but Brooke stops them, asking them to try another seance.

THE LIVING ROOM: Edward is hesitant but Heather again tries to convince him that what they feel for each other is far from wrong. They are about to kiss when Justus comes in -- Edward, startled, demands to know what he's doing there.

THE BOATHOUSE: Nikolas and Emily are lying next to one another, post-sex. Nikolas notices that Emily's taken off her engagement ring, and she explains that at his memorial service she promised Lulu she would give it to her. Nikolas says that he'll get Lulu another ring...he wants Em to put the engagement ring back on her finger where it belongs. She agrees and then says that she wants to go get some supplies (like food) for them from the house, since it looks like they'll be staying there awhile. He wants to go with her but she says it'll be easier if she goes alone.

THE UPSTAIRS HALLWAY: Monica is walking down the hallway alone when suddenly an arm grabs her and yanks her into a bedroom. It's Alan. She yells at him for scaring her half to death, but calms down shortly afterward. They are going to take advantage of the darkness and alone time...Alan still has some Viagra, apparently.

THE LIVING ROOM: Justus is going through one of the drawers, explaining that he got some of his case papers mixed up with ELQ papers. Edward, exasperated, leaves with Heather.

THE FOYER: The teens want to leave, but Alice comes in and informs them that a gasoline truck has overturned on the road from the mansion back into town...some police and a crew of workers are coming to clean up the spill, but until that's done, everyone is stranded at the mansion for the night.

THE BOATHOUSE: Nikolas is alone in the boathouse when he hears police sirens. Since he isn't aware that the police are only coming to supervise the gasoline cleanup, he freaks out, blows out the candles and leaves the boathouse.

THE LIVING ROOM: Brooke is eager to try yet another seance to find out more about the spirit that is trying to contact them, but she's having a hard time convincing everyone else (particularly Sage and Lucas) to go along with her plan. Nikolas (in search of Emily) passes by the patio door...Georgie catches a glimpse of his shadow and freaks out...claiming that "someone" is outside.

THE HALLWAY: Edward offers Heather somewhere to stay since she won't be able to leave. Heather wants to spend the night with him. They go into a bedroom and start kissing.

THE FREEZER: Justus comes back to the freezer and calls for Faith...but there is no answer. He looks around, but Faith has vanished.

A RANDOM ROOM: Nikolas, still looking for Emily, ducks into a room when he hears someone coming. He dives behind the couch and hides while Alice comes in -- she knows there's an intruder and she threatens whoever it is with bodily harm. She looks around the room while Nikolas lays down low to the ground, out of sight.

THE LIVING ROOM: Brooke wants to do another seance, but she's running into serious opposition. Sage is scared and Trent backs her up. Lucas thinks it's a stupid idea. But Georgie agrees to go with whatever Dillon says, and when Dillon agrees to the plan she agrees as well. Lucas asks her if she really wants to do it, or if she's just trying to impress Dillon. Dillon snaps that he would never ask Georgie to do it for him, and Brooke steps in and reprimands Lucas, saying that Dillon really loves Georgie. Lucas doesn't like the fact that Georgie, Sage and Brooke all worship Dillon.

Dillon explodes and says that he really does love Georgie despite what Lucas thinks. He turns to Georgie, they exchange "I love you's" and then start kissing. Lucas, defeated, agrees to do the seance...but Sage and Trent make their exit. The remaining teens sit around the board, candles lit all around...Brooke asks what danger surrounds them, and the board begins to spell something out.

THE HALLWAY: Sage and Trent talk in whispered voices out in the hallway. Sage (who was only pretending to be scared about the "spirits") applauds Trent on sneaking upstairs and turning the wheelchair on so it could fall down the stairs. Trent notes that when she screamed it gave him time to come back downstairs unseen. Sage is still excited about her plan to scare Georgie.

THE LIVING ROOM: Lucas, Georgie, Dillon and Brooke Lynn are still conducting the seance. The board spells out the word "Jealous" and the teens wonder who the spirit is talking about. (It's worth noting that jealousy is playing an important role in this mystery in several different ways -- Edward is worried that Lila's spirit is jealous of Heather; Emily made an earlier comment about Mary's jealousy of her relationship with Nikolas; Lucas is jealous of the way the girls fall all over Dillon; and Sage is jealous of Georgie.)

EMILY'S BEDROOM: Emily is in her bedroom getting some clothes and other supplies together in a bag...she's rushing, trying to hurry back to Nikolas. While she packs, a figure (holding a metal gardening claw tool) watches her. Just when the figure is about to come into the bedroom, the window blows open from the wind and Emily rushes to close it. The figure continues to watch her.

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