GH Update Friday 8/20/04

General Hospital Update Friday 8/20/04

By Suzanne
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It's a dark and stormy night...

In Shady Brook, Nikolas wakes up Emily, who has been drugged. she awakens with a start and he covers her mouth to keep her from crying out. He plans to get her out of there. Emily is in a strait jacket and also drugged. Nikolas hears Helena outside; she is telling a guard to keep a close watch on Emily, who is hopelessly insane and has powerful friends who could help her escape because they refuse to see the reality of her situation. Helena warns her guard to keep his eyes open for Nikolas because he will be more of a challenge than Emily. He runs back to Emily, who is totally out of it. He kisses her and tries to undue her strait jacket. Someone is coming so he hides. The guard comes in, so Nikolas jumps him and knocks him out. He asks Emily to trust him, then he takes off the straight jacket. He helps her out, pretending to be an orderly. Another orderly stops him, saying he doesn't know him. Nikolas punches him, knocking him out. He throws Emily over his shoulder and runs. He takes her to the boathouse and strokes her hair. He tries to get her to come off the drugs. She is more alert. She tells him not to say anything because it will ruin the dream. He tells her it's no dream. He lets her know that he has remembered everything, including being in love with her. He lists a lot of the things about their relationship that he remembers. She laughs and then kisses him. They are so glad to be back together, finally. They kiss some more. He tells her that it's not going to take Helena long to figure out they're missing. He didn't want to take her to the main house at first while she was in that condition, but now he does. She says they can't. He escaped and took someone else with him; she fears they will get recommitted by Helena. He agrees to hide out in the boat house until they can contact Jason. They kiss.

Helena talks to someone in the hospital. She says Emily is poison and she will never be able to control Nikolas while she is around. She wants Emily dead before the night is over.

At Kelly's, Carly walks in and asks Courtney what she was thinking. She tells Courtney she obviously wasn't thinking at all, then she walks away, leaving Courtney dumbfounded. Jason is also there and he just looks at Courtney in disgust and then walks away. Mike shows Courtney today's headlines that say that Courtney and Jax made love. There is a picture of them in bed together. Carly turns on the TV to show that she made the evening news, too. A newsman is talking to Jax about what it was like to have sex with Courtney. Jax and the newsman walk out of the back of Kelly's, with the cameraman. The newsman asks Courtney what it was like to make wild passionate love to Jax. Courtney is stunned into silence. Jax says she's a little overwhelmed. He takes her aside and says they should show them how it's done. He starts kissing her. Courtney wakes up. It was all a dream. Courtney goes into Kelly's. Mike shows her the newspaper, but she is hesitant to see it. She is relieved when he tells her that it's got an article about her foundation in it. Just then, Jax comes in through another door, talking to another guy. He says, "Once you get her going, you just hang on for the ride. I mean, she's everything a man could ask for. She's sleek, sweet, fast, beautiful." Courtney thinks he's talking about her, so she goes over to Jax and pushes him, yelling, "You pig!" Mike and Jax are confused about what is going on. She accuses Jax of bragging to the guy about getting her into bed. Jax laughs; Courtney won't let him explain. Mike tells her that she's wrong; the guy was interested in buying Jax's boat. She shuts up. Jax and Courtney sit down as Mike and Jax laugh at her. Courtney is very stressed out because of her dreams and everything that's been going on with Jax. He tells Courtney that she's so distracted because she is denying herself what she wants most: him. So instead it's coming out in other ways, such as in her dreams. She asks, if she slept with him, would he turn around and brag about it to his macho buddies. He says that anything that is between them will remain that way; he has always tried to be a gentleman when it comes to personal matters. He is insulted that she asks such a thing. He walks away. Mike offers her coffee, but Courtney goes out for some fresh air.

Jason finds Justus on the docks. He wants to know where Faith is. Justus wouldn't tell Jason where she was, but Jason wants Justus to turn her in. He warns Justus that he will now be any enemy, since he helped one of their enemies. Justus tells him that they should be glad she's on the run because she will make an easier target. Justus starts to walk away. Jason tells him he should make this right, then he leaves.

Faith hears noises and goes to open the door of the freezer. She hears Tracy's voice and hides. Tracy is on the phone to someone, saying she doesn't want an appointment at 9 in the morning. She wants the 2:00 appointment. Tracy hangs up. She notices the freezer door open and goes in. Faith hides behind some crates as Tracy remarks that it's strange. Tracy phones someone to yell at them for not having the freezer up and running by now. She fires them and then hangs up. She walks out, locking the freezer as she goes. Faith gets upset that the freezer is locked. She finds a crowbar or something and starts pounding at the door, even though it hurts her to do so because of her wound. Later, Justus shows up, so Faith is relieved to see the door open and air come in. He has brought her food and candles. She tells him what happened with Tracy. She asks him to stay with her a little bit. He holds her in his arms. Just gives her a box of chocolate-covered cherries (her favorite). They joke around and flirt. He tells her that they can't start again. He asks what happens if they make the same mistakes again. She says the big mistake was letting him go in the first place. She says she has regretted it ever since. She tells him in great detail how she feels and what he did for her. She holds his hands and they stand very closely. She says it turned out to be love. He is shocked because she never said she loved him. She says she couldn't trust it then but she still loves him now. They kiss and undress, then sink to the floor.

Bobbie drops by the penthouse; Sonny tells her that Carly is upstairs with Morgan. Bobbie says she wants to talk to Sonny about Carly's search for her real father. Bobbie says it's a terrible idea and she wants Sonny to make sure it never happens. Carly comes down and wonders why Bobbie is so afraid. Bobbie denies it. She says she doesn't want Carly to get hurt. Sonny wonders why she would get hurt. Bobbie reminds them that Carly's father was one of her johns. She tells Carly that she doesn't want to revisit that part of her life. She goes on and on about how she has put it behind her. She doesn't want to get embarrassed if this comes out. She even accuses Carly of trying to hurt her. Carly scoffs, saying Bobbie knows that's not what this is about. Bobbie reminds her of all of the family she has and asks her to let that be enough. Sonny says Bobbie is right. Carly wonders why he's taking her side. Sonny says that it will only hurt Carly and he doesn't want to see that. He assures Bobbie that he will put it to rest and suggests to Bobbie that she put it out of her head. Bobbie thanks him and leaves. Carly starts to argue with Sonny, but he tells her that he agrees with her. He told Bobbie that so that she will let her guard down. He knows that whatever Bobbie is hiding, it's important. Carly thanks him for helping her out when she is only thinking with her emotions. He says that's why they make such a good team. He agrees to help her any way he can. Jason comes in and tells Carly not to do this to herself. Carly rolls her eyes as if to say, "What now?" Jason says that if Bobbie wanted her to know, she would have made an effort to track him down. He points out that if he wanted to find her, he would have tracked Bobbie down. She says that he may not have known that she was pregnant. Jason just says that things may not work out the way she expects. Sonny wonders why Jason is so passionate about this. Jason says that he just doesn't want Carly to get hurt; even if she finds this guy, he won't be the father that she wants. Jason goes on to say that Carly finally got everything she wanted, so why go poking around in the past. Carly knows why Jason feels the way he do because of his past. She says it's not always about the family you make; sometimes you want to know about where you come from. She intends to find out who this man is. Jason backs off, saying she will do what she wants. He tells Sonny that he ran into Justus, and Sonny was right, Justus knows where she is, but he's not saying anything. Sonny says Justus will go down with her. Jason says he didn't pull Justus out of the monastery just so he could get killed with Faith. Sonny says Justus can't have it both ways. Sonny tells Jason to stay on him. Carly looks at her birth certificate again and asks Sonny about it. She wants to go to Florida, to the hospital where she was born, to ask questions. He tells her that she can use his jet. She goes to say goodnight to the kids while he calls the pilot. As she goes upstairs, Sonny has a frustrated look on his face. Carly comes downstairs with her suitcase. Then the power goes out. Carly lights a candle. Sonny goes with Max to check it out. Carly sits down and looks at the birth certificate some more.

At home, Edward sees that the roses in the vase are dead and drooping. He pours himself a drink. He hears Faith pounding and stops to listen. Dillon and Tracy come in. Edward asks them if they heard that. The noise stops. Edward says he keeps hearing sounds ever since Lila died. Tracy says it is the house settling or pipes, but Edward is sure it's his wife. Tracy argues with him, saying she knew she should have had him committed. Edward goes on and on about how it is Lila's spirit. He insists that he feels her presence. Dillon tells Tracy to ease up, saying there is a lot of evidence for ghosts. Edward thanks him and goes to take a drink. Tracy takes the drink out of his hand and suggests he go up to take a nap. Edward yells that he doesn't take naps. He says he will leave and go somewhere else (away from Tracy). Tracy and Dillon argue. He says maybe Edward just needs to believe this so he can get through his grief. Tracy counters that he's wallowing his grief, not dealing with it. Dillon throws up his hands and says that maybe Edward is just a little more capable of love than Tracy is. Then he leaves the room.

Sage talks to Trent about Dillon being in the girl group. She objects to the whole idea of the Girl Power thing and the group. She wants to blow the whole idea up but she's not sure yet.

Dillon runs into Sage, Brook, Georgie, Trent, and Lucas at Kelly's. He pulls up a chair; they are all sitting outside at a table. He tells them about the weird things going on at his house. They discuss the possibility of ghosts. Brook suggests they hold a sťance. They talk about that. Sage things it's a bad idea, but the rest of them think it could be interesting or fun. They all leave to go to the Quartermaines. Sage takes Trent aside and tells him that this is her chance to get back at them all. The teens go to the Q mansion and prepare. Brook lights lots of candles and then tells them to turn off the lights. Lucas jokes around. They hear a sound in the distance (it's Faith groaning as she has sex with Justus, filtered through the pipes). After the other teens arrive, they get out a Ouija board (which they call a channeling board; I guess the other is a copyrighted name). Brook explains how to use it. They all put their hands on the board and close their eyes. Brook asks if anyone is out there. Their hands start moving. Dillon asks if the spirit is his grandmother. The board says yes. Sage asks, "Why are you here?" The board spells out "Warn". They wonder what Lila is trying to warn them of. Dillon asks if something bad is going to happen tonight. The board says yes. Georgie jerks her hand away, startled. She tells them she thought she saw something outside. They talk about what they should fear. They put their hands back and ask the spirit how badly the person is going to be hurt. The spirit spells out "DIE". Sage says, "Oh my God. One of us is going to die tonight". The window flies open and the lights go out as someone screams.

Bobbie phones someone, saying "It's me, and I need your help". She tells the person that Carly has started to ask questions.

Courtney finds Jason on the docks. She tries to explain what happened the previous day when he walked into Kelly's while she was telling everyone about not sleeping with Jax. He tells her she doesn't need to explain; it doesn't matter anymore. She says it matters to her. He says they are over and she can sleep with anyone she wants. He tells her to stop giving him updates about Jax. It's too hard on him and he asks her to keep it to herself. He walks away. She is embarrassed.

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