GH Update Thursday 8/19/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/19/04

By Suzanne
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Mac is about to put out an APB on Faith when Ric stops him.  He knows that Sonny or Jason will try to kill Faith, so he wants Mac to just wait and arrest them when they try to kill Faith.  Mac is appalled that Ric would use her as bait.

Faith has broken out of jail; on the docks, she finds Justus and pretends to be weak from her injuries.  She begs him for help, but he won't help her escape.  She pulls out a gun and says that if he won't help her voluntarily, she will have to force him.  He tells her to go ahead and shoot him because he's her only friend left in the world.  She begs him to help her get out of town, but he just wants her to turn herself in.  They are interrupted by Alexis, who comes up to talk to Justus while Faith hides.  Alexis warns Justus that since he's helping Faith, Sonny will not appreciate that.  Justus tells her that he plans to represent Faith no matter what.  Alexis is surprised that he has a personal connection to Faith.  After Alexis leaves, Faith reminds Justus that she will die in prison by Sonny's order.  Justus takes her to the Quartermaine freezer, which has been unplugged since Ross' body was found in it.  Justus is going to help Faith get out of the country.  She wants him to come with her and reminds him how good they were together.  They start kissing and undressing.

Jax and Courtney are in the bedroom, about to make love.  He stops and gets up, saying they can't do it.  She asks why.  He says that when they make love, he wants it to be about them, not because she is trying to forget her pain.  She agrees.  They start joking around again about the bet and whether they will sleep together.  They go back into the living room.   He tickles her and she hits him with a pillow.  They are horsing around like this when Lois arrives.  She watches for a second, stunned but happy, then excuses herself, telling them to go about their business.  They laugh because they know Lois thinks they are having sex.

Jason meets Carly somewhere; he chews her out for manipulating him by having Courtney come by his penthouse when he was with Morgan.  She asks him for help in finding her father.  She shows him Bobbie's diary, but he won't read it and invade Bobbie's privacy.  Carly pleads with him, so he asks her what she saw in there.  She explains that there was a teenage boy that Bobbie was dating, with the initials J.D.  Carly has convinced herself that this is her father, even though Jason points out that she is just guessing.  He also points out that even if she finds this guy, he won't really be his father because a real father is the one who sticks around and raises you.  She counters that Bobbie did not raise her and yet she loves her as her mother.  Jason worries that Carly is setting herself up to get hurt.

Sam goes across the hall to Sonny's penthouse with Morgan in her arms.  She tells Sonny that she is hopeless as a mother and begs for his help.  He puts Morgan down for his nap and she wonders how he did that.  They have a long chat about caring for children.  She admits she is happy and never thought she would have a family like she is having now.  The baby kicks, so Sonny feels it.  Then he puts his head near her stomach and talks to the baby.  Jason walks in while Sonny's head is close to Sam's stomach, looking very intimate.  Jason asks Sam if he can talk to Sonny alone about business.  Sam says she is going to Kelly's, so Jason agrees to meet her there.  Jason cautions Sonny about playing with Sam's feelings.  Sonny seems a bit offended at his comments but assures him that things are fine.  Jason tells Sonny about Faith's escape.  Sonny is glad to hear it because he knows she will be easier to kill while on the run than while in prison.  He tells Jason that they have to make it look like an accident.

In Shady Brook, Nikolas and Lucky tell Emily that she should leave now that her 24 hours is up.  She objects and insists on staying.  Later, Helena overhears when Nikolas and Emily meet in some room, kissing and holding each other.  Nikolas talks about how he is one step ahead of Helena because he is not really drugged, while Emily cautions him not to underestimate Helena.  Helena gets her guards to grab Emily and drug her.  Helena tells Emily that she will be out of Nikolas' life for good.  Nikolas goes looking for Emily when she doesn't show up in his room as planned.  He finds her in a room, in a strait jacket, unconscious.  Helena and the guards come in and drag Nikolas out.  She tells them to administer his drugs intravenously.  He screams "No!" many times.  Back in his room, Nikolas is very upset and pounds his head against the door for a second.  Then we see clips to let us know that all of Nikolas' memories are flooding back.

Alexis meets with Ric at Kelly's to talk about Skye's case.  They spar, as usual.  Lois comes in and sees that Mike is headed out the door with a picnic basket.  He tells her that he is headed over to Courtney's place to cheer her up.  She suggests that now is not a good time because Courtney has company. Mike realizes she means Jax and jumps to the conclusion that Jax and Courtney are having sex right now.  He says it so loud that everyone can hear him, including Ric and Alexis.  Lois tells Mike not to jump to conclusions about Jax and that he is a great guy.  Ric finds out that Alexis used to be married to Jax.  She quickly tells him that it was only a marriage of convenience and they never had sex.  He wonders why she made a point of telling him that, and she looks embarrassed.  Jax and Courtney walk in; everyone turns and stares at them.  Jax and Courtney figure they should go somewhere else.  Mike asks to speak to Courtney in the other room, so she goes back with him.  He gives her a hard time about having sex with Jax.  She gets annoyed and won't talk to him about it.  Sam comes in just then.  Alexis chats with Jax about Courtney.  She wonders if he's just using her because of Sonny; he assures her that he's not.  Then Mike calls Jax back to talk to him.  Jax goes willingly, trying to please his girlfriend's father.  Courtney has had enough, so she goes out and gets everyone's attention.  She tells them all that she is not having sex with Jax, but when she does, she will make sure to tell them all.  She is laughing as she says it.  Then she turns around and sees that Jason has come in, so her smile disappears.

Carly tries to talk to Bobbie at the hospital about her long-lost father, but again Bobbie won't discuss it.  She tells Carly again that her father was just one of her customers, and she has no idea who he was.  Carly shows her her birth certificate, but Bobbie tells her it's too painful to talk about.  Carly goes home and talks to Sonny about it.  They can tell by looking at the certificate that there was a name there at some point but it got scratched out or written over.

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