GH Update Wednesday 8/18/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/18/04

By Suzanne
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Jax visits Faith in the hospital at her request. She wants him to help her out by not testifying against her, since Sonny will kill her if she is in jail. He is not very sympathetic, since she shot him. She reminds him that he was not seriously hurt. He doesn't care and tells her off. Justus comes in just then and tells Jax protectively to leave Faith alone. Justus orders Jax out and reminds them both that this could jeopardize the trial since Jax is the prime witness against Faith. Justus tells Faith how much she has risked her case. Faith apologizes to Justus; he tells her that he has been working on Ric for a plea bargain. The most Faith can hope for is a reduced sentence of ten years. She is upset and tries to talk him into helping her escape, running away with her. He won't do it but he is clearly tempted when she talks about how they could lie on the beach and make love. She kisses him. He says that she has to pay for her crimes. She claims she has learned her lesson and wants to live life now to the fullest rather than trying to fight Sonny for territory. He tells her he won't do it. She says if she goes to prison, she'll die, just like the man she loved. He leaves; she yells out at him that he's a coward.

At Kelly's, George tries to get Brook Lynn to talk to Dillon for her, but Brook won't do it. Dillon walks in, so Brook tells her that here's her chance to apologize in person. Instead, Georgie's insecurities get the better of her yet again. She and Dillon get into an argument about how she tried to make him jealous by kissing Lucas. They argue about why she keeps changing her mind about making love. He accuses her of being scared, so she runs out, upset. Lucas comes over and gives Dillon a hard time about hurting Georgie. Lucas finds Brook and tries to make up with her, but she calls him names. She gets together with Dillon; the two of them gripe about Georgie and Lucas. Dillon mopes that he can't seem to tell Georgie how he feels. She suggests that he act as if she's Georgie and tell her. He pours out his heart about how he feels, then he breaks down crying. Brook is touched. She tells him that if he weren't her uncle, she would kiss him. Georgie walks back in just as she says that.

Emily goes into Nikolas' room at the mental hospital. She is worried that Helena will figure out that he's playing her, but he assures her that she won't. An orderly comes in, so Emily hides. To protect her, Nkolas attacks him by the throat, saying he should call him "Prince Nikolas". Choking, the man does. Helena comes in at the end and is happy about what she has witnessed (Nikolas being brutal and imperious). He plays up to her and she thinks he is finally becoming the man she always wanted him to be. He tells her that he wants to be alone right now. They hug. He tells her that he wants her to sign over his money to him now. She tells him that it will be awhile longer. She gives him more medication and tells him to take it and to continue his therapy. He pretends to take it and she leaves. He lets Emily out of her hiding place and shows her that he isn't taking the medicine. He plans to gain Helena's trust so he can get his fortune back and maybe get her to confess to her crimes so he can hand her over to the police. They talk about Jason's involvement for a minute. Emily s afraid of losing him. He tells Emily how he came out of Helena's brainwashing. When Emily came to visit him before, he wasn't sure if she was real or not. When he threw her out, something happened to him and he realized that he wanted to see her again and didn't want to be drugged. So he stopped fighting Helena, and she stopped injecting him with drugs. Taking them by mouth, he could avoid taking them. Emily pledges to help get him through this. Later, Lucky barges in, with Emily behind him, to tell Nikolas that he has to tell Emily to leave with him now.

Jason runs into Courtney on the docks. They talk in detail about what happened when she lost the baby, one year ago today. Jason goes home and finds Sam watching Morgan, who is squirming a lot. She says that Carly had to go out but she left Morgan with her in the meantime. Sam is frantic because Morgan keeps crawling away from her. Sam promises to give him anything if he helps her out. Jason takes the baby and tells her that babies can sense when you're upset. He talks about how Courtney is with babies. Sam can tell he is upset about something. After some prodding from her, Jason reveals what today is. Sam is sympathetic. Courtney arrives; there is an awkward moment there with Sam. Courtney explains that she got a message from Carly that she needed a babysitter. Sam tells her that she really could use the brake. She leaves to give them privacy. Jason and Courtney talk some more about the lost baby and what might have been between them. It is too much for Courtney, seeing Jason with Morgan, so she leaves abruptly, in tears.

Jax goes to Kelly's and asks Mike to tell him why this date is important to Courtney because he can tell she's upset and he wants to help her. Mike won't help him. Jax runs into Sam on the docks. She mentions that Courtney took over babysitting duties from her, so he asks why Courtney is upset. She tells him. She can't imagine what Courtney went through because she already loves her baby so much. He wonders what it would have been like if he had been the father of her baby. They chuckle about it. Sam returns home; Jason tells her that Courtney left and why. She wonders if Morgan reminds Jason of the lost baby, too. He says no, nothing can replace the child they lost. She wonders if he and Courtney would still be together if the baby had been born. He says it doesn't matter, you can't talk about the life you never had.

Jax shows up on Courtney's door with flowers for her. He knows what today is and just wanted to be there for her. She invites him in. She drops the flowers, so they both bend down to pick them up. They start kissing. She tells him she doesn't want to think. He carries her into the bedroom.

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