GH Update Tuesday 8/17/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/17/04

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KELLY'S: Ric has come over to Sonny and Carly, who are sitting at a table on the Kelly's patio. Ric tells Sonny that it's a good night for Sonny to take a walk with his kids. Sonny gets defensive and warns Ric to stay away from his children.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Heather and Edward are kissing when Felicia walks in and startles them. Edward is apologetic but Felicia assures him that he is still in the running despite the kiss.

Meanwhile, Lois and Court are talking out on the patio. Courtney tells Lois that she can't wait to be free of Jax after the bet has come to a conclusion. Lois calls her on her bluff (while Jax, sneaking around another area of the patio) overhears their conversation. Courtney admits that she has been having dreams about waking up in bed with Jax after having the most incredible sex ever. Lois catches sight of Jax hiding and, looking back at an oblivious Courtney, asks her to provide details of her dreams.

SHADYBROOK: Jason is trying to get Nikolas to leave...he brings Nikolas out into the hallway, where unfortunately Emily is waiting. Nikolas sees Emily and completely freaks out on Jason. At that moment, Helena comes in with some of her guards, who break up the fight between Jason and Nikolas. Nikolas tells Helena that Nik and Em were trying to kidnap him.

KELLY'S: Ric argues with Carly and Sonny...he tells them that their children are going to be scarred forever because of Sonny's involvement with the mob. He brings up Michael and how Michael is going to eventually turn into a criminal just like Sonny. Sonny and Carly leave in a huff, just as Alexis and Kristina show up.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Felicia tells Edward that all Lila would have wanted is for Edward to move on with his life, to be happy. All Lila wanted was for you to be happy. Tracy comes in and says that Lila would never have wanted Heather to be after Edward for the money. Tracy wants Felicia to be "eliminated" as judge.

Out on the patio, Courtney is describing her dreams to Lois while Jax listens. One of her dreams, she says, is about Jax rescuing her from drowning in the ocean. And then afterward, she says, they make love on the beach. Courtney then leaves, saying she needs to get home. As soon as she's gone, Jax comes out and Lois tells him that if he ever hurts Courtney, she'll kill him. Jax says that hurting Court is the last thing he would ever do.

SHADYBROOK: Emily wants Nikolas to leave. Nikolas argues with her -- he wants to stay. Eventually Emily gives up and she and Jason head out into the hallway. Nikolas asks Helena if Jason hurt her...she is thrilled that Nikolas is so concerned for her safety. She hugs him...Nik has a very content look on his face.

Meanwhile, out in the hallway, Emily is telling Jason that Helena must be drugging Nikolas into submission in order to turn him against her. She wants to continue to try to get Nikolas out, but Jason tells her that he won't be able to help her -- he says that Nik is a danger to himself and possibly to Emily. He wants to let Helena believe she's won, which will give him time to make arrangements. Emily is hesitant...she doesn't want to wait a single second.

Back in Nikolas' room, Nikolas asks to be released from the institution so he can take over the family business. Helena assures him that that will happen soon. She leaves the room, and tells a nurse that she wants Nik's medication to be increased.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy and Felicia bicker with one another, and the argument ends when Felicia warns Tracy that she might be the next to be eliminated. She then leaves the room.

Out on the patio, Jax and Lois discuss Courtney. He says that he never expected to stop seeing Courtney as a challenge -- to start falling in love with her. Lois tells him that she's done all she can do, so now he is on his own.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly has stopped by to see Bobbie -- she wants to talk about who her father is, but Bobbie resists her efforts, telling Carly yet again that her father was just a nameless john. Carly asks Bobbie why she's getting so angry...she wonders if there's something that Bobbie's not telling her.

KELLY'S: Alexis and Ric are sitting at a table, eating with Kristina. The topic of conversation turns, as usual, to Sonny. Alexis asks if Sonny's children will be targets even if Sonny goes to prison. Ric says that the kids are always at risk, no matter what, because Sonny will never give up the business for his children. Alexis looks very worried about Kristina.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny has arrived -- he wants to talk to Sam. He tells her that Ric is making his usual threats about sending him to prison. He wants Sam to know, that if Ric is ever successful, he has made arrangements for Carly and the boys to be sent to a safe house out of the country. And now, he continues, he has made the same arrangements for Sam and their daughter.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly still wants to hear the truth about her father. Bobbie gets very emotional as she tells Carly about how the time she was a prostitute was the worst period of her life -- how she hated everyone -- herself, and even Luke and Ruby because they wouldn't make her stop, as they had all convinced themselves that Bobbie needed to be with men to make money for their family. Carly tells Bobbie that she knows how difficult it is for Bobbie to talk about it and Bobbie mentions that the only person she ever had to confide in during her teenage years was her diary...she says that sometimes she even gets it out and looks at it, and it makes her thankful that she has a good life now. She begs Carly to just leave the subject alone, and then she leaves. Carly stays behind, looking thoughtful.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny assures Sam that if he goes to jail, she will be out of the country with a new identity and a very good life for her and their daughter. He wants her to promise him that if he's gone, she will follow the plan. She agrees and gives him a reassuring hug. While they are hugging, Jason walks soon as Sam sees him, she pulls away from Sonny.

KELLY'S: Ric compliments Alexis' as being a good mother. Alexis tells him that it's important to her to be a good single mom...she worries about how Carly would fare if Sonny went to prison and she was left alone with the boys. Ric wants to stop talking about the subject -- Alexis agrees and says that she has to take Kristina to gymnastics. Ric is amused at the idea of little Kristina going to gymnastics and Alexis invites him along. They all leave together.

Outside Kelly's, Lucky meets up with Emily and they sit down at a table on the patio together. Emily tells him what happened when she and Jason went to Shadybrook. While she describes Nikolas' plight, there is a shot of Nikolas in the Shadybrook cafeteria -- he is given medication, which he hides away in his pocket. Back at Kelly's, Emily tells Lucky that she intends to help Nikolas by having herself put away in Shadybrook.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax shows up on Courtney's doorstep and tells her that he has come to see her because he can't stop dreaming about her. Courtney looks skeptical but lets him in anyway. They sit on the couch and he describes a dream in which he and Court are fighting off a pack of wolves...then afterward, they end up in a field of clover together. Courtney laughs and tells him that no dream is literal...that they are all symbolic -- she thinks that the wolves represent the business deal he said he wanted to go to in Singapore. Then she tells him that she's been dreaming of him...intense dreams. Jax is happy to hear this -- then Courtney tells him that she wakes up from the dreams with a burning desire to go shopping (to illustrate, she shows him a department store shopping bag).

BOBBIE'S HOUSE: Carly sneaks into Bobbie's bedroom and looks through the contents of the night-stand drawer. She finds a decades-old diary, written in the hand of a teenage girl. She puts the diary in her purse and leaves.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam leaves the room so Jason and Sonny can talk alone. Sonny tells Jason about the plan he has set up for Sam and their daughter. Jason expresses concern over the idea and Sonny asks him if he's trying to use Sam's daughter as a replacement for the child he and Courtney lost. Jason says that that isn't it at all...but Sonny worries that Jason and Sam's arrangement is becoming something that it isn't. At that point, Sonny gets a call from Carly asking him to meet her at Kelly's.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney tells Jax that she believes they are both having the dreams because they are both so caught up in winning the game. She promises him that she will make it to the last day of the bet -- then she checks the schedule she has on her desk...and looks ill when she realizes just what the "last day" of the bet will be. Jax asks her what's wrong, but Courtney doesn't answer.

SHADYBROOK: Lucky has brought Emily to Shadybrook where she is going to pretend to be a patient. Lucky asks her if she's sure about the plan and she says that she is. After warning her to stay away from Helena, and that he'll be back for her in 24 hours, he leaves and Emily sits down at a table in the common room. While her back is turned, Nikolas comes in and sees her.

KELLY'S: Sonny and Carly are seated at a table outside of Kelly's. Carly shows him Bobbie's diary, which she has been reading. She has found out that her mother was in love with a teenage boy, referred to only as "J.D." within the diary's pages. Some of the pages have been ripped out, and she believes that those are the pages where teenage Bobbie found out about being pregnant with her. Sonny is skeptical, but Carly truly believes that "J.D." could be her father.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason is going over some paperwork for Sonny while Sam watches. Sam plays around with a sippy cup, and Jason tells her that her daughter will probably start to use the cup at about nine months of age. Sam notes that Jason is very good at the parenting stuff...she thinks she'll be bad at it. He notes that she will probably surprise herself.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax asks Courtney why she's so upset about tomorrow's date, but Courtney shrugs the question off and tells him that he can leave and that it was nice to see him. He softly reminds her that she can tell him anything...and then he leaves. Once he's gone, Courtney sits down in a chair and has a flashback to the time, last year, when she woke up in the foreign hospital (after escaping from being kidnapped by Lorenzo) and was told by the doctor that she had lost her and Jason's baby. The last day of the bet will be the anniversary of her miscarriage. Back in the present, Courtney brushes away a tear.

SHADYBROOK: Nikolas stares at Emily and when she sees him she freaks out -- pretending to be insane -- in front of a nurse, who tries to calm her down. Once the nurse is gone, Emily rushes to Nikolas and begs him not to blow her cover for the next 24 hours. To her surprise, Nikolas assures her that he won't let Helena control his actions.

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