GH Update Friday 8/13/04

General Hospital Update Friday 8/13/04

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Jax and Courtney are waking up in bed together. He asks if she has any regrets, and she says only that she didn’t give in sooner. As they start to kiss, she awakens, shocked by her dream.

Carly is getting Morgan ready to go to the doctor. Sonny talks to his son, promising that “mommy and daddy will always be her for you.” Jason walks in to see Sonny; Carly takes Morgan upstairs to change him before they leave. Sonny wants to know what’s up, and Jason breaks the news that Justus is representing Faith.

Justus is telling Faith that he will find her a new, attorney, who can be more objective than he is. She refuses to hear it, telling him that she needs him now more than ever, and pulling him into a kiss as Ric sees them through a window.

Nikolas sits in a straightjacket in his room at Shadybrook. Helena tells him they are going to begin telling him all about himself. He is obviously heavily drugged. She asks him his name and he responds “Nikolas”. She tells him his complete, given name, and calls him “Prince Cassadine”. He tells her he is “prince of nothing”. Helena gives him the whole family history, beginning with Czarist Russia and taking him up to their home on the Greek island. When she mentions the island, Nikolas thinks she means Wyndemere and tells her that Emily is waiting for him there. He is clearly confused and not himself. Helena tells him no, she is saving him from Emily, that Emily has lied to him and will hurt him.

Sonny doesn’t think that Ric will really prosecute Faith, that this is a plan to get to Sonny. He lays out what he thinks Ric may be trying to set up – holding and then releasing Faith so that Sonny and Jason will make another attempt on her life, which Ric can arrest them for; he tells Jase that he believes Ric has a mental problem where he –Sonny- is concerned and because of that, Sonny must always be careful, and never drop is guard. Carly and Morgan leave for the doctor’s office and Sonny goes back to discussing the situation with Jason.

Ric sends Faith to a new cell, as Justus points out that she is supposed to remain in segregation for her own safety. Ric ignores the objection and tells him that defending Sonny’s enemies could get him killed.

Jax arrives at Courtney’s just as she is leaving the house. She asks what she can do for him, and he responds: “You can say goodbye.” She wants to know if he is calling off the bet, and he replies that he is conceding it, and leaving for Singapore on a business deal, that he won’t be back until some time in November. Courtney doesn’t understand why he has to go to Singapore just to break up a company he has acquired, and he says it’s because he has so much money invested in it. He attempts to give her the money from the bet, but she refuses it. He tells her he doesn’t have time to argue with her because he is leaving in a couple of hours, and she suggests they not waste any time, then begins kissing him.

Sonny tells Jason that Ric will always be after him, and that they can never afford to let relax about it. He charges Jason with finding them a new attorney, then they begin to discuss Sam. Jason tells him that she is having a routine exam today and he is supposed to meet her at the hospital. Sonny tries to tell him that this arrangement isn’t going to work in the long term, but Jason doesn’t want to hear it. He insists that he is doing this for the sake of all the children, as well as Sonny and Carly, and that he will do whatever it takes to make it work.

Carly runs into Sam at the hospital. She is being obnoxious again, asking if Sam is just using Jason to be close to Sonny. Sam makes the mistake of saying how good Jason has been to her and calling him her “best friend”; Carly tells her that Jason is HER best friend only and keeps harping about how Sam is manipulating Jason and blah, blah, blah… when the obstetrician walks up and tells Sam that she needs a copy of her baby’s father’s medical history. Sam says she’ll mention it to Sonny but Carly tells her not to bother, SHE will let Sonny know what’s needed. Sam leaves with the doctor for her check-up and Carly is talking to herself about handling the situation. She is sitting in the waiting room when Jason arrives for Sam’s exam. Carly asks him if he wants to sit with Sam and hold her hand, trying to bait him, and he just asks her what the right answer is. She tries to inflict guilt on him for lying to her, but it isn’t working. She tells him she wants him to be sorry for lying to her, and Jason reminds her about the situation during the custody battle Sonny and Carly had and how he will always do what’s best for her kids and her, even if that means lying. Just then, Sam walks up and tells him that the ultrasound showed that the baby is really beginning to grow.

Ric tells Justus that his conflict of interest will be an appeal issue for the prosecution in Faith’s case, and Justus insists he always does what’s best for his client. Sonny arrives and asks to speak to his attorney alone. He asks Justus why he is representing Faith after all the excellent work he has done for Sonny.

Ric goes to talk to Faith and tells her that Justus is a good attorney, but that it won’t get her out of jail. She taunts him about his obsession with Sonny, saying that Sonny is smarter and stronger and will always win, and Ric knows it. The jailer arrives and gives Faith a roommate, saying she is no longer going to be segregated. The “roomie” is not a particularly friendly person, warning Faith to get out of her way. Faith tries to be tough back, but she clearly isn’t feeling it.

Courtney and Jax discuss the bet, she saying that she doesn’t regret it, and he admitting the same thing. They talk about the fun they had, and thank each other for the good times. They say they will miss each other, and go back to kissing, then she admonishes him to stay safe and call her when he returns. He leaves, pausing at the door to look back at her. She is clearly sad that he’s going away.

Emily arrives at Shadybrook with Alexis. They have a court order that allows Emily to visit Nikoas, and tell Helena so. Alexis threatens Dr. Grimes with a malpractice suit, as well. Helena insults Alexis to Dr. Grimes, then tells Emily that she is free to go see Nik. As she enters the room, Nikolas is still in the straightjacket and is crying. When Emily speaks to him, he tells her she made a mistake.

Sam is telling Jason that Dr. Meadows wants them to take a childbirth seminar together. Carly is laughing as Sam and Jason talk about it, ridiculing them. Jason tells Sam fine, they’ll take the class if she wants. Sam tells Carly she will talk to Sonny about the medical history after all – obviously tired of Carly’s attitude toward her -, and Carly insists she will take care of it.

Justus is telling Sonny about the case he lost that involved Faith and her lover, and his guilt is apparent. Sonny warns him that Faith is manipulating that guilt and says he wants Justus to resign from the case; he tells him if he doesn’t, he’ll never work for Sonny again.

In the hall outside Nikolas’s room, Helena is telling Alexis that she has finally won, but Alexis isn’t about to admit defeat where Nikolas is concerned.

Nikolas wants Emily to leave him alone, while she keeps insisting she is trying to help him. He is ranting about the lies she told him, and how she left him with Mary and went to Lucky. He accuses her of not wanting him because he was “broken”. He is obsessed with the idea that Em may have slept with Lucky and when she assures him it didn’t happen, he doesn’t believe her. She insists that, even now, he knows he loves her. She reminds him of the boathouse, how he waited for her there. He says he knew he had to find her. She promises to get him out of Shadybrook, and he tells her not to bother. He says he feels relief when he holds her, but that it never lasts; he says she makes his situation worse and screams for her to go away and leave him alone, saying he won’t let her control him. Emily tells him she loves him as she leaves the room, then tells Alexis that they need to get him out of there before Helena drives him totally insane, and says they don’t have time to wait for the legal process to do it for them.

Sonny basically threatens Justus if he keeps representing Faith. Justus refuses to be bullied, and says that no one gets to tell him who he can represent. Ric walks in, and Justus announces that he isn’t Sonny’s attorney any more. Sonny tells Ric he wants to see Faith, but Justus insists that Faith is not a threat to him anymore. Sonny says” The hell she’s not. I just lost my attorney,” and walks out of the room.

Carly (and Morgan) run into Bobbie on their way out of the hospital. They discuss the situation with Carly’s marriage and Sam’s pregnancy. Carly hopes that Sam will take the baby and leave, but knows that Sonny will never allow that. Bobbie admits that Sonny is a great father, and Carly says that’s why Sam got pregnant by him, because she knew he’d stick around for the baby. She mentions the medical history that the doctor wants, and Bobbie allows as how it’s a good thing to have both parent’s medical backgrounds; Carly agrees, then questions Bobbie about her own father, wanting to know if Bobbie knows anything about him.

Jax is back at Courtney’s telling her good bye again; they talk about their feelings for each other, and how they are surprised what the bet has turned into emotionally. Jax says it’s the smartest bet he ever made, and goes to leave again. She tells him to wait, wanting to know what would happen if she asked him not to go.

Carly tells Bobbie that she must have wondered about her daughter’s father, and Bobbie says no, and she doesn’t want to talk about it. Carly brings up Michaels traits and Bobbie doesn’t remember anyone in her past who had them, and says that she has put her past behind her. She tells Carly that it doesn’t matter who her father is, because Bobbie loves her.

Sam offers to help Jason with some paperwork he is doing. He warns her that it’s boring and says she will just fall asleep. They argue a bit over their situation; she doesn’t much like being taken care of and sometimes he gets on her nerves. He blames her mood on hormones and hunger. Emily comes bursting in, babbling on about Helena and Dr. Grimes, and begging Jason to get Nik out of Shadybrook.

Helena is talking to Dr. Grimes, who comments that Nikolas is receiving a lot of medication and it’s surprising that he is still able to talk, much less fight the orderlies. Helena tells her that Nikolas has always been strong but that this will work; menitoning that his mother’s influence on him has been eradicated. When she goes into the room, she calls him Nikolas. He corrects her: “Prince Cassadine. I know who I am now.” Helena is thrilled that he finally seems to be who she has always wanted him to be.

Courtney is telling Jax that she is conflicted in her feelings about their situation. Her mind says she should let him go, but her heart wants for him to stay in town. He asks her which one she is going to listen to, and instead of answering she falls into his arms and they begin to kiss passionately.

Ric is trying to get Justus to talk about Sonny’s business and crimes. Justus becomes angry and tells Ric that he will not talk about Sonny just to feed his obsession with his brother. He says that Ric uses and abuses the system to try to get to Sonny and he will not be a party to it. Alexis walks in, having overheard, and points out that it’s possible Sonny deserves everything Ric does.

As Sonny walks up to Faith’s cell, he sees that something is not right. He calls her name and she turns toward him; she has blood all over her hands. She says “You win,” and falls on the floor; we see that the blood is coming from her stomach area and it appears she has been stabbed.


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