GH Update Thursday 8/12/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/12/04

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Jason and Courtney meet down at the docks of the Port Charles waterfront. Jason tells Courtney that the relationship between her and Jax is getting serious. She tells him it scares her. She tells him she never believed that she could love anyone after loving him.

Dillon and Brooke are staring into Kelley’s watching Georgie and Dillon hug, and she hatches another scheme...she asks Lucas for a kiss. Lucas doesn’t think the new scheme is the greatest idea.

Emily and Dr. Grimes, a psychiatrist are talking at the GH nurses station. She tells her that she needs help to prove her fiancee is sane.

At the boathouse, orderlies restrain Nicholas...he tells his grandmother she won’t get away with committing him and struggles to get free.

Back at the docks...Courtney describes their connection. She says she and Jason cannot be together without one of them losing their individuality. At the same time, she says, the deep feelings can’t be banished permanently...they return to her sometimes. Jason praises her beauty and her heart...he’s still in some pain about it, and he knew that someone else would recognize the good in her. He’s accepted the fact that she’s considering moving on, but he doesn’t like it much. Courtney tells him that is how she feels about Sam.

At Kelley’s Sam introduces her brother Danny to Mike Corbin. Danny sets to fixing a toaster, and Mike tells Sam she fooled everyone.

Georgie and Lucas continue with their “kiss.” Lucas is all for passing on the scheme, but Georgie tells him she knows he is interested in Brooke and she is certain Dillon and Brooke will burst in, break them up, and then she’d be able to convince him to come back. Lucas asks her if this is really what she wants, and asks what about love. Dillon and Brooke watch them, getting angrier by the minute

At the Cellar, Ned continues to work on Felicia, flattering her. Felicia reiterates Lila’s love of family. Lois tells him to do the right thing and back off, but he is set on it. He believes Felicia is the judge.

Monica assumes that Tracy has forged the letters that eliminated them. Tracy insists that Heather planted the box of stationery that was in the back of the car. Alan admits that none of them are capable of living up to their mother’s standards.

Emily arrives at the boathouse with good news for Nicholas...but all she finds is a weeping Mary, telling her that Helena has taken Nicholas, but that Mary herself had no part in it. A slap rings out as Emily goes for Mary, calling her a “lying snake.”

At the docks, Jason is trying to explain his and Sam’s “arrangement” to Courtney. She understands his desire to help, but she is jealous that the child Jason will be raising is not hers, a link between her and Jason. She is wishing for another chance.

Over at Kelley’s Mike gives Sam a sandwich and a listening ear. He’s happy to have another grandchild to spoil.

Georgie and Lucas discover that their clinch has driven Dillon and Brooke completely away.

Felicia tells Lois and Ned that Georgie is excited about the music video. Lois and Ned fight a bit over the direction of L and B. Lois makes a graceful exit, and Ned sits down with Felicia and tells her the parameters of the “contest” in Lila’s will. Ned tells Felicia that he believes one of the family members is trying to rig the contest, and he wants her help in exposing them. Felicia turns him down.

At the boathouse Emily tries to explain the power of Helena to Mary, as Mary continues to insist she was not working with Helena. Emily pleads with Mary to tell her where Helena took Nicholas. Mary cannot help her and she heads out to try to find him.

At Shadybrook Helena is in absolute control. Nicholas is in a constant struggle during the entire scene, repeatedly trying to twist free of the hold two orderlies have on him. Helena calls Nicholas Connor again, absurdly trying to soothe him with a tale of her plan. He tells her his name is Nicholas Cassadine and she knows it She will make his mind a blank and then “rebuild” his personality more in line with his father’s, Stavros. She praises her son, calling him magnificent and tells Nicholas he has disgraced his family. She calls his devotion to Emily useless. He pulls and screams, and cries, but two orderlies hold him. He is as frightened as he is angry and the thugs are in repeated motion trying to keep him still. Helena tells him she’s extremely “resourceful,” in a tone calculated to induce fear. She calmly talks about emptying his mind and trying to “break” him down to nothing. The orderlies beat him and he falls to the floor crying out. He gets to the heavy locked door and rages that his name is Nicholas Cassadine. “Not until I say so,” says Helena calmly.

Back at the Cellar Ned takes a moment from flirting with Felicia to meet Brooke as she arrives. She tells him she did find some of Lila’s stationery at Felicia’s home. She shows Ned a piece of the stationery. Lois comes upon them both and indirectly tells Ned that what he’s done will likely result in his being eliminated from the competition.

Emily arrives at GH. She has called Lucky, and he arrives at the same time. Emily explains that Helena has placed Nicholas in Shadybrook for evaluation. She’s confident that the psychiatrist Dr. Grimes that she spoke to earlier will have Nicholas declared sane and released. Helena strides up to meet them. Lucky wonders what she is doing there; Emily tells her that her plan won’t work...but Dr. Grimes informs Emily that after speaking with Helena, she now believes Shadybrook to be the best place for Nicholas.

Emily tells Helena she will get Nicholas away from her. Helena says Nicholas is now safe from her and that Helena will supervise his recovery. She says “He’s mine.”

In his room at Shadybrook, Nicholas sits quiet faking, and jumps an orderly before the orderly can drug him, and they struggle as he tries to try to escape.

At the docks, Jason admits that life without Courtney has been hard. Courtney tells him tearfully that she “can’t do this anymore, and runs away.

Jax arrives at Kelley’s and chats with Sam about her baby. Danny has fixed Mike’s toaster, and Mike takes him out back to work on his car. Sam explains her role in Danny’s life to Jax. Jax appears to respect her much more now.

Back at Shadybrook, Nicholas fought hard against the first orderly, but he is now on the floor barely able to move as a second goon arrives seeing him and a hypodermic needle on the floor.

At the Cellar, Lois and Ned talk. Lois tells Brooke that Ned thinks Felicia is the judge. Brooke asks if fighting over the inheritance isn’t just the thing to disqualify anyone. Ned plans a campaign of showing off his virtue to Felicia. Felicia has been “spying” with her makeup mirror from her table and now knows Ned’s plan.

Over at the Quartermaine house, Tracy is busy explaining her theory to the rest of the clan. She believes that if none of the potential heirs are virtuous enough to get Lila’s fortune, then the money will all go to charity—except for a cut taken by the unknown judge. She tries to work Edward again to work together. Alan and Monica warn against alliances. Edward figures one person cannot track the entire clan. Tracy wonders if there is surveillance in the house. All the family comes to the same conclusion, turns up some music and begin to turn the den upside down looking for cameras.

Jax brings Sam back to Jason’s place. The two settle in for a talk, and Sam explains that she is having Braxton-Hicks contractions, and not to worry. Jax begins to ask a question and Sam smiles and says “just friends,” He admits she’s right he was going to ask about Jason and Sam’s relationship. His perception is that he brings out the best in Courtney, but that she and Jason just can’t get out of a cycle of regret and misunderstandings. He asks Sam if she would leave Jason if he wanted to go back to Courtney. Sam says yes, “in a heartbeat.” He says he loathes Jason, but that six months from now, Courtney will see Jason differently. Sam laughs and asks if she will be in love with Jax. Jax explains the bet. Sam figures he will lose. Jax believes Courtney will choose him for real, and says that with Jason, Courtney was taught that love=misery. Jason walks in.

Jason tells Jax to leave, and Sam tries to figure out Jason’s feelings. He’s cold and quiet. He then yells that his feelings don’t matter. Sam wonders how they will live together if he continues to shut down.

Lucas runs into Brooke at Kelley’s and asks her to an amusement park. She tells him that she saw the kiss and that it upset her. Lucas tells her it was another of Georgie’s set-up’s She feels that Lucas doesn’t have a mind of his own, and that he has feelings for Georgie. Brooke pushes past Georgie and leaves. Georgie asks Lucas if that was about the kiss. He says yes, and she tells him to go after Brooke. He says no, that there’s not enough between them to do that, but that things might get better for her and Dillon. She sits at a table facing the door. Dillon is heading into Kelley’s, sees her and heads back out.

Music is still playing at the Quartermaine house as Ned arrives to a roomful of his relatives searching walls, furniture and shelving for surveillance tools.

Tracy finds a camera in a fake book and destroys it. Ned warns that it won’t do any good to antagonize the judge. Monica says she’s glad the camera is gone. Felicia arrives and says that destroying that camera won’t accomplish anything because there is surveillance all over the house and grounds. She admits she’s the judge, and Tracy looks dumbfounded.

Sam is looking for communication and connection from Jason: a real friendship. Jason says she does most of the communicating. He tells her to take her vitamins and eat and sleep. He advises her he does not discuss feelings. She says she will fix herself lunch and take off her shoes so she will be barefoot and pregnant-the way Jason prefers his women. She misses his small smile, and tells him that was a joke. He continues to smile just a bit and says he knows. She explains that the way for him to show that he gets a joke is to smile or laugh. How would it be, says Sam, if Lila grows up to be “a humor-impaired child?”

Jax meets Courtney on the docks, and she gives him a free embrace. He wonders what brought this on, but accepts her desire to spend more time with him. They kiss.

At the Quartermaines, Alan asks whether Felicia is really the judge. Tracy assumes that Lila paid Felicia handsomely. Felicia tells them she tried to talk Lila out of the idea, but that Lila kept her idea. Ned gets the dreaded letter eliminating him.

Georgie sits with Dillon outside of Kelley’s. Dillon is angry at being tested. He tells her she is all about lies and scenarios. Georgie tells him that she never wanted to hurt him. He gets up, leaves her a flower and departs.

At Shadybrook, Nicholas fights to keep his real name while Dr. Grimes insists he is Connor Bishop. He knows that Helena has Dr. Grimes in her pocket. There is a ruckus and Emily arrives, pursued by staff to stand at the door and stare in anguish at Nicholas in a straight jacket.

Teasers for Friday

Jax and Courtney have an early morning conversation.

Ric warns Justus of the consequences of defending Sonny’s enemies

Jason tells Sonny that Justus is representing Faith.

Helena arrives in Nicholas room for some “work.”


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