GH Update Wednesday 8/11/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/11/04

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At the Cellar video shoot, Dillon and the girls are lipsynching their video when Lucas walks in. They are all startled and run into each other halting the filming. Dillon orders him out. Lois calls Dillon a ‘diva.’

Breakfast time at the Q’s and a camera catches Ned going through Lila’s box of letters. So does Tracy. So does Edward. Tracy accuses Ned of cheating.

Down at the Quartermaine boathouse Mary greets Nicholas she says that he will have money and a car in a couple of hours. Emily arrives, displeased to see Mary there, and starts in, saying that Mary isn’t really there to help Nicholas evade Helena. Instead, Emily insists, she’s there to capitalize on finding Nicholas alone.

In Courtney’s loft Courtney accuses Jax of tricks rather than romance when he brings her breakfast and flowers. She figures its all part of the bet. Jax pretends to be offended. Jason sees them kiss.

Trying to salvage valuable video time at the Cellar, Lois tries to run interference between Dillon and Lucas. Dillon orders Lucas off the set, and accuses Georgie of sending him there. He confirms that they are over. He tells Georgie she’s going to have to find another guy to humiliate and send mixed signals to. Georgie tells him to go find another trusting fool to cheat on. Georgie runs out. Lois says she’s seen worse.

In the den at the Quartermaine house, Edward accuses Ned of theft. So does Tracy. She accuses Ned of looking for unfair advantage in the contest. Ned says he is trying to research the judge’s identity.

Edward says they should all go through the box together. Ned gives in and allows Tracy and Edward a first look through the box. He says he will return later to check it. Edward and Tracy are full of mistrust; they think Ned’s retreat was just a bit too slick. They are right; outside in the garden we see that

Ned has lifted paperwork from the stationery box without Tracy or Edward’s knowledge

In an interrogation room at the PCPD Faith is pacing waiting for Justus. She shows a rare unguarded smile when he arrives. She remembers their kiss and tells Justus he lost sleep over her. He’s calm, he tells her she doesn’t know him as well as she thinks she does. He says he no longer tosses and turns for her. Faith insists he is on fire, that she can see it in his eyes.

At the boathouse, Emily is jealous and terrified that Mary has a selfish motive regarding Nicholas. Mary admits her love for Nicholas, but insists she does not want to hurt Nicholas. Emily states she knows Mary still wants Nicholas; Nicholas wants both Emily and Nicholas to work together against Helena. Emily explains that Helena has access to psychiatrists and doctors, anyone who could turn him back into Connor in a moment if it suited her. Emily pleads with Nicholas that Mary cannot be trusted.

Mary tells them that Helena did approach Mary, but that Mary turned her down. Mary says Emily’s jealousy haunts her. She says that the idea of Mary and Nicholas makes Emily sick and that Emily cannot get it out of her head. Emily calls Mary a “lying sociopath” that finally told the truth.

At the Loft Courtney thinks Jax has returned, but she goes to the door and discovers Jason. He asks to speak with her alone.

Plotting at the boathouse continues when Emily tells Mary that telling the truth must be an “out of body” experience for her. Mary says she will go for identification cash and food so that Emily and Nicholas can leave town. She says she never intended to upset Emily and leaves. Emily is still in high gear and turns to Nicholas and yells at him about his time connected to her.

Emily says she wants to have compassion for “damaged” Mary, but “...all I want to do is choke her till she dies.” She admits she’s not objective about Mary but tells Nicholas that Mary is not objective about him either.

Over at the Q’s Tracy warns Edward that his insight is dulled where Heather and the contest are concerned. She asks Edward to form an alliance with her. Edward doesn’t trust Tracy enough to do that.

Ned sets out to befriend Felicia...he catches her during a morning run on the docks...He flatters her at length about writing the memoirs. Felicia says it was easy since she admired Lila. Ned asks if she had to stay objective when writing the memoirs. Felicia says no, that her job was to try to understand Lila’s perspective. Ned continues to flatter Felicia by comparing her to Lila.

At the PCPD, Justus sadly notes that Faith is wrong to count on his former passion for her. He says their connection was consuming, but that that is now over. He takes responsibility for ruining Faith’s life and the death of his client—the man she loved. Justus says he will repay that old debt by representing her now. Again, he says that yesterday’s kiss will be the last. Faith disbelieves him, but she’s grateful for his representation.

Jason is at Courtney’s loft and demands to know what Jax has told the cops. Courtney tells him to quit interrogating her. Courtney fishes about Sam and learns that Sam is living with Jason. Jax returns for his sunglasses, he tells Jason to return to Sam and to leave Courtney alone.

Over at the ruins of the Cellar video shoot, Dillon in lipstick, skirt, jeans and his own hair declares his independence from the girl band. He proclaims he’s a guy, he never wanted to do this He says the girl band was stupid. He’s done. Lois begs him to stay for the sake of Brooke’s career. When Sage adds her plea to Lois he sneers at her and she tells him he will be lucky to have any friends left. Dillon tells Lois if she needs another guy/girl she should put the wig on Lucas’ head.

In the next room Brooke confronts Lucas for being insensitive. Why if he were Georgie's friend would he encourage her to be so crazy? Brooke thinks Lucas should apologize to Dillon because Dillon is under a great deal of pressure. Why would he show up when he knew that Dillon would be angry?

Lois calms Dillon down with a large serving of guilt. She tells him she will not accept his leaving and that Brooke’s career is in his hands. Dillon should be pleased to help Brooke, his niece and friend. Lucas returns and tries to apologize but Dillon stands, points and tells him to say nothing unless he’d like his teeth down his throat. Dillon runs out past an arriving Ned. Lois would like to discuss the video problem, but Ned wants Brooke to help him identify the stationery he lifted from Lila’s box.

Edward is involved again in memories of Lila as he opens the stationery box and has an old letter in hand...Heather comes through the French doors. She says she won’t be long but has come with some information.

At the boathouse Nicholas discusses jealousy...He says he understands the strength Emily’s feelings toward Mary, because he had the same when he saw Emily with Lucky, and they hadn’t even slept together. He jokes about being committed and Emily warns him that words have power and he shouldn’t say such things. She advises Nicholas not to run that she will find a psychiatrist who will prove him sane. She tells Nicholas to stay out of sight and kisses him goodbye.

Ric meets Alexis outside of Kelley’s to discuss Skye’s appeal. She won’t let him get a word in. Instead she accuses him of bringing lousy come on lines to her doorstep She says his technique is amateurish and “frat boy-esque.” He says she enjoyed the kiss between them. He says she is insulting him to cover her enjoyment of the kiss. She's embarrassed when she finds he wants to discuss the appeal, but he does offer to take her out. He'’ like to.

Jason accuses Jax of monitoring her guests at the loft. Jax asks Jason to leave. Jason asks Courtney if Jax speaks for her. She says no. Courtney asks Jason to leave and he agrees. Jax sees that as an invitation to pursue their connection further. Courtney bluntly tells him it is no such thing.

At the Cellar, Ned intends to use Brooke to snoop at Felicia’s house for stationery. He wants proof that Felicia is the judge. Lois is appalled at his tactics, and tells Brooke not to. Lois tells Ned it is schemes like this that make her decision to raise Brooke in New York the correct one.

In the Q den, Heather tells Edward that Tracy has a box of duplicate stationery in her car. Edward tells her that he is grateful for her support. He pulls her back to him and they kiss in front of an angry, astounded Monica and Alan. Monica asks that the “tramp” get out of the house. Edward tells them to mind their tone.

Outside of Kelley’s Ric admits that he would like to date the uninhibited Alexis he danced with at the Cellar at one time (after she’d had several drinks.) He accuses her of being afraid to like him because liking him might eventually lead to more. He asks Alexis to call him for dinner and dancing and leaves.

At her loft, Courtney tells Jax they have fun, and that she likes him, but that they are not a couple yet.

Jax is cheery and hoping for more. He admits neither he nor Courtney intended for the feelings to be real but they are, and now they have to decide if they want to let the feelings grow. Courtney comes up with an imaginary “hair appointment” to run Jax out of the loft. She is relieved when he is gone.

Jason goes to the PCPD and assumes Justus is grilling Faith for information; Justus informs Jason that he is now Faith’s attorney.

Jason assumes that Justus would stay loyal to Jason and Sonny. When Justus confirms his intent to keep Faith as a client. Justus sees this as a matter of honoring the vows he made while away to right past wrongs. Jason says that for Sonny and himself this will be seen as an act of betrayal. Justus tells Jason that no one, not him and not Sonny can tell Justus who he will represent.

Over at the Cellar Brooke tells Dillon he has made a bad situation worse. She tells him she knows what he really wants. He wants to patch things up with Georgie. Dillon says he’s the victim; he was lied to and humiliated to maintain Lucas and Georgie’s game.

In the next room Lucas tells Georgie he and she are responsible for the situation with Dillon. He asks her if she’s happy about it. She says no.

Lucky heads to the boathouse to check on Nicholas; the two brothers make a tentative attempt at peace. Lucky tells his brother he agrees with Emily that Nicholas staying in town and getting a psychiatric evaluation is best. Lucky admits it isn’t easy giving up his hopes for Emily. They joke carefully about making a scene in a bar. Nicholas tells Lucky he wants to make it up to him someday.

Mary and Emily arrive at GH simultaneously. Emily tells Mary Nicholas doesn’t need her anymore and he is not leaving town. Mary says she’s trying to watch out for Helena; Emily doesn’t buy it.

Astonishment reigns at the Quartermaines. Alan accuses Edward of wanting to bed Heather. Heather calls Tracy on the stationery in the back of the car. Alan says that Tracy is the more deceitful of the two women. This blows into a full-fledged Quartermaine brawl with Heather smiling and watching.

At the Cellar, Ned explains why he is pursuing Felicia to provide financial freedom for L and B. She’s fair and impartial and has the PI skills to watch the family. Lois tells him to stop plotting. Ned says he will flirt with Felicia up to a point, so that she will want to see him inherit. Felicia arrives and Ned squires her off for a drink.

Outside of Kelley’s, Georgie is pouring out her sorrows to Lucas. She knows she’s been acting silly and messed things up. Lucas simply tells her to go to Dillon with the truth; that she loves him and can’t live without him.

Georgie thanks Lucas for being her friend. They hug.

Courtney and Jason meet at the docks. She tells Jason she hates the tension between them. She says she doesn’t want to be part of Sonny’s work, the danger, the plans, anymore. She says that she and Jax want to stay away. “Jax and I?” Jason repeats realizing she thinks of them together in some way. She admits she is getting close to Jax and it scares her.

Helena arrives at the Quartermaine boathouse with reinforcements (two new orderlies). She orders them to take Nicholas.

Teasers for Thursday:

Georgie embraces Lucas while Dillon watches.

Courtney tells Jason she never thought she could find love again after loving him.

Captive, Nicholas screams at Helena that she can take the money. She says, “this is about you...’Connor.’

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