GH Update Tuesday 8/10/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/10/04

By Ali
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THE QUARTERMAINE BOATHOUSE: While Nikolas and Emily are basking in the afterglow, Mary approaches the boathouse and knocks on the door. Nikolas hides while Emily gets the door -- Mary comes inside and requests to speak to Nikolas. Nikolas comes out. Very awkward moment.

L&B RECORDS: Ned watches the girl band (Brooke Lynn, Sage, Georgie and Dillon/"Astrid") perform. Lois asks Ned what he thinks -- Ned says that he doesn't really like it, as Dillon's in drag and the girls are all lip-synching anyway. At that moment Simon enters and tells Ned and Lois that the girl band members are destined to be stars.

THE POLICE STATION: Lucky brings a very wet, very angry Faith into the police station, much to everyone's surprise. Lucky tells the assembled crowd that Faith was found trying to escape from the harbor. Faith sees Sonny and Lorenzo and declares that they worked together in an attempt to kill her. She explains that she thought she was headed for a tropical destination only to wind up in Port Charles. Lorenzo disagrees with Faith and tells Ric that Faith circled back in the yacht in an attempt to kill Sonny before leaving town. Faith admits that she was the one who started the explosion because she thought it would be the only safe way out of town. Ric arrests Faith, charging her with making an attempt on Jax's life.

L&B RECORDS: Ned tells Simon and Lois that he wants L&B to stand for integrity...and that this girl band won't get them that. But Simon is very much in favor of the band, particularly Dillon/"Astrid." Lois wants to keep up the "Astrid" charade until the semi-finals...then, in the event that they win, they'll reveal that Dillon is a guy and that Dillon, Georgie and Sage weren't even singing anyway...that Brooke's is the only "real" voice, which could perhaps lead to a solo deal for her. Ned, incensed, asks Lois to meet him at Kelly's later -- then he leaves. Lois and Simon follow him out...when Sage tries to leave as well, Georgie asks her where she's going and Sage replies that since it's not her voice singing, she doesn't need to hang around and practice. She exits. Just then, Lucas shows up looking for "Astrid."

THE QUARTERMAINE BOATHOUSE: Nikolas asks Mary how she figured out where he was, and Mary replies that she just assumed that Emily was helping him -- so she decided to try the boathouse. She says she wants to help. Mary and Emily argue for a little bit about whether or not Mary's intentions are genuine. Mary wants to call Lorenzo in order to arrange for Nikolas to leave town -- Emily tries to turn that idea down, but Nikolas tells Mary to go ahead and make the call. After Mary has gone, Emily asks Nikolas if he's really planning to trust Mary and Nikolas replies that he will.

L&B RECORDS: Lucas tries to flirt with "Astrid" but Georgie interrupts and takes Lucas outside to go get something to drink. Once they've left the room, Lucas makes fun of the fact that Georgie is really going out with Dillon/"Astrid." Georgie points out that Brooke believes that Georgie was just overreacting to Dillon's comments...but that she really does want Dillon to get the hang of what real girls have to put up with every day.

Back inside the studio, Brooke tells Dillon that he should tell Lucas the truth, but Dillon thinks that if he can fool Lucas he can fool anyone. Brooke Lynn is still wary about the idea of the competition. Lucas and Georgie come back in and Georgie and Brooke leave while Lucas continues to try to flirt with "Astrid."

THE POLICE STATION: Faith asks Ric to send her into hiding from Sonny and Lorenzo, but Ric declines, saying that she needs to be held until her arraignment. Lucky escourts Faith to a cell -- suddenly she sees Justus and tells him that she needs a lawyer. Justus says that he can't since he represents Sonny and Jason. Faith is angry...they part ways.

Meanwhile, Carly departs -- without Sonny, who says he needs to take care of some things at the station. Ric explains that Sonny is being released now, but if they find any evidence about Sonny being involved in the explosion, they'll bring him back in. Justus and Jason leave. Sonny turns to Alexis and asks her to change her attitude toward him -- then he leaves as well. Alexis asks Ric if Ric and Lorenzo were working together to bring down Faith and Sonny.

THE QUARTERMAINE BOATHOUSE: Emily wants to turn to Lucky for help -- not Mary. They argue about it for a bit, and then Emily asks him what else he's remembered about his old life. He says that he remembers sleeping with her in their bedroom at Wyndemere. Emily is very happy to hear that.

KELLY'S: Outside of the diner, Mary meets up with Helena who demands to know where Nikolas is. When Mary says that she doesn't know and tries to call Helena on Helena's plan to have him put away in a mental institution, Helena says that if she finds Nikolas, she'll see to it that he and Mary end up together.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric tells Alexis that he got an anonymous tip about Faith being on the yacht -- that's all. They argue about whether or not Ric handled it correctly -- Alexis thinks that Ric was bending the law to fit with his own agenda. She leaves.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly comes out of the elevator and finds Sam in the hallway. Sam asks how everything went at the station and Carly says that things are fine for now. She also tells Sam that they will need to learn to live together peacefully if Sam is going to stay in Jason's life. Carly goes back into her penthouse, leaving Sam in the hallway.

THE DOCKS: Lorenzo is on the dock talking to someone on the phone about the explosion when Sonny and Jason come over to him. They argue over how badly the scheme went -- Sonny blames Lorenzo and Lorenzo blames Sonny.

THE POLICE STATION: Justus asks Ric to remember that he has to keep Faith safe from Sonny and Lorenzo. Ric hints that maybe Faith means more to Justus than Justus is willing to let on. Just then, Lucky comes over to them and says that Faith is asking to see Justus.

L&B RECORDS: Dillon/"Astrid" turns the lights off in preparation to leave. Lucas is still acting very flirty. Dillon tries to ignore Lucas, then gets so fed up that he punches him. After reeling from the shock of the punch, Lucas tells Dillon that he knew all along that Dillon was dressing up like a girl, that he was working with someone else to teach him a lesson. Dillon realizes that that "someone else" was Georgie.

KELLY'S: Helena and Mary are still outside of Kelly's. Helena tries to convince Mary that she has the power to make Nikolas love her (Mary) again. Mary is hesitant. Helena tells her to consider the offer, then she leaves.

THE QUARTERMAINE BOATHOUSE: Nikolas suggests that they leave together, but Emily says that she can stay behind, so that once he's gone she can ask her father, Alan for help in proving that Nikolas is sane despite Helena's claim to the contrary. Nikolas and Emily agree to deal first with Helena, then with everything else.

L&B RECORDS: Georgie comes into the studio -- Lucas is gone, and Dillon turns on her angrily about her "plot" to teach him a lesson. They argue about everything that has gone wrong in their relationship, from Sage to his mom's schemes to the Viagra plot. Dillon storms out of the studio, leaving Georgie in tears.

KELLY'S: Outside of the diner, Lucas meets up with Brooke Lynn (who is hanging around outside in an attempt to avoid her parents, who are arguing inside the diner). She accuses Lucas of going along with Gerogie's scheme when she expected more of him. Lucas, somewhat touched, asks her if she wants to hang out with him.

Meanwhile, inside Kelly's, Lois and Ned are arguing about the girl band and about how Ned thinks that Lois is pushing Brooke away. Just then, Lorenzo comes in -- he asks if he can buy Lois some coffee, but she declines and she and Ned leave.

THE POLICE STATION: Faith and Justus are meeting in the interrogation room. Faith pleads with Justus to take her case, as she's still the same woman inside that he fell in love with. She points out that Justus has chosen Sonny over Faith when she and Sonny are exactly alike. She asks him to remember what they used to have together.

Meanwhile, outside, Alexis and Ric are wrapping up their argument. Alexis admits that she's impressed that he has the nerve to go after Sonny.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny comes into the penthouse, where Carly is waiting. He tells her about everything that went down at the station, and that things are over for now.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason has returned to his penthouse as well, where Sam has been waiting for him. He thanks her for leaving the police station when he asked, and she admits that she wanted to avoid a fight with Carly.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly says that she wants to get their family back on track, and then admits that she couldn't be happier with the way things have been going.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam says that she wants to prepare for the baby, something to look forward to. Jason thanks her for staying with him, and she agrees, saying that it might turn out better for everyone.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly tells Sonny that she has gotten everything she ever wanted, and she won't ever let go of it. He chimes in, saying that he doesn't have any intention of doing that either. They kiss and hug.

L&B RECORDS: Georgie is still crying from her fight with Dillon. She puts on a CD, which leads into a montage of various Port Charles residents: Dillon trashing his room; Faith kissing Justus in the police station; Ric helping Alexis pick up her things, then giving her a kiss; Sonny and Carly kissing; Jason covering Sam up with a blanket, and holding her hand briefly; Emily and Nikolas kissing in the boathouse while Mary watches them from the window.

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