GH Update Monday 8/9/04

General Hospital Update Monday 8/9/04

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THE QUARTERMAINE BOATHOUSE: Nikolas is hiding out, drinking some bottled water and eating a bit of food. Emily is watching him...he asks her why he's not angry at him for pushing her away and she says that it's because she loves him. Nik thinks she should just let him go.

THE DOCKS: Jason and Max watch Lorenzo's yacht blow up and immediately afterward Lucky arrests Jason, who denies involvement in the explosion.

THE POLICE STATION: Carly threatens to tell Sonny that he's Kristina's father unless Alexis can save Sonny from prison. But Alexis doesn't seem to be worried -- she tells Carly that Carly can go ahead and tell him, because once he's in jail he won't have custody of Kristina anyway.

SAM'S SAFE HOUSE: Sonny destroys the tape with Sam's confession on it, while Ric stands by. Suddenly Ric gets a call from Mac, telling him that Lorenzo's yacht (with Faith on it) was blown up. Once Ric gets off the phone he accuses Sonny of using him for an alibi.

THE QUARTERMAINE BOATHOUSE: Emily tries to convince Nikolas to let her and Lucky help him, but Nikolas says that he needs to leave town before Helena puts him in a mental institution. He doesn't want to challenge her for his estate or his money. Emily asks him what happens if he regains his memory while he's gone? He promises that if that happens he'll let her know. Their conversation is interrupted when Monica approaches the boathouse -- calling out Emily's name.

KELLY'S: Lorenzo, Lois, Jax and Courtney are outside of Kelly's -- Lorenzo gets a call telling him that his yacht has just blown up. Courtney, realizing that Jason was out on the docks, accuses Lorenzo of setting up an explosion so Jason would be killed. She lunges at Lorenzo while Jax holds her back.

THE DOCKS: Jason tells Lucky that he had nothing to do with the explosion, but Lucky arrests him and Max anyway -- since Faith was on the boat, Jason could be charged with murder.

THE POLICE STATION: Alexis tells Carly that she's certain that Sonny will be going to prison, and when he does go, she'll be happy that Kristina is safe. Carly asks Alexis to consider what will happen if the entire world knows that Sonny is Kristina's father -- if Kristina knows the truth. She asks Alexis if putting Sonny in jail is worth all of that. Alexis stares at Carly and says nothing.

SAM'S SAFE HOUSE: Ric is in the middle of a tirade, accusing Sonny of using him as an alibi for the moment when the yacht blew up. Sonny denies knowledge of the explosion and in turn accuses Ric of trying to use Faith as an excuse to sell Sam and her brother Danny down the river.

THE POLICE STATION: Alexis tells Carly that she sees what Carly is saying about Kristina -- then she agrees to do whatever she can to keep Sonny out of prison. She leaves and Carly heads into the interrogation room to talk to Sam. Unfortunately, Sam wants nothing to do with Carly. Yet another round of Sam versus Carly is averted when Carly looks up and sees that Jason and Max are being brought into the station in handcuffs.

SAM'S SAFE HOUSE: Ric admits that he won't send Sam or Danny to prison, and that he also won't go after Sonny (even though he knows that Sonny bought the inmate's false confession). Sonny thanks Ric...who then informs Sonny that if Sonny's guilty of killing Faith, he'll go to jail for that instead. Ric leaves. Just then, Sonny gets a call from Jason -- Jason informs him of the arrest, and also tells him that he was set-up in the yacht explosion.

KELLY'S: Lorenzo, Lois, Jax and Courtney are still standing outside of Kelly's -- and Jax is still trying to stop Courtney from completely freaking out on Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells Courtney that he had nothing to do with the explosion but that if Jason did, he'll pay. He then turns to Lois, tells her to meet him on the docks, and leaves. Courtney and Jax ask Lois why she's even bothering with Lorenzo and Lois says that she feels bad that Lorenzo lost his boat. She leaves as well. Jax hands Courtney his cell phone and asks her if she wants to call Jason to see if he's all right.

THE QUARTERMAINE BOATHOUSE: Emily has gone outside of the boathouse to meet up with Monica. Monica is worried that Emily shouldn't be alone, with Nikolas acting so violently. Emily says that she's safe from Nik -- she also lies and tells Monica that she doesn't know where Nik is. Monica mounfully draws comparisons between Nikolas and Jason...she wonders if she hadn't of pressured Jason after the accident, if he would be a different person now, if the family would see him more often? Monica thinks that she should have just let Jason go from the start. She also thinks that Emily should do the same in regard to Nikolas. She leaves...and Nikolas comes out of the boathouse and implores Emily not to let go of him.

KELLY'S: Courtney has just called Jason from Jax's cell phone -- Lucky answered and informed her that Jason's at the police station. Jax asks Courtney if she intends to bail Jason out, but she tells him that she and Jason are over. Jax says that he wants to call off the bet, but she shoots that idea down, saying that she doesn't want to lose him.

THE POLICE STATION: Carly is with Jason. She tells him that she'll call Justus to get him out of this, but Jason orders her to leave -- that she can help him by going home and waiting there. Ric comes into the station and Mac lets him know what's been going down. Ric says that there's no way that Jason is going to make bail tonight. Then Ric heads into the interrogation room, where Sam is still waiting. Sam asks what's wrong with Jason and Ric ignores her question, telling her that he's dropping the charges, meaning that she's free to go. Sam again asks why Jason is at the station, and Ric again ignores her. She asks him why he's letting her go and he says that while he can't save his own brother, maybe he can save hers instead.

THE DOCKS: Sonny comes over to Lorenzo, who is standing by himself waiting for Lois. Lorenzo asks Sonny if he's responsible for the explosion, but Sonny replies that he thinks Lorenzo did it himself to set up Jason. Lorenzo calls Sonny paranoid, and Sonny responds by saying that he should have taken care of Lorenzo from the very beginning. Lois walks over to them and orders Sonny to back off of Lorenzo.

KELLY'S: Jax and Courtney are still standing outside Kelly's arguing. She tells him again that she and Jason are divorced and over, but that she will always want Jason to be safe. Jax tells her that he doesn't know if he can deal with the fact that she will always care for Jason -- he thinks that she would rather be with Jason than with him...he doesn't want to stop her from making that decision. Courtney responds by kissing him passionately. After she pulls away she asks him if that kiss felt to him like she wanted to be with someone else.

THE POLICE STATION: Sam goes over to Carly and Jason and tells them that Ric is going to let the inmate's confession stand. She asks what's happened to Jason...Carly tells her to leave, but Sam doesn't want to go with Jason under arrest. He tells her that she can leave, and she finally does so. Then he tells Carly to leave, but she says that she wants to stay.

Meanwhile, Ric tells Alexis that he's going to stick with the inmate's confession -- that Sonny played the whole situation very, very well.

THE DOCKS: Lois defends Lorenzo, saying that Lorenzo had nothing to do with the explosion. Sonny believes that Lois has blinded herself to seeing that Lorenzo is no good -- he brings up the fact that Lorenzo tried to get together with Carly, but Lois argues that Sonny couldn't expect Carly to actually be faithful to him. She ends by saying that she can see whoever she pleases. He tries to give her a ride home but she turns that down as well. He gives up and leaves. Lorenzo thanks Lois for defending him but she tells him that he shouldn't read too much into it.

THE QUARTERMAINE BOATHOUSE: Nikolas tells Emily that she shouldn't give up on him, and that he's realized that she was only trying to help him remember. He says that he wants to start over fresh. He admits that the time they slept together at Wyndemere was the happiest time he'd had since waking up after the accident. He says that it felt right. They begin kissing, and a love montage follows.

KELLY'S: Jax admits that maybe he was a little hasty in trying to call off the bet. Courtney suggests that they go somewhere else and he asks her if they should try her place or his? Courtney says that she knows exactly what he needs.

THE DOCKS: Lois tells Lorenzo that Sonny had a hard childhood and that she would never turn against him. Lorenzo asks her why she didn't say anything to Sonny about the phone call he got telling him about the explosion, and Lois says she's going to go with her instincts that Lorenzo had nothing to do with the explosion. He agrees that he had no idea it was going to happen, and she replies that maybe he should tell her what it was that went down.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric and Alexis are talking in the interrogation room. Ric is certain that Sonny had everything to do with the explosion, but Alexis asks him to remember that it could have been a coincidence. While they discuss the situation, Sonny (who is now at the station) listens to them through a crack in the doorway. Ric and Alexis both accuse one another of letting their own issues with Sonny get in the way of their respective judgements. Sonny makes his entrance into the room and tells Alexis that he needs a favor from her.

THE QUARTERMAINE BOATHOUSE: Nikolas and Emily are basking in the afterglow when Mary comes and knocks on the boathouse door.

KELLY'S: Jax is now sitting inside a table at Kelly's while Courtney brings him food. Courtney says that after he finishes all of it she'll take him home so he can have a nap. Jax jokes that that sounds interesting but she laughs and tells him that he'll be sleeping alone...and that he'll have to try a lot harder if he's still trying to get her to sleep with him. Jax tells her that he's already won the bet either way.

THE DOCKS: Lorenzo explains to Lois the Faith situation -- that he was letting her use the yacht but that he had no idea it would blow up. Lois says that she believes him but she also adds that she doesn't exactly trust him yet, nor that Sonny wasn't right in the things he said about Lorenzo. She says that Brooke was right, and that she wants to walk away from this while she still can. She leaves...and Lorenzo continues to stand on the docks, alone.

THE POLICE STATION: Sonny wants Alexis to handle the Jason/Max situation. Alexis is angry that he would come to her to ask her a favor after he lied about getting the inmate's confession. (Carly and Jason are listening from the other room.) Alexis tells Sonny that she's tired of him and his sense of entitlement about everything. Sonny asks if that means "No." and Ric pipes up, asking Sonny to jsut admit that he was responsible for the explosion that killed Faith. As if on cue, Lucky comes into the station...dragging a very wet and very angry Faith Roscoe.

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