GH Update Friday 8/6/04

General Hospital Update Friday 8/6/04

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Nikolas is on the docks asking Emily for her help.

Courtney and Jax are in Kelly’s and she says she is surprised that he wanted to see her. He says he wants to take her away form Faith and the mob and all that, and she points out that means he is taking her away from Jason, too.

Sonny and Carly are talking about Ric’s vendetta when Danny enters the room asking for Sam.

Sam confesses to setting the deadly fire that killed her mother, just as Jason walks into the police station and tells her not to say another word; Ric tells him that she has said enough.

Emily tells Nikolas that his escape didn’t really help him any as his behavior makes Helena’s “concerns” about him seem well-founded. He asks her what she thinks he ought to do, turn himself in? She says that he needs to control his anger or Helena will destroy him.

Jax tells Courtney that her loyalty to Jason concerns him, that he doesn’t want her to be in the line of fire between Faith, Lorenzo and Sonny. Court thanks him for the offer of a vacation, but says she isn’t going anywhere.

Lois is calling Lorenzo, leaving him a message telling him she has a concern, as Ned walks up.

Lorenzo calls Faith and she is very angry at having been locked up on the boat. He tells her that he has taken a risk in helping her and that she needs to quit making demands. She wants to know why she hasn’t arrived where she is going yet, and he tells her she’ll be there in about an hour, and after that she’s on her own.

Sonny tells Danny that he doesn’t know where Sam is, but that he’s sure she’s fine. He denies, in response to Sonny’s questions, that he has told anyone that he is Sam’s brother.

Jason is trying to protect Sam. Alexis arrives to represent her, and Ric forces Jason to leave, threatening to charge him with obstruction. Jason warns Sam not to walk into Ric’s trap. When Ric threatens to bring Sonny down to talk about Danny, Sam disregards Jason’s advice and says she’ll tell Ric whatever he wants to know as long as he leaves Danny alone.

Ned is unhappy that Lois is “interested” in Lorenzo, and refuses to believe that it’s just business. Lois points out that Brook is just trying to get Lois and Ned back together, discounting any concerns the girl may have shared with Ned.

Courtney tells Jax that likes him, but she doesn’t need or want protection. He informs her he is going to protect his own interests then, and that means going to the police about the shooting.

Jason arrives and finds Danny at Sonny’s. Carly takes Danny to get some cookies, and Jason tells Sonny the situation with Sam, how she is going to bury herself, and possibly them as well, with her confession.

Sam is telling Ric her false story about the fire that killed her mother, saying it was deliberate and premeditated. In response to Ric’s questions, she insists that Sonny had nothing to do with David Barron’s false confession.

Nikolas doesn’t understand why Helena cares what he does. Emily explains that he is Helena’s obsession, and always has been, that she’s always wanted to have power and control over him. She suggests that he turn himself in and submit to psychiatric evaluation. He says that he is afraid he won’t pass an evaluation and would be locked up. He realizes that his behavior and emotions are becoming out of control; she insists he is perfectly sane. They hear Lucky calling for Emily and Nik insists that she not tell his brother he’s there. When Emily tells him she hasn’t seen Nikolas, Lucky says he must have just left, then, because he’s sure Nik came to Emily. Lucky points out that despite the situation, Nik is still his brother and he wants to help him. Em continues to deny having seen Nikolas. As Lucky tells her how much he cares about Nik and is on his side, Nikolas comes out of hiding. Lucky tells Nikolas that they have to come up with a plan to hide and protect him, but they are interrupted by someone approaching. As Nik hides, Tracy walks up to find Emily in Lucky’s arms.

Lois tries to convince Ned that all Brook wants is her parents to reconcile, but Ned points out that Brook is worried about her mom being around a dangerous person like Lorenzo. He asks what she was so concerned about on the phone, just as Lorenzo walks up.

Jax tells Courtney that he has to make a police report because he won’t let her be a target for violence.

Sonny is on his way to PCPD to straighten up the mess with Sam, while Carly and Jason are in the penthouse talking. She says she understands Sam’s actions to protect Danny, but she is also afraid that if Sam tells Ric everything, Sonny will end up in prison.

Sam is done confessing, and Ric leaves the room for something. Alexis tells Sam she will see that she gets the minimum sentence she can get for the murder. Sonny runs into Ric outside the interrogation room, and tells him that he really needs to talk to him, invoking their brotherhood, and their mother’s name to convey the seriousness of the situation. Ric tells Mac that he thinks Sonny is arranging an alibi for the time that they’ve been told he’s going to have Faith killed, not realizing that Sonny’s sincere in his request to talk. Sonny makes sure that Ric brings Sam’s taped confession with him when they go, and when Ric asks why that’s important, Sonny tells him “You’ll see.”

Tracy tells Emily that she has caught her in “tacky assignation” with her beloved fiancé’s brother, and that she will use that information to get Emily kicked out of the inheritance competition. She tells Lucky that he cost Em millions, then leaves. Nik comes out of hiding and asks if it’s true that she risked her inheritance to help him. She says yes, but that it wasn’t important to her. Nik asks Lucky what he’s risking for helping, and Lucky says, basically, his career with the police department, but that it’s okay because Nik is his brother and he’ll always get his back. Lucky has to leave, and Nik and Em talk about how Nik was wrong about Lucky. Nik says he was also wrong in the way he treated Emily.

Ned tells Lorenzo to stay away from Lois and L&B, then leaves. Lois and Lorenzo talk about his business, and the “legality” explanation he gave her. She asks him what he was talking about on the phone last night: what or who is going to be on the pier, and what is he meeting them with?

Courtney goes to Carly asking where Jason is. Carly says he went to meet a shipment at the pier. Courtney is concerned that he’s gone after Faith and that, because of Jax, the police may be waiting for him.

Jax goes to PCPD and tells Mac the whole story. Mac is angry and explains to Jax that Courtney won’t cooperate with them, or corroborate Jax’s story. Jax says he wants Courtney protected. Later, Mac assigns Lucky to go to the pier and watch for Jason or Sonny.

Ric tells Sonny how he manipulated Sam into confessing. Sonny asks him, what? By intimidating Sam’s developmentally challenged brother? He concedes that Ric is smart, but adds that he sometimes goes about things the wrong way. Ric says that when he told Sam he would force Danny to testify in a new trial, she voluntarily confessed to spare Danny the trauma. Sonny takes Ric to see Danny, who recognizes Ric, pointing out that Ric and Sonny are brothers, like he is Sam’s brother. Sonny asks Danny to tell the truth about what happened the night of the fire, and Danny refuses, saying that he promised Sam he never would, and insisting that he never will.

Lorenzo is not happy that Lois eavesdropped on his conversation, but appreciates that she is giving him an opportunity to explain. She says it sounds like he’s smuggling something and he says he’s not, giving his word on that. Lois is skeptical.

On the docks, Jason is prepping Max on what’s going to go down and tells him to be ready to finish things with Faith. Courtney shows up and begs Jason to call things off, telling him about Jax’s actions and what they mean. Jason says he’s got it handled and sends her away. She tells him that if he wants to throw away his life, well, it’s not her business anymore.

Carly comes to the police station and insists on speaking to Sam alone. She tells Sam that she won’t allow Sam to defend Danny at the expense of Carly’s family.

Sonny explains to Danny that Sam wants him to tell the truth, but Danny isn’t sure of doing so. Eventually Sonny persuades him, though and begins to ask Danny what happened the night he and Sam left Bailey’s Beach. Danny tells about living in the basement of his mother’s house and Sam coming to take him away. He explains that he had to go back in the house to get his ball cap and that he knocked the candles over doing so. Sonny asks if the candles were lit when Danny knocked them over and Danny says yes, telling them that after he knocked over the candles, he just ran out of the house, and he and Sam got in the car and left. After Danny leaves the room, Sonny asks Ric if he’s really going to let Sam go to prison for a crime that was actually an accident that wasn’t her fault.

Emily is back at the boathouse looking for Nikolas. She has brought him some food and clothing. He tells her that she didn’t need to do that, and she avers that him she’s happy to help. She explains that he’s safe there and can rest. As he eats, he asks her why she is so good to him. He admits to his behavior having been cruel and can’t understand why she’s good to him. She says that’s how it works when you love someone, and once again he insists that she loves who he used to be. She instructs him not to try to tell her what she feels, and is adamant that she loves him, regardless of the situation, and that she always will.

Sam assures Carly that she didn’t say a word about Sonny’s deal with Barron, but Carly isn’t satisfied. She leaves the room and addresses Alexis, telling her to use whatever influence she has to stop Ric from charging Sonny with perjury, because if those charges are ever filed, she will tell the truth about Kristina being Sonny’s daughter.

Jax meets up with Courtney at Kelly’s again, and she tells him about her incident with Jason. She says it was actually a good thing, because she realizes now that she’s out of that world and doesn’t need to keep Sonny and Jason’s secrets anymore. She admits that he was right to go to the police and thanks him for protecting her.

Lois starts to walk away from Lorenzo, as he insists that he has done nothing illegal. Lois says it’s scary that she wants to believe him, because he seems too good to be true, and that it’s been her experience that when something seems to good to be true, it usually is.

Faith is getting impatient to leave the ship. On the docks, Jason and Max prepare to grab Faith when Jason sees Lucky sneak up. As Jason calls Max off and they prepare to leave the area, Lorenzo’s ship blows up; Lucky places Jason under arrest.

Sonny basically begs Ric not to charge Sam or Danny in the death of their mother. He reiterates Danny’s naivete and handicap, reminding Ric of his promise not to try to get Sonny through innocent people. As he allows Sonny to destroy the tape, Ric points out that this is the first time Sonny ever trusted him with the truth about anything. Just then, his phone rings and Mac tells him that Sonny had the yacht carrying Faith into town blown up.


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