GH Update Thursday 8/5/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/5/04

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It isn’t Nikolas’ best day: he and Emily are at the PCPD in an interrogation room.

His head is lying on the table; Emily asks how he is. He says it doesn’t matter. She tells him she has bail money and he should be out in no time.

Outside Lansing hears that Danny has disappeared from the bike shop. Jason has him at a safe house.

He’s afraid and missing Sam, but Jason tells him that he has to stay there.

In Jason’s apartment Carly tells Sam she is not staying for her baby, but because she wants another try at Sonny.

At home, Alcazar is giving orders on his cell. He says, “You only have one chance. Make it count.”

Jax and Courtney are having breakfast (he’s in bed) when a shot comes through her window.

Danny is uncomfortable and wishing for Sam at the safe house. Jason tells him he must stay at the safe house and that Sam will be there soon. Jason distracts Danny with cable TV. His cell rings and he heads out with another admonition to Danny to stay put.

Emily is earnestly trying to convince Nikolas to accept the gift of her bail money. She says she understands that he is not who he used to be. Nikolas, surly, sulking and still quite drunk will not take her money. She asks him to pay her back when he gets out. He says she’ll get her hopes up and then he will hurt her. She tells him she expects nothing in return and will have Alexis help him. He tells her to go back to Lucky and is obviously distraught by that idea. Emily gives him a hard look and asks him how he can be acting so jealous without any memory of her.

Edward has a lovely memory down by the lake he says it is a lovely peaceful place...Heather tries to be a confidante. Edward says he is thinking about his and Lila’s first wedding anniversary when a starstruck young man and a radiant girl danced together in the moonlight. He remembers that he couldn’t believe his luck that she was his...that she had teased him, but then seriously told him he was the only man she would ever love. Today is his and Lila’s wedding anniversary. He remembers her smile as enchanting, bright and breathtaking.

He sees young Lila with braided upswept blond hair in a long dress, attended by young dashing dark-haired Edward in a bow tie and formal vest. She looks at him adoringly and dances without shoes on the wet grass. They embrace and kiss warmly. She is his beloved, staring up at her beau. He brings her wrap and they kiss once more and walk away as Edward watches them.

Edward tells Heather that they made a vow to dance on every anniversary. Towards the end when dancing was beyond her, they would come down to this lake and sit; her smile still dazzled him. He remembered each time how lucky he was to be the one she loved.

At Jason’s apartment Carly compliments Sam about her convincing lie that she was going to leave. She accuses Sam of using Jason and only caring about herself. Carly wants to protect best friend Jason from someone she sees as a user. Sam states she was fully prepared to raise her child on her own. Sam tells Carly Carly doesn’t know anything about her. Carly warns Sam against betraying Jason; she’s sure Sam will betray Jason by going back to Sonny. Sam smiles and asks Carly why, if things are going her way with Sonny, does she feel so threatened?

Jax is unhurt but has fallen to the floor. He tells Courtney that he is really tired of being target practice. She tells Jax to try not to bleed to death...He tells her to be careful and that he knows it had to be Faith. He asks Courtney if she keeps a gun. Courtney chides Jax that he knows how she feels about guns and violence. Courtney checks outside the window but sees nothing. Jason chooses that moment to burst through her door with an aimed gun.

Lucky looks in on Em and Nikolas in the interrogation room. Emily doesn’t understand his anger. Nikolas repeats that he wants Emily to stay away and give him room. He feels pressured, and is irrationally jealous and angry at what he calls Emily’s ‘flirting.’ He tells her he’d rather stay in jail than leave with her. Lucky bursts in and tells Nikolas that is enough. Nikolas asks if Lucky wants another fight. He tells Nicholas Emily is not to blame, that Nikolas is. Nikolas tells them that they are a problem for him and not a solution.

At Kelley’s Bobbie and Liz meet to discuss Liz’s potential new career choice. She’s decided she may follow family tradition and become a nurse. She wants an honest answer from Bobbie: Does she think it is a good choice?

Over at Jason’s apartment Carly says Sam will repeatedly throw herself at Sonny. Sam insists she is over Sonny. Carly doesn’t believe her for a minute. She suggests Carly leave and concentrate on making Sonny happy.

Jason tells Jax and Courtney he has seen someone leave in a blue sedan. Courtney asks Jason if he was having her place watched. Jax believes he is the target and that the shooter is sent by Faith to keep Jax from testifying against her. Jason tells them he will take care of it, and leaves. Jax goes to call the police and Courtney says “No.” And takes the phone away from Jax.

A business deal is completed at Alcazar’s apartment. He hired the hit miss. And, he says, he may still need him.

At the PCPD Emily tells Nikolas that he has a problem and that it is not them. Nikolas assumes this is all a ploy to obtain his gratitude or love or devotion. Lucky tells him to leave Emily alone. Lucky tells him he can rot in there. Both of them leave Nikolas, and tell Mac that Nikolas doesn’t want to be bailed out. Helena arrives and informs a suddenly wary Lucky and Emily that Nikolas has,”no choice in the matter.”

Edward is weeping by the lake. Heather tells him his story touched her. He says Lila had that effect on people. She overplays her hand and tells him she would be happy to dance with him. He pulls back angrily and asks Heather how she dares to think that she could take Lila’s place on this day. Will she step into Lila’ s place? Edward says Tracy was right about Heather. Heather tells him he is wrong, but he is far gone in angry grief. He tells Heather she could never replace Lila. Lila was his life’s love. “I was blessed to be her husband. I would rather live with her memory the rest of my life, than be with someone who thought they could take her place.”

Ric Lansing comes to Jason’s apartment. He tries to intimidate Max the guard, but Sam allows him in. Sam says she’s been cleared, why is Ric there? He tells Sam he knows about Danny.

Jax wants to call the police before Jason “handles” Faith. Jax is convinced that Jason is set on killing Faith. He is disturbed by Courtney’s obvious need to protect Jason. Courtney asks him to wait to call. Jax tells her she cannot both protect Jason and denounce his life.

Jason storms into Alcazar’s apartment and demands to know where Faith is when shots ring out and both men hit the floor.

Mac uncuffs Nikolas and tells him that Helena has bailed him out. Two Shadybrook orderlies grab him and drag him out to the main room. He is appalled that Helena is having him committed. He screams and fights like a wild man and frees himself from one orderly. Helena says he is going there for evaluation and rest. He knows she is trying to control him. Lucky grabs him and whispers to him to break free. Nikolas escapes, and Helena cries out to the orderlies and policemen to go after Nikolas.

At Kelley’s Elizabeth tells Bobbie that she needs a solid full time occupation now that she’s raising little Cameron. She tells Bobbie she admires her caring and professionalism and hopes to be the same kind of nurse. Bobbie tells her that the pain and loss can affect her, but that there are rewards to nursing as well.

Ric relishes cornering Sam at Jason’s apartment. Sam tells Ric Danny doesn’t trust strangers. Ric says Danny was very friendly to him. She lies and says Danny was not at the fire. Ric accuses her of locking Danny up like an animal. She cries out that she loves Danny. Ric continues to agitate her, telling her that he will use Danny on the stand to send her away.

She is trying to get him to leave Danny alone that he has no idea what Danny has been through. She brings up the death row confession and he tells her he knows it was paid for. He assures her he will get her to admit on the stand that she lied.

Alcazar and Jason are both unharmed by the shooting at Alcazar’s apartment. Alcazar locates his yacht with a GPS system. He tells Jason Faith set up a hit to take place after she left town. And shows Jason that Faith will be back in PC at ten p.m.

The two men don’t trust each other. Alcazar has maneuvered Jason to be point man at whatever he plans later tonight.

Courtney says she wants nothing to do with Jason. Jax cannot believe that Courtney is OK with Jason killing Faith. She says Jason was trying to protect her, and doesn’t see Jax doing better. Jax says protecting Jason as she is is condoning his lifestyle. He is very upset. Jax has called the police; they arrive.

Emily and Lucky and Mac discuss Nikolas. Helena reminds them all that Nikolas assaulted an officer, and therefore is back in police jurisdiction. Mac puts out an APB for Nikolas.

Helena knows that Lucky helped Nicholas escape. Lucky sends Emily home.

Heather returns to the lake and tells Edward that she is sorry, and asks that he hear her out. She knows she was insensitive and couldn’t replace Lila; she says that she would never try.

At Courtney’s loft, both she and Jax are uncommunicative about the morning’s shooting. The police call Courtney “Mrs. Morgan” and ask her if she’s covering for her ex husband or her brother. She tells them she has no idea who shot at them or why. The police leave with no answers. Jax tells Courtney he can no longer stay with her.

Audrey meets Liz at Kelley’s and rejoices with her at her decision to become a nurse. Elizabeth is afraid of not living up to the Hardy or Webber name. Audrey hugs her and tells her she has no doubt she would succeed.

At the Lake, Emily comes upon Edward, and comforts him. She knows it is his anniversary. He smiles at her retelling of his romance and hugs Emily gratefully. He asks how she is and she admits to having had a rough day. Edward tells her to concentrate on her memories. Edward leaves. She is dragged away as Nikolas covers her mouth and grabs her.

Lucky tells Helena she probably had a judge in her back pocket, and who could blame him if he helped his brother escape. Helena tells Lucky not to make the mistake of antagonizing her. “Your father has always been a worthy opponent. Unfortunately you lack his lethal edge.” She says she has important business. She says she must protect Nikolas from himself. Lucky tells her commitment papers aren’t valid until a psychiatrist examines him. Helena smiles and says that will happen soon. He knows that this is all about control of the Cassadine monies. Lucky tells Helena Nikolas knows she is a “twisted witch.” Affronted by his opposition, she tries to slap him. He catches her hand, forces it open and places something inside. When she asks what it is, he smiles and tells her he’s provided her cab fare away from the police station.

Alcazar shows his approval of the hit man that staged both the shooting at Courtney’s and his apartment. He then calls the DA and tells him that Jason will try something at Pier 52 at 10 p.m. to get rid of Faith.

Courtney tells Jax he is still too injured to leave, that he must stay in bed. Jax has packed up; he tells Courtney he cannot stay until she decides which life she wants. He leaves.

At the police station Ric makes a call to set up surveillance on the pier for later that night.

Sam arrives at the PCPD and confesses to Ric Lansing a second time that she set the fire that killed her mother.

Teasers for Friday:

Nikolas tells Emily he needs her help.

Jax offers Courtney a compromise.

Danny asks to see his sister.

Jason tells Sam not to say another word.


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