GH Update Wednesday 8/4/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/4/04

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It’s underage night at the Cellar. Lucas is full swing into hitting on Dillon, per Georgie's plan. Georgie watches from the corner Nikolas and Mary arrive to have dinner. Mary has dinner

Courtney’s loft: Carly has a plan but Jax is making himself at home in her towel, and Carly jumps to the wrong conclusion. She asks Courtney if she knows what she is doing. Courtney says that she does.

Jason lets Sam know she and her baby have a home with him.

Ric interrogates Danny at the bike shop He is gentle, but confirms that Danny knows about the fire and that he is Sam’s older brother.

Sonny’s dimples are working overtime as Sonny wonders why Alexis is making a call from D.A. Lansing’s office.

Back at the Cellar Nikolas spots Emily; he asks her why she is at the Cellar and she tells him she is meeting Lucky and Nikolas is already half drunk. Lucas continues to ‘hit’ on Dillon-in-Drag. Lucas asks Dillon if he can show ‘Astrid’ around. He asks him why he is dressed so provocatively if he doesn’t want to meet guys.

Brooke asks Georgie what Lucas is doing with Dillon, and Georgie gleefully tells her that Lucas is trying to give Dillon a lesson in the perils of girlhood.

Nikolas asks Emily if this is her idea of playing watchdog over him. He wonders if she is looking after him by showing up at the Cellar.

Carly Pulls Courtney out into the hall; Courtney tells her Jax is not recovered enough from his shooting to stay alone. She cannot believe Courtney would be serious about Jax. Courtney admits that she likes being with Jax. She can “just live’ and not worry about his life or business. Carly warns her her choice may be a lonely one.

Courtney returns and tells Jax she has promised to look after him. Courtney asks Jax what he would do if she ran back to Jason.

At his apartment, Jason calmly convinces Sam that the two of them together is what is best for Lila.

At first she doesn’t see any difference between taking Sonny’s money and taking Jason’s. Jason insists that living with him will be best for her baby.

Sonny keeps fishing. Are Alexis and Ric dating? She tells him his question is inappropriate. He admits she handed Ric his backside in court. Sonny knows he never told her the story of his half brother, so why is she confiding in Ric now? Ric enters his office and acts affronted that both Sonny and Alexis are there without his authorization. Alexis and Ric snipe at each other, trying to prove Alexis' assertion to Sonny that she is in Ric’s office to gloat. Sonny asks Ric to leave Sam and her unborn child alone. Ric asks if Alexis still wants to send Sonny to prison. She says yes. He is pleased. He believes he’s found a way to do it.

At the Cellar, Emily insists to Nikolas that she is not spying on him, that she is trying to give him room. and that she had no idea Nikolas was going to be there.

“You’re available and so am I, smiles Lucas, at “Dillon. Brooke and Georgie are watching from a corner. Brooke cannot believe that Georgie would allow someone she says she loves to be embarrassed the way Lucas is embarrassing Dillon. Georgie insists this isn’t about embarrassing him, just about showing how hard it is to be a girl. Brooke breaks cover and calls Lucas a dog, effectively splitting up Lucas and Dillon.

Jason pushes for Sam and the baby to stay with him; he knows more about child rearing than she does. Sam wonders why two people who aren’t in love should parent together. Jason says that he’d rather be a friend than be in love, Carly bursts in, and all of a sudden Sam decides staying is the better idea.

Jax admits he hoped Courtney would bring him home to her Loft to care for him. He knows she perceives him as an insincere guy with a big ego. She tells him he’s not nearly as adorable as he thinks. He believes she enjoys his presence in her life. She does not want to admit he is right.

Ric tells Alexis about Danny but insists he will not bully information out of Sam’s developmentally disabled brother. Whether Sam takes a plea after Danny’s testimony, the death row confession will be thrown out. Ric insists he is not a bully and he will not be trying double jeopardy. He is going after Sonny on perjury. Alexis advises that Sam is devoted to Sonny. Ric advises he has a witness who overheard Sonny admit to perjury. Alexis herself.

Sonny is on fire at Jason’s penthouse. He has figured out that Alexis is working with Ric against him to prove perjury. He tells Jason to give him a minute that he will set up Sam in a house. He tells Jason to move Danny tonight. Jason tells Sonny Sam and the baby will be staying with him.

Back at the Cellar Brooke continues to accuse Lucas of hitting on Dillon; She knows Georgie is in love and not thinking clearly but why would Lucas do such a thing? Dillon asks Georgie if anything is going on between Brooke and Lucas; Georgie doesn’t think so. Dillon says it is a good thing, because Lucas is sleazy.

Emily asks Nikolas if he had pursued further hypnotherapy. Drunker by the minute, he tells her no, he hasn’t and that the hardest thing for him has been wanting something every day and not being able to have it. Emily asks him not to give up. Lucky arrives and asks if everything is OK, not liking the shape that his brother is in.

Nikolas says, “maybe someone should leave,” He slips away to a table where Mary is waiting.

Nikolas tells Lucky Emily did not follow him there, and that maybe someone should leave. Surly and fuzzy he tells them to enjoy their evening, and goes to sit with Mary. Emily asks for patience and says that Nikolas is just hurt, angry and confused. Lucky says that Nik should be the one to leave.

In the underage group at the Cellar, Lucas thinks Georgie should be allowed to ‘teach’ Dillon a lesson, after all he cheated on Georgie with Sage. He thinks the lesson is harmless and he should be allowed to continue. Dillon continues to whisper to Georgie that Lucas is no good.

At Courtney’s loft, Jax expresses his gratitude for Courtney saving his life; she is modest. Jax wonders if either obligation or attraction have anything to do with it. Courtney insists she is just being a friend. An extremely leggy, lovely nurse arrives to give Jax a sponge bath. Courtney is amused.

In Ric’s office, Alexis advises anything she heard is covered by attorney client privilege. She yells at Ric that she does want Ric to win and to be avenged because she will feel vindicated, but that Alexis testifying is out of the question. Her fear for Kristina brings her emotions to the surface. Ric sits her down and gives her water. and Ric sees how difficult this is...he asks why.

In Jason’s apartment, Sam is upstairs unpacking and Sonny asks Jason if Sam was going to leave. Jason says yes, but that she has now decided to stay. Jason tries to convince Sonny that he is the best parent for Sonny’s little girl. Sonny wants to balance two families; Jason insists that is not the best thing for Lila. Sonny thinks that this is about Jason not wanting to be alone. Jason states he is not trying to steal little Lila only give her the best life possible. Sonny isn’t convinced and asks to speak with Sam alone. Jason agrees and leaves. Sonny tells Sam her arrangement with Jason will not work.

Mary tries to get Nikolas to eat something, as she is concerned about his drinking. He tries to be polite but he can barely speak, and keeps staring at Emily He declines to eat.

Lucas and Brooke leave together.

Lucky and Em commiserate on what to do for Nikolas at the bar. Lucky says they have to move on with their own that point Nikolas punches Lucky across the bar and tells him to stay away from Emily.

At Sonny’s Jason remembers the night she came to him about her unborn baby soaking wet that she had done something he would not like. He tells her it is his turn now. tells Carly he’s has asked sam to stay. Carly sees this as him choosing Sam over her. Upset, she doesn’t know how he could do such a thing. She loves him; she says and would never betray him like this. She tells him to prove his loyalty by kicking Sam out. Jason says he did not betray Carly. Jason insists that he is having Sam stay with him to protect Carly’s family and her son. He insists he is not replacing Sonny, just making sure he will not be torn between Sam’s daughter and Carly and the boys.

Carly tells Jason he could not possibly love Sam. Jason tells her that the worst he has ever hurt has been when he has been in love. She tells him Courtney just said something similar, and that she will tell him what she told Courtney: That he is likely to be lonelier than he thinks.

Sonny tries to sell Sam on the idea of him supporting her and her living alone. He says Jason wants access to this baby to alleviate his own loneliness. He cannot abide the idea of Jason as a ‘stand-in, father. He asks Sam if she still cares for him. Can she stand living across the hall from him and carly? She says she can no longer base her decisions on what is comfortable for him. He asks Sam if she still cares for him. She tells him that is unfair. She stands firm. This is her decision not his. He advises he will not allow anyone to shut him out of his daughter’s life.

In Ric’s office Alexis tells him that in order to assure that Kristina grows up in a stable, loving home she has made it her business not to publicly antagonize Sonny. Ric appears to understand and backs off about having her testify. She doesn’t believe him. Alexis thinks she is making a pact with the devil and wonders if Ric wants her signature in blood that she will be willing to help him. However she does say she is waiting for the day when Ric can send Sonny to prison without her testimony.

At the Loft, Jax tells his nurse that she is beautiful and has a gentle touch. Courtney can only take so much of this and escorts the nurse out. She tells him he can take a cold shower all on his own. Jax accuses Courtney of jealousy. Courtney counters that everytime Jax acts foolishly she is one step closer to winning their bet.

Jason comes back home telling Sam that Danny has been moved to a safehouse to hide him from Ric. Sam is angry with Jason for leaving her undefended to talk with Sonny alone. She does say that the baby comes first and that the situation with Jason may be the best for her. Jason agrees that he wants Sam’s baby to come first as well.

At Sonny’s place, Carly tries to get Sonny to talk Jason out of having Sam and her baby stay with Jason. Sonny agrees that it won’t work, but that Jason won’t be pushed and that he will have to realize it on his own.

Carly feels insecure with Sam across the hall She tells Sonny Sam must be happy living across the hall. Sonny reassures Carly that while this situation is not perfect, he is with her now, and she is the only woman he wants.

In Ric’s office, Ric accuses Alexis of wanting to protect Sonny, but ends up opening up about his own mixed feelings about his half-brother. “If he ever once reached his hand out to me, I’d honestly be happy.”

Alexis empathizes; she knows what it is like to want to win and make someone care at the same time.

The police have been called to the Cellar regarding Nikolas’ assault. Emily tries to minimize things, but Nikolas yells at Lucky to go ahead and send his brother the violent drunk away. Lucky tells the cops to lock Nikolas up. Emily and Mary are both amazed that Lucky would do this. Emily accuses Lucky of just pushing Nikolas further and further away. Nikolas is dragged away in police custody.

Teasers for Thursday:

Alcazar on his cell: “You only get one chance. Make it count.

Shots are fired at Courtney’s loft.

Helena tells Lucky he cannot bail Nicholas out.

Jason asks Danny for some help.

Carly asks Sam how long she plans to hide behind Jason.


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